Nikon at the PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2011 in New York

Throughout the day I will be uploading pictures from the PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2011 in New York to this flickr set:

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  • RR

    Funny I cant see anything.

  • FX DX

    So disappointed to see this crap instead of a brand new D800.

  • Richard

    Anything new or announced from Nikon? Can’t believe they would not give out something on a update to their DSLR lineup to match Canon/Sony.

    • D40-owner

      Forget video for a moment.
      What is the Canon with better high ISO than the D3s?
      What is the crop sensor Canon with better DR than the D7000?
      What is the Canon with better per-pixel IQ than the D3x?

      • Andreas

        What is the Nikon with better IQ on a “small” body (not full size) like 5D ? 😛

        • Anonymous

          Is that some kind of trick question or are you that uninformed? Hands down Nikon D700 is better than 5D.


          • Yagion

            I can attest to that. I own both 5Dii & D700. Except for video, I always pick up my D700 to go with me.

          • James

            In real world terms the 5DII beats the D700 up to higher ISO levels when shot at 21mp. Both are amazing cameras and both have strong/weak points. I love the resolution on the 5DII, the easy control layout and menu. I also love some of my canon lenses, 24-105 and 70-200 F4 IS L to name two. Nikon lack equivilants to these. If I want to rattle off high speed frames, or do more sports/heavy movement style photos then the D700 is the one to use.

        • Jesus_sti

          D700 Is a way better than 5d… Just 1 word : AF

          • James

            Really? I use a 5DII as a main camera, as does the wedding photographer I work for. Brilliant high ISO performance. AF is fine for almost everything I have used it for. Okay a lower frame rate can be annoying but then a good photographer doesn’t need to just hold burst to capture something.

            I also have a D700 and whilst I do love it, the 5DII is easier to use.

            • IanZ28

              cough cough….. BS!

            • Mark

              A canon shooter frequenting nikon rumor forums.. HMM…

      • Been there guy

        Who are you? A Nikon Corp spy?
        If you were, go tell your boss in no uncertain term that we, the Nikon fan boys and fan girls, demand the D800 now, got it? Now, off you run.

        • brody

          What is the Canon with better high ISO than the D3s?
          What is the crop sensor Canon with better DR than the D7000?
          you win here, i have a d7000 and switch from canon for it.
          What is the Canon with better per-pixel IQ than the D3x?
          who cares, 5dmark2 for half the price, spend money on lenses and win.

          i love nikon equipment but they are really screwed if they don’t make a move soon, unless what they are waiting on is truly mindblowing.

          • brody


            1dmarkIIII for the first one.

          • Jesus_sti

            D3s is unbeatle with iso performance … Dxomark have to put new value to their graphic …

            • James

              D3s is currently the best at high ISO. I believe the 1DX will best it though.

              However I HATE the d3s body. Using one after using a 5DII/D700 it felt SO antiquated. Crazy button locations and controls. Nice camera but I much prefer the layout of a D700.

          • You mean mkiv? Hah! You obviously haven’t shot either…the mkiv squeezes in a couple extra frames and maintains the ISO performance of the 5Dmkii, whose pixel pitch it matches (I’ve never seen it before, but could one be a cropped design of the other?). Sure it has the same ISO range on paper, but the actual files don’t compare well to the D3s.

            And DX0mark is not the gospel. They’re looking to sell somethin, just like everyone else.

          • The D3s is still the high ISO king. Everybody knows this. Canon does not currently make a FF DSLR that can come close to the D3S in terms of IQ, SnR, DR @ high ISO and Saturation. Just because a camera can match it on paper, doesn’t mean it will come close in real life. I’m skeptical that even the new 1D-X came oust the D3s, from the small samples I’ve seen.

            For crop bodies, the D7000 is king.

          • Jabs
          • Jabs

            LOL@ the Canon Mk3 – an old 21meg FF camera that has worse ISO performance than Canon’s own newer MK4 crop body which got destroyed by the D3s.

            No Canon can even beat a DX D7000 at high ISO much less a FF D3s = reality.

            Heck – a D3100 probably beats a MK3 in the higher ISO ranges, as the MK3 is an old body from generations ago too. Clean what – ISO 1600 to maybe 3200?

            Reaching for straws and dreaming too – I understand – Canon got so far left behind in the ISO race and now with a glimmer of hope in that new body, we now redefine the facts ourselves – LOL.

            Yeah, it is Nikon who is catching up – Right???

            Not Canon, eh!

            It was Nikon on that megapixel race with low black levels, blotchiness and Red Channel problems – right?

            It was Nikon who had focusing issues and had all those recalls and updates that really ‘fixed’ their Pro body, eh!

            Talk about rewriting the history of Canon’s Pro bodies due to an elation over Canon waking up finally – lol

            I feel good for Canon now, but revisionism is similar to clueless claims or even being in denial or delusional – sorry, but I just had a big laugh from the many claims here devoid of much reality.

            Fans are weird – love is blind indeed!

  • D700guy

    They must be there to showcase their new speaker, or is it the coffee cup?

  • Ole

    Please post a picture of the new 18 MP D800!!!

  • Sparky

    Like a fish-tank with no fishes in it – there’s nothing there.

  • Vit

    Does anyone has an opinion (not asking for more!) on approximate realistic update of D300s? I’ve sold my D300 (with a big loss) based on this site earlier prediction of August announcement of D400 and now have to decide – to buy D7000 and use it until D400 arrive (and take another loss selling it), or seat on the side and wait? Is it going to be a few month? half of a year? year or more? Just educated guess woud be helpfull. Thanks in advance for any response.

    • Alex

      Based on what has been happening recently, I would not expect a D400 till next year sometime, and I’m pretty sure it would be pretty hard to pick one up at launch unless you jump on the preorders. So it depends if you can wait that long or if you need a camera now. I would recommend the D7000 over the D300s as a temporary solution if you need a camera.

    • Jetfire

      Best guess is Feb 2012 for announcement since Feb is usually the time Nikon like to announce big things. The flooding in Thailand has screwed up everything and that looking like it will take months to fix. No idea on release date.

    • David

      Vit: unless you want to go to FX (D700) which I did a while back, get D7000. I’ve gone through 3 or 4 D7000 and they don’t really go down in value that much, you will lose maybe $100 or so (or not lose it, depending on demand/supply of D7000 at the particular time you wanna sell). Just make sure your lenses that you used with D300s are good enough for 16MP sensor of D7000. You will have to get used to ergonomics, and AF is not as good as on D300s, but close, and there are some cool gimmicks, like quiet shutter. Good luck!

      • I

        D300s has quiet shutter too, I see you talk about things you do not know, are you profan ?

      • The AF on the D7k is just as good as the D300s, D700 and D3s, I know from experience. They all have the same accuracy and speed.

        • David

          I disagree, I shot BIF many times side-by-side D700 and D7000, and D7000 had always had problems with AF in comparison to D700, especially when shooting white birds on contrasty background. D700 was much better. I personally have done it

          • Did you properly fine-tune your lenses on the D7K or did you just pick one up, throw the lens on it and started shooting? I use 2 D7000s and a D700 (occasionally a D3s) – my D7000s perform indentical to the D700 and D3s in terms of AF speed and accuracy. My cameras are also perfectly fine-tuned for every lens I own. Never have an issue with missed focus. A lot of the “issues” people are having have usually been user error (by no means am I saying this is your case) or lack of proper AF fine-tuning. If that D7K is still behaving badly after extensive AF fine-tuning, there is something wrong with that body and it needs to be sent to Nikon.

      • Geoff

        It always amazes me that people would pay nearly full price for a used camera. No warranty on a used body.

    • “Vit
      Does anyone has an opinion (not asking for more!) on approximate realistic update of D300s? I’ve sold my D300 (with a big loss) based on this site earlier prediction of August announcement of D400 and now have to decide – to buy D7000 and use it until D400 arrive (and take another loss selling it), or seat on the side and wait? Is it going to be a few month? half of a year? year or more? Just educated guess would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any response.”

      You actually made a decision to sell your camera based on a rumor and now you want to make another bad decision based on another rumor? Really? I don’t think any advice can help.
      Just remember this; There will ALWAYS be new cameras. Dropping what you have to pick up another camera based on rumor and conjecture doesn’t make any sense. If what you have works, use it. When a new camera is announced, then you can decide if it meets some need you actually have. Not just because you want one.

      • AnoNemo

        Don’t be tough on Vit. 😉

        I think many people have been expecting some kind of news from Nikon. Others want to plan and from this point of view Nikon is clearly neglecting the FX and the top of the DX categories. It would be really good to know when and approx what to expect.

        • Andrew

          Can we really say that Nikon is neglecting the FX? They have had two major disasters, so how can we say with certainty that they are neglecting…? Just think for a moment, it was speculated that they would make an FX announcement in August, but wasn’t that before the impact of the disaster in Fucushima was fully felt? Then now the disaster in Thailand’s flooding (see: Nikon is not sitting on an island with all of the parts available for them to manufacture a new camera. They have to depend on their engineers’ predictions and also on the supply chain (i.e. other companies supplying and manufacturing them components).

          Think of the Nikon 1, it is not just a new camera targeting a new segment of the market; it apparently has some new technologies that were being developed for both the Nikon 1 and their next wave of FX cameras. Nikon Rumors predicted that the D800 will have an Expeed 3 processor. It makes sense for Nikon to fully field test the Expeed 3 in the Nikon 1 before releasing it on their flagship FX cameras. We are not sure what video capabilities Nikon intends to incorporate in some of the FX models and needed the time to perfect the technology. Nikon cannot create a “me too” product, they are the leader and as such intent to maintain their lead. As a professional photographer, you can take stunning pictures with the current crop of Nikon cameras. Without doubt, everyone’s patience will be rewarded.

          We have to assume that Nikon will not release a new FX camera before it is fully ready. Then when you buy your camera, it will still be good 3 to 4 years from now.

          • AnoNemo


            You are blind and ignorant of basic business facts. It does not matter for you if Nikon would not release one camera for the next 5 years while the competition delivers you would carry Nikon on your shoulder and yell how great they did.

            It is really simple but too difficult for you to understand that there are people and companies out there whose equipment is at the point of replacement. They want to plan/budget to see their best option. By not properly communicating with that large group of people/companies Nikon is putting them in a guessing mode. Some may switch because still as of today not one Nikon FX can do 1080p and still not known when this will happen (that was an example).

            You are talking about cameras that may or may not exist because nobody has seen them since there was no announcement, right? Do not give credit for Nikon for something that is not on the market! We do not know when the new products will be announced, when they will be available, at what price, and how they will perform. Now without these little details I guess it is hard to make a good investment decision in photographic equipment.

            • Geoff

              Nikon is stuck .. announce early and nobody will buy current stock. don’t announce and some will change brands to get what they “need” now.

              Which is worse for Nikon ? It seems they think not selling current stock is worse.

            • AnoNemo

              Then tell me how on earth car manufacturers can sell their car? Oh, I just read it today that Audi announced the new A4 and it will be available next year. Hmmm, I guess Audi is not going to sell its current stock.

              Geoff, at this level (FX) where cameras cost thousands of dollars, the buyer is educated enough to select the product that best suits his/her needs/work/plan. Besides, you cannot really find stock piles of D3x, D3s, and/or D700 cameras.

            • Andrew

              I usually do not like to respond to the lowest common denominators, but I’ll diverge. You start by insulting someone and then claim that they know nothing about basic business facts. Well, rule number one in business, do not insult anyone – neither your customer nor prospective customer. So by your opening remarks, you show ineptitude for business. That is not an entirely bad thing, since now that you know, it may behoove you to go and take some basic business class. Actually, I own a business (not that it matters to you).

              The implication of your statement is that Nikon does not understand business. If that is the case, how come you are spending an inordinate amount of time on this blog having discussions about Nikon’s products? Geoff’s response to you is “absolutely accurate”. But in addition, Nikon has to make a choice, come out with incremental updates every year or come out with a disruptive product every so often (i.e. every 2 to 3 years). If you want yearly product updates, go buy a Coolpix – or better yet, Sony has lots of innovative products for you.

            • Andrew


              The above response is for you… (i.e “I usually do not like to respond to the lowest common denominators”) just in case you missed it!

            • AnoNemo

              I do not know what business you run (perhaps a hot dog stand?) but you cannot read for sure. So go back and try to read my comments word by word.

            • AnoNemo

              @ Andrew,
              I hope I did not insult you because that was not my intention. 😉 So when you read my comments, please try to generalize a bit.

            • Andrew


              You are either a “congenital liar” or you are a young boy living at home and have not grown up yet. I am responding to this post and all of the other posts that were deleted in which you piled insults, calling me “unsavory names” which I will not repeat here. You said “I hope I did not insult you because that was not my intention” and yet you called me “blind and ignorant”. You are really full of contradictions! You then said disparagingly “I do not know what business you run (Perhaps a hot dog stand?)” and finally you said of me “you cannot read for sure”. And of course you have forgotten your vile insults that were deleted from this thread.

              I can perceive that you do not respect people. I will leave one lingering thought in your mind – I have owned a business maybe as long has you have been alive. I have employees who I have paid maybe four times the amount you have ever earned in your life. I have advanced degrees. And I own a business in the technology field. Now since you asked the question, what can you (AnoNemo) say about yourself? I hope you would stop burning the electricity bill, step away from that computer, and go get yourself a job or at least go back to school! (I hope this response to you will not be deleted so that it can stand as a reminder to all those who recklessly insult others in Nikon Rumors or other blogs online thinking that they are acting under the cover of their online alias.) Let me give you one final thought. If you applied to my company for a job, I will check your online posts (yes, there is software that can do that) and get an actual profile of you. Therefore, before you write anything online, ask yourself one important question, am I presenting myself in the best possible way?

              If none of this makes sense to you, then one word of advice, simply make your point and don’t call others names such as stupid, ignorant, or whatever else. Simply say, “I do not agree with you” and “here is the reason why.”

    • Anonymous

      You based your decision on rumor?

    • I shoot Nikon

      Wow, you sold your camera in anticipation of an announcement of a new camera? You must be a gambling man/woman. If you could do this long without a DSLR, why can’t you wait even longer, since you obviously don’t have a major need for it? If you are aching for a filler DSLR until the one you want comes out, but don’t want to invest too much into it, then you should get a D3100. I’m sure it’ll cover your needs just fine for now. While D7000 could be a real keeper (some believe it was the D300s replacement) if you don’t care for full-frame. Either of those cameras has better image quality than your old D300 btw.

      • Andrew

        Why would anyone get a D3100 when a D5100 will give them the superior picture quality of a D7000 (less the advanced features) and at a reasonable price?

        • I shoot Nikon

          I think once you can price yourself into the D5100, you might as well get the D7000. The advanced features are worth it. Otherwise why pay more for something that’s essentially the same? It’s not always about the negligible difference in image quality. The image quality of either camera blows the old champion of pro cameras, the D2x, out of the water, yet for a professional D2x is still a superior camera. Why do you think that is? Image quality has less to do with the latest technology and more with your ability to utilize any technology to the fullest. If you can’t take good pictures with the D3100, the D5100 won’t be of any help, and no, you can’t cover up bad photography with built-in HDR.

          • Andrew

            I agree with you, but you have to consider that a $400 price increase (going from D3100 to D5100) for some people is a lot of money.

    • D7000 Fan

      You should buy a d7000 right now. I doubt you’ll regret it.

      • Vit

        Thank you all for your reply’s. Yes, I did sold my D300 to buy a new D400 based on conversations in this blog and some speculations on it’s expected performance. I’m not professional, it’s a hobby, but very much loved one, and I have some Nikon lenses that keep me from switching to FX. I admit that it was a mistake, but it’s easy to play smart after. Anyway, I’m buying D7000 now (thanks again to everyone who responded with advise) and I hope no “smartguy” of this blog got offended.

    • Denno

      Hahahaha – really you sold at a loss based on a rumour. I have a nice bridge over here…I read on its going up in price next year. It going cheap now so just send me your credit card number!


      Thew 300 is a great camera but you could buy up to the D700 full frame. it could be several months or longer till the next release due to weather and several other excuses. Sitting out is never the best choice and if you have the D700 and the new camera is released you have a great back up camera that performs great. Most people would give their left arm for the D700.

  • David

    what a waste

  • see you on saturday

  • max

    anyone have an idea when that FT1 mount will be available for the mirrorless camera?

  • silmasan

    What?! No new cute eurasian hottie booth babe???? That’s It, I’m switching to Canon!!!

    • Bjrichus

      I know…. I was waiting for those slides to come up but NO WAY!!!

      Just have to go and sell all my Nikon gear and go do some oil painting or sketching as there is nothing better for me to do while I wait for the next product release…

  • jOjO

    What happened to the acronym “EVIL” that all you bozos we touting?

    • Any marketing bozo who utters the word “evil” camera will probably be fired. Only the bozo’s on here use that acronym.

  • will be there on saturday

  • Hans

    Who is Nikon?
    Nikon is still actice in photo business? I thought they have gone for good.
    There will not be any new dslr from Nikon before 2013. You will see. And then it will be 12 MP (available in purle, cyan and pink) with the only improvement: better AF system (it gets boring).

    Damn me for having invested so much money in Nikon glass. Otherwise Canon would be waiting for me.

    • silmasan
    • Anonymous

      If you are not being able to make good images using your current Nikon glass and cameras, you need to stop blaming Nikon and take a look at yourself. Perhaps you need to take some courses and attend some workshops related to photography. They will help you and I dare say much more than the latest gizmo filled camera.

      • FX DX

        Even though I agree with you, this argument is getting old. The truth is that Nikon is behind Canon in video. Many of us are waiting to upgrade from DX to FX and don’t feel comfortable buying a 3 years old body at full price with no video. If I didn’t have so much invested in Nikon glass, I would have switched to Canon by now. There is a reason why 5D mark II sells more than D700. D700 probably makes sense for pro photographers (focusing, low light), but for serious hobbyist photographers (majority of low end full-frame buyers) it lacks a serious feature.

        • Anonymous

          Did you notice the Hans asked, “Nikon is still actice in photo business? ” He says photo business specifically and not video.

        • Andrew

          The main question here is how long do you plan to keep your next camera? If you plan to keep it for 3 years, then consider this – by this time next year (which is approximately 1 year from now), Nikon should have released the D800, D400, and D4 – all with Expeed 3 processors and stunning video performance (I know, this is speculation). Some of these cameras should be released by March 2012 (i.e. the D800) and the remaining by September 2012. Not only will Nikon leapfrog everything from Canon’s current crop of cameras, they will satisfy the new owners of these next generation Nikon FX cameras for years to come. But like everything in life, if you cannot wait, you cannot wait!

          • AnoNemo

            BS Andrew, based on Nikon’s past performance we can not say when a new equipment will be released. Maybe next week, month, year?

            We can say that the OP for sure cannot shoot 1080p with any Nikon FX and for over 3yrs now the competition offers that. Some people need this feature others do not.

            • Andrew


              You are indeed a bottom crawler – you are uncivilized and lack any appreciable degree of decency. You just do not belong here on Nikon Rumors. Get lost!


              You should reprimand AnoNemo, he should not be allowed to handout on Nikon Rumors and taunt others.



            • AnoNemo


              What is you problem? I think you cannot read. Please read my comments carefully. There was nothing there to personally offend you.

    • Kon_head

      @ ….Who is Nikon?

      Nikon is specialist in ‘submersible’ cameras, made in Thailand. 🙂

      • John R


    • vinman

      Yes, damn you Hanstroll.

  • Paul

    All I see is a black box.

  • Jesus_sti

    Why almost all picture are out of focus (using Canon camera or the photograph have some problem?)

    • Anu L

      Apple iPhone! (stands in the exif)
      The best camera is the camera at hand.

      • …depends on the hand.

        ; D

  • No new DSLR this year Nikon Guys (i´m one too), sorry.

    Maybe a new coolpix camera soon for christmas =D

  • Jim

    For those of you waiting and whining over the D800, if your D700 is SOOOOOOOOOOO horrible, I’ll provide my address and you can gladly send it to me if it is that horrible.

  • The invisible man

    No flooding yet ?

  • Maicol

    damn, the Floods didnt spare us coolpixes and Nikon 1

  • jg

    I’ve thought that compacts and low-end dslrs are in danger of extinction for a while. With a camera/photography enthusiast site, like this one, shooting and publishing pictures of a camera show with a cell phone cam, there really is no future in compacts and low-end dslrs. If I was Nikon, I would be finding a way into the cell phone business very quickly. Though it’s probably already too late.

    The only way they could do it and make a splash would be with a dual gsm/cdma chip running pure vanilla android (no annoying motoblur or carrier crap). Or partner up with apple to put out a wifi/4g Coolpix with iOS inside. Though apple would never bother with Nikon.

    With 8gb cell phone cams, who needs anything below a D7000? Nobody but a camera geek on a budget. I was at an elementary school “graduation” earlier this year and about 3/4 of the crowd was shooting pics with their phones and ipads. Most of the rest were using dslrs. I saw only a few compacts.

    • scurvy hesh

      I have been saying this for a while. Fully agree

    • vinman

      Actually the smartest move on this front would be to develop a wicked camera module for the iPhone.

  • Whitehouse Ops

    I say you kidnap one of the booth reps and water-board the snot out of them!

  • broxibear

    Must feel like a damp squib (no pun intended) for Nikon at this event ?
    They’ve got nothing new to show and all the buzz is around the Canon 1Dx and Sony NEX7…oh wait I forgot about the Nikon 1. Maybe that’s the problem, it’s so dull everyone else has forgotten about it too ?

    • AnoNemo


      Broxibear, it does look like Nikon shows crap. I think it is a kind of embarrassing that they only introduced toy cameras this year.

    • @BroxiBear,
      Although Canon has their 1Dx and Sony the NEX7, both of those cameras will not be seeing the shelves for Christmas. Sony’s plant for the NEX7 is under water just like Nikon’s. Canon already said that they won’t have the 1Dx out until next year. So the Nikon 1, for many enthusiasts a disapointment, may make the stocking stuffers this year!

      • broxibear

        Hi Dr SCSI,
        I wasn’t talking about when the 1Dx or NEX7 would be available I was just refering to this show. Both these cameras are at this event to see, and from what I’ve read on other sites these are the cameras people are talking about at PhotoPlus.
        It’s a pretty expensive stocking stuffer ?

      • AnoNemo

        Apparently, sony has enough supply of those newly announced NEX-7, A77, and A65 for the EU and US market for one month and will hit the shelves on Nov 11. They are already moving their production.

  • tyler durden

    and ?

  • The invisible man

    As we are all waiting for the D800, what about a little “what I have in my bag” game ?

    Af-s 14-24mm f/2.8
    Af-s 24-70mm f/2.8
    Af-s 50mm f/1.8
    Af-s 105mm f/2.8 micro
    D5100 (sorry)

    What’s missing:
    Af-s 200mm f/2.0 VRII
    D800 (x2)


    • Where’s my…

      Why sorry about D5100, it’s a great camera, many features run circles around my D300.

      • T.I.M

        Yes, great camera except it can’t focus right with the 14-24mm !
        (tested on 2 brand new 14-24mm lenses)

        • Phil

          It can’t focus right with any lens, really. But a great camera otherwise.

    • @ The Invisible Man,
      I don’t have a camera bag, I have several Pelican cases, does that count? 🙂
      AFS 14-24 f/2.8
      AFS 16-35 f/4
      AFS 24-70 f/2.8
      AFS 70-200 f/2.8
      AFS 24 f/1.4
      PC-E 24mm f/3.5
      AFS 50 f/1.4
      AFD 50 f/1.4
      AFS 85 f/1.4
      AFD 135 f/2
      AFD 70-180 macro f/4.5-5.6
      AFD 200 macro f/4
      AFS 28-300 f/3.5-5.6
      AFS 400 f/2.8
      AFS TC-20E II
      AFS TC-17E II
      F 105 P f/4 Bellows
      SB-900 (x2)
      SB-800 (x1)
      Einstein 640 (x1)
      PocketWizard FlexTT5, MiniTT1, AC3 and MC2
      PCB CyberCommander, CyberSync
      Manfrotto Light Stands 3 Stackable
      Manfrotto Heavy Duty Light Stand with 9′ boom arm
      PCB Mini Light Stands
      PCB Lighting Accessories and PLM Umbrellas 86″ (x3)
      PCB Vagabond Mini Lithium
      GigaPan Epic Pro
      Gitzo Tripods (x2)
      ReallyRightStuff (Damned near their whole catalog, less legs)
      Westcott Umbrellas (x3)
      Filters, Gels, and tons of odds and ends for macro.

      And no, I don’t know how to use it all expertly yet; I’m still learning the PC-E lens and all of the lighting ins and outs.
      And yes, I still want several more things:
      200 f/2
      45 & 85 PCE
      35 f/1.4
      D4 (I had the D3, but sold it on the expectation of a new D4; the D700 was quickly purchased as a stop gap until the D4 comes out.)

      I would like to hear what others are using too.

      • T.I.M

        Why do you keep your 16-35mm f/4, 50mm f/1.4 AF-d and 70-180mm macro ?
        Do you make your wife carry your gear ?
        I also need an extra SB-900 (for weddings in case the other one brake)
        I try to keep as low as possible, everything fit in a Lowepro 202 AW.
        I’ll get a Pelican for the AF-s 200mm f/2 (or a lowepro case)
        The 200mm f/2 is expensive but it’s an investment, the day Nikon will stop making it, it’s value will raise (like the 28mm f/1.4 did)

        • @T.I.M
          I don’t carry all that gear with me all the time, just a couple of different lenses, depending on what I am doing, in the same kind of bag you have, a 302 AW. Great bags by the way…I have yet to find a better one (still looking though). I am new to the strobist thing, still learning. The Pelican cases I have are for long term storage of all the stuff I have; the cases keep everything together and in an air tight box with desicants. Not sure what you mean by, “Why do you keep your 16-35mm f/4, 50mm f/1.4 AF-d and 70-180mm macro?” – 16-35 for landscapes, 50mm AF-D (loaned out to a friend – I didn’t like its softness, so I bought the newer one – which is not ideal either), 70-180 macro – best damned macro Nikon ever made and doubles as a lite weight telephoto. Yes, I’ve got more glass than I really need, but I like having options depending on what I am doing. My favorite lenses so far: 24-70mm f/2.8, 85mm f/1.4, 135mm f/2, 400mm f/2.8.
          One day, I would like to give wedding photography a go, but I won’t do that until I have apprenticed with another pro for a while. I have a LOT of respect to wedding photographers who have mastered their craft. Unfortunately, I am sure there are numerous disappointed brides out there that have suffered poor images from “aspiring” wedding photographers. That is why, I would never just dive into that dicipline without apprenticing first.

          • The invisible man

            Weddings are not easy but so far I never messed one.
            When I was in France I always had an assistant with me to carry the gear, it’s more comfortable when you have to change lenses often (I used only primes at that time) and move everywhere with the motorcycle.

            Here in USA it’s crazy how much money people spend in wedding photography.

            I try to be different, my other job is computers so I can do “packages” with CD, DVD, slideshow, etc.

            I am disable (but I don’t get any money from the GVT) so only my wife works full time.
            We are not rich but we enjoy the kids and family time, and this is priceless.

            • @T.I.M,
              One day, I will am sure I will get into wedding photography as I love to photograph people. My other job is in computers also; that’s how I pay for my gear. It pays well, but it don’t give you much free time. I am working 60 hours a week on a project currently, and I have no time to play with my toys or spend time with my wife. As you say, money isn’t everything… It’s 9PM as I write this from the office, and I still have a long night ahead of me. 🙁

      • Wow…thats alot of gears, how do you keep track of them all.

        • @vudie,
          It is more than I need, without a doubt. I keep the equipment in Pelican cases for protection and positive control.

      • Alwyn

        I hate you. 🙂

        • You don’t have to hate me, just make better images with lesser equipment then tell me you how you did it! I have seen images from entry level DSLRs and kit lenses that rival anything I have produced with my +50K in equipment. I am the one who gets envious when I see that kind of artistic work!

    • Andrew

      You seem like a man who bought the D5100 and then sold this other cameras in expectation of the next FX gear from Nikon.

  • Meanwhile Vincent Laforet posted a ISO 51,200 100% crop from de the 1Dx on twitter!/vincentlaforet/status/129349039249567745/photo/1/large

    Came on Nikon!!!

    • Come on! =D

    • Jesus_sti

      It’s a picture of the tiny screen of a 18 Mp camera and I see the noise ……. This picture doesn’t mean nothing ! And you don’t know the Post treatement ….

  • Pete

    I can only repeat what I said before: Have just returned from a few days’ of happy shooting with my FM3A and F6. Will have films developed by end of the week, scanned by mid next week and can use all the nice 18-19MP files from then on (way earlier than those who keep waiting for un-announced cameras). We shouldn’t complain but go out and shoot instead. It is possible, believe me, even without a D800.

    • T.I.M

      The F6 is the more sexy SLR ever made.

  • M!

    is that a tilt shift adaptor?

    • T.I.M

      That help you taking pictures when you’re drunk.

    • M!

      never mind. it’s the schneider tilt lens.

  • Alexey

    And what about Marocco? Niiikkooon!!! Where are Uuuuuu????

  • T.I.M

    The Nikon EN-EL14 battery is out of stock everywhere, the two I have (geniune) are made in Indonesia, do they also have flooding in Indonesia ?

  • What, no D800?

    • Sorry Ron, no new DSLR until march 2012 (Nikon).

      I´m very disappointed but…Time will tell if worth the wait for this body.

      Like Bob Marley wrote: ” I don´t wanna wait in vain for your love” =D

  • What are all those contraptions with the SLR? What lens is on the camera in the contraption(2nd photo)? What is the big tele?

    • studio460

      Those are follow-focus rigs (e.g., Red Rock Micro), used to pull focus, mid-shot when using a V-DSLR as a digital cine camera.

  • Phil

    I don’t know what Nikon was thinking when they came here. One thing I can say, the Nikon pavilion is HUGE this year compared to last year’s pup tent.

    • T.I.M

      Did you get your hands on few D800 stickers ?

  • Kennny kochwell

    One word – Fail,
    Epic in proportions.
    We are screaming out for the D800!
    Something! Just a glimmer of hope.
    But no!
    Meanwhile 1Dx! I lose money to 5Dii shooters! Thanks Nikon.

    • vinman

      Why would you lose money to 5D shooter’s? Who chooses a photographer based on which body they’re using? If your work isn’t strong enough to stand up to the competition, it’s probably not the camera causing you to lose money…

      • KicoRox

        There are plenty of insecure marketing managers who pixel peep and chose photographers based on their equipment rather than on their portfolio, seeing as they believe THEY will make the difference in directing the work.

        • Jabs

          Based upon your logic or even if this is a fact, then Canon indeed will lose from going to 18 megapixels from 21 megapixels in their new FF body, then.

          So now, you buy a 18meg $7000 body to replace your 21 meg $3000 body and then get rejected – WOW!

          What was that you were telling us here now?

          So now, they will require a 24 megapixel D3X over the new Canon body then per your assessment or maybe we should all buy 24 megapixel Sony A900 or A580 instead.

          Maybe you need a person who has a photographic eye instead.

          So how will a rumored 36 megapixel FF Nikon body now rate with them based upon having twice the pixels of the announced Canon FF 18 megapixel body?

          Throw out or reject the Canon then?

      • + one million

  • studio460

    Appreciated the photos! Post more pics of booth babes!

  • Richard

    Not all of your shots are self explanatory – captions would be very helpful (to me, at least)!

    Would it be unacceptably sexist if I were to suggest that given that other than the “1”, Nikon has currently nothing new to show, you should concentrate your iPhone on the fashion show presenting the aforesaid “1”?

  • broxibear

    After reading various blogs/sites about the PhotoPlus show it seems everyone is pretty undewhelmed by the whole thing.
    Even the Canon 1Dx is being kept behind glass unless you’re considered special enough to actually hold it in your hand, like Scott Kelby. Talking about Scott here’s what he posted about the Nikon stand… “Of course, everybody and their brother was expecting Nikon to reveal something big at the show, either a replacement for the D300, or the D3, or both, but it was not to be. The natural disasters in Asia this year have really wreaked havoc on the camera industry, and while nobody at Nikon told me that directly, everybody else I talked with was talking about that being the reason we didn’t have any new Nikon gear this year.”
    A few concept drawings of the D800/D4 would have got people talking but they couldn’t even manage that…what’s the point of these shows again ?

    • PeterO


      My sentiments exactly. Some time ago you said that Nikon reads these blogs. If they do, then it’s probably the most junior manager on the totem pole who reports back to his superiors that we are all very happy and that there’s nothing new to report. He/she does this because they know the Nikon corporate culture, which is not to rock the boat.
      If Nikon has the resources to mount such a display and not even hint at future products, it tells me the perhaps the D4, D800, D400 are no where near ready for prime time. Yes, the natural disasters have really screwed over Nikon this year, but the same goes for Sony, yet they seem to be pumping out new products out as well as teasing its followers with more FF in 2012. I’m really starting to think that NR’s specs for the D800 may be a wish list rather than a reality.

      • broxibear

        Hi PeterO,
        Peter/admin said he was 90% sure about some of the spec and I’ve no reason to doubt what he posted…he’s got good contacts. The earthquake and floods have meant previous information and events, although true, have not come to fruition because of the chaos that resulted.
        As far as Nikon’s marketing and communication is concerned, yes I think they’re pretty poor in that respect. It looks as if nothing new is coming from Nikon this year and we all understand why, so why not use this opportunity ? Why not surprise everyone and on the last day of PhotoPlus by using one of their Coolpix S1100pj projector cameras to project a teaser advert for the D800 or D400 or D4 ? So instead of all the blogs and websites posting about the Canon 1Dx that nobody could touch or the NEX7 which has already been seen, they’d be talking about the Nikon teaser ad ?
        I’m not one of those who are wanting this feature or that, I’m not demanding they bring out the camera now because I’ve been waiting so long. At the moment I’m very happy with my current equipment, if the D4 brings something I feel I need I’ll consider it then.
        What I don’t understand is nikon’s inability to grasp the situation and make the most of it. A few days ago when Canon announced their 1Dx lots of posters were saying they did that because Nikon were about to announce something way better and it was a defensive action. I never believed that, I think Canon saw a marketing opportunity and took advantage of it…it’s something Nikon don’t seem capable of doing.
        Isn’t that what these type of shows are all about…marketing ?

        • Phil

          “Even the Canon 1Dx is being kept behind glass unless you’re considered special enough to actually hold it in your hand, like Scott Kelby.”

          Not true. They had several bodies out on display. I handled one myself. Heavy sucker.

          • broxibear

            Hi Phil,
            There you go, that information just underlines my point.
            Did you put down your deposit and pre-order one ?

            • broxibear

              oops, that’s a bit confusing. What I meant was it underlines my point that Canon have made the most of it despite the 1Dx not being available until late March…I need some sleep lol.

        • PeterO

          My sentiments exactly broxibear. Nikon has no idea of the marketing opportunity that they are currently missing. It’s the same old cycle of – new product, have a marketing agency make up pretty ads, flog it for 3 months as “new” and call it (fill in the blank – evolutionary, revolutionary, makes your hair grow back etc.).
          Can you imagine the internet traffic if they only posted a D800 logo? Like you, I do the best I can with the equipment I have. However, the gaffers tape is being used more and more 🙂

    • AnoNemo

      Shame on Nikon! The crap they presented can be seen in any decent camera store.

      I do not want to know how they paid to their agency…;-)

    • Jabs

      Did you read your own post???


      … “Good news folks! Sony is listening to their customers and I have been told that they updated their lens roadmap.” Then they show the roadmap but without any details.”

      Transliteration for the clueless:
      A lens roadmap without details is NOTHING!

      ‘Buffalo and bedazzle’ them = you are not very ‘bright’ and got pacified with nothing really said, but looked at pretty pictures or charts saying really NOTHING.

      In other words you are telling us that you like to be fooled and pacified plus now call that openness – WOW – must be a political year – TALKING loud and saying nothing to people who want things that tell them nothing and they cheer this on as some benefit – OK, some of us are not foolish – you know that – right???

      Exactly what did such alleged openness tell us?

      I intend to make great lenses and then tell us no details about the upcoming gear, so that makes them brilliant and open – OPEN to what or who, then?



      Edumacated to the max and happy as a clam in the stomach of a predator – mmm – lunch was good today – had me a clam – sucker talked too much, so I ate it!

  • Landscape Photo

    Delayed D800 to an unknown date. Very boring.

    Admin, please wake me up when something’s exciting. Yawn…

  • Jabs

    The vast majority of posters here think like consumers rejected by a Company that failed to live up to their own expectations.

    Nikon is the one in the cat-bird seat right now Technically and thus both Canon and Sony are tying to unseat THEM – not the other way around – forgot.

    Therefore it makes absolutely no sense for Nikon to tip its’ hand now, as everyone is gunning for them right now.

    1. Canon has not released a new FF Pro body in years and has suffered from massive problems with their Pro camera line and has released ONE new promised camera aimed at an OLD Nikon Pro body, the D3S. Why would Nikon care when the D800 and D4 plus maybe D4X have already been made and in testing?

    2. Sony makes consumer gear and their products performance and Marketing shows this. Their performance is NOT Pro quality as far as the depth of accessories and most importantly available LENSES. They have no reputation, no history of real Pro support at MAJOR Events and then posture like they are some threat to Nikon – lol – keep dreaming.

    3. Nikon often concentrates on Product details and leaves the posturing to others. The Nikon 1 shows clearly WHERE Nikon is heading and IS right now and that to me is more important than mere pressing hands, PowerPoint presentations, useless Charts, Roadmaps or Previews, as those are measures of desperation and not any measures of actually being able to produce a revolutionary or quality Product.

    Like they say often – those who CAN, do – those who can’t talk about it – often to death.

    Nikon is getting more open with their Consumer gear = Nikon 1 system and thus because they are in the lead by a huge margin in the Pro ranks as far as REAL equipment capability, they need to keep their mouths closed and just now deliver the gear already in testing that every other Manufacturer ALREADY knows about – small circle of Testers – remember.

    Being vain and talkative while unable to provide working performance is what led Canon to its’ current predicament and now clueless and well meaning posters here now expect Nikon to take the exact same route – OK, so now you are wishing death on Nikon from being a braggart and producing ‘vaporware’ to make you happy – WOW – such selfishness outdone by your own cluelessness! Canon is th one trying to stem the tide and not Nikon, as they already have the LEAD in performance by far too. D3S and D3X – remember!

    No thanks – release a revolutionary camera Nikon in time for the Olympics in 2012 after thorough testing plus fine tuning and then let the braggarts posture while you past them and leave them in the dust just like the D3 series did a few years ago and continue to do TODAY. The D3 series was talked about for years and many ached for its’ release like NOW exactly and then when it came – left all other cameras in the dust. That is how you manage Professional expectations versus consumer angst – you DELIVER a knockout blow in a real Product while they talk and present nice snippets of useless talk and pretty brochures or Presentations to clueless spec chasers and Internet dribble seekers.

    Pro versus amateur 101.

  • thursday car trouble, friday plumbing trouble, saturday storm, didn’t go

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