Nikon 50mm f/1.4G AF-S lens in stock, but for a price

Ritz has it in stock now!

Update: the price just dropped to $439 at Amazon.
Second update: Adorama just got a large shipment of AF-S 50mm lenses and is shipping it to existing pre-orders.

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  • Davey

    Why would the lens be available at Ace Photo and these other small resellers sooner than Adorama and B&H? Wouldn’t Nikon send out the lens at the same time to the resellers or at least the big ones first?

    • They probably have limited numbers and they will be gone very soon. I am sure Adorama and B&H also have some in stock, but not enough to “officially” announce it on their website.

      • Davey

        Ahh. I see. I’m on the pre-order list or whatever they call it on Adorama! Hopefully mine will come soon! I use the old 50mm 1.4 for every wedding I shoot!

  • Loose & Obtuse

    Wow: I just picked mine up for $400 and I’m glad I did.

  • Lance

    Any word on Canadian availability? I’m still waiting to hear from Henry’s…

  • Peter

    I picked mine up last saturday for €349 here in Yurp. I like it. It’s pretty fast and silent and the build quality is nice.

  • Dude!

    The one I ordered last night was priced at $439 (basically MSRP) from Green Mountain Photo through Amazon.

  • RumpelHund

    Awaiting mine ordered two days ago for 350EUR including 19% german VAT. This is 295$ plus tax at current exchange rates, so not that much more than my old 1.4/50 AF-D I plan to sell on ebay.

    Hope the AF-S will help my D80 to cope with the speed of my children when focussing. .

    • Anonymous

      350 Euro equals 295 US(?) Dollar???

      Not these days buddy. 350 Euro are more like 450 US Dollar.

      The AF-D runs for around 210 Euro.

      • RumpelHund

        uhm, you might be right on this one. Damn maths, should keep my hands from it.

        Of course it’s 350×1,29 not 350/1,29, so 451 bucks is correct.

        • Laurence

          Just google “350 EUR to USD” I do it all the time when hunting on ebay

          • RumpelHund

            Thanks for the hint, that’s really intuitive.

            BTW, just got my lens and did some fast shots: CA is at least as strong as 1.4/50 AF-D, focus is not much faster but 1.4 is much more usable regarding sharpness and contrast. My af-d gave very graphic, hazy results while the af-s has darker blacks and sharper edges.

            Just my very first impressions.

    • Ian

      RumpleHund, I hope you aren’t expecting to use the 50mm for action shots like quickly moving children. I have played around with the new 50mmG and I have to say I am disappointed with the focusing speed. The Sigma 50mm is WAY faster. I was surprised that it took almost a full second to focus down to minimum from infinity and vice versa on my D700. I live in Japan and this lens has been in stores for almost a month now. Much as I hate to say it, I would look at the Sigma.

  • Wow, that’s kind of nuts. I guess some people are willing to pay extra to be first. But my local dealer still shows some from their first batch that came in yesterday, in stock at what seems to be the target street price of $439.99. (They received four; I’ve got one; they said there’s another guy who wants one, so presumably they’ve got two left.)

    I suspect that’s how it works everywhere. The dealers get an allocation from Nikon from the initial shipping batch; once they’ve sold those, they have to wait for the next batch. So you might have better luck finding one at a small dealer than at one of the large ones (which presumably get larger allocations but also have higher demand.)

    I haven’t had a chance to shoot with mine yet, but can tell you that if you’re expecting a hefty, all-metal-barrel lens with smooth-as-silk manual focusing… well, you’re going to be disappointed. Yes, it’s solidly made, but the outer barrel is (and feels like) plastic, and the manual focus ring has a scratchy, draggy feel to it — kind of like the Canon USM lenses I use at work. But if that means Nikon put all the money into the glass, I won’t complain!

    The AF focusing isn’t startlingly fast — my subjective impression is that it doesn’t get from infinity to close focus any faster than my 50/1.8 — but it IS quiet, making only a soft whooshing sound as it moves in and out.

    Tomorrow I’ll try to round up a photogenic subject and see how it shoots.

    • Lance

      What body are you using with your new 50 and your 1.8? The body will have everything to do with AF speed when you’re talking screw drive AF.

      • I’ve got a D300 and a D80. Haven’t tried it on the D80 yet.

        I wonder if it’s necessary to throttle AF motor speed on a 50/1.4 because of the narrow DOF, to avoid overshoots?

  • Dude!

    Another one for $439 is up on Amazon (+$14 for shipping). 17th Street Photo.

  • CV

    I ordered mine on friday to saturday night for €349
    It shipped yesterday, but somehow the post service managed to take another day :@

    Anyway, here in The Netherlands it was in stock the whole weekend at at least one place at a time for €349


    Where is the Amazon link? This only takes you the other sellers that sell on amazon. would feel better to buy directly from Amazon.

    • Dude!

      Amazon itself does not have it in stock (or even listed) yet. I have no problem ordering from other companies throught Amazon. If there is an issue, you can contact Amazon to complain. Just like using Ebay or paying with Paypal.

    • Dude!

      Amazon itself does not have it in stock (or even listed) yet. I have no problem ordering from other companies through Amazon. If there is an issue, you can contact Amazon to complain. Just like using Ebay or paying with Paypal.

  • Glad it came out, just picked up the older F1.4 for $160 new!

  • Derek

    Picked it up from 17th street photo for $439, yay.

  • Nice, I can’t wait to see a comparison with the Sigma.

  • yrsued

    My local Camera store, Tempe Camera has them in stock!!


  • Andy

    Looks like I snapped up one of the ones available from 17th Street Photo on Amazon… least I hope so. We’ll see if it ships out tomorrow.

  • Gary

    Ritz/Wolf Camera is now showing them online as in stock and shipping at MSRP – no premium. I ordered mine online to avoid sales tax, and they threw in free shipping.

    I can’t believe there was a premium on the price, but if people were willing to pay it, more power to the seller.

  • Matt

    well, just picked up a 50mm 1.4G – I’m getting significant amounts of barrel distortion. It’s sharp, yes.. nice color saturation, but not happy with distortion thus far. So far I’ve been shooting wide open and stopping down a bit.. have to do more experimentation. Has anyone noticed this problem?

    • Lance

      Just got mine… won’t be playing with it until the weekend likely. “Purple Fringing” seems to be much less than the “D” version, almost completely gone by F2, whereas the D needed to go to 2.8 for similar effect. This is not scientific, just what I observed on the camera LCD.

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