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No, Nikon is not coming up with a medium format camera

After numerous emails in the past few days, I have to make a blog post on that topic in order to answer all questions: I don’t think Nikon will be announcing a new medium format camera at Photokina. I have said many times in the past that I will not report every rumor I see […]

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Nikon UK surveys medium format cameras

Nikon UK has an ongoing phone survey to professional photographers. The first few questions are about the type of photography and the exact current equipment each of the targeted photographers are using and then… a bunch of questions on medium format, cameras, backs, lenses, etc… This interest in medium format could be based on the […]

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Interview with Tetsuro Goto

Mr. Tetsuro Goto is the Director of Laboratory Research and Development at Nikon Japan. Focus-Numerique just published a lengthy and very interesting interview with him (in French | Google translation). Key points & quotes: No medium format from Nikon: “We have no experience in the niche market of medium-format. It may simply be impossible for Nikon […]

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The most ridiculous Nikon rumor

Remember the Nikon MX rumors from last year? Some Chinese forum now claims that the M stands for Micro and the new MX camera will have: 24.8mp full frame sensor 1080p video at 24fps, 30fps or 60fps 100% optical viewfinder Nikkor 10-70mm f/1.2 lens NR probability rating: 0% (this post belongs to the Humor-Rumor section)

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Réponses Photo magazine promises to reveal the mystery of the Nikon MX sensor

Last issue of the French magazine Réponses Photo, in the Nikon PMA ’09 report section (page 10): “Regarding the current buzz on a large format MX sensor, it seems to be more than a rumour now. We’ll tell you more soon…” Can’t wait to hear their story.

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How can Pentax do it?

Price increases, economic worries… but not for everyone in the DSLR industry. If you have missed the news from few weeks ago, Pentax reduced their prices (Pentax K20D & Pentax K200D models) and today they announced plans to revive its long-awaited 645 Digital medium format camera: Are they nuts or we are all being taken for a […]

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No Nikon MX today

For everyone that missed this post: there will not be a new Nikon MX announcement today @ WPPI.

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Nikon medium format again (MX)

I got this email from a reader and after a brief investigation of the source I feel comfortable to post it here – I have no way to confirm the validity of the rumor, but I have a reason to believe that the source is trustworthy: Hi, Whilst surfing the web I came across your […]

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