Nikon booth at PDN Photo Plus Expo 2010 in New York

Few images from the Nikon booth at the PDN Photo Plus Expo 2010 that took place in New York last week. On the show floor, Canon had the largest booth followed by Nikon and Sony. The most common question I heard visitors asking the Nikon staff was "When will the D700 be replaced". The answer, as you can imagine, was "I don't know".

A short walk-through video of the Nikon booth (sorry, shaky hands):

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  • Jacky Siu

    Nothing is new? It’s been really quiet recently

  • Agree.
    Kind of sad.

  • The video is nice; thank you.

  • safeg

    yes,All recent info is about D7000 shipment.
    where is nikon “rumors”….
    We need more rumors.

  • David

    I went to a Nikon sponsored AIPP event recently and I asked one of the reps when the D700 would be replaced and he wouldn’t tell me, but he did know. He said next year sometime, but wouldn’t tell me when. I got the feeling it would be in the first half of the year, but who knows…

  • Come on guys a ton of stuff was released recently, it’s going to be quiet for quite a while. No new D700 for another year. You will all survive, I promise.

  • m35g35

    Need VR for the video. I still enjoyed the video. thank you.

  • Thanks for the video – it looks like you were holding a D3s over your head for the full 6 minutes and 7 seconds… not bad! How are all those beautiful lenses locked down so they don’t “walk away”?

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