More on the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX review from Optyczne

Here is some more info and a better translation of the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX review posted few days ago (link):

"In fact, in your translation, there is a lack of the one serious adventage: exceptional sharpness in the center of the frame. The behavior at the center is really good and comparable to much more expensive Zeiss Distagon 2/35, which we already tested. All these lenses were tested using RAW files from Nikon D200 (converted using dcraw and analyzed by Imatest). Nikkor 2/35 was additionally tested on Nikon D3."

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  • Tom

    Wow, my thanks to Optyczne too.

    The lens seems to be sharper than the 35/2 Nikkor at wider apertures, which, considering it’s cheaper, is great news for DXers. It’s not as sharp as the Zeiss though so the FXers still have a better option ?

    Thanks again.

    • I updated the links with translated versions.

  • Still, one could use it for FX shots while employing the 5:4 crop with little vignetting, as was shown in some of the D3X sample shots from Japan. Anyone on the fence considering this lens should be impressed by these tests…

  • czaszi

    Guys from Optyczne are using RAW files for the opinion of quality of the lens in their reviews and it gives the most reliable results. Some online review websites base their opinions on the JPG files which, because of compression, are not giving the ‘true’ result. We just need to wait till they will start posting in English.

  • alex

    so they were using d200 like i’ve said and no CA correction in raw.
    it is good to know the real value of CA but this still remains an amateur test. it doesn’t contain raw images by NX or in-camera jpegs by d300 with CA correction.

    • Anonymous

      It is a test of the lens not the camera. If you want to know something about the performance of the lens in CA you can not use the camera correcting CA.

  • Pablov

    Canon just announced 2 new pro TS lenses (besides new P&S cameras).
    I hope Nikon announce any at PMA.
    I would be much surprised (and dissapointed) if we don’t have any good news from Nikon soon… Maybe I’m wrong, but I see it so quiet, so few news in the past 6 months…. at least for the serious amateur/prosumer/pro segment

    • Pablov

      edit: “Nikon announces any (non TS lens) at PMA”
      I hope any of those so requested updates or new lenses.

      Personally I would even prefer a D400, not to mention a D700x / D800…

    • d40-owner

      I don’t get you guys…..
      Do you actually live for product announcements, instead of taking pictures?
      I also believe KR has completely lost his mind in the past few months, but when he says “your camera doesn’t matter (or lens)”, I do agree with him!
      My only real complaint with my D40 has been a fast prime, and now I have it. That’s it for me! Everything else I can think of, Nikon has it, money being no object.

      As I asked before in this site (with no answer, of course):
      – Please tell us what kind of shot you absolutely cannot do with Nikon gear, assuming you could purchase anything, but you could with Canon.

      • I think its a spill-over from the P&S world, where there are new cameras (with random assortments of marketing-driven specs) every 6-8 days. When you read some of these sites, you get the impression that you should somehow buy a new camera every 1-2 months or something, whenever the next model or deal comes out!

        Personally, I’ve put most of my investment into glass, and without overlap. Sure, I do have a D300, but I bought it right when it came out, am very happy with it, and won’t be upgrading again for quite a long time. Finding good places to actually take pictures is a far greater concern of mine these days.

        In fact, out of protest for all the digital-this and photoshop-that attitudes, I feel like I really should just go out and shoot more film. (P.S. The Nikon F100 is a great bargain if you want to use all these new FX lenses on a film camera)

        • Tom


          I agree that we don’t NEED new lenses in many cases but it can also be fairly said that some things could be a lot easier to do and the results would be better with an updated lens.

          One gap I have is the DX portrait/close action zoom. I want DOF control/high shutter speeds so I would like constant f2.8 and I would like it to go from about 40-120 on DX,plus have VR for lower light levels and no monopod. No-one makes this lens. The closest is Sigma’s 50-150 and that is a bit longer than I’d like and it’s a Sigma and I personally can’t be bothered with their quality control etc.

          • DNHJR

            How about the Tokina 50-135mm f/2.8. It’s a very nice lens.

          • Sigma Owner

            I’ve got the Sigma 70-200, and it is a great lens. I’ve never had any doubts about it’s quality…

          • Tom

            The Tokina doesn’t have AF-S/HSM so I’d prefer the Sigma to the Tokina. I’ve heard the Sigma performs better at the tele end too.

            I also don’t want a 70-200 – I could get the 70-200VR if I did.

            I’ve owned Sigma stuff before and it feels well-built, perhaps even overweight, but I’ve also had problems with constant over-exposure, de-centering and front-focusing, so I won’t buy Sigma again. If you have a good Sigma, that’s good for you.

            I’m not putting Sigma or Tokina down. I simply prefer Nikkor and I’m happy to pay the extra.

            I’d go to about $1500 for an AF-S 40-120 f2.8 VR if it was top-drawer quality.

      • Pablov

        Here you have an answer:

        I don’t live for announcements at all.
        I would like to have the oportunity to buy the gear that I am looking for and not to be alert to announcements for a long time.

        In my specific and personal case I’m waiting to purchase a Nikon or Canon gear that represents an investment to me, despite it will be surpassed in the future as every electronic device (DSLR in this case) I need specific features that are still not available from Nikon:

        ~20MP (need for extra large prints, and please, I don’t need a discussion about why or how I can enlarge a 12MP image, etc)
        – full HD Movie mode with full manual controls with good motion quality
        – affordable lens in the range of 70-200 (I would like the Canon 70-200 f4L IS USM , because it’s cheaper than 2.8 and very good quality, that Nikon doesn’t have)
        – 24/28-70/75 f2.8 (maybe Tamron’s new next release)

        The major investment is in the camera, because it won’t be replaced or upgraded in many years, so I can’t simply buy one and then sell it. In my country there is no such option.
        The quality of the lenses is extremely important, but I can not afford the so expensive 2.8 line at this very moment, so the overall budget is limited and then I have to choose what brand and equipment to buy.

        That simple, no misteries, just need something that still is not offered by Nikon (nor Canon). If the 5D Mark II had the full manual control in Movie mode, it would be probably the best option for me at this time.

        As I always say, I don’t get married with any brand, just pick up and use what fits best to my need in a specific period of time.

        I have Nikon and Canon, both brands have advantages, unfortunately there is no perfect camera, nor brand line of lenses.

        • On some of your requests:
          – ~20MP: They have the D3X, though its hardly affordable, so perhaps a point there. But other vendor’s affordable-price offerings are very new, so it may come in due time
          – full HD Movie mode: Why is this important? Its always sounded like more of a gimmick for me, as I’d get a real video camera if I wanted to shoot movies. (though Nikon does have it on some new models)
          – affordable lens in the range of 70-200: Definitely a point here. While I love my 70-200/2.8, it is pricey. Though you do have options if you don’t mind a variable aperture.
          – 24/28-70/75 f2.8: Nikon has a 24-70/2.8 out there on the market. Sure, its pro-grade and pro-priced, but it does exist.

          • Pablov

            Thanks for the reply.

            As you stated, almost everything from nikon is highly priced, and impossible to buy here in my country, at least so far for me (I seriously doubt the local nikon center has a D3x for sale, indeed, this is so small you can’t imagine, just one Nikon center for whole country)
            The D3x can be amazing, but impossible to buy here, it would cost around USD 14,000….

            The Movie/Video: this is very important to me since I need a pro quality video capable camera for a artistic projects (the whole project includes stills and video art).
            The big FF sensor allows low noise (like a several thousands dollars’ camera) and a narrow depth of field (idem). And I can use the lenses I already have, very wide angle, and other that will buy for the new high res camera. So the advantages against a camcorder are huge.

            Purchasing a 10-20K video camera (which might allow some, not all, the advantages I mentioned) is irrational (and impossible for me) if I can (almost, so far) get it everything in a whole package.

            Check some of the video/movie productions made with the 5D Mark II, it’s certainly not a gimmick at all, it has enormous potential, and will certainly be present in upcoming DSLRs (I don’t know if every DSLR, but most of them will include it)


          • jrossel

            Dude, I also want a new Mercedes S400 with full-extras for $5.000. I think Mercedes has a big gap in their lineup by not having a $5.000 S-class.

          • Pablov


            you don’t understand the points or situation, that is very clear, just limited to specific aspects.

            I don’t ask anything for 5 bucks, there are lenses and camera that can afford, but still (5D MK II) doesn’t have the necessary manual control in movie mode. Only is that missing (very important feature for the project) so far.

            Hopefully Nikon will release some DSLR with manual control in movie mode, and Canon should follow to not be behind (if they don’t do it first)

            This has nothing to do with your mercedes.

  • rhlpetrus

    Interesting the DX design seems to pull top performance to lower aperture (f/4). The other two top at f/5.6-f/8. Not much difference between these actually, goo performance for 200 buck from new DX 35. I’ll stick to my nice f/2 Nikkor, great lens, and I bet the focusing ring is more sensitive for manual focusing in the non AF-S design, nice to have in many situations.

  • rjm

    The question is whether the variation in sharpness across of the frame is obviously seen in a photo. Looking at the test photos I can convince myself that the problem is far from trivial… but I admit it’s nearly impossible to make a definitive judgement from the test photos so far.

  • mattiask

    Ooh,,, the zeiss lens is the best lens I have ever tried. I love it, it is probably the last lens in my setup to be replaced. Although one would like to have AF sometimes.

  • Tony M

    Thanks for the link but I need to ‘brush up on my Polish’ – sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Davey

    Is Nikon coming out with a waterproof camera like Canon did for Pre-PMA 2009?

    I would buy a Nikon underwater camera over a Canon? Should I wait and see if Nikon comes out with one or buy the Canon underwater camera?

    • Willis
    • Willis

      Well if you don’t mind film, there is always the Nikonos V. The cannon is a sissy camera compared to this one :), which will stay waterproof to 160 feet.

      It looks like the spam filter blocked my first post beause I linked to a store. Just google it.

    • I got once a rumor about a new Nikonos, but I did not find it credible and did not make it public.

      • Tom

        You can buy a Canon G9 and a Canon waterproof case, good to about 30metres.

        I have a little IXUS with a Canon case, it does 30min 640×480 movies, which is ideal for recording a dive. The problem is with the low light levels underwater so the movies aren’t great quality, but quite adequate for a home movie/memory kind of thing.

      • Willis

        A new Nikonos would be pretty cool. I’d own one if I lived somewhere that had good diving.

        It’d be kind of cool if there were some kind of page 2 section for rumors that lack credibility… then again, maybe not. People would probably just submit random crap they thought up while drunk.

        • I used to have page 2 for Rumors, but it did not go that well. I can add a section at the bottom for other Rumors and news that do not deserve a separate post.

          • ChrisL

            I wondered where page 2 went.

  • Crabby

    The announcement here on the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 G saved me from buying the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and kept $200 in my wallet. These sort of things are the reason I look at this site. It doesn’t stop me from taking photos.

  • Tim Catchall

    Canon users get two new tilt-shift lenses. And they are state-of-the-art, with every conceivable technology in Canon’s arsenal thrown in: UD glass, aspherical elements, super-spectra coatings, sub-wavelength coatings etc etc.

    And we Nikon users get this two lens: 35mm f1.8 DX. It is sad.

    Nikon caught Canon slumbering with the D3 and 14-24. That was 18 months ago. But it has awoken a sleeping giant. I think we will see a lot from Canon this year.

    • Tom

      I bet the 35mm outsells the two ts-e lenses put together and makes Nikon far more money that the ts-e lenses do for Canon.

      It isn’t sad. It’s great news – more profit means more R&D resources and better bodies and lenses.

      And more Canon releases will prompt Nikon to release more. It’s all good.

      We’re in a recession – the sad thing would no news, no rumors, nothing new, job losses and Nikon’s share price plummeting.

      We should all be pleased that Canon and Nikon seem to be doing so well; the competition benefits all of us.

      • Tim Catchall

        Haha, ok, fair enough. No more complaining about this lens.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe just that there’s none in stock…. 🙂

    • ChrisL

      Uh, Nikon delivered three tilt/shift lenses, *last* year.

      Which is all very nice, but a bit specialized and a bit expensive. Nice to see a normal prime, which should have been released at the same time as the D200, finally.

  • Pablov

    About Price Watch: would it be possible to keep record of previous prices list?

    Just to see how they change over time, would be much interesting and possibly useful too.

    • yes, but this is too much work and I really don’t have the time
      it is a project on itself 🙂
      one day I will do it

      • Tom

        How about doing a quick screenshot of your own page before updating it ? Then post the jpeg somewhere as an archive ?

        But if you are too busy hunting down rumors then no worries – someone could set up if they really thought it would get hits. hmm, maybe someone already has ? I’m too lazy to check !

        Anyway, there are shopping sites that do this sort of thing already…

        • Yes, I can do something like that. There are such sites, but they are not targeted for photo equipment and many models are not listed.

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