No Nikon MX today

For everyone that missed this post: there will not be a new Nikon MX announcement today @ WPPI.

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  • eyrieowl

    was this post for everyone named Ken? 😉

    • Not only Ken – this is still being discussed in forums and I got a dozen of email yesterday

  • Serg

    I’m sure that Nikon had originaly planned something BIG. This is just a cover up since they couldn’t get a working prototype or something like that.

  • Anonymous

    sometimes “i told you so” isn’t enough, hmm?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Nikon will release new thing til PMA.

  • savvo

    Here’s a great way to improve the ‘success rate’ of your website. Every day post a new blog entry, “there will not be a new Nikon MX announcement today.”

    You’ll never be wrong.

    • Did you read the original post? There was suppose to be a BIG announcement yesterday…. well just read the post

      • savvo

        The original post that said “WPPI says something big is going to happen” but WPPI didn’t say that that something big would even be any kind of product announcement that you somehow turned into the announcement of a product line that is never going to happen?

        BTW. You forgot to tell us, “no new Nikon MX announcement today.”

  • Pablov

    we have almost forgotten about that Big announcement…

    after all, we started to call “Big” to the D3x’s price 😛

    Later, the Big thing was supposed to be a printer (according to Ken R. and some sources).

    Later, the Big thing was a concert of xx (don’t remember, I don’t know that band)

    And then….. indeed, the Big thing already happened and was the recital or was nothing ?

  • Macxtor

    What can i say, BIG mistake NIKON!!
    Now give us a new D400 and a D800 that kills everything in its class.
    D400: 14-15 mpix, ISO 100-6400 no boost, video
    D800: 18-20 mpix ISO 100-12800 no boost, video (NOT 24 mpix that kills the ISo)

    • Pablov

      Good request, I’m with you 🙂 (but still like to have the option of “Hi1” and “Hi2” ISO, just in case I need them for specific situations, it doesn’t hurt to have them 🙂 )

      • Macxtor

        I mean 100-6400, / 100-12800 (+ LO1,HI1, HI2.)

    • bro

      I’m with you……
      just add a little bit…
      both must have built in cleaning sensor and high FPS at least 7 fps without vertical grip.

  • Updating the 80-400, 300 F4, and the 70-200 would also be BIG in my book!

  • Pablov

    WELL, today the Dollar currency got even stronger worldwide. (wall street, shares sale, dollar bill demand, etc.)
    Just watch the TV financial news.

    So, how this will impact in camera and lenses’ prices ?

    – If japanese manufacturers sell their products in Yens in Japan, their price shouln’t have to change

    – If japanese companies make camera and lenses with materials all got in japan, then their prices in Yens shouldn’t change.
    But since this is an hipothetical situation, they should use also imported materials wich might be in dollars.

    After a mess of factors…
    – if japanese manufacturers sell their products in dollars to other countries, their prices shouldn’t have to change, since the dollar currency got stronger, and thus when exchanging to Yens the manufacturer will get more Yens.

    So, why are the prices in U.S. raising ?

    • “So, why are the prices in U.S. raising ?”

      A companies’ main purpose it to turn a profit

      • Pablov

        Don’t they already have profit ?….

        It must be a specific explanation for the raising prices, probably a cummulative of factors.

        would be good for everyone to have a clear answer, wouldn’t it ?

        • Jack

          I think the reason is that Nikon isn’t making the profit they need due to the fluctuating currency market. For Nikon to raise the prices in this economy there must be a very good reason for doing so. I think they realize that people will not like it and it may hurt sales, but from a financial standpoint they probably have little choice.

    • Zoetmb

      You can’t judge a currency by its rise or fall in one day. The Dollar has dropped 34% against the Yen since 2007. That’s why prices in the U.S. are rising.
      2007: 120.163
      2009: 90 (Nikon projection 4th quarter)
      Today: About 92

      The Dollar is rising against the Euro and Pound because conditions are even worse in Europe than they are in the U.S., if that can be believed. The Pound has dropped 44% against the Yen.

      It wasn’t that long ago that a pound was $2. Now it’s $1.42.
      When the Euro was first issued it was below $1. Now it’s $1.26, but that’s way down from about $1.50.

      If Nikon were a UK company, prices in the U.S. would be pretty cheap. But since they’re a Japanese company, it’s the Dollar to Yen conversion that counts.

  • Pablov

    …quiet night !!

  • ronin

    We should hope Nikon stays alive and viable long enough to actually introduce new products. Japan’s exports are way way down. They are essentially in a depression. They have no pricing power to raise prices in any sustained way and expect sales to remain steady; raising prices in this environment is a short-sighted desperation move.

    Without a real outlook of sustained and future sales, R&D budgets will be slashed. Which means new high-end products will see a much longer cycle.

  • I was hoping against hope that Nikon would release the MX… which was very unlikely after the D3x launch anyway.

    Life has become boring… no new releases in the run up to PMA except for the 35mm, which Nikon ought to have released at least 6 years ago…

  • Davey

    Is Nikon coming out with a waterproof camera like Canon did for Pre-PMA 2009?

    I would buy a Nikon underwater camera over a Canon? Should I wait and see if Nikon comes out with one or buy the Canon underwater camera?

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