Nikon: ebay madness

It is time for ebay madness:

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  • Matt

    need. more. rumors.

  • Eric B

    Is it just me, or does the sigma auction look like a scam? 15% required deposit via Personal check or wire transfer? that sounds VERY suspicious.

    • DNHJR don’t do scams. I’m pretty sure I saw this lens on B&H’s site and they also take a deposit. It’s so people whon’t back out of the deal which happen alot on ebay on big sale items.

  • anon

    hey it’s only 16.95 shipping to canada!

  • Wannes

    Here in Holland second hand Nikon equipment is selling slow.
    A SB-800 is now only 175 euro’s (250 before) and a
    AFS 70-200 hardly sells for 1200 euor’s (1450 before….).
    Items related to the DX-format are all over the place, bought
    a 17-55 2.8 brand new for 599 euro’s (1649,= new) from a shop

    • bruno

      Hi Wannes, can you give some addresses? I intent to be in Holland next week (I’m from Belgium) and would welcome good shopping tips.


  • PJS

    Interesting that the 360-1200 is the same lens pictured on Vink’s database – check the serial number….

  • Well the Phoenix 800mm f/8 mirror lens seems to be quite the bargain. I am still patting myself on the back for having snagged a rare and “legendary” Tamron SP 350mm f/5.6 mirror lens for well under $200 CDN within the last few weeks. 🙂

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