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No Nikon MX today

For everyone that missed this post: there will not be a new Nikon MX announcement today @ WPPI.

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The Nikon BIG event at WPPI is a…

… free Blues Traveler concert – WPPI confirmed this in an email today: “We told you something BIG is coming to WPPI! Something so BIG that we had to rent out the MGM Grand Arena. We promised—and we delivered. Please join us for a private WPPI performance by Blues Traveler! This is a free concert […]

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Nikon D3x ad = Nikon MX ad?

I was watching this video about the Nikon D3x (btw they mention again the release to be December 19th) and I noticed the screen in the background. Does this Nikon D3x promotional video remind you of something? Remember the Nikon MX leak from two months ago – a Nikon mount emerging from the dark with […]

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New Nikon ad from Japan (updated)

Update: the ad says “Big” in Japanese. My first D700 picture was… weird and I updated it. I will create a different post for that story. Is it just me again, or this mount looks to big? Can anyone translate the text? My observation is that the red grip and the mount are different from […]

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Jeff-c has spoken

Nobody knows who Jeff-c is, but he has an incredible history of knowing what’s coming next from Nikon. I don’t think he has ever been wrong. He (or she) has a better track record than Thom Hogan (please correct me if I am wrong). This is what he had to say today (source): Nikon was […]

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Nikon medium format (MX) analysis

Many readers think that those Nikon medium format ads are fake (even though the poll says otherwise). I would agree if it wasn’t for ad #3 and the ad #1. Each one of the remaining ads could be created based on existing Nikon product images and a good knowledge of PS, but the viewfinder in ad #3 […]

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Nikon MX ad #4

Nikon medium format sensor as art on the wall. I got this from the same source as the first three ads.

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Nikon MX ad #3

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