Nikon D3x sensor – made by Sony, designed by Nikon (part 2)

If anyone still cares - the Nikon D3x chip is made by Sony:

"The Nikon D3X’s 24.5-megapixel FX-format (35.9 x 24.0mm) CMOS sensor was developed expressly for the D3X in accordance with Nikon’s stringent engineering requirements and performance standards, with final production executed by Sony. Featuring refined low-noise characteristics, 12 and 14 bit output, Live View capability and more, the D3X’s unique sensor design was carefully blueprinted to perform in perfect concert with proprietary Nikon technologies including EXPEED Image Processing and the Scene Recognition System. Meticulous efforts allowed the sensor to become one of the many essential components and technologies which contribute to the D3X’s superior image fidelity."

See also part 1: Nikon D3x sensor - made by Sony, designed by Nikon

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  • Jeff

    Misleading title.

    There is no mention of design *by* Nikon in the quote. Rather the quote clearly suggests the sensor is designed *for* Nikon based on Nikon’s requirements:

    “in accordance with Nikon’s stringent engineering requirements and performance standards”

  • somebody

    thanks for posting this interesting post 😉

    This sounds like marketing…

    about Nikons “own” sensor:

    as mentioned above: “in accordance …” – sounds like: nikon watched, sony did

    “the D3X’s unique sensor design was carefully blueprinted ” yeah. nice! by whom? nikon? (or maybe just sony 😉 )

    I also wonder if the lenses are sharp enough for almost 25MP. 😉

    • sosss

      of course they are plenty sharp, D300 have higher pixel density

  • somebody

    “thanks for posting this interesting post”
    I think I’d have needed a preview button, haha

  • bigmouth

    wait till you get the real reviews out from various sources. you can say anything you want but in the end, i suspect that most people will say it performs almost identical as that of A900.

  • Well something is different, and not just in jpegs. The d3x raw files look better than anything I’ve seen or been able to make with an A900. I perceive less noise and better detail at 100% from the D3x files I’ve seen.

    Does anybody else think the A900 files look like crap, but the D3x’s don’t?

    • I haven’t seen any D3X files, but when I saw some basic A900 files I laughed.

    • Pablov

      are the RAW files from D3x on-line for downloading?
      can you post the links? Thanks.

      • Uh, I haven’t seen D3x raws yet–I’m dying to!

        There are however jpeg samples on Nikon’s international site that appear to be processed with beta versions of NX. They look quite good to me, but I’d still like raw files to play with meself. I’ve played with A900 raw files and they look just like the jpegs–fine detail is irrecoverably smudged. The nikon files don’t look like this to me…

        • Pablov

          Thanks a lot for your answer.

  • raio

    The image quality of the Nikon sensor has to be better than the A900 one to justify the crazy asking price for the D3x; otherwise Nikon could get a problem with the demand for the D3x. Let’s wait for the reviews, also compared with Canon`s D5 II.

    • alex

      another sony fanboy lurking around here

      dude, for the 10th time, 1ds and d3x are a type of cameras no one else does.

      5d and a900 are in a different range for different applications.

      what you say is just like “my p&s camera has 12mp, your d80 has only 10 so my p&s is better”

      • Pablov

        Even considering the D3x and 1Ds Mk III are different range cameras than D90, 5D MK II, etc, Nikon just used the D3 body and features to put a higher res sensor (with its electronics to process the images, of course) and asks $3.000 more than the D3 for that.

        That’s why it seems too high for so many people, even many who have the D3.

        – Besides that, I would also like to see the Image Quality of the D3x compared to 5D Mk II (and A900), since both are FF sensors, have similar MP count, and are the latest DSLRs released by Nikon and Canon (I know are different camera bodies, etc, but I’m refering only to the IQ delivered by them)

      • Keep Trying

        If you keep telling them that maybe they will listen. I doubt it. Please keep trying though.

  • alex

    sure was manufactured by sony. nikon doesn’t have a manufacturing sensor plant. they build the machines that do sensors which sony 99% probably is using to make nikon’s sensors. just like they make the machines used by intel to make cpus. so basically your intel cpu is 100% exclusively made using nikon equipment.

    what’s the big deal here. everyone knew that.

    • Alex, not true – if you show me a reliable source that confirms that, I would agree with you. Just in the last 2 weeks we started to get official statements from Nikon on who exactly makes the sensor. Before that was just guessing. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Has one a chance to see a Dxxx with 24 mp in a camera cheaper than D3x???

    • Pablov

      probably, but I don’t think it will happen soon.

  • everybody knows that they are sharing the same heart but different processor! and most people doesn’t agreed with the price of 3dx…too pricy?says that sony is selling such a high resolution camera with affordable price but nikon doesn’t!

    i have attached an address that show what is the different between sony a900 and nikon d3x. see the ISO perfomance from 50 to 6400!! WOW….the outcome was such a big big different! what i wanna say is…D3X is definitely worth for the price of 8kUSD! and it’s professional camera for studio!

    this also means that the sensor is important as heart but the processor is as important as your brain! your brain is to control your everything!

    think twice before you start booming…..

    hehhe…….have a good day!

    • Thanks Kalvin – I will post this separately.

  • Lou

    the truth is here, save your money and by a A900 or a 5Dmk2.
    You get almost the same for just peanuts compared to the D3X

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