There was a new F mount lens announced today… from Carl Zeiss

Today Carl Zeiss announced their new Distagon T* 2/25 ZF.2 lens for F mount ($1,699.00). See all the details, press release and samples on

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  • Very interesting. Thanks NR.

  • AM

    Everybody announcing but Nikon. When Nikon? When????

    • Roger


      • elim

        Given their present condition, I wouldn’t be all to surprised to see them revive the Nikonos product line.

        • Ahaha !

        • T.I.M

          Maybe they were testing a new Nikonos and someone forgot to close back the faucet !

  • El Cabong


  • D700guy

    Nice to see that at least someone can actually create and release something of use.

    • …to who? Samples aren’t impressive, even at f4.

      • grammar nazi

        *To whom*

        • To who? No, not you.

      • Roger

        Samples are way too compressed. Bokeh is excellent.

      • iamlucky13

        Most likely they’re targeting video users who value silky smooth focus control, having an aperture ring, and soft bokeh over absolute sharpness or a little bit of chromatic aberration.

        In fact, don’t the ZF lenses have non-detent aperture rings so videographers can adjust the aperture smoothly mid-take?

        Jerky adjustments in focus or exposure don’t directly affect the quality of a still, but they do for a video.

        • The aperture clicks are removed by a technician, they do not come in the box this way. The cine cp.2 lenses do.

          It is likely /2 to satisfy cine users but its fundamentally a lens for stills

  • Ren Kockwell

    A Nikon 24mm f2 at this focal length with modern AF would be nice.

    • Soap

      A Nikon 24mm f2 at this focal length with modern AF would be nice.

      You’re saying a Nikon 24mm f/2 at 25mm would be nice?


      • Anonymous


    • What about the Nikon 24mm f/1.4?

      • Adrian

        24 f/2.8 I could see due to price point. f/2 is meh.

      • What about the Samyang 24 f/1.4?

  • So they really decided to postpone the announcement. Perhaps the announcement is delayed, but the goodies will still go on sale similar to Canon’s date?

    • Been there guy

      Wishful thinking at this point.

    • goldacess

      Maybe there was no announcement planned at at – therefore nothing has been postponed.

      The pitty with RUMORS, right? 😉

  • T.I.M

    Combo deal with the D800 ?

  • Very nice. I sure wish Zeiss made zooms 🙂

    • Abaham Collins

      Forget zooms, I wish Zeiss made AF primes for F-mount.

      • +1 for the auto-focus
        But for me, zooms are really important so I’d like Zeiss to make autofocus zooms 🙂 at a price point that makes at least some economic sense 🙂

        • Worminator

          You could just buy a Sony dSLR. Given the cost of the glass an extra body or two would go unnoticed in the total bill.

  • Jabs

    Sorry to burst your bubble or be a spoil sport here but this lens looks not so great to me.

    Actually the Nikon 1 lens with the two aspherical elements looks sharper plus cleaner and has less purple fringing than this – which you can clearly see in one image with the Street lights.

    OK – flame me now!

    The images are not really tack sharp either and slightly out of focus plus the photographer used too slow a shutter speed, as you can clearly see subject motion when you zoom in.

    Let’s see what the tests show then.

    … Putting on fireproof suit now plus leaving the Building – lol

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      I agree, they could have shown some better shots.

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        I just realized (by looking at the EXIF) those shots (from the Zeiss) were taken with the Canon 5Dii (the Canal shot and the candle shot) and the Canon 500D (the other two shots).

        Make of that what you will. 😉

      • Jabs

        @M – Nigh Mow

        I don’t know whether it is the camera, the lens or the photographer, but I suspect that the lens has some issues or it might even be too early to tell. As a long time Nikon user, one of the things that Nikon has is a certain amount of clarity and depth to their images and thus I don’t see that in the Zeiss lenses.

        Maybe it is me or so, but so far not impressed as there is what they use to call back in the day, ‘veiling’ or like they did not get it right with the coatings or internal flare control – maybe.

        However, it’s for others maybe and not me.

        The Nikon 1 lens looks like it’s in another class from this and this looks like the cheaper lens compared to it performance wise. Slide shooter here and thus see lots of details in shots that many might miss, as spent years looking at shots with 36X loupes and now do the same exact thing digitally – lol – but on computers now in Linux and there the differences are very apparent to me. Really critical eye and honest about the merits or demerits of my own shots too – lol.

        My monitors are also color corrected and the shots look a little blue and ‘thin’ to me, so maybe it is the street lights or the Office florescent lights or something.

        I also look at the ‘out of round’ highlights on the Street Lamps and such to determine the quality of a lens in night time shots and thus this one is not great to me. Are they round or oblique for example!

        The Nikon 1 lens looks like what you would get from a 58mm F1.2 Noct, as that also uses aspheric lens elements and that shows up easily in the details.

        Anyhow, someone else’s money and choices, so no biggie to me.

        I don’t know if the Canon bodies are to blame, but having seen lots of shots from the 5D Mk2, I don’t know about that, yet the 50D could be a limiting factor maybe. Grain in film or digital noise versus image clarity and depth!

        Well made gear versus ‘well performing’ gear equals the choices often and thus not emotional often in my decisions – it performs or NOT and then not bought or even dealt with.

        Let’s hear what others think and maybe we will see better shots with this new lens later on.

        • AM

          So what? Don’t like it, don’t buy it.
          Thank you anyway for taking time to write useless comments.

          • Discontinued


          • Jabs

            The long and short of it for YOU.

            Perhaps this new lens from a well respected Company will cost more than a Nikon V1 and two lenses or even three lenses, yet it seems to perform worse than that System no matter what camera it was attached to.

            Simple even for you to comprehend now – LOL.

          • Jabs

            Price of this Zeiss lens = € 1217 + VAT (Value Added Tax)

            € 1217 = $ 1724.0402 US dollars + VAT

            € = Euro and $ = US dollar

            Perspective maybe?

        • Worminator

          Sorry dude, those four samples are worthless for making any kind of critical judgement like you just did. Look like hand held, wide open night shots. Coma seems well controlled, bokeh really nice … there’s simply nothing more you can read into them.

          • Jabs

            You can fool yourself all you want, but I trust my eyes.

            Camera shake, I can understand.

            Slow shutter speed being used, I can understand.

            Other things – maybe one of us is blind.

            I’ll wait for a REAL photographer to test the lens before I give it my OK, as I need to be satisfied first and don’t care what the Manufacturer states even Nikon.

            Lousy photographs tells us of their priorities or even stupidity.

            Great bokeh from lousy photographs – a BIG loooool.

            Wow – talk about seeing into things that are defects and now calling them assets – no thanks – realist here and not dreamer!

            Mush and bokeh are not the same and thus I stand by my own assessment.

            You do as you wish and don’t care one bit either.

            Did you miss the CA or don’t you know what that is also?

            No time to argue with people here.

    • Not a problem, Jabs. I have no bubble to burst and you’re entitled to your opinion.

      That said, the Nikon 1 series is awesome from the images posted here very recently. Beautiful, clear and very nice dynamic range. It’s likely to be my next camera purchase. Very impressive gear. Go Nikon!

      • Jabs

        @Robert Ash

        I was just trying to arm myself before being shot down here, but I am really surprised by the clarity and dynamic range of that little Nikon 1.

        Now to wonder what the D800 and such will bring to the table looking at the performance of the D7000 and now the Nikon 1.

        When I looked at a web site that compares released camera senors and their dynamic range, the Nikon 1 System beat all the Micro 4/3rds bodies and was even close to the just released A77 (which is no star in that too – lol), but from such a small sensor and small camera too – wow!

        Scary to me.

        • Jabs

          Sorry – ‘senors’ should have been SENSORS.

          Please forgive me.

  • Jabs

    Here is my reference:

    Third shot down.

    Nikon J1 and 10-100mm Zoom

  • Jabs

    Here is the lens that got me excited about the Nikon 1 System.

    And this is what shot that THIRD image in my link above..

  • scurvy hesh


  • EnPassant

    I wonder how this lens compares to the Sony Carl Zeiss 24/2 lens made for full frame?
    The Sony has a 9/7 optical formula while this one got a 11/10, lenses/groups formula.
    There seem to be some agreement that the optical constructions designed for Sony can’t be used for Zeiss manual set of lenses.

    • Roger

      There’s probably no agreement, Sony designs what they want for their cameras.

      • Abaham Collins

        Not a Sony lens, both Zeiss lenses.. different camera mounts. Does Sony dictate what 3rd parties can and cannot make as far as peripherals?

        • iamlucky13

          Some of Sony’s lenses are made by Carl Zeiss as a supplier for Sony, rather than in the manner of Carl Zeiss making lenses that fit A-mount as a competitor, like Sigma does or like Zeiss does with other models.

          Meaning, for those lenses, Sony pays Carl Zeiss to design and manufacture the lenses, so they do this to Sony’s specifications.

          Anyways, getting back to EnPassant’s coment – Exclusivity agreements between suppliers and OEM’s are common. It is likely that as a stipulation of the contract by which Sony paid Zeiss to develop those lenses, they stated the Zeiss could not use the design elsewhere.

          It’s also possible that Zeiss was seeking to achieve something slightly different with this lens optically.

  • cruser2469

    sweet, can’t wait to put it my new D800…..oh..wait…oops

    • Dweeb

      Just for that -— NO D800 for YOU.

  • Moth Flopwell

    I am dreaming of a White Christmas and a new Nikon D800 to go along with this new Zeiss Lens. Nikon get on that please!!!

    • Hans

      Stop dreaming. The only thing you can expect from Nikon for X-Mas is a new Coolpix (available in purple, cyan, mangenta).

  • Dweeb

    The only people creating Knickors these days. Too fast and not wide enough for me though. Keep the line moving.

  • Roger

    New 135/2 coming soon?

  • coco

    which one is better samyang 24 f1.4 or this – if they are about the same who will spend 1500 pounds on this

  • 1

    Those pictures are horrendous!

    I think the average photographer would delete those

  • Raj

    One of my friend bought canon 5d mark 2 today.After long waiting of nikon d800 but never release it, postponed and postponed again,,,,,,

    • Anonymous

      He should’ve waited for the 5diii!
      Just kidding.
      I went with the D7000, no regrets, no regrets at all. It’s light, versitale and has great dynamic range. When the D800 does come out, I hope to pick one up; but I’ll still have the D7000 to kick around with in the streets, the rain or whatever. It’s my first DSLR and there is a lot to learn and this is a great tool to learn on! The D7000 is a deep camera. I hope to have it mastered by the time the d800 comes out.
      I miss my four by five, I miss my darkroom, but with kids in the house, who has the time or money to develop film?

  • T.I.M


    the bad news is that the factory has not been able to fully assess plant damage, in the “fate”, the plant returned to normal production at this stage can be said that nowhere in sight. Nikon 的泰國廠房主要進行單反及單反鏡頭的生產,雖然定位高階的D800 本身”應” 由日本製造,不過據聞部份零件亦是由泰國廠房供應,是次水災除了推遲新機的發表,未來Nikon 單反的供應亦有可能出現不穩,有意入手單反的用家,不妨多留意市場的變化。 Nikon’s Thailand factory mainly for the production of SLR and SLR lens, although the D800 high-end positioning itself “should be” made in Japan, but also it is said some parts supply plant from Thailand, The flood of new machines in addition to postpone the release of the next Nikon SLR may also supply instability, intends to start SLR users, may wish to pay more attention to market changes.

    • so basically the same as the posts here on NR or I am missing something?

      • T.I.M

        yes, your post did not have the Chinese accent !

    • Fairly confusing.

    • Jabs

      Chinese to English via Google computers:
      You get this –

      the bad news is that the factory has not been able to fully assess plant damage, in the “fate”, the plant returned to normal production at this stage can be said that nowhere in sight. Nikon 的泰國廠房主要進行單反及單反鏡頭的生產,雖然定位高階的D800 本身”應” 由日本製造,不過據聞部份零件亦是由泰國廠房供應,是次水災除了推遲新機的發表,未來Nikon 單反的供應亦有可能出現不穩,有意入手單反的用家,不妨多留意市場的變化。 Nikon’s Thailand factory mainly for the production of SLR and SLR lens, although the D800 high-end positioning itself “should be” made in Japan, but also it is said some parts supply plant from Thailand, The flood of new machines in addition to postpone the release of the next Nikon SLR may also supply instability, intends to start SLR users, may wish to pay more attention to market changes.

      Transliterated by a real human being, you might get this:
      the bad news is that the factory has not been able to fully assess plant damage, in the “fate”, the plant returned to normal production at this stage can be said that nowhere in sight.

      Human English speaker:
      The bad new is that Nikon Officials have not been able to assess the damage to their Plant because it is currently flooded and inaccessible plus expecting this Plant to return quickly to normal Production at this stage is unrealistic.

      Nikon’s Thailand factory is mainly for the production of SLR and SLR lens, although the D800 high-end positioning itself “should be” made in Japan, but also it is said some parts supply plant from Thailand, The flood of new machines in addition to postpone the release of the next Nikon SLR may also supply instability, intends to start SLR users, may wish to pay more attention to market changes.

      Human English speaker:
      Nikon’s Thailand Plant was engaged in the Manufacture and Production of lower to medium range SLR’s and some SLR lenses, but the D800 is a higher end Product and therefore is expected or anticipated to be made in Japan. It is also said that some parts for this higher end D800 are being Manufactured here in the flooded Plant in Thailand, contributing to some anticipated Supply Chain instability and shortages of parts, which would impact its’ release. Nikon SLR users should heed this plus various Market shortages and changes or release schedule/changes due to these parts shortages.

      Conclusion –
      Exactly as Administrator has been saying – LOL

      • Jabs

        Sorry – ‘The bad new’ should have been – the bad NEWS.

        Forgive me – human.


    • paf

      “……..”的泰國廠房主要進行單反及單反鏡頭的生產,雖然定位高階的D800 本身”應” 由日本製造,不過據聞部份零件亦是由泰國廠房供應,是次水災除了推遲新機的發表,未來Nikon 單反的供應亦有可能出現不穩,有意入手單反的用家,不妨多留意市場的變化。…..”

      Well — that explains everything! And who would have thought it! I mean really — wasn’t that too obvious?

      (jk – wish I could read Chinese)

      • T.I.M

        That’s funny, our family (my wife is Asian) are going out to “China buffer” once a wile and even if we don’t speak Chinese, we have no problem to find out how much we have to pay !
        I guess money is an universal language !

      • Jabs

        LOL – was just laughing at or teasing the Invisible man – Invisible woman’s orman’s translation from Chinese to English and then transliterated by me from Frenglish – lol.

  • Brock Kentwell


    No D800 for you!!!!! You want DVD instead?

    • Jabs


      Noodles with that – lol.

  • Seems like there a lot of 24 or 25mm primes around now. I wonder how this one compares to the Samyang 24 f/1.4 when stopped down to f/2.

  • Trevor

    Yeah, so at first I was thinking people were just flaming and blowing out of proportion how the sample shots looked; then I looked at them. But I can’t find those shots anywhere else online.

    Here is what Zeiss has: That includes 2 of the same shots from photorumors and they look much better on Zeiss’s page.

    Did photorumors take pictures of pictures at the PhotoPlus Expo? Regardless, I don’t think those shots are doing the lens justice.

    • Those shots were sent to dealers directly from Zeiss – I did not resize them or compress them in any way. On the post you will have to click on the image to see it in hi-res.

    • Jabs

      Some of the same shots but smaller, hence masking the apparent problems.

      Usually all the image examples sent by Zeiss are horrible to me.

      All their released lenses posted here had horrible photo samples accompanying them, so you cannot blame Administrator as he is the ‘messenger’ in this case and the Company who sent out these shots is Zeiss.

      Maybe they need to hire a real photographer and even learn to use a polarizer or even a simple tripod, monopod plus then shoot at higher shutter speeds – maybe even use a D3s for low light shots too.

      Conspiracy theorists are often like people with their eyes wide open but wired shut. They appear to be aware, alive, awake but are dead and clueless as a doorknob and as lifeless too in now chasing phantoms that don’t exist – lol.

      Maybe they Zeiss are stuck in the past or their past glories or maybe we wait to see what a real photographer and some real Tests show?

  • Worminator

    All I can say is Zeiss isn’t going to do its new lens many favors releasing such pathetic sample photos. I realise they are trying to make a statement: hey it’s nice to have a fast, wide angle lens for spontaneous night shots, but, sheesh…

  • Jabs

    Earth to the clueless talker!

    A night time shot filled with lots of street lights, building lights, mixed light sources and out of focus distant objects/lights is the perfect place and time to TEST a wide angle moderately fast lens.

    Most people make excuses while not knowing what the real criteria is for performance evaluation.

    Guessers and talkers too – lol!

    That is exactly WHY they make aspheric lens elements and put them on wide angle lenses or even zooms that go from 10 – 100mm (a 10X ratio too) like in the CX lens.

    10-100mm in CX = 27mm to 270mm in FX approximately and thus covers the range approximately of this lens at the bottom end of the focal range.

    It got clearly beat too in both camera and lens performance!

    Ever heard of purple fringing?

    Geez – idiots and pompous too – a dangerous combination of ‘cluelessness’.

    Enjoy yourself.

    High rise Buildings also test curvature and such – get up to speed.

    Florescent lights and mercury vapor or sodium lights also test lens responses plus flare or internal baffling within the lens, so much can be ascertained from a simple shot, even a lousy one – IF you know what the heck to look for!

    Ever heard of the effect of bright light or points of light – apply that or learn that.

    Ba-ba – byeee!


  • Landscape Photo

    I don’t bother with that. I proudly own a pocketable Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 with impressive image quality.

  • Uli Berger
    • Jabs

      I guess many shooters who use Canon’s 5D Mk2 cameras are either blind/deluded or clueless. These shots do NOT match their claimed impressive and sharp conclusions.

      Colors are washed out, clarity is missing and that 3D like quality that one would expect from a stellar lens is not there.

      The shots are also lousy too.

      And YES, I use Firefox plus the Color Management browser Add-on.

      You know what is really weird to me – as Technology marches forward, people have a tendency to lurk in the past and then coddle gear that evokes past memories of greatness no longer achieved by their chosen gear which now lives by reputation mainly.

      Same exact verdict from me – lousy overpriced lens that can’t even match a cheaper 10-100mm CX aspheric zoom that probably costs 1/3rd of its’ price and it AF’s too.

      What contrast?
      What excellence?

      Where’s the sharpness?

      Even a cheaper 40mm F2.8Micro-Nikkor would put this thing to shame in contrast, saturation and clarity.


      Buy whatever floats your boat, but so sad to see all these pretenses all over the Internet masking as Tests or real analyses.

      Get real.

      Try a D3X body with a Nikon 24mm F1.4 for a clue as to what real color purity and clarity is!

      Look here:

      ED and aspherical elements too.

      Faster and much better too!

      Web sites with ‘Agendas’ are the worst ‘testers’ – go hire a real photographer!

  • Jabs

    Here is what a real photographer does with a superb wide angle lens like the Nikon 24mm F1.4 ED-G.

    Among many shots and Tests all over the Internet.

    WHEN Zeiss can match this, then we can talk – so waiting on Reviews by real photographers using a D3X, as I have seen D3X shots with the 24mm F1.4 and they are stunning.

    I think they did a Mini-Review here once, but not sure!

    • when you say “a real photographer” …do you mean its not you. (its not a question).

      data is available …$file/distagon_2_25.pdf

      • Jabs

        A real photographer means one who simply is schooled in the art of photography and knows what needs to be photographed plus why, when they make an image.

        A web site writer or many testers do not know the basics of photography and are schooled in friendship, buzz words or often can write cohesive articles.

        Their conclusions rarely match either their enthusiasm or their own demonstrated ability to proper use a camera or a lens, so their results show them to be not real photographers.

        Simply put – they do NOT know what the heck they are doing and need to hire an expert in that field and stick to writing or posturing on web sites after the photographer takes the images for them.

        Photography is a skill and an art quite different from writing.

        The subject of an image or how it is photographed is often debatable and up to the perception or likes and dislikes of any individual, but one can clearly see the skills or lack of skills by the end result – their photograph.

        Not Rocket Science, not emotion but how much of this defined criteria does the equipment adhere to or measure up to.

        Some defects are from lack of demonstrated photographic skills and others are merely equipment deficits.

      • Andrew

        Don’t even try to give him the data for comparison. Nikon do not produce measured MTF charts for their lenses, only theoretical MTF based on calculation. Only Zeiss and Leica actually measured their MTF and published them.

        • Jabs


          You like what you like, you use what you want and you buy what you wish.

          RESULTS, as in demonstrated results are what counts – not mere charts – forgot the purpose of a lens?

          TO take an image or a faithful reproduction of a scene without introducing extraneous defects, additions or deletions to the scene.

          That is the real test and not charts.

          Nikon does have an MTF curve on their web site and who cares – not me.

          LOOK at the image = results and not anything else.

          Here is your example:
          Say Rolls Royce provides you with a chart of the power output of your hand built engine and the signatures of the very people who built it – WOW! Nice to frame and put alongside your other trophies, eh!

          Now, a lowly computer aided Manufacturing machine without a heart or a soul and no intellect – makes a better engine to finer tolerances and now we have to decide.

          The Rolls-Royce engine has 400hp in a V-12 and the other computer designed and built engine is a twin turbo V-6 with 500hp, but it is not hand made nor as esoteric looking.

          Which one is better – equals the dilemma of choices.

          Remember, we have left the Industrial Era and entered the Digital and computer enhanced Design Era, wherein better objects are now routinely made in superior fashion to older hand made gear and thus the analogy.

          Zeiss is well made, but not up to the current Nikon lens level and does not include either ED or aspheric elements as far as I know.

          Your choices now are between quality of look and feel or performance via modern designs and coatings all improved by computer assisted Design and Manufacturing.

          Stick with your older Roll-Royce while I prefer the Nissan GT-R.

          Manual lens with exemplary fit and finish versus a high tech and better performing lens with better Technology inside – rather than the old way of pleasuring your senses and making an highly esteemed yet flawed or dated Product – YOUR choice too.

          Different Era!

          See, I don’t have to even curse you out and you don’t have to now try and use my own words against me, like I don’t remember what I post here – LOL.

          It’s year 2011 and not Nostalgia 1985.

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