Nikon MX ad #3

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  • cameron

    its from the nikon’s new PC-E lenses but without any distance info marks

  • theChipmunk

    I could be totally wrong, but the cut out bit makes it even more real for me – anyone else think that…?

  • Kuri

    Agree, gold band changed to blue, distance scale removed and the middle indent in the focusing ring cloned out (in a sloppy way).

    This guy needs BIGger PS skills πŸ˜›

  • Anonymous

    The middle indent is still there if you look, it’s just a lot further down. The focusing collar is longer than the PC lenses I think.

  • Matthew Stone

    Looking back on previous somewhat reliable info that you have previously posted.. the boxy shape does look similar to the old Nikon E-2. It would also explain the short looking left side.. again similar to the E-2.. and previous info hints at a March 06 release.. guess we will see what happens πŸ™‚

  • Pablov

    sorry for asking again (and maybe this was already answered):

    are these ads coming from any reliable source? or from unknown one?

    Since they are 3 ads now, I would like to pay more attention to the source..

    Thanks !

  • MattiasK

    …hm… blue rings… at least its consistent with a new format. The cut out would be interesting to here more about. BlogAdmin cant you ask your source about it?

    It must have been his choice to remove something.

    The only thing worth removing would be any personal information that could implicate the source for leakage.

    So I agree, to me, this makes it abit more beliveable.

    Im starting to lean towards it being genuine, however, its still plausible that this is a campain that will not be used. It has a feel of drafts to me.

    Its likely that an ad-agency would produce multiple versions of campaign posters of which some will never se the light of day…

    wow I love rumors….

  • Derek

    Interesting that they’re PC lenses, because PC lenses would have a big enough image circle for a large sensor.

  • hulk

    If those lenses are the PC-Es, then it is a fake IMHO.

    Why on earth would the PC-E lenses be the flagship lenses of the new body, if it is targeted to wedding photographers?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see any evidence that they’re PC lenses. Some of the styling is the same, but that’s it.

  • sloma_p

    Well, PC-E lenses already have higher coverage than FX lenses – if memory servers me ight they will cover 6×4.5 frame – take the titl/shift mechanism out and you have three primes ready for MX πŸ™‚ BTW 24mm in 6×4.5 would be very wide lens πŸ™‚ This also begs the question – is this the reason Nikon released PC-E lenses when they have other ones in the need of upgrade?

  • Chris P

    This is slightly off topic as regards the lenses ad, but is relevant to the camera ads. Did Leica get wind of something concerning a future Nikon camera with a bigger than FX sensor sometime before Photokina and decide to ‘splash’ their new 45×30 mm sensor camera, despite a planned introduction date of next summer, some 9 months ahead, in order to get publicity? Something else has occurred to me, I hope my maths is somewhere near correct, if you take the pixel density of the D3 sensor it works out to be somewhere in the region of 14000 pixels/sq cm. If you then multiply 14000 by the area of a 45×30 sensor you get approximately 19Mp, and wasn’t there a rumour about a Nikon 18 Mp camera some time ago? It would be just like Nikon to go their own way as they did with the D3 when everybody else was cramming in more and more megapixels. Think what a wedding or fashion photographer could do with a 20Mp camera with the low light performance of the D3 and a range of top quality Nikkors.

  • faterikcartman

    I think Sloma is right on the money with this explanation and is something many at DPReview have talked about for some time now.

  • Ernst

    Your intermediate calculations are off, but the final pixel count is right. A 45x30mm sensor would fit 19 million D3-sized photosites.

  • cameron

    i took out one of my brother’s PC-E lenses for a snapshot… certainly it is a photoshopped PC-E lens.

    i vote… BUSTED!

    you can see crystal clear picture here…

  • Blog Admin

    they do look different to me, but you could be right

  • Flubber

    The whole huge sensor in a dSLR body was done before in the Mamiya ZD dSLR which was only slightly more expensive then a 1Ds when it was released.

    I doubt that Leica announced their S2 to go against any rumored Nikon camera. I don’t think Nikon will be releasing a medium format camera with the a senor based off the D3, likely off a Sony design like the A900.

  • E

    He’s back, the Cameron that knows all, gives one liners denouncing Nikon, and, he’s often wrong. The fact that he’s says no makes me think yes…

  • Bryce

    Any proof that the pc-e lenses produce a larger image circle??

  • Juergen

    Yes, that’s a technical need for shifting.

  • foreseer

    I see:
    1) 105mm f2 AF-S VR
    1) 135mm f2 AF-S VR
    1) 180mm f2.8 AF-S VR


  • Anonymous

    Do you check the exif of the original images you get (before you put your watermark on them)? Sometimes there are uncensored thumbnails in them that could reveal what’s behind the blacked-out section…

  • Blog Admin

    This is a “second hand” rumor – it originated in Japan and was submitted to me by another person. I do not know the original source directly.

  • Pablov

    “This is a “second hand” rumor – it originated in Japan and was submitted to me by another person. I do not know the original source directly”

    Thanks Admin for the answer !!

    Regards πŸ™‚

  • Blog Admin

    I checked already – nothing.

  • sonololo

    is this is an Nikon’s reply to Leica S2?

  • fauxhawked

    hmmm, the blue rings make ’em look like olympus lenses, lol!

  • Joe

    Stop posting these Jap pictures, they are completely fake.

  • Blog Admin

    and what do you suggest I post on a Nikon rumors site?

  • Thanks for the photo. They look exactly the same to me. Turn your lens around so the markings are on the backside. Now tell me exactly what’s different. I don’t have time to sit here and go over ’em w/ a fine-toothed comb; but right off hand, they look the same to me.

  • Perhaps you should take your racist attitude somewhere else.

  • Shoewreck

    If we look at modern P.C. lens range as at a set of MX lenses we would see a superwide, wide and a normal lens. No portrait lens (something in range of 135-200 mm). Do wedding photographers need a system without one?

  • JJ

    What I’m not clear about is, are these adverts that are currently running in the Japanese press, (in which case, can someone in Japan, or someone who knows someone there, have a look for us?) or proofs of not-released-yet adverts?

  • I think anyone with enough time on their hands could do this and start this snowball of us wasting our times pondering what/where/how much/how big etc

    If something is in the works – we gain NOTHING by knowing a few weeks beforehand ; just have some patience and let announcements happen as they do

    If someone out there is doing this – faking all this … seriously mate – get a life .

    For the rest – just be happy with what you have and use it – isn’t that why we bought them?

  • Fed Up

    takes just 2 minutes in Phtoshop, from a pc-e lens image off google images. Rest off the ‘ad’ I could do in 5 minutes tops.

  • Chris

    Surely that’s xenophobic rather than racist… the Japanese aren’t a “race” as such.

  • hulk

    certainly. the viewfinder is the only photo which makes the whole rumour realistic.

  • Anonymous

    How do you check? Some cameras add *four* internal JPGs (thumbnails, full-sized views, etc.) in addition to the main JPG…. a total of 5. An astounding waste of space in exchange for fast on-camera replay, I guess. Many cheap image-editing apps update only one of those four internal images when writing a file, leaving the others unchanged. You can use exiftool to list them all, or an online viewer like

  • Richard

    Who’s not to say some are real and some are fake?

  • Blog Admin

    wow – this is pretty good – I will post it so everyone can see it

  • Nikon medium format (MX) analysis

    Many readers think that those Nikon medium format ads are fake (even though the poll says otherwise). I would agree if it wasn’t for ad #3 and the ad #1. Each one of the remaining ads could be created based on existing Nikon product images and a good knowledge of PS, but the viewfinder in ad #3 looks real to me. Can someone think of a camera that has similar shaped viewfinder? This seems to be difficult to fake (but not impossible). Note that all of the fake PS jobs are based on existing models. I haven’t seen a fake …

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