Nikon D3x ad = Nikon MX ad?

I was watching this video about the Nikon D3x (btw they mention again the release to be December 19th) and I noticed the screen in the background.

Does this Nikon D3x promotional video remind you of something? Remember the Nikon MX leak from two months ago - a Nikon mount emerging from the dark with the word "BIG" next to it? Does this mean that the "BIG" Nikon event in February next year will be about the D3x? I think so. Will we ever see a medium format Nikon camera? I don't know.

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  • Hulk

    On one hand, I would be very disappointed if Canon/Nikon do not offer medium format camera in the coming years.
    On the other hand, I see that Nikon is asking 7500euros for its D3X… so I can’t imagine how much for a MF!! 🙂

    I just bought a Pentax 67 II (ie. a film MF 6×7 ) for a very decent price, so I will stick with it.

  • lox

    Well, something emerging from the dark isn’t unusual for Nikon ads, nor for DSLR ads in general. The D3x cannot be called “BIG”, if taken literally, the sensor has the same size as two DSLR cameras had before. So there’s hope for something really BIG. Whatever it might be.

  • sonololo

    and what about the ad with three differently sized rectangles?

  • JCR

    May be it’s a 16/9 size sensor in a D3 body ?

    • Chevypower

      Why would you want that? Even the Panavision Genesis doesn’t have a 16:9 sensor. It crops the height of the sensor for whatever aspect ratio you are shooting in.

      • PeteC

        Typical monitors above 20″ are 16:10

  • Anonymous

    No, MX is coming, WPPI

  • BJamy

    I’d like to think that they are planning something new and awesome for the Feb. event… It can’t be an event for the D3X when they’re not telling us what the event is about. A BIG event for a camera that has been on the market for 2 months? Neh… I’ll keep hoping for an MX.

  • metaphox
  • Wiilyb

    I think the MX is/was the D3x since the D3x got rushed out for a December launch when they were originally planning the Feb launch at WPPI. Sadly, I don’t believe an MX camera is coming at WPPI.

    • Pablov


  • Based on the first two photos above I’d say a 16:9 dSLR at about 40MP +/- a few MP. And based on the price of the D3x I’d be surprised if it has an MSRP of anything less than $12,000. That would certainly qualify as a major version upgrade and thus be called a D4, right?

    While all of this is very interesting – it’s all just akademic for me. I’m EXTREMELY happy with my new D300, and any further investments on my part will be on lenses and misc accessories.

  • dino

    My opinion is that MX is something else
    Too many times we heard 40 MP and D3x in the end isn’t anything else that a tuned D3. Of course it could be well serving both wedding and fashion photographers but I still think there’s something else in the cauldron.
    My bet is that we’ll know that before the end of February (with some lens too)

  • FS

    This says it all about the new Nikon….

    • Anonymous

      was just going to say the same,


    • alex

      i like the series of videos using this part with hitler. there are many of them

      but it’s boring when they make mistakes like a900 = d3x = 5d /= 1ds. please…. it’s for kids

      i wait one for adults who know something about cameras

    • Pablov

      although I don’t like using that kind of persons to tell something, the message is very clear, and I hope Nikon get it.

      I always said Nikon use to sell too expensive… 🙁

  • Ernst

    The video in the background just appears to be a promotion of the F-mount itself. It shows the current DSLR lineup fading to/from black, but with the F-mount ring always highlighted.

    I think any resemblance to the so-called MX ads is purely coincidental.

    • another reader

      I agree. None of the images shown looked quite like the same sensor size or the same red swoosh as the “MX” (already discussed on NR before). The sensor in the “MX” ad is definitely bigger than the FX and DX models shown though. Personally I think that this WAS Nikon’s MX – a 35mm DSLR with Nikon’s interchangability that could compete against the quality of higher-resolution medium format sensors. Having Nikon design a medium format DSLR makes no sense, since new lenses would have to be used, and a larger mount would be needed as well. I just don’t see it happening.

      • Chevypower

        Shouldn’t MX have a square sensor? 48mmx48mm? Whereas DX and FX both have a 3:2 aspect sensor.

  • Richard Hall

    I’m among those that find it hard to believe that this “big” announcement relates to a MX camera. This really wouldn’t makes sense since the marketing strategy for the D3X is built around competing in the MF world. Why would Nikon target a new camera at this same market 4 months later? I think the best guess is related to revamped lenses.

  • LSE

    it doesn’t make sense to anounce anything relating to the d3x which is already in stores world wilde in february. I mean what are they going to announce?

    I doubt it will be new lenses either (at least not the primary focus). what does big have to do with lenses? maybe new telephoto line? doubtful.

    We’ll find out in just two months, but by process of elemination you leave a few options:
    -MX format camera (perfectly within nikon’s reach)
    -D4 annoucement (some what likely to steal thunder from the 1Dm4)
    -New lens mount (not very likely but way more likely than some silly d3x anouncement)
    -silly d3x anouncement…like, yeah it’s 8K suckers.
    -silly coopix anoucement.

  • chris

    look at the photo on the left. the mount is missing the hole on the bottom left, and the entire mount is much higher on the camera than on current DSLRs from Nikon, as in the mount goes above the shutter release or at least even with it. The D3x doesn’t even go that high. I believe we have our first shot of a medium format nikon camera picture. I wish I could see and afford it when it first comes out!

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