Nikon MX ad #4

Nikon medium format sensor as art on the wall. I got this from the same source as the first three ads.
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  • Blog Admin

    I can guarantee you that I haven not made up any of the rumors on this site.

  • au-id

    I think it has to be. not that it means anything just thought it was interesting to know

  • Anonymous

    See the mountain in the “ad” you posted? Buh.

  • au-id

    Just a thought because i like to think about things to long. Could it be that the “Big” Announcement is actually something in the small range. With all the hype going on about micro four thirds maybe nikon is working on a similar project. If with look at these recent adds there is nothing that I have seen that means bigger (I know the circular viewfinder but for the sake of the theory maybe its just a circular EVF. The larger sensor in the recent add could actually be the existing FX then DX and then MX for Micro.The Lens mount in the first picture looks bigger because the handgrip is just smaller. I also saw no mirror in the picture either. New lenses because the sensor is closer to the mount. Also, if you think about it wedding photographers are always trying to be more discreet and less invasive. Maybe Nikon is going to fool everyone and come out with the best compact silent shutter camera ever. Just a thought I’m sure someone can refute.

  • Blog Admin

    ah – I got it now – thanks

  • Pablov

    weird, because many sources seem to point that the MX is going to be square or something like that, not so “wide”….

    I really do Not think Nikon (other brands either) is going to keep the pixel pitch in future cameras’ sensor.

    I guess as technology improves them, the sensors will increasse a little in pixel ammount, thus decrease in pixel size. (when keeping the sensors’ size)
    Not big jumps, but some little

  • NikonMan

    oops sorry, my bad you are correct

  • NikonMan

    There will always be a limit as to the amount of light any size photosite can gather, new technology can make small photosites more efficent but apply the same new technology to a larger photosite and the results will be better still.
    We saw this with the D300 being better than the competition of the time because of new technology, the same technology in the D3 with larger photosites gives even better.
    MX allows more resolution without reducing the size of each photosite.

    Taking this to extremes: if you make an FX sensor with the pixel density used in the sensor of the Coolpix P80 you would get 309.74MP and the noise/dynamic range etc of the P80 (not good when compared to DSLRs)

  • Pablov

    I’m starting to get concerned about MX

    If the ad #4 is real, and plausible to be a future MX sensor, then it would be 16:9 aspect ratio

    Why am I concerned?
    Because I (as many other photographers/artists/movie makers) expect an affordable DSLR with GOOD HD Movie capability.
    And if Nikon is putting all “Movie” efforts in just MX formats, then maybe the FX cameras wouldn’t carry Real Good HD Movie quality.

    And that makes a BIG (…) problem to some people, letting only one choice (until today at least) for getting an affordable DSLR with good quality Still images and HD video: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

    And… I wouldn’t like to switch to Canon.

    I hope Nikon do its BIG project, but also implement “decent” good HD Movie quality (24fps is too low, and the IQ itself is still too poor. The EOS 5D Mk II seems much better, and has MIC-IN Stereo jacks too)

    Let’s see what NIKON Engineers and designers realize and have in mind…

  • Mr. X

    I am currently in GERMANY and a friend of mine has seens the rumors on german websites. Here are the links:
    (english site for the megapixels)

  • Blog Admin

    all of those links point back to NR and use our material, nothing new

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