PDN PhotoPlus show recap



Last week I posted only few images from the 2011 PDN PhotoPlus show in New York. Here is my detailed, Nikon related report. Later today I will have a second post on PhotoRumors.com for all other manufacturers.

First, the new Nikon 1 mirrorless camera - that's all Nikon had to show this year, almost everything else was there also at the last PDN show in 2010:

There were several concept/prototypes for future Nikon 1 accessories - there were all locked in the show window and nobody was allowed to take a close look. The first one is a LED macro light:

Compact LED video light:

Nikon 1 video rig:

Nikon 1 "kit" that contains a LED light, LCD monitor, joystick controller, projector and Internet adapter:

Seven future Nikon 1 lenses (normal zoom, fast prime for portrait, high powered zoom):

Super telephoto zoom, macro and wide angle zoom lenses:

and a normal prime lens (on the right):

The Nikon FT1 adapter  was just for display purposes, I was not allowed to try it with any of the F mount lenses:

Nikon 1 V1 with the optional flash and GPS units:

The Nikon 1 10mm f/2.8 lens is really tiny (review of the Nikon 1 system is coming soon):

Ashton Kutcher Nikon 1 ads were playing on several large monitors:

Three Nikon Coolpix AW100 cameras were mounted on a bike. There were some rumors that Nikon will have a whole line of accessories for attaching the camera to a helmet, bike, surf, etc.

Nikkor AF-S 600mm f/4G on the Nikon booth ($10,299.95):

The same monster (with lens hood) at the BorrowLenses booth:

Nikon D3s mounted on a Gitzo GH5130RC Athena head ($8,999.99):

Schneider PC-TS lens on a Nikon D3:

The "Flying Coolpix" by Rotor Concept:

Novoflex adapter for Nikon F mount lens to Sony NEX camera ($292.99):

Sunpak LED Macro Ring Light ($33.00)

Joby Gorillapod are always cool:

Three different DSLR LCD viewfinders from Zacuto, Swivi and Hoodman:

Several video rigs from the Nikon booth:



The displayed Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 2/25 lens was Canon mount. The Nikon version will come few months later. The price is expected to be around $1,700.00:

Polaroid quietly announced a new flash (Nikon compatible) with a built in LED video light. Nikon had a similar patent:


Two versions will be available - PL150DN (manual) for $159.00 and PL160DN (automatic) for $199.99:

Lowepro announced few new bags. The new Pro Messenger line (leaked previously on the PhotoRumors Facebook page) is very similar to the ThinkTank Retrospective series:

Theere are three different models - Pro Messenger 160 AW ($159.95), 180 AW ($169.95) and 200 AW ($189.85):


The new Lowepro Photo Sport Sling 100 AW backpack ($99.95) and the rest of the new Lowepro products:


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  • Sebastien_m

    Where is the D800? Or the D4? 🙁

    ( I’m first 😀 )

    • Zorro

      No need for a D800 or D4 yet!

      • James

        Of course its not needed, it’s only been 4 years. Unfortunately Nikon has been placing a lot of research effort on their J1/V1 system. I had a look at them in the shop the other day and they are ugly and rather large too. Comparing the image quality on http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/COMPS01.HTM and the cameras get soundly beaten by M43 and particularly NEX.

        • Zorro

          The Nikon 1 system is far more interesting than yet another full-frame DSLR.

          • James

            Would you be interested in them if they didn’t have ‘Nikon’ written on the front?

            • Zorro

              I have four Nikon DSLRs.

            • Andrew

              No! No one else can make them as good as Nikon.

              And the Nikon 1 is beautiful.

              Its sensor is 4 times bigger than compact cameras.
              It’s 2.5 times bigger than advanced compact cameras

              And as far as sensors in Smart phones are concerned, the Nikon 1 simply blows them away. And yet the Nikon 1 is about the size of a Smart phone.

            • James

              I’ll take that as a ‘No’.

            • Andrew


              Very funny. You can take my “No” as meaning – no other camera manufacturer can give us the same high quality image of a Nikon 1 at the same sensor size. So “No” I will not be interested in any other manufacturer’s product at this sensor size/price point. Having said that, you should know that I have purchased in the past two Nikon SLR cameras, a Canon, a Panasonic, and an Olympus. So give me something that is better and I will consider it. But for now, Nikon wins.

            • James

              @Andrew – My reply was for Zorro. You posted just before me making it appear as I was replying to you.

            • Andrew

              James, sorry for thinking you had replied to my post. Thanks for the clarification.

            • jk

              Would you be interested in a D800/D4 if it didn’t have nikon on the front?

          • The invisible man

            Why do you have 4 DSLR ? One for each lens ?

            If you look carefully, on your camera there is a button on the left, if you press on it and turn the lens at the same time you will be able to exchange your lenses.

            You’re welcome !

            • Worminator

              Ok, that was funny, I admit. Though I too have four SLRs, three of them Nikons: D40, D200, F100 and a Pentax K10D, and yeah, I know where the lens release button is – on the K10D as well as the Nikons!

              You don’t start out or plan it that way, they just kind of build up over time.

        • Anonymous

          you are wrong. The Nikon Mirrorless images are better than the 4/3rds and the Sony NEXs.

          • James

            You have got to be kidding. The Sony NEX 5N beats the Nikon 1 image quality by a significant margin. Have you even bothered to compare them on http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/COMPS01.HTM

            • Zorro

              I’ve been unable to locate the eye-level viewfinder on the Sony (or the J1 for that matter). But the V1 has one.

            • James

              If a viewfinder is your criteria the Sony NEX 7 has a 2,359k-dot OLED viewfinder, which is significantly better than the Nikon V1 that has a 1440k-dot color LCD viewfinder. It also has an inbuilt flash and hot shoe and proper external controls.

              I’m not against Nikon, I own a Nikon DSLR, but I am not brand loyal and the Nikon 1 system fails against the competition.

            • Greg

              Now stop children. Go back to your rooms.

          • James

            Comparing the Nikon V1 to the Sony NEX 5N on DxOMark http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/Cameras/Compare-Camera-Sensors/Compare-cameras-side-by-side/(appareil1)/745|0/(brand)/Nikon/(appareil2)/737|0/(brand2)/Sony

            The V1 sensor gets an overall score of 54
            The NEX 5N sensor gets an overall score of 77

            The Sony NEX5N sensor significantly outperforms the Nikon V1 sensor in in every test on DxOMark.

            • Jan

              and so it should, being a 1.5x crop.
              but the simple fact that it’s a Sony should put everyone off it
              and also the fact that it does so much worse than other 1.5x crops and hardly any better than 2x crops.

            • James

              The sensor in the Nikon V1/J1 is a Sony.

          • Sony eats Nikon for breakfast.

            • Martin

              Nikon was not eaten, Nikon was swallowed:

              N10-30 – 57mm x 42mm
              S18-55 – 62mm x 60mm

              N30-110 – 60mm x 61mm
              S55-210 – 63,8mm x 108mm

              The true is: camera should be big enough to handle, lenses should be small enough to carry.
              Size of NEX lenses makes the camera a kind of error. One has to carry DX-sized lenses and fit them to the body to small to handle.
              DX Mirorless collected all faults of p&s and slr in a single system. N1 is in oposition.

        • samuel

          Lies i sell nikon 1 cameras all day the j1 is especially small, no bigger then a canon sx150.

      • Andrew

        The Nikon J1 is a revolutionary camera!

        The Nikon J1, the more I think about its form factor, the more I like it. It’s small, portable, and offers impressive video performance. It is the perfect camera for traveling light or to give as a gift if picture quality in a compact camera matters! A lot of comparisons are being made, but lets look at the Sony NEX-5 versus the Nikon J1, which are both priced around $600.

        Sony NEX-5: DPReview: “slightly clumsy sharpening, rather over-saturated reds and over-bright metering and exposure… most mid tones are overexposed.” Now to be fair, this camera is quite portable and you should not expect the same quality as you would get from a DSLR, but the Nikon J1 is 25% smaller than the Sony NEX-5.

        The Nikon J1 video review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POMgWy8vzzA

    • sk

      hahaha…. we’re all really desperate!!

      • alvix

        yes ! I agree on this ! 🙂 I AM DISCONNECTED

    • 120-300 os

      Oke you yes D8oo no still waiting.

  • AnoNemo

    This is a bit depressing. Nothing new from Nikon, I guess there are no new news as well.

    • sk

      let’s wait christmas! we waited so long now!!! a few months less, a few months more… I would love to hold now a brand new d800 but ….. it has been a really unlucky year for Nikon!

      • AnoNemo

        I am afraid that the Grinch already stole Xmas. 😉

  • [i] “Novoflex adapter for Nikon F mount lens to Sony NEX camera ($292.99) [/i]

    This is a good add to my NEX 5N for video 1080 60 fps, best news of this event.


    • That did make me wonder a little… Makes sense to me. NEX 5N + current Nikon lenses = the win for random pocket camera that can “go big” still without breaking into a whole other lens system any more than I wanted.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Jesus Christ with all those gadgets on the V1. It’s like a freaking Lego set. Thank God Ashton is hyping it.

  • The invisible man

    I don’t say that I don’t care but I’m strongly thinking it.

  • cruser2469

    She would look better if she was holding a D800!

    • Victor Hassleblood

      She Ashton?

    • IanZ28

      She would look better if she knew how to stand up straight.

      Whats with that sunken chest posing thing seen everywhere? Looks stupid.

      • Worminator

        And here I was thinking she should bend over a bit more…

  • Yawn.

  • kyoshinikon

    Novoflex has one up on nikon for that EVF-Fmount adapter…. And as to the AW100, GoPro already has the market, “and” their camera has a wide enough view to catch the action…

    Nikon easily could trump canon if they bothered to fix their marketing….

  • ericnl

    for 130 dollars I think that Woodman viewfinder looks too much like a home-made project. held together with elastic bands 🙂

    • ericnl

      Hoodman, not Woodman 😉

  • keep your hat on

    Great! Cameras on a mountain-bike. The camera in the rear needs an acrobat performing a handstand on the saddle with one arm while using the other to trigger the shutter. Or does the AW 100 come with a remote control?
    The nikon models are pretty sharp – shot with a Fuji X100 at f 2.0… …I like the x 100 even more (before the Nikon 1 serie)
    Other than that, nothing that interest me…

    • Claustral

      If it’s meant seriously, rather than just display, you would use a mount like that for video, not stills. It would nicely frame the legs and the scene ahead of the cyclist. It’s a good perspective to show speed, especially for mountain bking.

  • Xscream

    That Schneider-Kreuznach PC lens sure looks great. That really is lens-porn! It’s a pity (or in fact a lot of pities) it’s so expensive…

    • I recently got to use a 55mm Schneider-Kreuznach lens on an 80 megapixel Phase One 645DF with IQ180 medium format digital back and it was unbelievable. But as you said, so expensive. I did a small writeup with some interesting comparisons on my blog.

      • silmasan

        Thanx for sharing Jason. Those (the IQ180 and the Schneiders) are really wonderful for landscape and architecture. I’m now internally debating whether to buy my first house or those (in theory anyway).

        Though, an angelic voice seems to be telling me that a film-and-flatbed-based 4×5 setup and a sheltered me is a much better idea…

        • Xscream

          Silmasan, the angelic voice is the voice of your wife I presume?

          • Haha yea I told my wife “I’m buying one when we win the lottery” but she gave me the same thing… “House first”. I’m not going to disagree.

          • silmasan

            actually I think it was my conscience. I’m not married yet but thank you for the warning ^_^

      • Xscream

        Very nice blog Jason, I added it to my favorites.

        • Thanks, I put a lot of heart into it when I can.

      • Jabs


        Really great equipment and nice photographs from you too. Keep up the great work and keeping it real too. Nice blog.

        Awesome camera and huge price but splendid results at 80megapixels – makes everything else look pedestrian too.

        Huge files and huge computer with many cores and RAM needed to tame that monster of a camera. The future looks good indeed!

  • Pete

    All good, thanx for posting the pics. Particularly like the Nikon 1 concept – small sensors keep getting better all the time – Nikon might as well let FX digital die…
    BTW: I have been shooting 19MPx files for years now with my superb existing Nikon glass mounted on my superb existing Nikon FX bodies (F3, FM3, F80, F100 and F6), using interchangeable sensors (Velvia, Tri-X, Ektar, Portra etc.). No need to wait for an unannounced D800 ;o)

    • James

      I still love shooting film but I got rid of my 35mm cameras and now have a Fuji GL690 camera that shoots 6×9 medium format. Beautiful huge negatives.

    • James

      ‘What?’ is your problem?

      • What?

        I wouldn’t expect a film nut to understand.

        • James

          ‘What?’ are you trying to say?

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      “Nikon might as well let FX digital die…”

      Well that’s an interesting statement…. I know you’re a film guy, but you seriously think this?!

      No need to wait for an unannounced D800 ;o)

      So the ;o) means you’re being sarcastic? I’m sorta confused here. You’re saying Nikon should go back to just making film cameras? Why do you come here?

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        Sorry the “No need to wait for an unannounced D800 ;o)” should have had quotes around it. :X

      • Pete

        ““Nikon might as well let FX digital die…”

        Well that’s an interesting statement…. I know you’re a film guy, but you seriously think this?!”

        > I think it would be possible, with all the high quality smaller sensors on the market today that essentially do the same thing.

        “”No need to wait for an unannounced D800 ;o)”

        So the ;o) means you’re being sarcastic? I’m sorta confused here. You’re saying Nikon should go back to just making film cameras? Why do you come here?”

        > Not sarcastic but teasing, trying to wind people up a bit…
        > I am not saying Nikon should go back to just making film cameras, they’re pretty good at most things they’re doing and that does indeed inslude digital. However, people should not underestimate the power of film images and hybrid photography. That said, I am perfectly happy when I am out shooting with my D700.
        > Why I come here? Because this is a site called Nikon Rumors, not Nikon Digital Rumors.

        Hope this helps.

    • silmasan

      Pete, I still love film for many reasons, but let me ask you one thing: have you found a clean ASA6400 sensor film that you like? 😛

  • Badagul


  • Ross Geller

    yawn yawn yawn

  • missed all the fun, thursday car battery problem, friday plumbing problem and saturday the storm kept me away

  • broxibear

    Don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick of seeing the Nikon 1 cameras. They’re everywhere, pop ups on the Nikon UK site, adverts in all the magazines, the first images you see on various UK retailers sites.
    Most of the “prefered” review sites are being friendly towards the 1 cameras, it was refreshing to see a bit of personal honesty from Kai on digitalrev where he calls it “a turd”.
    Great sensor, crap camera way overpriced…that’s all you need to know about the Nikon 1.
    Hopefully this’ll be the last we see of the Nikon 1 on Nikonrumors for some time, I’ve had enough of it lol.

    • AnoNemo

      In defense of the Nikon 1 … well after making swimming pool out of their Thai factory Nikon does not have any other product to offer but the Nikon 1 (piece of crap).

      Hey, I hate that crap system too and find it offensive how they advertising them. I mean they are saying the stunning image quality etc. It is a slap in the face of those who invested thousands in Nikon glasses and dslrs and still waiting a word from Nikon to see whether they will deliver a camera in the near future or not. I think Nikon is really playing with the nerves of the loyal crowd.

    • PeterO

      Sorry broxibear but Nikon has nothing else to advertise right now so ALL the money and marketing muscle will be directed at this system. I like the retro look of the Fuji X10 and that it looks to be truly pocketable. I don’t need super quality for my personal grab shots of the family, so it may fit the bill.

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        Well I guess they got to promote it a lot… if you look at the jokes about it popping up all over dpreview comments it seems the photo community have pretty much lambasted it.

        Sure a few fanbois on this site will defend it no matter what… but when Fuji kill it with their interchangeable lens retro style camera they’re bound to make I wonder what excuses the Nikon 1 apologists will come up with next. LOL

    • Jabs

      You know what broxibear and AnoNemo:

      You two are like the fools who curse and bemoan their hard working Dad who worked at a dish washing job that you considered below your dignity and insignificant, YET it was his hard work and drive that bought the house you lived in and also sent you to College.

      Foolish people in their elitist thrusts often forget that the better selling lower end stuff pays for the outrageous stuff that we all crave.

      Give it a REST, as there is more forward thinking Technological marvels within the Nikon 1 System than almost any camera currently on the market while maybe you both constantly denounce it here – WHY?

      Afraid that the commoners have passed the nouveau riche’ – grow up BOTH of you and you or anyone else can flame me all you want, but time to get your silly priorities straight.

      Cursing the very thing that provides the funds for Nikon’s future is like wishing they were dead – esoteric idiots who fail to learn what side their bread is buttered on.

      KILL the future so the past lives = both of you!

      Stop this madness, as you both look foolish here.

      No more comment!

      • broxibear

        Hi Jabs,
        I offer a personal opinion on this blog, I’m interested in what others have to say, sometimes I agree and sometimes I disagree. I get information from others who post, and hopefully I offer some information that others haven’t come across too. If you read what I posted you’ll see a “lol” at the end signifying a tongue firmly in cheek.
        One thing I never do is make the personal attacks that you do.
        There are far too many personal attacks going on this blog, it puts people off posting. I’m sure Peter/admin is aware of it.

        • Jabs

          @broxibear – it is childish.

          • AnoNemo


            I have to agree here with broxibear.

            Maybe you had a bad day but your post comes across as a personal attack. I do not think it added anything to our conversation so let’s move on an d avoid them. 😉

            • AnoNemo


              I am sorry but we have different opinion. This fact does not authorize to call people fools etc. I am afraid that the level of tolerance you have about different opinions prevents you take part of a decent conversation.

            • Joe

              I too am in agreement with AnoNemo and Broxibear… The sad truth is that Nikon doesn’t have much else new to offer in camera bodies other than their anemic Nikon 1… (and a 1 year old D7000. ) Quite frankly I doubt that many Point & Shoot level customers visit this site to find out the “latest” Nikon news.

              So by all means consider me a fool and a jerk as well however I made an investment into the Nikon (D)SLR system that started back in the 1980’s. I’m heavily invested in F Mount glass and as a result I too am wondering when we might hear any news for some higher end DSLRs from the Nikon camp. As a result I feel that I (along with similar other Nikon customers) have a reason to be somewhat concerned if not irked by the silence from Nikon over the past few years in regard to new and improved Pro and Semi-pro bodies.

              Feel free to flame away… Sticks and stones, etc.

            • AnoNemo


              I completely agree with you. (Good summary of the situation).

              I think these are the main reasons why many of us feel that Nikon does not have direction that will cater those who heavily invested into their “original” system. Thom Hogan had an interesting view about this when he pointed out that Nikon should separate the consumer and pro lines. I think that would be beneficial because “we” do not like and/or highly value the consumer level Nikon cameras while generalize this view on the entire company direction due to the lack of information.

            • Jabs


              The sad and pathetic truth here is that many have been drowning each and every Topic here with their aloof and elitist posturing about some disdain for Nikon and their current strategy towards consumers while trying to tell us here that they are not consumers themselves.
              When you remind them of this, then they label you are making a personal attack – WOW!

              Maybe we can’t read or we are all stupid here – right?

              Sorry, but I had an exceptional day and even if I did not, it would be rather childish of me to now take this out on anyone, especially on an Internet forum, where I don’t know or ever met the persons whom I am responding to.

              Basically you and I have had these same conversations and you move from ‘victim to victim’ espousing your tired mantra and thus time to call you both out now. When you repeat things incessantly, and someone tells you this, HOW is that a personal attack? Who initiated the claims and who is now defending Nikon from YOU?

              The Nikon 1 System is selling quite well to real consumers and thus a reminder to both of you about its’ importance to the health and survival of Nikon, the Corporation – especially in light of the two drastic devastations this year.

              Give it a rest as it is boring and presumptuous of you both to think that anyone here wants to be faced with your constant bellyaching on each Topic and now trying to lay the blame on me when BOTH of you did the act. Hiding behind ‘personal attack’ status does not absolve either of you from your own actions.

              For each and every action, their is an equal reaction or you are now clueless and expecting no reaction from anyone.
              Get real, as it is not anger from me or not wanting to share anything, but tired of your ignorant rants now supposedly disguised as alleged sharing or seeking feedback.

              The long and short of it:
              Some people love to dish it out, but when it comes back on them – they run and hide under a guise of some ‘personal attack’ – yeah right!

            • Jabs

              WOW – deluded and uninformed for sure Joe.

              Nikon makes the best FX Pro bodies on the Market right now in both resolution, IQ, megapixel size, ISO response at both the lower and upper ISO levels, have the cleanest Blacks and files by far. No one is even close!

              Both are newer than any other real Pro bodies already on the Market and not promised bodies.


              Both are the best DX bodies too and the D5100 is newer plus less than 1 year old.

              Nikon 1 is a consumer camera SYSTEM aimed at consumers and already a best seller in maybe 2 months or less since released.
              Nikon has built an entire system in the Nikon 1 with newer Technology that puts EVERY camera released so far, including the D3X and D3s to shame from its’ speed of focusing, image acquisition and video acquisition speed via Expeed 3 and now you call Nikon out for dragging its’ feet, basically.

              *** WOOW ***

              Beats everything on the market by a wide margin and then you bellyache about them – that’s rich – LOL.

              Now, are you all here angry or disappointed that Nikon has not stretched the lead even further to placate YOU, or do you not understand Technology or Nikon’s current position relative to ANY other Camera Manufacturer?

              WHICH is it?
              Clueless or uninformed and/or impatient?

              I am five steps ahead of everyone and now I get fussed at because I don’t want to go three more steps ahead to appease a few posters = how most of us here see you all – does that make any sense?

            • AnoNemo


              Aren’t you repeating the same as well? 😉

            • AnoNemo


              How do you know that the Nikon 1 is selling well? I would not be so sure about it by just looking at two important factors:

              a) price
              b) what it offers relative to other systems.

              I think it is risky to state in this early stage that the Nikon 1 sells well.

            • Jabs


              Here is the reality TODAY:

              Hope that you can read it too – (being sarcastic too!)

              Current sales figures from the Nikon 1 System from Amazon after the September 19th Release of the Nikon 1 System.


              Big boy here and not someone you can run away from here with herd mentality or even pretenses here.

              You seem to deal with your own fantasies and wishes while I deal with what Nikon has done and is doing currently, hence we clash. No problem for me, as I don’t care – not the whole world to me nor am I some crazy Megalomaniac trying to criticize Nikon and then wish for them to cater exactly to my very own wishes, as that is insane and extremely childish.

              Grow up even if you have objections, then taper them with a HUGE dose of reality plus your own positioning to a huge Corporation named Nikon.

              AND yes, the ‘despised’ Nikon 1 System is selling very well, now proving that Nikon got it, is correct and that you don’t.

              Clear enough???

            • AnoNemo


              Can you just post your comments and avoid calling people names? 😉

              I am sorry but in the top 5 I see 4 sony products and 1 Nikon 1. Also, the price of the Nikon 1 is almost twice. Nikon 1 = $1,146 vs Sony = $699

              I am not sure that the Nikon is cheaper and offers more to justify this price. 🙂 10MP vs 16MP ? Hmmm, in this category I thought consumers are going after the more MP is better cameras. Ok, the consumers got smarter lately but still that NEX-5n by any means outperforms the Nikon 1 in image quality. Ok, I guess DXO guys cannot get their tests right, right?

              It is definately a better deal to spend $1,146.99 on Nikon 1 than paying $699.00 for the Nex-5n. You must be right. 😉

            • Joe

              @ Jabs…

              Thanks for showing us your true colors. For a while there I almost felt left out – hoping and wondering if or when you might fire back at me for [so viciously(?)] attacking… you?! or Nikon?! in my previous post.

              In your “cool hand Luke” style response to me I find your use of the word *”deluded “* quite telling…

              Somehow I think that word (deluded) pretty much sums things up… All is crystal clear now 🙂

            • photdog

              @ the Jabs, AnoNemo and Broxibear dispute

              I don’t think that the dish-washer-father feeding his kids and paying for their college is a valid example in this concern. In business it’s rather the other way round: the customers feed the maker…
              Nikon started of with products for a pro and semi-pro target group. New technologies helped to develop new markets. And Nikon jumped on that train too. We are at a point were even a chimpanzee could take a good shot with all the automatics if trained to push the shutter. The major difference is that the chimpanzee would rather expect a banana in return.
              For a maker Nikon has a long history – and there are some customers out there who share this history personally by having bought Nikon cameras and lenses since the F3 was introduced – some maybe even earlier.
              In the recent past, it looks like as if Nikon has shifted it’s priorities tangibly towards the target group of the simple consumer. Now we have three problems here to illuminate.
              Starting with the financial aspect: Jabs and many others do not get tired to assert, that Nikon makes more money on the consumer cameras compared to DSLRs, lenses and accessories incl. flashes. The only proof they could deliver was always the higher number of pieces sold.
              I know from my profession, what conditions a maker must agree on to keep whole-sales and larger dealership chains and you got to take the extra D&R costs for the variety of models –often in a update-frequency of less than a year- as well as the necessary changes in the production line in account. Thus I wonder if making the entire calculation up based on the numbers produced matches the entire reality.
              Besides -and that describes problem two- the typical consumer target group is neither loyal nor predictable: say you just came out with a really good product but in 2 months a competitor has the nicer color or an IN-feature, your sales drop and your profit is going to zero or below.
              OK, without having the figures from Nikon, it is no more than speculation.

              The chimpanzee example above is pointing to the third problem. Actually it’s an interference of serveral subproblems. Depending of what field in photography you are in, the fully automated consumer cameras can be “a pain in the ass” whereby it is not about the one on one picture-quality that triggers scares. The public perception of photographic work has changed dramatically. Since the neighbor with his simple clic-clac brought such stunning shots (shown on a postcard size print or on the netbook) with him from his exotic holiday resort, why the hell a pro would ask “a fortune” for his work? The people, the potential customers of the photogs in particular have no clue what’s behind and hence in their mind everything could be done with a 300 bucks cam. And even the agencies acquiring photographs for print have melted down their requirements a bit and the prices by far. If you can’t make it for this hilarious price, the internet stock-markets can.
              Bottom line in many fields of photography the photogs have lost appreciation and income. And now the maker of their tools, who’s quality used to be a major point of their argumentation why they have to be perceived as a different (professional) league turns to the consumers.

              Yes, we may be from time to time not quite fair in our judgment of consumer products if we feel we are definitely not the target group and we are put on the waiting list for our “important” demands. But beside of being impatient and being pushy once in a while, we also have something to offer: for instance brand loyalty and holding up the Nikon flag. And last not least we spend a whole lot of money into our Nikon equipment.
              You have the right of having your opinion. This is mine.

            • AnoNemo


              You made valid points. The only thing that I would add is that I guess many nikon loyal users are puzzled about what direction Nikon is taking. First of all, as you correctly pointed out many of them (us) are heavily invested in Nikon gears and what we saw the last 2 years from Nikon is that they do not delivered anything we asked for.

              I understand they have to have some consumer crap (aka Nikon 1 and coolpix) but the deliver the rest. It seems to me Nikon completely forgot about that we the brand loyal customers are valuable. I now have doubts about Nikon’s commitment to its loyal userbase. Nikon forgot about that there is a little difference replacing a Coolpix with a different brand than replacing the thousands of dollars worth of lenses. I’m not sure they understand this because otherwise they would not try to advertise to us with for example Ashton Kutcher.

              Besides, this was most likely the last of 2011 and we still do not know when and what will Nikon deliver. My guess is that Nikon does not have any new product for the next 6 months. Otherwise we would know about it by now.

        • Ren Kockwell

          Bingo. Glad I’m not the only one who has to always say it. Jabs is a classic forum troll. He tries to yell the loudest and post the longest in order to drown out the opinions of others.

          Broxi posts real, useful information and contributes a great deal to this site. And if Broxi takes a swipe at you, you must be a real jerk.

          • Jabs

            Maybe some of us here are actually photographers and can explain and clarify things that people try and push basically under the bus here.

            Maybe one does not want conversation nor know how to continue one with anyone who has a differing opinion or even is realistic – as maybe uneducated and opinionated while unable to point to anything technically – in other words – DUMB as spit and filled with words plus opinions harking at your points of view NOT based upon any reality but mere wishes on your part.

            Clueless and foolish then now pointing to popularity as a last resort to your own inability – long and wordy enough for you.

            Time to leave you all alone, as I have spoken my peace.

            Reality bites indeed – web site name mocker.

            Scare away the opposition with droves of clueless compatriots = your own sign of desperation.

            Have fun while Nikon sells droves of gear and ignores YOU!

            Ba-ba bye – now it’s your turn to present some more interesting rants here and more clueless Internet links.

            LOL – shaken and stirred plus drifting in a colossal mess of your OWN doing too – now extricate yourself pardner!

            Fear mongering at its’ worst = does not work on adults!

            • Ren Kockwell

              Another immature post with no new content provided. You do not further the discussion.

              Peter, we are all big boys here and I certainly can take it, but Jabs behaves like a grammatically illiterate caged animal, lashing out irrationally at everyone here. He has to be scaring away hesitant first-time posters.

              He flies in the face of all your posted forum rules. He almost immediately resorts to name-calling, bullying and he over-posts. On the rare occasion he actually contributes useful content, one has to wade through so much repetitive crap that it bloats the site and devalues its worth to first timers. Then he has the gall to call others childish.

            • hey guys, let’s turn down the tension a notch, I hate to start blocking regular readers

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        So no one is allowed to blaspheme the name of the Nikon 1 or you’ll call them a fool?

        Nice work.

        • Jabs

          Not realizing what the Nikon 1 system means to Nikon is like being clueless especially with the two disastrous events this year – FORGOT.

          It is like wishing that Nikon is dead and then NO other gear for any of us – equals being an idiot with an opinion – who cares, as the Company would be dead.

          Clueless in one’s satire is YOUR choice and also my choice to remind you too.

          Adult here and maybe too many children or Internet ONLY readers here devoid of any reality.

          Somebody needs to wake you up, perhaps.

          • Ren Kockwell

            Wow. A psychiatrist would have a field day with that response.

      • Anon

        It’s not wrong for Nikon to sell a consumer grade camera, the thing is, 1 system is way overpriced, as it is intended for the enthusiasts – yet they don’t like it.

        If Nikon offers APSC mirrorless, for the same price, the reaction could be different.

        • Worminator

          “as it is intended for the enthusiasts – yet they don’t like it.”

          It’s intended for the same people who bought the D40 and 18-55mm kit lens, and those people are probably pleased as punch, high initial pricing notwithstanding.

          There was no attempt to shoehorn “classic” camera controls into the design, for better or for worse it is not an “upsell” to the P7100.

      • Jabs


        Nice response and thought provoking but one simple comment.

        Nikon has NOT denounced nor left the Professional Market and in fact is right now the Leader in that field, so pouring hatred on a consumer Camera System is like throwing bricks at an imaginary phantom, as Nikon still leads the Pro Market which they complain about. Name ONE Pro FX body released since the D3s and see their folly!

        The problem here is anticipating Nikon and then denouncing them because you personally feel left out of their present current thrusts. They can work on multiple things at once – right?

        The majority of protesters here are few and the majority of Pro shooters here don’t comment and when they do, they are more positive about the latest developments from Nikon.

        What does that leave us here with?

        You brutalize a Company for NOT doing what they have not done yet = the stupidity here demonstrated by many posters and when you point out the facts of Nikon 1’s sales, then they go blind and deaf on you, perhaps pointing to their own flawed agendas – maybe!

        I almost guarantee that not one of the complainers here have ever owned over $30,000.00 US dollars of Nikon Pro gear that they bought with their own money.

        They probably do not shoot anything professionally or know how to do that, so maybe mere web site speculators and often clueless about technical merits, so what does that tell you.

        Me, personally – I have stopped conversing with most of them, as they are not worth it. Their mantra before was – Nikon is still stuck at 12 megapixels and that the 24 megapixel D3X was too outrageously priced for them. Now Nikon has introduced several DSLR’s above 12 megapixel and even some CoolPix cameras above 12 megapixels and yet this has not satisfied nor placated them.

        Does this point to a problem or to a fool? Does it point to one who could have bought another brand and that satisfies them or maybe someone wanting Nikon to do exactly like they wish or now expect?

        Do you see the pattern and the ignorance of that stance now?

        I’ll give you a short history of photography – Leica and Nikon started as competitors in the rangefinder market and Nikon saw a way to better make a camera with less limitations – called a Nikon F. Ever since that, there has been this war between photographers, collectors and users. Nikon stepped up in accrued value from the D3 Series, mainly the D3X and the long lens prices, so now collectors have regrouped and taken notice. People often now then, act like Nikon is diluting their pristine image and now making their ‘precious lenses’ not worth much in the estimation of them.

        That is all it boils down to mainly and they expect Nikon to follow Leica’s lead and make only esoteric nonsense to appease them.

        BTW – Leica just got sold to a group of Investors as Leica became irrelevant as a D5100 is a better camera performance-wise.

        So now, should Nikon go that route and stay at the elitist level only (which they are not) especially when Nikon already makes millions of cheaper plastic CoolPix cameras? What then are they complaining about? The existing, the delivered or what they want Nikon to do personally for them?

        • photdog

          You as an American National probably have a much better command of the English language. Nevertheless, I tried my best to sort the discussion above in particular fields of problems respectively perceptions whereby I kept as neutral as my command of the language allowed.
          However, though I don’t see myself as the target group for the Nikon 1 concept albeit it came with some very up to date features, I really can’t see that I, like you expressed it, “brutalized” Nikon or poured hatred on a consumer camera!

          But in times of constraints -like in every industry today- hardly any company has the means to serve every target-group, especially if these have quite different characteristics, evenly.
          My post’s message was, that it is fine if Nikon manages to capture a “new” market (will say the consumers), but as the same time I do have some understanding if the patrons of Nikon claim their points (perceived rights) too.
          You exhorted us several times not to forget the disasters that Nikon has gone through this year. And I think every realistic person realizes that. In such a situation I personally would not like to leave my customers between dusk and dawn but give them an outlook, at least about what I have intended to do for them and then add, that I’m hindered by XX incidents to keep the timetable that I originally had but think that I could introduce YY by approximately _____. Doesn’t that sound more reconciliatory than just silence?
          Well, yes this is the western approach – and maybe the Asian one is different.

          • Jabs

            I understand your points and they have merit, but Nikon never announced a D800, as it is a rumor. Then to complain about this unreleased body which is a rumor, makes you an idiot or maybe you don’t understand the definition of the word RUMOR.

            Rumors do not equal fact.

            Telling a Corporation what you think of them, means that you should go to their Corporate Web site and then complain there, not here – if you want to be effective. If you wish to just put down Nikon and then lead everyone to now hate Nikon, then that is very childish and irresponsible of you. I fully understood your points too, but you cannot explain people here, as they have been doing the same here boring everyone with their basic lies, pretenses and even falsehood, so language is not the problem. They are the problem and their own expectations as to what Nikon should do personally for them.

            Nikon has an area at their web sites where you can ask Nikon directly for information, make complaints or tell them as you wish. This is a Rumors web site, not a web site of facts, so then why do they complain in every Topic here.

            Look at the new Topic that Administrator just created and again the same exact complaints. He works hard and they basically disrespect him and this web site and then call me making personal attacks – WOW!

            Does that make any sense now?

            Nikon has the latest released full frame Pro camera that has not been surpassed by anyone. Nikon was weaker in the consumer area and now Nikon has fixed that. They seem to now expect Nikon to drop all that it is doing and then do exactly like they wish or even tell them their secrets just to make them happy.

            If that makes sense to you or anyone, then I am truly sorry for you, as reality is not the world that you live in, but some imaginary place that no one but maybe you know.

            I understand complaints and desires but complaining with no benefit or expectations to affect an outcome, makes you seem foolish at best.

            Nikon has announced nothing and given no time table to update its’ already class leading line of Pro gear and then here we have people telling us that Nikon needs to tell them everything or give them a glimmer of hope, while Nikon is leading the market in performance largely unchallenged. I sure would not go in Business with them, as they would sell the Company out because of their obvious stupidity.

          • Jabs


            They pour hatred on Nikon and not you who was trying to sort out a disagreement or argument, while I left them alone.

            There are things that you cannot sort out because no one can get into someone else’s head and really figure out what is going on in there, so after a certain point, I usually leave people alone.

            I consider it a waste of my time to argue with people bent on ridiculing anything, as they have often become irrational from either fear, hatred, self-importance or just not able to see the harm of their own selfish pursuits or goals. Sort of lost in impossible desires and with no way to fulfill these, they turn on those who let them know that what they propose makes no sense or cannot be done. Reminds me of people who wish upon a star and then curse everyone out when nothing comes from their own silly wishes.

            The Internet is filled with many like that and has become a wasteland of complainers who have no grasp on reality, so you just avoid them lest they pounce on you like dogs in a wild pack.

            IGNORE them, perhaps!

        • Ren Kockwell

          560 words.

    • Iris Chrome

      Broxi, not you too 🙁

      • broxibear

        Hi Iris Chrome,
        Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by “Broxi, not you too” ?

        • Iris Chrome

          I was partly joking actually but don’t worry about it. I actually replied before I saw all the replies you got. I might disagree with you but I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don’t want to start another Nikon1 tug-o-war though as it seems to have become a very sensitive topic here.


    • JorPet

      The Nikon 1 is squarely aimed at the 90% of the market that is more interested in small portable cameras. The 10% of the market that is looking for something higher end, while important, is not the profit center that the rest of the portfolio is.

      I suspect that Nikon knows their business quite well and is moving in directions that keep the highest profits while also keeping their brand equity.

    • Oddo

      Whether you like the 1 system or not, let’s hope Nikon sells a lot. With the Dx factory under water and FX in short supply Nikon need to sell them!!! Handled them for the first time the other day at Jessops Edinburgh – they’re nowhere near as bad as some paint them, but agree about being way overpriced.

      I think it would make more sense to bolt these to the mountain bike rather than the AW100. Second thoughts, given the price I’d be reluctant!

      I’ve not noticed the adverts, but bear in mind the target market. They’re not really aimed at those who have invested thousands in Nikon glass and dslrs but rather at p&s upgraders – and for these they ARE stunning image quality. They even focus on a moving subject! Most p&s compacts struggle to focus on an active 3 year old. Even some serious enthusiasts happily use Canon G, Pany LX, etc. and are satisfied, Nikon 1 has to have better IQ, focusing, DR,etc.

  • Looks like the Nikon 1 series has a bright future ahead of it. Earlier Nikon started shipping pro-quality lenses for the DX sensors (85mm, etc.) that cost almost what the FX lenses cost of the same focal length. Now it looks like the Nikon 1 might be their next generation.

    Looking forward to seeing how things develop. Maybe sensors will go the same route as film did? from 8×10 to 4×5 to 35mm. Sensors could conceivably go the same direction given the excellent quality of the Nikon 1 samples we got introduced to here very recently.

    • Zorro

      Yep. Full-frame sensors will give way to smaller sensors.

      • No, FF sensors will continue to exist, it’s just that they will get more megapixels.

    • James

      Long live the Pentax Q. Smaller is better right?

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      With a relatively sharp lens a small sensors larger DOF (and the fact it’ll shoot the best part of the lens) will result in sharp pictures pretty easily. It’s more a testament to Nikon’s lenses than the camera itself IMHO.

    • Iris Chrome

      For the general masses, yes and it already has for a while now. There are far more cell phone cameras and P&S’s in active use than there are DSLR’s or m4/3rd’s. But FX will continue to exist and advanced photographers will keep the demand going for them. DX and m4/3rd on the other hand might eventually get squeezed out of the market.

      • That is definitely one possibility. Another possibility is that FX might get squeezed out of the market because DX becomes good enough to replace it.

        The bulkiness of FX cameras and lenses works against them. Although in theory I’ve been wanting an FX, in practice for me it’s so much easier to pack DX cameras on a trip – in my carry-on luggage, to boot. So I don’t have to pack an extra bag for my cameras, I can fit both DX cameras + both DX lenses into my suitcase 🙂

        Here’s another possibility – maybe FX will become the new MF and MF will get squeezed out or become the new 4×5…… Interesting times we live in, will be very interesting to see how things develop over the next 5-10 years.

        • photdog

          Putting that into a larger picture, the future could be even more extreme: thinking the Nikon 1 or the Sony Nex 5 to 10 years later, the small sensors could possibly have kept up with the nowadays FX …?!
          (For PC CPUs some years ago many magazines posted that they have reached their physical limits and it could not go much further. Now we know better…
          However, it seems to be a global trend, that the middle class is shrinking rapidly. Maybe at some point in time we will have the small cameras Like the Nikon 1 and the NEX, no DSLRs, and then the medium format for the high end pros. The actual development at Sony’s DSLR section might already be a pointer into that direction.

          • VERY intriguing ideas. You’re right. In the world of electronics we can miss quite a lot or be quite far off in our thinking by assuming the future has to be exactly like the past. Or that the future has to trend the same way as the past. It’s often not the case at all.

            Per your example, PC and other CPUs, after coming close to reaching physical limits of speed for processing, then went multi-core. That was revolutionary thinking then but is standard practice now.

            Similar things have happened with cameras already. A past equivalent of multi-core we’ve already seen in cameras was Foveon sensors, which stacked RGB microlenses on top of one another instead of side by side, taking up less space and providing greater dynamic range:


            Foveon failed largely for marketing reasons because pixels were defined by everyone else as side-by-side, not stacked. But the concept image quality-wise was solid.

            Hasselblad has a different equivalent of multi-core in its H4D 200MS camera, which can take 1-6 shots per images to increase resolution past what a single 50MP sensor can do with only one shot:
            Comparison of 50MP vs “200MP equivalent”

            It’s also very possible the future of photography could go quite a different path altogether, as a new company called Lytro is doing:


            Lytro cameras allow users to focus their images AFTER they shot instead of before. Quite a revolutionary concept indeed 🙂 and within some bounds, it seems to work (check out the Picture Gallery examples on their website).

            Plus the Lytro form factor is far different from that of a DSLR or a medium format (or a Nikon 1 for that matter).

            It’s likely that some combination of these approaches or other approaches yet to be discovered will change both form factor and quality of cameras in ways we can’t even imagine right now. Very exciting possibilities for the future.

  • Nicolò

    What does Joe mean with:
    “Last week, I was tied to NYC, pleasantly so, via PPE, that annual, orgiastic, nearly pagan celebration of the pixels held at the Javits Center, hard by the Hudson. It’s hard for me. I haven’t caught up to the last two new things yet, and here we are, face to face with the next new thing.”

  • broxibear

    Hey Peter/admin,
    What were your own personal thoughts of this event as a whole ?…what was the gossip ?…did it offer much more than a well stocked retailer etc ?
    Here’s a time lapse of the Nikon stand going up at the event http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu-uTzj9swg

    • broxibear

      P.S. this isn’t me with a COOLPIX AW100 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceZIPFf0Sa8

      • oh come on, I am sure this is the real broxibear!

    • Broxibear, the poor people that worked on the Nikon booth did not know anything about future products. While I was there, every other question was about the Nikon D800 – I really felt bad for them, they had to keep repeating the same thing – “sorry, we don’t know”. Otherwise everyone on the Nikon booth that I talked to was very knowledgable about their products (I think all those people are from Nikon support department).

      Sony’s people on the side were very arrogant. I asked them to get me one of the disassembled Alpha cameras so I can take a picture (it was on a shelf behind them) and they refused.

      I also got a very good impression from the Fuji people. Did not spend much time on the Canon booth. Panasonic had a very small display, nothing to see there.

      The problem with this PDN show was that there were no new products to show except the new Canon 1Dx.

      • broxibear

        Cool, Jared posted a video of the event here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntxCXjN0wSI&feature=player_embedded
        There’s a woman who gives him a telling off at the Nikon booth which is pretty funny.
        Did the Fuji people say anything about their interchangable lens camera rumoured for early 2012 ? I’m looking forward to see what they do with that.

        • I got some info that the new Fuji mirrorless will have a brand new proprietary mount.

          • Worminator

            That’s been the trend so far, unfortunately.

      • AnoNemo

        NR Admin,

        This is indeed really sad that Nikon had nothing new to show. I guess this basically kills the purpose of being there in the first place. I mean they showed their 3-4 years old FX dslr lineup as new? That is not exciting.

  • studio460

    Great report! Post more booth model pics!

  • Jabs

    Thanks again for your wide ranging coverage of this event. I especially liked the coverage of those future lenses and accessories for the Nikon 1 System plus the Video accessories and LED Ring Lights all pointing to a really exciting future for digital photography.
    Glad that Nikon is moving forward and not trying to replicate the past like many seem to be stuck in.

    Look forward in a few months time to your coverage of the new Nikon’s and the real innovations that they perhaps will bring to the table.

    Be well.

  • Jabs

    The Path to Death as a Manufacturer.

    Often when new Technology comes or is introduced old players in the game, try and run with it or corral their users by ridiculing the new Technology, especially if its’ potential is not yet fully realized.

    Many people laugh at things exactly like how they laughed at a Nikon D1 because it did not equal a much cheaper F series film body.

    Fast forward to 2011 and the same proponents of exotic film bodies have produced equipment based upon that era with the build quality intact BUT the performance is often below a cheap digital P&S body today.

    People champion the old ways while unaware that the whole Industry has moved on, so now we have expensive and well built esoteric gear that performs worse than cheap plastic gear and people tout that like they are lost in a time warp in say 1985.

    Geez – all the Manufacturer’s who adapted and moved on are now digital powerhouses while the others now hum along clueless while charging more than a Pro digital body for their gear and perform much worse.

    That is how you kill yourself in the photographic world – you never change and you never innovate, so everyone passes you while you stay the course and become irrelevant.

    Seems like many here are collectors of shiny new gear and not users of anything!

    Investors versus users, perhaps now looking for titanium painted cameras with lizard skin exteriors to match their lizard skinned boots and then watch their investment portfolios that they call their lenses – LOL.

    It’s a new Era and you have become irrelevant and thus live by name only – everything must change!

  • PeterO

    Rather than making personal attacks, I would like to wish everyone here, whether you like the Nikon 1 or not, a fun Hallowe’en. We had lots of kids and and I got a few good pics of the scary goblins and ghouls.

  • Matt Taylor

    I don’t actually mind the looks of that video rig for the Nikon 1 cameras – I could do with something that takes decent video, considering my D2X is going to be with me for a fair while…

  • allen23

    I had this feeling that Nikon is waiting for Canon to announce their 5D mark 3 1st then they will make some final adjustments and put on the marketing for D800. for those jumping up and down around the shinny V1 or whatever this pink little doll is called, they don’t really care so much of the specs or picture quality like the more serious guys holding a couple of FX lens and stashing 3000+ cash under their beds for a new FX body
    and don’t worry nikon will not let their FX digital lose the battle against Cannon other the others, look around and see how many new FX lens they have introduced in the last a few years. Body come next. I have seened the prices for Canon 5d mark 2 and D700 dropped recently so I am very excited becasue that normally mean something. the retialers are not allowed to tell you anything becasue if they do no buyers will spend moeny to buy a d700

    • Some Guy

      I hope Nikon is not waiting for Canon to release more cameras to decide on tweaks for yet to be released models. If they had that logic, they should wait until Canon releases all of their next gen models in order to tweak all the Nikon FF (and D400) model specs which would take a couple more months in R&D which would then need a release/announcement date 2 months from then for actual production models that would take 3 or 4 months to be in our hands. Nikon should act on their own time line, not Canon’s or any other company or they risk being behind the curve forever.

  • EnPassant

    Looking at the Nikon 1 J1 I get the feeling Nikon has been influenced by the design of Apple.
    Maybe this is Nikon’s idea of how a mirrorless camera made by Apple would look like if they made one?

    And what product was it that changed Apple from being a niche computer maker to more known as the coolest producer of electronic gadgets?
    Something that produced much better quality than existing products? No! In fact rather the contrary. Its selling point was small size and easy usability with the connection to a computer. Just nine days ago (October 23) it celebrated its 10th anniversary. The MP3-player iPod. HiFi-enthusiasts complained about the quality of the compressed sound. But for most it was good enough. What matters more is usability.

    Today Nikon has introduced what can be described as the mirrorless camera counterpart of the MP3-player.
    Imagequality is not as high as in APS-C cameras of today but actually about the same as Nikons budget DSLR three years ago, D60, with improved image processing when using high ISO. For most people, excluding a lot of pixel-peeping photo-nerds visiting this and similar sites, it is good enough.
    Many have complained about the price. But what I see the J1 kit cost about the same (In Europe) as the D3100 kit did when it was new a year ago.
    Remember Apple has never been the cheapest option. And though the competition being more mature in the market have some cheaper options some of their latest products, like for exemple Olympus EPL-3 and Sony Nex 5N, are not significantly cheaper.

    With imagequality not being a relevant issue for most people the functions found in Nikon 1 but missing in other mirrorless camera with larger sensors may be more important for the targeted customers of the Nikon 1 cameras. As usual the market will be deciding if the camera will get thumbs up or down, not the people writing in cameraforums.

    Considering the tsunami in Japan and flooding in Thailand Nikon are lucky to have a third “leg”, the factory in China, to stand on so they at least have something to sell. Let’s pray there will be no earthquake nearby. Because the better Nikon is financially the sooner they will present the fullfram goodies many here are dreaming about!

    • Zorro

      Very well said. Clear thinking on display.
      Thank you.

    • Jabs


      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

      The majority of Manufacturers realize the immense influence of Steve Jobs and his crew over at Apple in consumerism via clean simple designs and now real sales when people first called them clueless and silly toys.

      A couple billions later, they are wrong and Apple is amongst the most influential and imitated Consumer Companies on Earth.

      Nikon, then is smart and we will see in the future if they were right then.

      So far, from sales, it looks like real consumers love the Nikon 1.

      Great post too – thanks!

    • Ren Kockwell

      The 1 system is not the iPhone. When people wait with baited breath for the next release, when there are lines out the door, when it changes the way people look at photography, that will be a more apt comparison.

      The iPhone fits in my pocket. The J1 with a lens, even the pancake, cannot. Yet its sensor is not much of an improvement over a compact. It’s not as small as it should be. As a newbie looking to upgrade, why wouldn’t I buy into the M4/3 system for less money and almost identical size? Or NEX or Pentax Q for that matter?

      Don’t get me wrong, I really like the AF speed and video potential of a camera like this, but I wonder how well a lot of the unique features of this camera will translate to an uninformed audience. Seems like lost jargon to me.

      • This is how I see it – the smart phones will replace all current point and shoot cameras (the iPhone 4s is already good enough for a P&S). The mirrorless solutions will become the next step after smart phones. The current p&s camera will be completely gone in 3-5 years.

  • Rob Ueberfeldt

    Lots of little goodies there. Wonder what the wide angle zoom specs are for the concept lens? Are we going to get down to 15mm full frame equivalent?

  • Hm, regarding the Nikon 1 system.. How many of you have tried the raw-files in Capture NX2? Well I have, and I was really impressed. I went to my local photo boutique (:)) yesterday and tested the J1 out.. It feels soooo good in the hands! Im a little in love with the Nikon 1 system.. The image quality blows my Lx3 out of the water, thats for sure..

    • Jabs


      At least someone else here has tried the new Nikon 1 system.

      Thanks for your insights and report.

      Let me know what the 10-100 Zoom looks like if you can, as I see that as a breakthrough lens indeed.

  • Wow, that Gitzo head looks like some kind of camera torture device. That would probably do some pretty cool things if you were into time-lapse photography and wanted to automate movements, but not for that much money… Yikes!

  • jimmyjonjamjam


  • Richard

    So, nothing (except the “1”, of course) in New York, but I think we are (mostly) agreed that there has to be something big for the London Olympics? So, maybe, the UK’s “Focus on Imaging” show in Birmingham just might see the release of the D4s?

    PS – Thank you for the two pictures of the dancing girls – intriguing that you used a Fijifilm Finepix X100 for them! One doesn’t need a big beast for every job, does one?

    • Richard, the Fuji X100 is a great travel camera, especially for NYC. That day it was snowing and I had it in my pocket, no bag needed. The quality is more than enough for a 800px image that will be posted on the web. In fact, the new iPhone 4s is good enough for a point and shoot camera and I used it in my first post about the PDN show.

      Point and shoot cameras are dead (or they will be in 2-3 years).

  • AnoNemo

    The Nikon 1 is so ugly that you do not have to dress it up for Halloween.

  • Iris Chrome


    Did you get a chance to look at the bottom of the FT1 adapter? Did it have a tripod mount?

    Thanks for the excellant coverage of the show. Keep up the good work.

    • yes, the FT1 has a tripod mount on the bottom (I hope I am not mistaken with something else)

      • Iris Chrome

        Thanks. I’ve been wanting to confirm this since launch day.

        • Jabs

          @Iris Chrome

          Finally got you answer on the tripod mount, eh.


  • Landscape Photo

    A big YAAAWNN…

  • Gus

    Last week I already buy my D700, so Nikon and you d400/800 fuck off!! I can´t wait for you all my life!

    • silmasan

      Hahaha, same here 😀

    • Congrats, you will love the d700. If i get more commission in the next few months then i have to get a second d700 for a second body.

  • simpleguy

    wasnt nikon if i recall correctly a serious pro gear company once ??!! , AND NOT A TOY CAMERAS AND GADGETS COMPANY 🙁

    • 12

      I don’t understand? They have pro gear don’t they?

  • B.O.

    If a model struck a pose like that during my shoot i’d be quick calling an ambulance!
    (Re the nikon-lady in silvery dress)

    • hi

      LOL… so true. She really isn’t that good at what she is doing…

    • dumbaz

      LOL yeah that’s some shody camera work. She’s actually a very fine model.

  • Dweeb

    I haven’t gone to any photoshows around here this year. Just nothing to see. Would a Nikon salesman really hand you a D700 and say here’s our newest FX camera?

    • Newest FX is the D3s =D

    • dumbas

      Dweeb.. Actually no. A Nikon salesman would hand you a d3s and say no other company has beating this camera yet.

    • dumbaz

      Dweeb.. Actually no. A Nikon salesman would hand you a d3s and say no other company has beating this camera yet.

  • Jabs

    For those who like to talk about what Manufacturer is behind technically plus who makes what sensor for what camera, here is a web site just for you.


    Read the data on each camera too by clicking on the links for each body.

    Nikon 1’s sensor is made by Nikon and not Sony.

    So are the D3, D3s, D700.

    Nikon also has 14bit output on many of its’ cameras versus many having 12bit – which explains why Nikon’s files are cleaner then, perhaps.

    Nothing but the facts then!

    Who needs to catch to up who now???

    • James

      @Jabs – Actually the sensor is engineered by Nikon but made by Sony. Here is an interview with Masahiro Suzuki, General Manager R&D, Nikon Imaging Company on Imaging Resource. When he says that the sensor is produced by their partner, that is Sony. http://www.imaging-resource.com/NEWS/1316730752.html

      DE: Again on the sensor… So people tend not to think of Nikon as a sensor company. Did you develop the sensor with another company? Is there a partner you work with, who does make sensors? What was the genesis of the sensor? How did it come about?

      MS: We developed it; we engineered and developed this sensor inside Nikon. But for the production side, that is done by our partner.

      • Jabs


        Then it is a Nikon sensor fabbed by Sony.

        Still a Nikon sensor!

        • Great point. Makes sense. Many photographers use labs to print their images, but they’re still that photographer’s images, not the lab’s. Hadn’t thought about that, thanks for bringing it up.

          • Jabs

            @Robert Ash

            Just like how TMC and Global Foundries (AMD spin-off) make processors, graphics cards and CPU’s for other Companies, they are like wholesale Producers of other people’s designs outsourced to them, as they are Contract Manufacturers.

            Same scenario with Sony – Contract Manufacturer of other people’s designs, so the Designer is the one that counts, not the Fab who manufactured the product.

            Sony is then working for Nikon in that scenario rather than Nikon buying an already produced Sony sensor and re-purposing it for its’ own use – big difference. Usually that web site looks on the markings on the chip to determine who is the source of the sensor.

  • NYC 26 / 7

    No technology will make any body a better photographer/artist. I applaud Nikon for giving me the tools to daily create art and express my passion. Nikon and Canon could combine and make a D1 million Mark V that would produce true to life holographic images and the bitching and moaning would continue. My d700 still works and so does my Mamiya but my first 10k images sucked ass and it had nothing to do with a camera.

  • Jabs

    Great News:

    At Amazon – The Nikon 1 System now has right now, 9 of the positions in the top 20 Compact cameras on sale now, all in a space of less than two months.


    Almost half of the top sales positions in a product just barely released too.

    Consumers speak with their ‘pocket books’ or purses, then.

    Cha ching to Nikon then!

    • Worminator

      Holy selective data aggregation, Batman!

      Let’s look at the best selling compact cameras/lenses on Amazon, rather than cherry pick the new releases (since only Nikon has made a new release in the observation window, that a *tad* unfair to the competition). The Nikon 1 is no. 12 and 15, behind just about every NEX model, and the Lumix G3 and GF3.


      That’s actually not bad, it’s well ahead of the closest Olympus model, but confirms my previous observation that NEX has the American market by the gonads.

      Now we can’t judge from the ranking whether NEX outsells Nikon 1 by 5:1, 10:1, or 10000:1, but I’d be willing to bet that it’s a painfully wide gap right now.

      If you are rooting for Nikon 1, then the big thing will be to check to see how those amazon sales rankings have changed in 4 weeks time, during the critical Xmas season. If Nikon has actually slipped down further by then, things are bad. If its solidly in the top ten, things are good.

      • Worminator

        My take is that things are below expectation but not dire. The sales of Nikon 1 should be at a peak of a “new release” surge right now, compared to NEX which have mostly been on the market for some time, or recently given a minor refresh. Comfortably ahead of the PEN cameras means, however, a decent chunk of marketshare heading in Nikon’s direction.

      • Jabs

        You do realize that those rankings change almost hourly, so the data that you or I saw when I posted or you looked, is no longer the case.

        So far, for a brand new camera it is doing fantastic.


        A new release being in the Top 20 = great results, for your information.

        BTW – I looked at both charts before I posted.

        Where are the other lauded new releases = what you need to solve or figure out.


  • DX2FX

    Admin, do all those people you talked to at the PDN PhotoPlus show know who you are ?

    • No, they did not know. Maybe for the next show I will wear a “I am the NikonRumors guy t-shirt” it should be fun 🙂 Or even better, I can order a bunch of t-shirts and give them away to people who will visit the show… now, who is going to PMA in January?

      • Jabs


        Wrong idea – LOL

        They would have two big burly guys escort you out the door and give you weird looks like you were some spy or unwelcome guest.

        Keep your privacy and what you look like under wraps lest they have your picture looking for you at all the Photo Shows and such.

        … DO NOT let in this guy under any circumstances – yes Boss – will do!

        You want me to rough him up to boss?

        Naw, just scare him a little!


        • yes I will, I had several pictures where somebody had a camera pointed at my direction 🙂 those images were promptly deleted…

  • Pete

    ‘Maybe Nikon really is letting FX digital die. They’ve had no completely new FX cameras since 2008, and clearly DX works great and gets better all the time. There isn’t much money in pro gear or FX compared to the mass-markets of DX, so maybe that’s it for Nikon (digital) FX cameras.’ What’s more, Nikon 1 appears to be one heck of a quality product, another aspect which really feeds such thoughts. Those of us here who really do get out and shoot, I am sure we ‘pursue every last iota of quality’ but are ‘also highly pragmatic, too.’ If we can achieve the same final result carrying 10 pounds less gear, we’re going to do it. Picking something smaller that FX (or, for the sake of argument, even DX-DSLRs), simply because it allows us more ability to range on and off the trail, and with care, we don’t really give a lot up – or do we?

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