Weekly Nikon related news/links #82

Two videos after the break:

  • What will happen if a dragster's parachute hits a Nikon D700 camera? Click here to find out:

  • Nikon D7000 review:

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  • first! =) poor d700…

  • Nice hands on review video 🙂

  • Sdiggity

    Lots of tasty treats here…thanks NR Admin!

  • benS

    Waaa. Nvr mind the camera … Was that a Nikon 200m f2 lens that was destroyed ? I bet that lens is so expensive.

    • benS

      oh i read the story … its a 400 mm … well at least it died with honor ! Died in Action !

      • Tomas

        Yeah… Halloween horror continues… 😀

  • If a D200 can survive an accident like that, i wonder what my D300 can resist, since it looks even better built than the older one 🙂

    • Try it out when you have the chance 😀

  • SA

    There are too many complaints about hot pixels in D7000. Nikon in trouble.

    • TdM

      Tosh… As a stills camera the hot pixels issue isn’t an issue. As a movie camera, there does appear to be a lot of reports of hot pixels BUT we have no idea as to the reasons of this or the percentage of failure.

      We also have no idea of a comparison of failure compared to other high megapixel recording devices. 1 or 2 stuck pixels is not uncommon in any video recording device and a lot of these would normally go unnoticed at the edge of the screen or unreported. People are now specifically testing their cameras at specific ISO settings with the cap on and looking at the final vid at magnification to check for stuck pixels. That’s just silly and of course it’s going to escalate the amount of reported issues.

      I think we need to wait and see proper figures on it. Either way, for a lot of people (including myself) the video isn’t an issue. ‘Nikon in trouble’ is just an inflammatory remark with no logical base to it.

      • abo

        Agree. Also, it is a camera to take pictures most of the time, video is just an extra gadget added to satisfy some consumers…

  • SA

    10 years I’m watching new Nikon’s DSLRs. No one camera from starting had so many examples with hot pixels as D7000. That’s the trouble. You can even see hot pixels on imaging-resource site. How do you like this? Ah?

    This is not video. You can see this even from ISO 100.

    • TdM

      It’s tricky, my D90 shows hot pixels from ISO 320 right in the middle of the screen. There is one bright red one and one white one.

      Is this a problem?… No, not really. It’s not particularly noticeable unless you shoot with the lens cap on. I don’t really do that on a day to day basis. Also they get removed in Lightroom and even if they didn’t they could be easily fixed.

      I’m not trying to say that all these complaints aren’t valid – some most certainly are but there is a chance that it is 90% worrying about nothing and 10% with genuine issues. We can’t tell yet though so we can’t go around making rash assumptions one way or the other from internet white noise…

    • Ronan

      That pic was taken at max ISO in a dark room. The image was extremely cropped to show the hot pixel.

      Most post-processing software have an option to auto fix hot pixels. Personally iv never had a problem with them, and if i did, id have Nikon fix it.

      Would your overly exhagerated picture make me twice about a D7000? Absolutly not.

  • JackTenSpades


    Any word on the rebates for the bodies and various lenses? Crutchfield.com seems to be honoring them but Amazon, Adorama, and B&H don’t have anything on their websites.

  • abo

    Admin, you also seem quiet recently in terms of hot news… are you receiving any updates and gathering them all? There are some rumors about new canon dslrs floating at the moment… just wondering if there are some Nikon too 🙂

    • WoutK89

      It’s logical they are floating around. Canon NEEDS new cameras now, because the 60D didnt bring what people hoped, the 1Ds IV is absent, the 5DII is old, and so on. You need to keep the boys happy with toys, or the complaining will start (see D700 at this website “where is the news about the D700 replacement?” whine whine 😛 )

      • abo

        oh, btw, have you noticed the price drop of 60d? it is just amazing, people are not buying that camera at all!! 🙂 well done nikon!

      • dgm

        That’s it I am switching to Nikon !

        No wait I already am a Nikon shooter, darn!

    • Nothing major so far – the rumors are now about the Nikon mirrorless and it seems that the Nikon D3x is no longer offered for sale in some stores in Europe.

  • broxibear

    “Babes with Bullets” ?…I had no idea that Nikon were that involved with guns or that they had this website?…


    Being from the UK the whole American gun culture thing is totally alien to me, to be honest it leaves a bad taste in my mouth that Nikon are sponsoring such an organization but I guess business is business and they are an optics company?

    • nikon makes sport optics as well including binos, field scopes, rifle scopes and laser rangedinders. i believe they even sponsored a predator derby last year…

  • anon99

    Apparently the D7000 manual is also available from the Nikon US site. The protected version can be downloaded freely but with certain backdoor software the PDF permissions can be cracked easily so that it can be printable without restrictions.

  • Ooch. I thought the estimate for the gear destroyed in the drag race video was high, until I realized what lens that was. Looked like a 200mm/2 but he stated in the video info that the lens was a 400/2.8VR. That’s sad indeed. Hope it was insured.

  • …looking at Imaging Resources shots, it doesn’t appear that the new 16mp sensor knocks the d700 out the box. It does seem to be the best APS-c sensor ever. At least as good as the 7d. With the new AF, I think I’d call this a win for Nikon. Slightly disappointed that the rave reviews were wrong about the d700 comparison, but looks like a nice cam all around.

  • Why the hell is the new 85mm f/1.4 AF-S not included in Lightroom’s profiles?!

    • …Because it’s so perfect that it doesn’t need any correction? 😛

      I kid. But really, what is so wrong with the lens that they’d need to rush a new profile just weeks after it hits shelves?


  • Ugh…that Ph0tography Bay article is crap. Obvious case of user error, aka, gear smarter than person. What AF tracking mode was used? What lock-on settings were used? This is what happens when amateurs use “pro” gear.

    Probably set to auto select from all points. No gear does well with that + backlighting.

    I’m disappointed every time I visit that site. I’m not even going to leave a comment over there, because from past experience the people that run it aren’t capable of accepting and comprehending criticism. Bloody waste of time is what reading that post was.

  • Ian

    Did anyone else have trouble installing the new camera raw .dmg for cs5?

    “Update is not applicable”

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