Nikon rumors from around the web

This is a recap of the online Nikon rumors from the past few days - none of those stories sound promising enough to get their own post. Thanks to everyone that has sent me tips and please don't get offended if I don't post your submission - I am still accumulating the leads and once I see a pattern, I will pull the trigger.

  • The camera stores in Italy have some kind of a video interactive tool that displays specs and prices of Nikon equipment. NikonCafe reported that the following lenses were not listed:
  1. 85 F/1.8 AND 85 F/1.4
  2. 105 F/2
  3. 135 F/2
  4. 180 F/2.8
  5. 200 F/4
  • dpreview: a new rumor about a new, compact 70-200 f/2.8 Nikkor without VR in the price range of 700$. Too good to be true. Update: busted - this was about the new Tamron lens, not Nikon.
  • Another "hint" from dpreview - what's coming in 2009:
  1. AF-S Zoom Nikkor 16-35 f2.8 ED IF N ( could be 17-40 T.B.A. ).
  2. AF-S 80-400 f4-5.6 ED VRII
  3. AF-S Nikkor 28 f2 ED N
  4. AF-S VRII Micro Nikkor 200 f4 IF ED N
  5. and one new flash and one maybe two mid to low range camera bodies.

Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 06:06:00 -0500

From: [   ]
Subject: Backorder Item(s) on your Adorama Order [  ]
To: [    ].com

Dear [   ],
We are writing regarding the order you placed with Adorama.
Order# [   ]. Unfortunately, the manufacturer let us down, and now we let you down. We apologize for being off our estimate. Adorama is built on customer satisfaction and we try very hard  to avoid situations like this. I hope you understand that such situations are beyond our control. We will of course rush to ship it as soon as we receive it. Please be assured we are constantly following up with the manufacturer to get your backorder shipped out. However, If your need is time sensitive, you may want to either call our sales department at [  ], and they will be able to suggest an alternate choice, or you may e-mail us at [  ] to cancel. We'd be sorry to lose your order, but we'd be sorrier to lose you as a customer.
Thanks again for choosing Adorama.
Adorama Customer Service

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  • alex

    anyone speaking spanish can provide more info about that part?

    • Pablov

      hi alex, I do.
      cuál es la pregunta? si es sobre disponibilidad en España entonces no podré ayudarte porque vivo en otro país 🙁

    • Pablov

      sorry, I guess I got too late, I don’t see the video’s link in the post because it was deleted (because it didn’t say anything according to the people who watched it)
      That’s why I asked what was your question about. Sorry.

  • Bruno

    about the spanish video:
    i’m brazilian, but i scratch a bit of spanish.

    probably there are some mistakes here, but what i got on the end of the video is that:
    “pero que los sabemos es que chegara en las tiendas pelo mes de enero y que su precio sera de unos 6000 o 7000 euros”

    “but what we do know, is that (D3X) will be on the stores about january, and the pricing will be around 6000 or 7000 euros”.

    i didn’t catch anything about new camera.

    • Bruno

      “solo en el mes de enero”
      “only at january month”

      “pelo” in spanish is “hair”.

      but in portuguese “pelo” is “hair” and “about”. don’t know why i’ve put that there. sorry.

  • Mike Benveniste

    The $700 70-200mm f/2.8 turned out to be, not surprisingly, the current Tamron.

  • A

    I received this email from Adorama two months ago, shortly after they started taking pre-orders. So this is no breaking news and I hope delivery won’t be delayed too much.

  • Antonio Rojilla

    Next rumors is in Spanish: in this video, the presenter mentioned that there will be a new Nikon camera, with an even bigger sensor than the D3x to be released in January. I don’t speak Spanish, so I cannot quote the exact words.

    Well, you can’t quote his words because he says nothing about a new camera. And not a single word about a bigger sensor… where did you get that?

  • aclphoto wrote:
    To ALL on this forum… I’m SO very sorry I have to inform you of this… I misunderstood my friend, the new 70-200 2.8 NON VR lens is actually a Tamron with a NIKON mount.
    Again I’m very sorry about this.

  • danny

    spanish speaker here

    the guy in the video never said anything about a new camera or a bigger sensor

    just D3x and more D3x

  • I will have to edit this post – the video in Spanish did not say anything about a new upcoming camera and the “new 70-200” is a Tamron, not a Nikon lens.

  • Anonymous

    Interestingly, all those lenses listed above (85/1.4 till 200/4 Micro) are out of stock at my favorite dealer here in Switzerland. Well, who knows, maybe coincidence, maybe there’s some reason for that (can you say BIG? LOL).

  • Nestor

    I speak spanish and the presenter say that the D3X will be available in January, He does not mention anything “new”

  • Brian

    I emailed with Adorama Customer Service today [before I read this post], and they replied that they were expecting shipments into their warehouse from Nikon on Tuesday, December 9.

    • Kevin

      That’s good news. I received the email from Adorama today, which suggested to me that it could be delayed further. Bad business on Adorama’s part to send an email like that if in reality they’re about to ship it. Perhaps it’s generated automatically following a certain # of days from the date the customer submits the preorder.

      • Andy

        oooh i really hope this is true! my main hope is that i have it in hand before christmas.

    • A

      Cool! Cause they didn’t know last week.

  • The 50/1.4s definitely are getting out there. I just got a call from my local camera dealer, which is a LOT smaller than Adorama, and they received four units today. I’m on my way out there after work to pick mine up.

  • Ala’a

    The one I’m holding up for is a new 85/1.4

    • Why, what’s the matter with the current one? Everything I read about it seems to be very positive.

      I suppose AF-S would be nice for D40/D60 users (would any such be buying an 85/1.4 lens?) but everyone needs to get over the notion that AF-S automatically means faster AF — that’s a lot of glass to throw, no matter what kind of motor is doing the throwing.

  • nyny

    iv been to annie leobivitz’s office/workspace. he has a ton of cameras. most of the time, the equipment is all rental, even if she has it at home.

  • Pablov

    I don’t understand why Nikon announced a lens and delayed the delivery so long.
    I guess they were working on the D3x delivery too, but then why to announce the 50mm so many months before it is really ready to ship?

    • This press release seems to suggest that they picked the announce date to tie in with the 75th anniversary of Nikkor lenses.

      The 50/1.4 was the lens that really put Nikon on the map — it was the first major-maker normal lens faster than f/1.5, and also was both better-performing and more consistent than its big-name German rivals such as the 50mm f/1.5 Zeiss Sonnar. So, announcing a new 50/1.4 was a tidy way of celebrating the anniversary; incidentally, the press release said the lens would ship in December, and that was exactly right.

  • Kyle

    That’s Adorama’s standard, automated delay e-mail.

  • heinz
  • Jason

    An assistant at a branch of Jessops in Watford said that the AF-S 300mm/f4 lens is discontinued – whether that means that Nikon have stopped making it, or that Jessops no longer stock it, I can’t say (and nor could he). Fingers crossed for a new VR version!

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