The Nikon BIG event at WPPI is a…

... free Blues Traveler concert - WPPI confirmed this in an email today:

"We told you something BIG is coming to WPPI! Something so BIG that we had to rent out the MGM Grand Arena. We promised—and we delivered. Please join us for a private WPPI performance by Blues Traveler! This is a free concert to all WPPI attendees. Just one shameless flash of your WPPI attendee badge gets you access to this one-of-a-kind event brought to you by Nikon, WPPI, WHCC and Mitsubishi Electric. Don’t miss out on your chance for a FREE performance by the Grammy Award-winning band, Blues Traveler. Doors open for the Blues Traveler performance at 9:30 p.m on Monday, Feb. 16."

Not BIG at all.

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  • The joke is on the rumor mongers who had no real basis for knowing what it was about.

    Hey, what do Blues Traveler and a PowerMac G5 have in common?

    They both have nine fans. 😀

    • cas

      hahahaha that’s awesome (the joke at the bottom, not the news).

  • Same as you….

    I am not going to reply to whatever you reply as I am not going to get into some senseless argument. I just had to say that you must be one of the “rumor mongers” as you are reading here and commented almost as soon as the admin published this. You must be one of the ones that you are talking bad about.

    Have a great day

    • Matt


    • I did not mean in any way as a criticism of the owner of this site. All the speculation about how this is going to be this or that until it’s almost a given. People even asking if bait and switch would be applicable. My point being don’t blame Nikon for the disappointment. Just each other! And yes, I’m one of them! 😛

  • Lance

    You mean to say Ken was WRONG and there’s no printer coming?

    • yrsued

      OK, so when has KR been right about anything??

  • Richard

    WPPI has lost quite a bit of good will here, I believe.

    Those firms or individuals who create excitement with general phrases lacking details — it was, after entitled, “The Nikon Big Event”, not the “The Big Event” or “The Big Music Event” — are held to a certain standard; to some of us, its ‘put up or shut up’.

    And, of course, WPPI has failed here and failed miserably.

    Who will trust WPPI henceforth?

    • yrsued

      And who trusted WPPI to begin with??

  • Mike

    Who is/are Blues Traveller (a rhetorical question)? Now if it is going to be a free concert by Bruce Springsteen, or Prince, or U2, or even Tony Bennett, or anyone else actually famous then the marketing rabbits could get away with capitalising the word big.

    • DNHJR

      I can not beleave you have never heard of the Blues Traveler. They where really big in the ’90’s and are the founders of the H.O.R.D.E. festival. One of there biggest songs was “Run Around”.

      • Willis

        Correction DNHJR

        I think you meant to say “They were really BIG in the 90’s”


      • Jen

        Yeah, who are Blues Traveller? Never heard of them. Amazing what passes for big these days

        • DNHJR

          You must have been born in the 90’s. You have never heard the song “Run Around” before? Check it out here,

          • MiloT

            Should have been the FAT event.

          • Born in the 80s. Never heard of them before.

  • Aren’t there Laws about bate and switch.

  • rthomas

    Ok, this is an underwhelming surprise. Blues Traveler, yippee.

    Oh well, it’s not like I have any plans to spend more money on cameras this year.

  • Anonymous

    absolutely brutal.

  • Rick

    To be fair, the advertisement always said that the event was “sponsored” by Nikon, not a Nikon product event. That was the clue to this whole thing.

  • Pablov

    didn’t the ad say about Nikon product? lol…

    Nikon must be laughing about all the rumors around the Big thing

    Anyway I didn’t think a Medium format would appear since the launch of the D3x
    Now it’s better for Nikon to release lenses soon

    The existing 70-200 2.8 VR is unacceptable as a real Pro zoom lens for around $1,500

    After so many people requesting lenses, and the launch of D3x, I want to believe Nikon is working hard on it

    • E man

      I wouldn’t be laughing if I were Nikon.

      They must be horrified, too big leadups (D3x and WPPI) and they both fell off the map. At least the D3x wasn’t raised as high, and didn’t dissapoint nearly so much, escpecially after testing.

      This? Not so much

  • Pablov

    ….and do they think it is “So” really Big they couldn’t tell ??

    what a joke…..

  • Thomas Lolerson

    LOL! Swing and a miss, Nikonrumors!11!1!

  • Yes, true – but they really confused everyone with this ad. All I tried to do is report on it and link it to other news/rumors.

  • Mike

    You have to admit, this is pretty hilarious.

  • I agree, it is hilarious…

  • thanks for the youtube link – btw I like that song

  • wow way to go.

    does this confirm the medium format ads were fakes too? and the magazine shots showing MX over the FX resolution?

    this is funny though. but the marketing guys should be a little more considerate when overhyping so much something so lame.

    • E man

      Might not prove that they were fake (for the record, I think they are) but that the WPPI event isn’t it.

    • steven

      they weren’t fake… just misleading.

  • fxed

    They might as well have featured a “BIG” band, like Benny Goodman and his swinging swarray. Now that would have been funny.

  • Dede

    When I was in college, Blues Traveler played frat parties at my school. [Yes I am that old]. The smell of stale beer and my shoes sticking to the floor has the same downer impact of this announcement. Maybe Nikon should have had a concert promoter shill for their new cameras. The reverse couldn’t be worse.

  • Eric B

    Nice job Nikon…

    I just cancelled my D3x order and will have 14 years worth or Nikon lenses and cameras on Ebay by tomorrow afternoon. I cannot in good conscience shoot equipment from a company who promotes a band like that the way they did. Nice marketing move, dip sh*ts.

    • Mike

      You shoot equipment made by WPPI? I hope this is just a joke about how reactionary people can be when they feel slighted by a company, because if not….

      • Eric B

        It was indeed a joke… More of a satire on what some people seem to be feeling. Honestly who cares, marketing people will be marketing people, when it comes to taking photos, marketing people are about as important as your brand of underwear.

  • Mike Benveniste

    I don’t have any “inside” information nor am I a marketeer, but do work with marketing people on a regular basis. So I’ll offer this little bit of speculation. It makes little sense to sponsor a concert without having some new products to get people excitied about. So while the “big event” is going to be a concert, don’t be too surprised if attendees are handed a press packet on the way in and a product pitch before the band takes the stage.

  • I can’t imagine that this band is what the “BIG” is all about. If they are what’s “BIG” about this event, then every single PR person involved with this needs to be fired. The Blues Travelers are about as big as a cup o’ cold water. Yeah, they had a cool song. AGES ago. I had to watch the video to remember who they were.

    If Nikon was pushing for disappointment, then they certainly succeeded in the “BIG” part of that. Personally, it doesn’t matter to me as I’ve got the cameras I want/need. I follow it because I like to see what new toys are up and coming (and what might trickle down to me eventually). So while I’ve got no interest in the MX format or D3x, I’m still disappointed that Nikon failed like this (that is, IF they failed- they very well could have a trick up their sleeve yet).

  • Vautrin

    Just confirms what we had increasingly suspected. The tiniest most unimportant item possible. Nikon can’t even manage to update its lens lineup for the D3, D3x–let alone launch an entirely new MX format. And no new launches into the current economic conditions. The Apple event this week was a total yawner (no new monitors, no new MacPro) and Nikon is just following suit.

  • Marshal

    Blues Traveler. That is so lame!!! And that’s a BIG event? U2 would be BIG. Blues Traveler? Uh uh. More reason to doubt the competence of Nikon’s marketing dept. Little wonder what Thom Hogan will say about that.

  • sgts

    so this is the big – a band i’ve never heard of.

    now if they had found elvis alive and he was reappearing on stage, that would be big, but not this.

    I think its finally getting through to me that nikon will never overtake canon and its pretty much time to hold my hands up and switch, rather than waiting for the great nikon leap forward – they are continually lagging behind canon and i just have to accept they always will be.

  • UF

    So Ken was wrong?

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