One bad and two good news

Anonymous message to NR:

"Please be advised that the "Otoji" concept as you refer to is no longer current. Although accurate, the project in this form was abandoned over a year ago. It was deemed to be too complicated for deployment. However, selected components and concepts are being introduced in a new system which is set for release in March '09. This info was also correct.
As others have correctly observed, some new lenses have a larger image circle than needed for 24x36.
You should carefully assess the upcoming newly to be released (prime) lenses and realize they cover more than strictly needed. As for form factor, think E-2 but sleeker and compacter. There will not be a separate line of lenses, rather a select few that fill a dual purpose exceedingly well."

If the above is true, the good news is that something new and different is still coming in March 2009, the bad news is that it is not going to be Otoji. I am not sure about the reference to E-2: there was an old Olympus E-1
but there was no E-2 model and I am sure the comment was not for the Sanyo E2. Any ideas?

We have to watch the new primes at Photokina! I guess this is the second good news.
Those are the latest Nikon rumors. Peace.
Update: the reference was for the Nikon E2 model - I was not sharp enough to get to that model before.

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  • Anonymous

    Maybe he refers to the old e-20.

  • adomas
  • Chris V

    A Blog Admin for NikonRumors that hasn’t heard of the E2/E2s/E3 series? Did you start CanonRumors first and then added this to corner the market? :))

  • Blog Admin

    early ’90? this was before my time… and a google search for “camera e2” does not have any Nikon references.
    Did I say that I know everything about Nikon? Let’s leave it at that. Oh, and one more thing – I do not run CanonRumors.

  • jo-1

    which lenses have a larger image circle except the PC-E ones?

    Can anybody help me here? I thought all lenses MUST have a slightly larger image circle than needed – thus every 35mm (FX) format lens covers > 43 mm diameter at maximum aperture. Did Nikon ever publish lenses (except the perspective control lenses) that cover a much larger image circle??

    This would be a major decision factor for a lens purchase for me – in large format photography I always try to use lenses only at 80% image circle if possible

  • Daniel

    No one blames you for not knowing about E2, but please update the article with info. I find it thrilling to add incamera lenses to be able to use F-mount lenses for medium format sensors.
    Brilliant! The idea behind the E2 was lost, but using the principle in the reverse context (increasing focal plane instead of decreasing it) will be revolutionary.

  • beuler

    I am now assuming otiji will be a 24mp 48mmx36mm sensor camera with rangefinder focusing. This should be a “prime only” format and lenses that should work on it (large image circle) are the new PC lenses.
    – 24mm f3.5 (17mm equiv.)
    – 45mm f2.8 (28mm equiv.)
    – 85mm f2.8 (60mm equiv.)

    If new primes to be announced have sufficiently large image circle, then we are in for:
    – 50mm f1.4 (35mm equiv.)
    – 85mm f1.4 (60mm equiv.)

    if the new micros have large image circles…
    – 60mm f2.8 (43mm equiv.)
    – 105mm f2.8 (75mm equiv.)

    That´s a total of 7 prime lenses at the launch of the format. Not bad.

  • Bret

    man, I hope nikon releases those 10-40mm f/1.4 and the 11-120mm f/2.0 again. That’s like the dream walkaround lens. I know they won’t do it though, if they did they’d cost too much for me anyway.

  • Blog Admin

    I already did update the post with a link to E2. Thanks all for the clarification. I’ve said it before – this site is a collaborative effort from people around the world.

  • thedetective

    assuming this will be a cam for studio work mostly, an equivalent of 75 is pretty short for many portrait situations. I think they will have to release a 105 and 135 equivalent at least. That’s 150 and 200 mm lenses in your quoted format. Still, this would be a great camera that would fill the gap between medium and FX.

  • PHB

    I did some poking at the specs for the PC lenses yesterday, I agree that they are likely intended for MX use, although surely as a reissue with AFS focusing and without the PC mount.

    My take (as of yesterday)

    I don’t know how to interpret the statement that Otoji is canceled but a new system is coming out. I suspect it means that this is not going to be the ‘modular’ system some predicted. But it certainly seems to confirm the claim that there is a new, larger format in the works.

    Oh and if you look at pretty much any zoom you will find that the image circle gets larger as you increase the focal length.

  • Anonymous

    what about 50mm ƒ/1.4D AF? it got massive glass on the back

  • March ’09 would also be right after WPPI at which they have all ready advertised releasing “something big”

  • Clay

    This (a 0.5 crop factor)would seem to explain why the prime speculation for Photokina focuses on focal lengths of 50mm and more (i.e., the 85 1.4) rather than 50mm and less (i.e., a 35 1.4 or 28 1.4). Still hoping for a 35 1.4, but it ain’t gonna happen. Oh well, I’ll set my sights on a 17-55 2.8 and save a couple months more.

  • Joachim

    the Sigma f/1.4 50 mm does as well 🙂

    sent it back last weekend due to corner problems – though very impressive – I am rather curious about that Nikon version of this lens

    36 x 48 mm in a range finder would mean lightweight plus impressive quality . . .

  • Rob

    Already having the larger image circle, they may as well build a D700+ with an in-body stabilizer! That would be *the* perfect camera!

  • isa

    But an in-body VR is less effective than VR in the lens! This is the reason why Canon and Nikon don’t have in-body stabilizers…

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