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Interview with Nikon @ PMA 2010

Interview with Nikon @ PMA 2010 – the interview is very long, nothing really interesting in terms of future products except this quote from David Lee (President of Nikon Inc.) when they talked about cameras size: “…unless you put a pancake lens on it, and then all of a sudden you’re back to… a digital rangefinder, if […]

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Thom Hogan’s 2009 Nikon predictions

Here are the main points: “Something not called D3x” – in late 2008 or early 2009. Oops, I just wrote in my last post that the next D3 will be called D3x. I still stand behind my sources. New Nikon D60 in spring of 2009. “A limited edition Nikon: likely a D3 sensor in an […]

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Nikon SD digital rangefinder

This is an anonymous rumor I got from Japan – there is no way to verify the credibility of the source, but Nikon has done some limited edition series in the past (non-digital): Nikon SD: FF (35mm) digital rangefinder Sensor/processing out of the D3 Full titanium interior/exterior body Very compact/light – built for low light/discreet/art […]

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September 18th or November 8th (updated)

Post in dpreview: “Just got an e-mail from NPS Holland to mark 8 November in my agenda for a special event that hasn’t has an equal” Anyone else getting such emails? Can someone forward me the actual text? Just fyi – November 8th is a Saturday. Another post at camerarumors: “Meanwhile, Nikon will make like […]

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MX Lenses

This is the message I received: “So i DID WRITE ALL THE BOXES. I can make mabe a picture next wheek when I am on the night work schedule, not now. So you will belief me 
So here is all 6 six boxes: AF-S MX Nikkor 24 f4.0G AF-S MX Nikkor 45 f2.8G AF-S MX […]

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Thom Hogan said…

Thom Hogan is back from his trip in Alaska. He may not be happy about this, but I will again carefully read every single word in his latest post on his web site: “Meanwhile the A900 becomes the megapixel bargain (at least for a short period of time)” – is there something coming? Maybe Canon? […]

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Comment in a forum

NR received a forum comment made by someone who was correct before in terms of predicting future announcement. This individual is also known to be a tester for a major company. I agree not to reveal the country or the name of this person. This is what he/she said and I am quoting the translation […]

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One bad and two good news

Anonymous message to NR: “Please be advised that the “Otoji” concept as you refer to is no longer current. Although accurate, the project in this form was abandoned over a year ago. It was deemed to be too complicated for deployment. However, selected components and concepts are being introduced in a new system which is set for release […]

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