Réponses Photo magazine promises to reveal the mystery of the Nikon MX sensor

Last issue of the French magazine Réponses Photo, in the Nikon PMA '09 report section (page 10):

"Regarding the current buzz on a large format MX sensor, it seems to be more than a rumour now. We'll tell you more soon..."


Can't wait to hear their story.

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  • Noty

    They’re also telling that we’ll know more about D40’s successor in April…

    • they are saying also that the MX sensor is more than a rumor..

      • Notysarkh

        Yup, read that too 😉
        But the D’à’s successor is more attracting imho, simply because I could buy it ^^

  • Mister Wonderful

    After the D3X fiasco (anyone remember that camera?) I doubt Nikon will have a lot of luck getting 20 grand for a larger sensor camera. Leica might with their S2 though.

    • d40-owner

      Hey Wonderful (or should I say KR?),
      Can you please send us the link to:
      a) Sales numbers for the D3x so far.
      b) Nikon’s prediction for sales when the D3x came out.
      I’ll gladly support your fiasco claim if you can provide the above info and it supports your statement.
      I hate it when people make claims they can’t support.

      • Pete C

        +1 for citation request.
        People like to moan about dubious claims made on a rumopurs site without validating their own statements.

    • Mister Wonderful,

      Don’t listen to these guys and their wanting citations. We ALL know that because *you* aren’t interested in the D3x, that makes it a failure. It’s ok, the rest of us get it.

      /rolls eyes

    • The D3x a fiasco!! MUAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaaaa 😛
      The best DSLR in existence and I seriously doubt Nikon planned to sell millions of those!
      Get real, man!


  • Doug

    It is interesting how so many people are on the case of Nikon for the D3X and its pricing. It is also interesting how we hear no cry about the price of the Canon EOS 1DS MK III which is a few years old and still sells for US$6,999.99 ! The D3X outperforms it in all areas according to reviews and the D3X is aimed at an exclusive niche in the pro market, none of whom spend their time posting comments here. Many pros in that high end market would have recouped their investment in this camera in a very short period of time.

    • Chris

      +1. I totally agree. If Nikon does release a medium format camera, it will surely touch that niche market again. People will complain but really in the end, the price sets the benchmark for the market.

      Hope its a good story and not just a bust.

    • Be-Bop

      True enough, but as soon as some sort of D700x is released to give more affordable high-pixel FX to the masses, the moaning will cease! My Canon friends don’t whine about the overpriced 1DS MK III because they’re happy with their 5d mark II’s.

      • nah

        nah, they still moan because of the ancient AF system, the slow fps, and all the other things that makes the 1Ds3 so much better even if it doesn’t have useles video. People these days want everything and everything for $1000 bucks.

        what they don’t realize is that the 5D line was never meant to replace the 1D line, and if you are settled with the 5D, you’d probably never needed a 1DsMIII.

  • D3x

    From all the reports I have read, ALL the photographers with the exceptions of TH and KR love their D3x. No one wants to pay more than they have to for anything, BUT the case is as is stated above, this is for the high end pro. If you are Not one, then you have no way of saying “no one needs that”. Even the two exceptions have noted that it is a Great Camera. Their complaints now are price. Granted TH got a bad on in the beginning but he rewrite states it is great.

    I think for those that need this camera, it will sell. I know the economy is bad but there are a lot of pros out here, just read the blogs, that use their D3x cameras daily and continue to love it.

    About the price of the 1Ds Mark III. It was also introduced at $8000. It sold a lot of units. It is good though it does have a little issue and Canon keeps working to resolve that AF issue. So if they are selling that model for $6500-$7000 now and no one is whining about that, why would someone complain about $8000 for the D3x which is kicking everyone else’s back side?

    I think the complaints are they want one but can’t afford it. That is okay, right now in this economy neither can I. I still want one but I am not going to talk trash about it. It is like people are arguing with a sign post.

    I think the flag wavers for hate the D3x are the ones that really want one but was mad because they expected it to sell for less and they can’t afford it. If Canon can sell (at least in the beginning) the 1Ds Mark III for $8000 why should Nikon not be able to sell their 1Ds Mark III killer for that? The only reason that Canon reduced the price is they knew the D3x was coming, they knew they could not compete with it on performance (especially with that nasty little AF issue) and thought the only way they can compete is to undercut the price.

    When the 1Ds Mark III came out no one whined about the price. I remember a couple people saying they wanted one but couldn’t afford it. No big deal, most can’t. No one whined for months about how Canon screwed up or that it was a fiasco, etc. and the Canon really does have an issue.

    I read this site daily. The admin does a great job. Every time the D3x is mentioned someone goes off the deep end about the price. Would I personally like to see a D3x sell for $500. YES! I get more then. Do I expect it to sell for that NO.

    When you go to your local Ford / Lincoln / Mercury dealer they have multiple models. You have the Ford Escape for beginners (think D40 or D60). You have the Explorer (think D300). You have the Expedition (think D3) then you have the Lincoln Navigator (think D3x). I am sure that most of the Escape buyers wish they could get a Navigator for the same price. They can’t. I don’t hear the net full of Escape owners whining that the Navigator is a piece of junk.

    Most of these whiners just can’t afford one, they have probably never even touched one. That is okay if you can’t afford one. Why would you want to trash something just because you can’t afford it?

    • Stephen

      Actually TH decided he had a faulty camera, he go a new one and has since reversed his position. He has yet to write a new review, though he promised a fair article with his new camera.

      • D3x

        True, thanks for the correction.

    • Ken Elliott

      OK, when you start comparing Nikon to Ford SUVs, you should have known _somebody_ was going to cry foul. Couldn’t you have picked Porsche, BMW or something a little more inline with the performance and quality? Yeah, I don’t drive a Ford, but my grandfather was a Ford dealer. (PS – thanks for not picking a GM product).

      Prediction: You will be able to buy a D3x for US$500. I can’t tell you what year, or condition, however.

      • MB

        You could buy d1 for 200$ today, so presumably you will be able to buy D3x for 200$ in 7 years … so what?

  • Michael

    Then perhaps you should put up your own site and not go off on people here?

    • Juergen

      He will never do, because a site like this is much more work than most people think!

  • The photographers who shoot with these cameras are pulling in day-rates in the thousands of dollars, and these cameras are the tools their clients require. With models, stylists, art directors, assistants, wardrobe people, props, transport and catering, a fashion layout shoot for Vogue may have a budget way beyond the price of a new limo.

    On the other hand, a limo-driver earns a meager fraction of these rates and uses tools that cost many times as much as the photographer.

    A Hasselblad with only a normal 80mm lens can set you back around $40k, and not necessarily make much of an improvement over a D3x and an f/1.8 50mm lens. When either is costed-out over its lifespan – in relation to salaries and expenses on these shoots – its price hardly registers on the ledger.

  • Michael

    I have to agree with NikonGuy

  • Ken Elliott

    I think it would be really funny it MX meant “Micro-X”.

    Still, many of us have known Nikon to take years to bring products to market, including _announced_ products.

  • Zoetmb

    I’ve been wrong before, but I still don’t believe that if MX is larger than FX, that Nikon will bring this to market, especially in this economy.

    While it would most certainly give Nikon bragging rights, it serves only a very small niche market.

    If they do come out with it, i can imagine the posts now:
    “Why couldn’t Nikon put this out for $1995? It doesn’t have $20,000 worth of improvements over the D300!”
    “I’m a new photographer and my wife bought me a D40. Should I upgrade to the MX camera?”
    “I’m going to buy the MX. Do you think it will work well with my 18-55 3.5-5.6 G ED II that came with my D40 because I’d rather not invest in another lens.”
    “Nikon sucks. Why is the camera so confusing? What is this f-stop thing?”
    “How come the MX body doesn’t come with F0.95 lenses? The Nikon lenses are too slow!”

  • According to a ex journalist of the magazine, it’s more a way to create a buzz for the April edition than anything concrete !

  • StillWaiting4D800

    regardless if it is coming out or not. One thing for sure, it will cost ALOT!

  • Sergey (Canon guy)

    As I see it, the D3x was already 1-2 years old when it came out. It’s resolution is not that big compared to Canon 5D Mk II and Canon 1Ds Mk III, and it has no such cool options like dust-cleaning sensor and video (yes, I need it), nor can it shoot faster than 1Ds Mk III, nor it has high ISO for extreme situations. So I personally cannot see any good reasons why it should sell for 8000$.

    Yes, Nikon has made a great job and a good sensor, but this is an outdated camera and for me looks like a disappontment rather than a “wow, I what to try that!”.

    Though 1Ds Mk III is selling for 6500-7000$, it is a 2-year old flagship camera, and if it was released today, certainly it would include a great deal more than just 15% more MP than competitors (which are now selling for 3000$) and wouldn’t lose any basic significant features. That’s what users writing “fiasco” mean (I think).

    The 8000$ FF pro camera TODAY should be something TERRIFIC to prove it’s leadership.

    No, I don’t want to buy D3x (as someone will state here) even if it costed 3000$. It doesn’t have any of what I’m waiting for, nor Nikon has fast wide primes (24 1.4, 35 1.4). The large apeture at wide angle is a killer.

    What I’m really waiting is an 1D Mk IV, FF, 10fps, ISO 51 200, 16 MP, video mode is a must, in-sensor IS for lenses without one (say, for 85 f/1.2), probably dynamic range + 7-10 stops (if different pixels had different ISOs), and a fast video lens with external AF module, and maybe something else cutting-edge and breathtaking. It should also use pixel-binning for stunning results in low light. Or if it is >= 24MP, then it should still contain all other functions. Otherwise, it is narrow-narrow usage studio camera, which still HAS to be a great winner and should have a fresh look for that money.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you understand with the D3X is. It’s NOT an upgrade to the D3. It’s a camera for a different purpose. The purpose of the D3X is a high-res studio camera. It’s not a sports camera. It’s not a PJ camera. That’s why it doesn’t need to have high speed, low noise at high-ISO and video. Now you many say that even if you agree that it’s a studio camera, since it’s lacking in those other features, it shouldn’t have been priced as it was. And not earning 100% of my income from photography, I would (probably) never buy the D3X. But if you read reviews of the camera, there are many that make the case that the IQ is equal to or even exceeds far higher priced medium format camera. And if they’re right, then the camera is a bargain.

      Eventually the technology will be there to get low-noise, high ISO technology into high-resolution cameras.

  • B

    The D3x is terrific, the gap in image quality compared to the competition is significant!

    I personnally believe that it would make total sense for Nikon to go MF, but I don’t think that they will there.


  • Jabir

    How is everyone?
    I think that the crux of most of the problems in this discussion centers on PERCEPTION (yours).

    1. There are ‘professional tools’ and consumer or even amateur tools.
    2. PRICE is based upon the ABILITY to use this TOOL to earn a certain FEE, as in MONEY made per day or per session.
    3. Professionals view a tool by its’ ability to EARN them MONEY while doing what it is supposed to do superbly without a STEEP learning curve plus major or even minor usability issues, hence D3 to D3x with similar control layout, e.g..

    Thus, the D3x is not aimed at consumers or even well-healed enthusiasts or rich people, BUT squarely at making MONEY in photography at the stratosphere of current ’35mm digital camera’ (read FX or Full Frame) resolution.

    Most photo shoots cost upwards of $50G’s per day and thus an $8G camera is paid for on DAY ONE, if you are good and HIGH PRICED.
    This is what is lost on most, as ALL professional tools are usually expensive to begin with, then later on the features trickle down to the ‘prosumer’ (those who WANT to look professional BUT are NOT and cannot do that type of work) and consumer markets.

    WHAT you earn with it per day or per shoot is the REAL price or cost to YOU the user and as such the D3X is actually a BARGAIN for what it DOES and not what YOU think of it.

    This is the difference between a professional TOOL viewed in professional terms and an amateur tool loaded with BRAGGING rights and very little capability in a PROFESSIONAL setting of very high caliber (read :- demanding, quick shooting, mega-bucks budget, temperamental ‘stars’ or models or upscale products or shoots) .

    The D3x is like a Ferrari or McLaren race car for F1 while many seem to have been expecting a BMW M3 road car while going for the bragging rights among your friends, peers or those looking at YOU!

    An F1 car is more capable than ANY road car yet also less capable in some things than a road car.
    Different philosophy in creating each PRODUCT and different focus.

    EVER sat in a Recaro seat or even a Recaro race seat -VS- a street car’s leather seat.
    One holds you in at HIGH ‘G’ forces while the other looks good and impresses your friends while making YOU look ‘pretty’ (LOL!).

    Most of you look at cameras as ‘babe magnets’ and to impress friends or for the bragging rights, and thus to you IT IS not a mere tool to make money in an expensive shoot.
    Actually, I think that the D3x is Nikon’s most brilliant camera to date along with the F3P and F3AF … Focused for a select market, expensive and so far ahead of the pack though NEVER perfect.

    The D3x is a PROFESSIONAL tool and all the ‘professional-wannabe’ people DO NOT get it while the real pros get it completely.

    Nikon raised the BAR again and left everyone scratching their heads as they often do.

    Perhaps your perception of this NEW camera is based upon you wanting to be either functional, maybe look pretty or impressive to others while NOT knowing how to properly USE a tool such as the D3x.
    Do you have ANY idea how long you are given to complete the average PHOTO shoot and what the criteria is as far as repeatable resolution and scene specifics?
    Obviously NOT!

    PROS know and thus they have a different requirement and focus from most of us.

    The D3x is a revolutionary product and the TALKING heads have no understanding of it, as they are talking heads or their focus is consumer driven.

    I hope that I have not offended anyone with my frankness but one needs to look at things in the light of its’ intended audience.

    NO ONE makes a camera like the D3x right now, but they sure will be trying to imitate it real soon.
    THE BAR has been raised, so get over it – WEB site writers and readers talk a lot and do less or are usually less capable … LOL!

    Reading and TALKING heads, perhaps!

  • D3x

    Very well put Jabir. It won’t change the way people talk about it but that is usually the case. The people that talk the most and tell us what we don’t need are not even photographers, they just want us to think they are.

  • Jabir

    Greetings ‘D3X’,
    Thank you for your comments but I read a lot but seldom comment, as the Web has become the ‘Soap Opera’ of the new century … LOL!

    ALL opinions and no facts nor USE experience to back up their claims!

    If Nikon introduced a 36 Megapixel camera and sold it for $15G’s and people could make $25G’s per month with it, then that perhaps puts things into perspective!
    ($15,000 invested to make 12-X-$25,000 per year average, so do the Math)

    I use my equipment for Business in the past, so I understand spending something to make something MORE in return.
    I am not a consumer and actually hate consumer cameras, as they are too SMALL and they do not have a repeatability about them at ‘crunch time’ (when someone is screaming at you to finish your shot in 5 seconds or tells you that you have to get what is normally three hours of work, done in 15 minutes or you don’t get paid or even that is the allotted time for the shoot … LOL!
    I shot stainless steel products for Presentation (lots of polarizers) and thus I came to the jobsite with three to eight bodies already loaded with black and white film (Neopan 100, 400, 1600 in each body) plus color slide (Fuji Velvia 50D, 64T plus Kodak Ektachrome) and even back up color film (Fuji Reala or Kodak Ektar 25) plus E6 developed black and white Ilford film, as a what if scenario backup for One Hour Lab development just in case.
    Thus, total preparation is a must and thus this is where the D3x excels, perhaps in USE in a workflow.
    Consumers usually do not know how ‘professionals’ shoot nor can they understand the stress or limited conditions under which one has to produce excellent images in a ‘fraction of a second or minute’, often.
    Sometimes shooting is slow and ‘lazy’ and at other times, it has to be described as madness!
    Behind the scenes of professional work in not understood much and movies glamorize it in absurd terms or portray it unrealistically, so hence people’s confusion.
    You see this in all types of situations from computers to audio devices wherein people argue the merits or demerits of MP3’s while forgetting that they are severely crippled files with limited bandwidth and limited dynamic range … LOL!
    Same in laptops -VS- desktops.
    I have a few laptops and one with dual core processors and my old Athlon64 4000 single core desktop cleans its’ clock (it’s a gaming desktop though) even though the laptop is newer and potentially faster but in reality, the laptop loses to most desktops.
    Laptops are fashionable like consumer goods, but desktops beat the pants off them and cost less (but you can’t drag a desktop around with you … LOL!).
    Apply that to the D3x -vs- say the Canon 5D Mark 2.
    Great CONSUMER camera (5D-2) but I would not use it on a high buck shot (PERSONALLY), as it would drive me nuts (too slow camera reaction as in slow fps and slow AF). If I was a Canon shooter, then I would use the professional 1D series due to repeatability and heft.
    Light cameras are not for me, as they ‘fall’ out of my hands and feel awkward with long lenses.

    Anyhow – Yeah, people fail to look at the intended market and look at cameras as fashion statements like they look at I-Pods or Cell phones.

    The Professional market is really different from the consumer or “prosumer” market and Nikon dropped a BOMB with the D3x that perhaps will be felt for a few years to come.
    I actually love the D3x, though I don’t have one. Therefore, I don’t badmouth it out of envy of those enjoying it nor do I rationalize in MY HEAD a way to hate a tool beyond one’s means to afford.
    THAT makes no sense and is quite immature. The Web is filled with rants by dolts who like to see their names in *** LIGHTS *** on blogs, so it comes with the territory.
    To each, his or her own.
    Again, I hope that I have not offended anyone too much … LOL!

    Use Firefox 3 with its’ built-in spell checker for those who need help, as we all do mostly when typing fast.

  • Sergey (Canon guy)

    Well, if there was a hint that I’m not even a photographer, then you’re absolutely wrong)

    My requirements for the camera are far beyond what has been made so far. I experience limits of my gear and exceed them 10 times every time I shoot. My camera is about to explode to pieces. Although I’m not earning thousands of $ on it yet, I still require a great pro camera for the job that I love (I shoot people in real world and events). Hence, I can make that sort of judgments, even if the camera is not aimed 200% at my purpuses.

  • Sergey (Canon guy)

    To Jabir:
    ))) LOL! If that was an answer to my post, then in fact, you suggested me to buy a cell phone instead of a fast FF camera in a pro body)) Are you joking??

  • To working photographers who daily make their living with photo equipment, prestige plays no part. It is a highly competitive career, and what you show and offer to clients determines if you work or not. Often the fact that a “niche” product exists, will open up a whole new set of clients for a working photographer. Tilt-and-shift lenses, macro lenses, Nikon’s super-telephotos allow a skilled photographer to get an edge on the competition. These are mostly lacking in the medium-format world, while fully available to a Nikon shooter. A D3x with a tilt-shift lens would open up architectural photography for example, now mostly done with view-cameras and scanning backs – very slow to work with and highly immobile. Time is money at this level, and if one can do six or eight shots in an hour as opposed to three or four, clients become very pleased.

  • Jabir

    Greetings Sergey (Canon Guy),
    How are you?
    I make general comments here and I don’t try and indict people for what they say as I am a firm believer in to EACH HIS or HER own.
    I was comparing the rabid addiction to various brands of Cell phones and I-Pods (and other MP3 players) with arguments on them versus the REALITY of them and not your tastes or likes, which are your personal choices.
    I don’t tell people how to be, as God gave them that right.

    I was just trying to explain my personal feelings on the matters of cameras, as I have used and OWNED a lot of Nikon gear and my brothers had Leica and Canon equipment which I used a few times, so hence my experience.
    I always preferred the Nikon ‘F’ series though I also had the consumer bodies for dirty or dangerous locations where the expensive bodies might draw undue attraction and get stolen or if destroyed, would be very expensive to replace.

    F3 with MD4 motor drive and Ni-Cad battery pack (MN 2) plus filters (B+W, Tiffen, Hoya plus all the Nikons) was the route I went but I had from N2000 to N4004, FA with MD-15 motor drive, F3AF plus every Nikon head that they made then for the F3 Series and almost every focusing screen and an F4S.
    Thus, I am experienced in using the equipment under pressure and I know what works for ME.
    Equipment has a designation BUT how you use it is YOUR personal choice and so I don’t argue about personal choices, as it is PERSONAL … LOL!

    If your equipment works for you, then fine.

    I love Nikon gear but I try not to be rude to others who make other choices.
    I like Canon’s ID series for example though they have some major problems to ME. They were the only real choice in that high MEG segment of 35mm digital until Nikon passed them with the D3x and they tried to blind-side Nikon with the “rushed” 5D Mark 2.
    That is a great camera for the ‘prosumer’ or so market, but you can take professional pictures with almost anything capable, so I don’t argue that point, as it becomes childish to ME!
    Choose what you like and then perfect using it.
    I like fast cameras and fast flash plus sturdy tripods or monopods (Gitzo man here … LOL!)

    I really think that most of the reaction to the D3x has been ENVY and jealousy by people unable to afford it or even understand its’ purpose as a photographic tool, so as with many things revolutionary, it flies over the heads of many often.
    I am waiting to see Canon’s reaction to the D3x as I think they got caught off guard by Nikon and then passed, so now many ‘Canon shooters’ take to bashing the D3x.

    Who cares!

    As soon as Canon responds, then the deluge of negativity about the D3x will perhaps wane or die.


    I have been blown away by the D3x files and I have looked at the jpeg’s mainly.

    I shoot mainly slides, so hence my reaction to it as I have never seen a digital camera with such clean files and high resolution at the same time.
    Again, I hope that I have not offended you nor anyone else.

    Have a great day or night.

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