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No Nikon MX today

For everyone that missed this post: there will not be a new Nikon MX announcement today @ WPPI.

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Nikon medium format again (MX)

I got this email from a reader and after a brief investigation of the source I feel comfortable to post it here – I have no way to confirm the validity of the rumor, but I have a reason to believe that the source is trustworthy: Hi, Whilst surfing the web I came across your […]

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Another reason why we may not see a medium format Nikon

Flashback: “The D3x gave medium-format looking files with all the flexibility of the Nikkor Lens system” Dxomark tested sensors from several medium format cameras: Mamiya ZD Back, Leaf Aptus 75S, Hasselblad H3DII 39, and Phase One P45+. Now medium format can be compared to the D3x (in theory): Related article: “Especially at low ISO, the Nikon D3x offers […]

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The Nikon BIG event at WPPI is a…

… free Blues Traveler concert – WPPI confirmed this in an email today: “We told you something BIG is coming to WPPI! Something so BIG that we had to rent out the MGM Grand Arena. We promised—and we delivered. Please join us for a private WPPI performance by Blues Traveler! This is a free concert […]

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Nikon 50mm f/1.4G AF-S lens in stock, but for a price

Ritz has it in stock now! Update: the price just dropped to $439 at Amazon. Second update: Adorama just got a large shipment of AF-S 50mm lenses and is shipping it to existing pre-orders.

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Nikon D3x ad = Nikon MX ad?

I was watching this video about the Nikon D3x (btw they mention again the release to be December 19th) and I noticed the screen in the background. Does this Nikon D3x promotional video remind you of something? Remember the Nikon MX leak from two months ago – a Nikon mount emerging from the dark with […]

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