Interview with Nikon @ PMA 2010

Interview with Nikon @ PMA 2010 - the interview is very long, nothing really interesting in terms of future products except this quote from David Lee (President of Nikon Inc.) when they talked about cameras size:

"...unless you put a pancake lens on it, and then all of a sudden you're back to... a digital rangefinder, if you will. So I think it's something that's very interesting, and I think if there's some technical leaps going forward, there's a possibility that that could be another category, but at this point in time we're listening to what the consumers are saying right now..."

Just two more related quotes from previous interviews with Nikon executives:

"We plan to surprise the market" - from an interview with Hiroshi Takashima (General Manger of Imaging Division at Nikon)

On Micro 4/3 & Nikon: “If we follow this type of equipment, we change our frame (mount). The new frame will provide new opportunities or provide access to new technologies and to use targets smaller and lighter” - from an interview with Tetsuro Goto (Director of Laboratory Research and Development at Nikon).

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  • zzddrr

    It is very interesting that not one of them is defining the timeframe. This may give room for disappointment especially since Nikon tend to be late.

    • woble

      Defining a time frame is impossible if you don’t have a definitive product for public display yet.

      • zzddrr

        good point. if that’s the case then they have nothing

  • woble

    “…we’re listening to what the consumers are saying right now…”


    • Anonymous

      more FX lenses (35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.0, 85mm 1.2, 14mm 2.8) and the D3s Sensor in the D700!!!

      • woble

        Don’t hold your breath for the 14/2.8 prime. Get the 14-24/2.8 while they are still fresh. 😀

        • Anonymous

          Get the Samyang instead 😉

      • Anonymous

        Not D3s sensor, but D3x sensor on D700 body. Another 12mp camera?

      • Prosumer

        Do we need any of these lenses above? No.
        Do we need a D700s? Not really.
        Do we need a D800 cw 24-120mm f/4? Yes !

        • Canon Fangirly

          And an 800mm f/4 AF-S VR

        • nick

          I find people’s comments on here hilarious.

          Everyone always phrases things as “WE need this.” or “WE need that”

          But “We” always means what that specific individual needs. Personally, I don’t need that lens, but I could definitely use updated, fast primes.

          • David

            Update those 20mm to 28mm primes. f/2.8
            Please have more primes for DX. I like the 35 f/1.8 very much. I would like an updated 28 f.28

    • preston


  • grumps

    Nikon doens’t seem they want to be a pioneer… they are too careful, which is understandable in this economy. With Canon heavily leading the HDDSLR and Olympus and Panasonic paving the way for micro 4/3. I really only leaves Nikon with loyalist!

    Leica had a rebirth recently with their M9, but they’re a specialist product. Ultimatly Nikon needs to be cutting edge again with their already existing product line, or they could eventually become a Pentax. I’m not trying to pick on Pentax, but there was a time they were up in the running during film days and now trying to find a place with medium format again, which will be hard since digital is already growing in MPs and the likes of more established makers such as hassleblads, a release that can severly undermine the pricing structure of photography overall, or there product ultimately crashes in doing so!

    Well, I’ll refrain from completing the essay and just say, DLRs from Nikon need to surpass Canon in HD. Lenses need be completed in their primes, which I do see currently happening and the rest will follow. It’s funny, it during a bad economy that they should take the risk to introduce to market more innovations instead of largly playing sheep.

    • Anonymous

      Honest question…. are we as much of a significant part of the market as we believe?

      • ArtTwisted

        no were not. and the pentax will get my purchuse if its ANY good and my D would stay as my field cam. I cant wait to get some hard facts about the pentax regarding iq

      • zzzzzz

        Not even remotely, just do the maths, Nikon has sold about 50 million SLR lenses in its entire existence.

    • Eric

      Interesting that you brought up Pentax, I started out with Pentax, then switched to Nikon, and then to Olympus, and now I’m onto Canon (I’m a grass is greener type of guy), but I still have a soft spot for Pentax. I view Pentax as a smaller and more focused version of Nikon. They both really seem to understand the needs of photographers, but they both need to get moving on EVIL’s. Perhaps Pentax even more so than Nikon. Pentax is known for making excellent small street cameras…and what is one of the key uses for EVIL’s? Yep, street photography. Nikon on the other hand needs one for a different reason…since all of their high end DSLR bodies (and most of their new lenses) weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of a metric ton it would be nice to have a high quality small camera system built with the quality of a D300/700. The D5000 is small and light alright, but it’s not exactly the kind of tool most serious street photographers want to use with its plastic fantastic body, scene modes, and beginner guide built in.

    • David

      They are probably paying very close attention to what Canon users are saying and want.

      • Reza Gorji

        I agree 100%.

  • I think the anouncement will be a big disappointment. I read the interview this morning and it seemed to be heavily weighted to small cameras being their focus right now. I guess I’ll just bite the bullet and order the D700 now.

    • Quido

      Thom Hogan is predicting the D900 by the end of March . I’d wait these 4 to 5 more weeks to see if he’s right. He even changed the camera name recently so he might have some real info.

      • Bob

        The rebates end the last of march.

        • bakka

          ..but u’ll get a cracking used deal on a D700 IF the 900 is released.

      • nick

        Thom has been wrong about a lot of things. He’s a smart guy, but his predictions are just that – predictions. I think he’s at less than 50% right most years.

  • The Amazing Chen

    Pancake lenses for SLRs get resurrected ever 15 years or so. They’re an old and inefficient SLR lens design that was a transplant from rangefinders and simply doesn’t work as well. I think the last time Nikon tried this was in the 1980s, along with everyone else, and then it died again.

    • Andy

      I’d have to agree. I remember when these came out and were promoted as the next best thing before promptly vanishing There may be a place for them on rangefinder 4-3rds but then again, rangefinders don’t use SLR lenses, but a completely different optical calculation. You can’t compare the two.

      And, of course, you don’t get macro.

  • Dweeb

    Sure seems like it’s business as usual. Just plod along with a few improvements and refinements that slingshot you past Canon for about three months every two years. Even hinted at geotagging in a few years time.

  • Anonymous

    I think Nikon is doing everything just right. Look how many of us spend hours upon hours speculating, repeating, dreaming and desiring the same old thing. Our enthusiasm is not going anywhere and when Nikon releases “it” we will buy it. Alternatives are limited so we have very little choice. As far as I am concerned they have very little to lose. They have a very excellent line of cameras that do not lack in anyway whatsoever and…. they just announced some more lenses and even filled a hole with the 24 1.4. Give them time and sit back a take a realistic look at how far they have come since the D70 days. Stop quantifying specs as the be all and end all… The D3s and the D700 perform equally as well if not better than the Canon equivalent. We are talking about cameras not UFO’s here!!!!! ok I feel better…..

    • Richard


      The problem, as I see it, is that Nikon either does not understand the current market or is uncertain of their understanding of it. They appear to be playing the “latecomer” role in game theory competition. In other words, they have their finger to the wind to see which way it is blowing.

      Nikon have had experienced several problems. The one that is probably least well understood is their P&S sales. Canon have severely beaten Nikon about the head and shoulders with their P&S products. Apart from the obvious revenue these sales generate, the technological development for these products carries over into their other product lines and spreads the R&D costs over more products, thus enabling Canon to be more price competitive.

      Nikon has not developed their own sensor technology, although they have worked with their technology partners to refine the sensor technology. As such, Nikon are left waiting for something new to develop in sensors…not that the result have been bad in the top-of-the-line products. Still, Nikon appear to have stagnated at the 12 MP level for quite some time now. People can argue endlessly about MP count not mattering, but it does matter when it comes to cropping and still having a sufficiently high dpi capability to generate very high quality prints. See Thom Hogan’s take on this, for example.

      To return to the point about Nikon putting their finger to the wind, it seems that Nikon have chosen a very cautious path either out of (financial) necessity or lack of understanding the present market and, in doing so, have placed themselves at greater risk of loss of market share. Time will tell.

      • Marco

        it s right! at the high level nikon is a bit better than canon and it s the best brand in the world for wilde life and sport photograpy or anywhere else is dangerous to stay. For photojournalist Lieca is the best but is just a nick mkt for rich people.
        So it comes canon that is the best for beginner.

        But the format 4/3 will be the best in this near future becouse it will allow you to use a compact camere with interchangeble lenses. Canon will do the same.

        Just look around and you ll see that user od nikon d60 or canon 1000d just look at the screen!!! So ultimatly, y put a prism on the camera?

        • Carlos

          I was reading your dialog about nikons evil system on the other news and got interested…but, after you said now that Leica is the best for photojournalism you lost me….how is a rangefinder good for photojournalism? it was about 30-50 years ago for documenatry….

          • Richard

            I think size is where Leica still has appeal.

      • aetas

        I have not seen a post I agree with more in quite awhile.

  • Alfredo

    Nikon is slow..but in the end is better than Canon, just slower…

    • zack

      …and more expensive

  • Andy

    I think that there’s not much point in Nikon creating their own fabrication plants for bayer sensors since we’re approaching the end-game for them. Soon the sensors will reach the maximum that SLR lenses will allow for resolution — in the low to mid-30 megapixels.

    Eventually this will trickle down to consumer products but I’d expect that we’d see that in the D4 or certainly the D5. What replaces current sensor technology? Well, that which doesn’t see the world largely in shades of green. The trouble is, the manufacturers aren’t interested in making Sigma rich so they’ll have to come up with their own patent fences to protect themselves against what ever Foveon patents Sigma has erected over the last few years.

    I want my Ektachrome blues back!

    • Marco

      you are right, convetional lenses are almost at the end!!!
      But waht about the biologial glass? It a technology that recreate an organic eye!!

      The big step it will be in zoom lenses where the fielscopes are riching amazing level of sharpness!! MAy be in ten year we will have a zoom 50 to 50 000 in a kilogram!!! Nice isn t it!!

      For sure the future we will have mainly 3 types of sensor
      bigger than fx

      not anymore dx!!

      • ArtTwisted

        theres no way to know, its quite possible we end up with only 120 and FX, or only DX and 4 by 5, theres huge areas sensor tech hasent reached yet and only time will tell what type sticks with pros and what sticks with consumers. Look back ten years and tell me what format wedding and portrait photographers used when they were worried about iq, it was always mf or bigger, i have a feeling the digi slr game will change once we get to true mf backs, and 4×5 8×10 ect. True 2000 mp images will be possible then with no limiting lense issues since those kind of lenses are already able to resolve that kind of detail. SLR lenses just cant do it though.

    • Richard

      I don’t disagree with your basic premise, but I do believe that there is ample room for improvement in the manufacture of lenses so as to take advantage of the designs which, at present, are considered “exotic” (and priced accordingly).

  • jay

    i don’t want access to new technologies, to use targets smaller and lighter. Just want a small body that mounts existing lenses.

    • grumps

      A simple comment that surely “hits the nail on the head.”
      However, There’s still a lot of room at play there. Keeping their loyal customers satisfied is surely the easiest way, I’ve easily spent $20K on Nikon products just over the last couple of years! Of course not everyone fits into this category, but keeping them coming back for more is easy economics to understand.

      Introducing a new Coolpix line, isn’t bad since they are surely very diposable, but not “thinking Apple”, meaning not integrating with the lifestyle ahead of time and advancing technology integration into their product line to IMPROVE, while sounds surely easy enough to understand, is slow of the bat, IS alarming! While other companies are gaining ground, it leave THE general public very unexcited and building a lack of confidence in their brand. Branding is HUGE. Just saying HD DSLRs, we already in the next level where mostly one brand comes to mind now. Carl Zeiss is introducing cine lenses exclusively to Canon. I’m not saying Nikon should do this, but Canon got another company heavily invested, is good for them since they would ultimately have to spend less….. (too wordy I know!)

      • Richard

        That and the Zeiss name still means something in the field of optics…and marketing.

  • Carlos

    Hey ADMIN…how about that conversation you had with Marco and invisible man on the other news….DO YOU THINK ITS REAL STUFF? Thanks….

    • I don’t know Carlos, I am waiting on an answer

  • Jabs

    A Comment:
    I have been in Technology for a long time and I have seen many trends, some great and others lousy.
    I don’t understand why people are obsessed with everything getting smaller? It is as though smaller means more chic but at times smaller means less usability and instead of an area to put more controls, we end up with multi-menu options where one controls provide ‘100 functions’ and the equipment is lighter but useless.
    I don’t understand why people want all these smaller cameras and then still want to mount a large lens on it.
    Cell phones are one example – they have so many functions and so many small controls that the average sized MAN hands cannot use them well, as you are stuck pressing more than one control when you meant to press only one.
    I see a pattern of complaining about size all the time like we have become spoilt weaklings unable to lug a few pounds or grams around.
    We now seem to wish for cameras so small, that you need thirty fingers the size of spiders to press and control our miniature dreams.
    People are foolish to expect any constant stream of miniaturization and then still expect the same usability that they now take for granted.
    If you look at the smartphone as an example, HOW many of you would like a camera to digress to that?
    Perhaps you think before you keep wishing for smaller and smaller cameras and then NO ONE can use them expect miniature people.

  • Hi,
    I just want everybody to know that I don’t have any informations about a 3 sensors Nikon DSLR or compact camera.
    If Nikon corporation is developing or plan to market a 3 sensors camera it will be only a coincidence.
    I don’t have access or know anyone who could have access to Nikon research and products development services.

    • bakka


  • Jabs

    Next Comment:
    We are digressing as a society towards mediocrity and people hardly care for quality anymore or any type of hard work or exerting any effort to accomplish a job. We see this in the Music Industry where most sell you MP3’s with their lousy compressed quality and people see that as fine, while they keep the better sounding CD’s for the ‘golden ears’, I guess.
    MP3’s are convenient but I see people asking for the same in photography.
    SMALL, lousy cameras with high specs and absolutely cute but awful picture takers – suitable mainly for YouTube, Twitter or such.
    The Camera Market is splitting up into the mass mediocrity of the Movie and Audio world – you give the people convenience, instant gratification and then convince the fool that they have the best and most stylish piece of crap.
    I think many here are asking for things that they do not understand will destroy the Photography Business, perhaps.
    Real craftsmanship with real cameras will probably become a specialized world but many here are asking for excellent results while clamoring for dumbed down tools.
    SORRY, but you can’t have both.
    The market is fracturing into the ‘pretend cameras’ and REAL cameras and thus decide which one YOU want.
    I have a few ‘pretend cameras’ and they have their place but I sure won’t be buying any lightweight designer crap that is so light that I can’t even use the itty bitty thing.
    QUIT complaining before we all end up using I-POD’s and such things because people asked for what they wanted and it KILLED the Photographic Market.
    Nikon is passionate about Photography and their Products reflect that.
    Are you?

    I don’t WANT a Point and Shoot – I want a REAL DSLR with enough resolution and ISO capability plus ruggedness to do my job.
    The two best examples of that on the market are to me, the Nikon D3s and the D3x.
    No Canons’, No Leica’s and no 4/3rd cameras.
    If I have to work harder to pay for a more expensive camera or lens, then so be it, but keep the miniature crap – ALREADY bought and shot with a Leica and hated it plus my N4004 and 35-70 F2.8 shot way better pictures that it for a heck of a lot less.
    Be careful what you ask for, as it just might kill the Photographic Market.

    End of rant – LOL!

    • ArtTwisted

      so your saying a leica is “not a real camera” when it in fact is a more direct tool to capture a higher quality image then almost any 35mm camearas ever made. Also my D90 and my friends D300 are “real cameras” just as much as the D3’s are. Stupid comment overall.

      • Jabs

        Greetings ARTTWISTED,
        I am not saying that a Leica is NOT a real camera but I am alluding to the fact that Leica is a boutique camera and not the best camera either in the old days or even now.
        An F2 or F3 is better than anything almost ever made by Leica as far as a camera body is made, as I have owned lots of cameras and shot slides (Kodakchrome 25, 64, 200, Velvia 50, 64T, 100, 400, Ektachrome and others), Black and White, Color prints and even Polaroid Instant slides and the Leica bodies are legendary but always behind the times.
        I remember when myself and my well known brother (won’t say his name) went on a shoot out in Manhattan – me with an F3AF-MD4/MN2 Nicads plus an 80 F2.8 AF and a Nikon polarizer, Velvia 100, a Nikon N4004AF with a 35-70 F2.8 and Fuji Velvia 400 plus a Nikon Polarizer, a Nikon F3HP-MD4/MN2 Nicads and some Fuji Neopan 100 and he with his Leicas, Minolta/Leica CLE camera, Canon new F1 and motor drive plus he was shooting Agfapan, Ilford B/W and T-Maxx (I think) plus some Velvia 100 or some other color slide film.
        We walked from downtown Manhattan (Canal Street area) in SOHO to midtown 45-47th Street and shot the very same subjects as they (both of my brothers are photographers) were telling me that the F3 was a new and lousy electronic camera plus that you did not need autofocus as in the then new F3AF. My other brother shot manually only (manual bodies and Gossen Luna Pro or Minolta meteras) in using a Nikon FM-2 with MD-10 motordrive and only used fast Nikon glass (35 1.4, 85 1.4, 105 1.8, 135 2.0, 180 2.8 ED). We all were excited to see what these cameras could do. We went to Duggal Labs in Manhattan and they developed our results while we went and had a meal.
        The results:
        The F3 blew both the Leica and the Canon away and so said the pros who looked at our results there. The Leica lens have a lot of contrast but give me a fast autofocus, fast motordrive Nikon any day. I sold my first Leica to my brother and he has many Leicas but I shy away from them, as I believe that Nikon makes better PERFORMING products than they do – PERIOD. Leica has great lens and lousy bodies in my opinion. In street shooting, I blew away my experienced street shooting brother the Leica specialist with an N4004AF, and F3AF with a 80 F2.8 and also took more and better pictures than he did even though he was more familiar with that area of Manhattan than I was.
        We shot from daylight to overcast evening and the N4004 and F3AF were quicker than the rangefinder as I got the shots and he missed them, especially when we encountered fast moving pigeons. I basically shot about three shots to his one and all of mine were in focus plus I know how to frame accurately and shoot quickly which you can’t do as well with a rangefinder and its’ limited choice of lens and focal lengths.
        I like the new Leica S2 and the shots from it are fantastic but I think the M9 is a piece of crap being sold to boutique camera buyers – for the money of an M9, give me a Nikon D3X or even a D3s, as I consider those two cameras to be better than anything ever made by Leica plus they take better pictures than the M9 any day.
        Sorry pal, but blunt and experienced camera user. I even shot a Yashica Mat TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) with 120 and 220 Velvia 50 while guessing the exposure after confirmation from the cameras built-in meter (?) and it blew away both the Leica, the Canon and the Nikons – LOL!
        You use what you like and I use what PROVES to be better.
        Sorry if my frankness upsets you, but I prefer to tell it like I see it.
        The test then was about Electronic cameras and autofocus -vs- a rangefinder and thus the pros were excited, as many had never seen the results from an F3AF but some were familiar with the F3 and the then new F3HP. I was on the cutting edge and they were stuck in the past PLUS my results were way better as I was shooting slides and also using Nikon regular and circular polarizers. The newer cameras did not need exposure compensation to get accurate results and thus when I shot store fronts with neon lights, I got little or no reflections plus accurate exposures which he did not get.

    • preston

      the ipod is a perfect example of a user interface that was fantastically designed with a minimal amount of controls/buttons without losing functionality or having to go deep into menus to access features. the difference is that this is an MP3 player! We can’t do this in a dslr because the controls and options we need to access in a camera are MUCH MORE complicated than a music playing device! You’re never going to have all of the manual controls necessary in a dslr accessible with 1 hand. there are simply too many functions for this to be quick and efficient. Nikon, please don’t try to ipod-ize your dslr’s! Thanks!

      • nick

        Also menus like the ipod don’t apply to camera work. speed is of the essence when you’re adjusting camera settings. We have no time to dig through buried menus

        • Jabs

          Hey Nick,
          Wait til they ‘perfect’ the TOUCH experience for cameras – LOL!
          We might all be using touch screen cameras just like when autofocus started, most pros complained and I dove headlong into the Nikon F3AF and got weird stares then.
          The infancy of an idea does not always determine its’ acceptance or even it taking over the market.
          Same thing with DSLR’s – they will never be better than film, especially Velvia 50D or Kodachrome 25 Pro – so said many pros years ago (and some say that still today), but look at where we are today?
          I wonder what we will be shooting and at what resolution in say 10 years?

          Maybe a 50 megapixel Touch Screen or neural interface camera/phone/gps/bottle warmer/babysitter COMBO?

      • Jabs

        Greetings Preston,
        I love the I-Pod/I-Phone, I-Pad experience but my complaint is about ‘dumbing down’ the output quality of a thing to make it appeal to the masses of users like I see Canon doing now.
        We have touch screen cameras plus Apple has cameras on their gear with both still and video capabilities on them.
        Hence, we look at this convenience as perhaps taking away the market for DSLR’s and the enormous creativity we get from that. I see the market shifting to general purpose cameras styled to appeal to everyone who knows nothing about or even does not care about quality, but about mere convenience.
        You see the same thing as I was an ‘audiofile’ who loved AR (Acoustic Research) equipment – the old good stuff -LOL! You see newer less capable equipment pushed as boutique goods because perhaps it got too expensive to make the higher quality stuff. Ever listened to an AR TSW-910?
        Compare that to an I-Pod, pal!
        It is not about interface however great but about about shifting priorities in the market and the resulting worse products.
        We need to let the Camera Manufacturers know that we don’t want ‘dumbed-down’ products that are basically throw away items, though the market has already shifted to that.
        Time moves on in equipment no matter how stupid or tragic the results – LOL!
        Have a good one.

    • Man,
      I agree with you, but you are 0.005% of the camera’s market.
      Yes, we don’t make things like we use to do, but guess who’s fault ?
      US, YOU, EVERYONE, by asking always more for less $, we are pushing manufacturers to make poorly made cameras, if they don’t do shit, they dies, because the others manufactures are making the SHIT WE ASK for always less money.
      We are blaming all thoses poor countries in the world for having slaves workers, starving and homeless, but that’s BECAUSE OF US, by buying a $2 T shirt made in Asia, WE are making thoses peoples slaves.
      There is no more slave in USA, we just moved them in countries where it’s legal !
      Look, you whant a D700 made like a Pentax LX or a Nikon FA ?
      Be ready to pay $10.000 for it.
      What ? You don’t want to pay that much for a camera ? Then be quiet.

      • Jabs

        Hey Invisible Man,
        Yeah – greed has strange results.
        We make things in cheaper locales and pay people less to make them while selling them for more and then the market goes bust and we are stuck with mediocre goods made in mediocre factories by lower price labor.
        Such is life currently.
        Technology now allows us to make better products at lower prices due to miniaturization, lower process like 45nm, 32nm or 28nm silicon production BUT the increasing complexities often make things a little more expensive as Research and the increasing costs to make a Product has escalated even though we have bigger, faster and better computers to aid in design and manufacturing.
        Building Factories and Research Centers plus expensive Engineers have escalated costs (not to mention the exorbitant Marketing costs of Print, Television, Movies and the Internet) .
        Perhaps the Camera Manufacturers learn from the ‘foolish’ Automotive Manufacturers/Marketers who are caught up in an asinine horsepower race and features bloat and we end up like General Motors who tried to swallow the world and died from trying to be too many things to too many persons andnot great at anything really.
        I equate the horsepower race with the megapixel race and the CPU megahertz or core count races.
        We all lose, it seems.
        Perfect a feature and then ADD better usability and repeatability to the item might work better in the long term, but I don’t know.
        NOT a Manufacturer and not on some crazy ego driven route to topple my competitors – LOL!

    • bakka

      Flac’s+24bit wav’s are pretty damn good…

      • Jabs

        Yeah BAKKA,
        FLAC’s and 24 bit WAV’s are great but not as good as a well made CD without Auto Tune … LOL!
        I use VLC Media player too and others even better under Linux but that’s my thing!

        I have a 24 bit/192 Khz pipeline in Ubuntu Studio 64bit, so ALL lower resolutions sound bad to me.
        Spoiled, perhaps!
        Space for files (or a lack of space – LOL) requires compression, so the Laws of Physics take precedent.

        • anonycow

          You’re one of those audiophile loonies, amirite?

          • Jabs

            Hey ANONYCOW,
            Sorry but not a loonie and not about to buy espteric $500.00 ‘golden cables’ – LOL!
            Great sound reproduction can be had at various levels of cost and you don’t need to spend a fortune to do this.
            Elitism and audiophile are not the same!
            Deep pocketed (rich) and Technically astute are not the same!

            I am realistic and see the merits of a lot EVEN if I cannot personally afford it.

            Envy is a very bad sin – being stupid and gullible is also a great fault of humanity.

            Have a great day!

    • Hey Jabs! I was dying waiting to read something sensible like this, someone who could call a spade a spade and be done with it! I’ve put forth similar ideas on my blog .

      • Jabs

        Greetings USPANDEY,
        How are you?
        Well, I try to be honest and sometimes I am brutally honest. I see Marketing people obsessed with money dreams trying to make almost everything already good instead of being better, more disposable or have a shorter lifespan so you can go buy another model of the same product in a few months. The trend is actually counter productive as we end up with disposable equipment and our disposable income evaporates and then ‘condenses’ into their pockets or their representatives – LOL!
        Small cameras are great for many people who like trendy things even if the benefits do not outweigh the technical gains. I prefer Technically Advanced cameras and a move towards a 16 bit or even 24 bit image pipeline from sensor to RAW output (hate jpegs and prefer .tga -TARGA or even TIFF), so perhaps in the minority.
        The Marketers often attempt to dumb us down and then feed us “specmanship” as new features while not offering any tangible gains whatsoever.
        I have been a photographer and a user of Technology for a while and I avoid a lot of Web sites and their commentators, as many seem to be tied to various brands due to ‘payola’ or them pushing a particular brand even if it is horrible, due to them being paid to push that in some form. You now have Internet hawkers and people seem to live or die by their new found ‘gurus’ and they quote the nonsense or crap spouted by these newfangled ‘talking heads’.
        Such is life in Technology now!
        You see all the arguments all over the Internet but rarely you see anyone wondering in a post whether the so-called facts being spewed are real or garbage posing as real data – LOL!
        Fools making fools of others comes to mind or the blind leading their ‘blinder’ followers.
        Too many outlets for information – leads to many absurd or bogus claims and since we are free to post as we like, then we all have to deal with this ‘orgy’ of nonsense passing as real knowledge.
        We have Internet ‘pickpockets’ now drumming up business with hoopla and people follow them like they worship them – so sad.

        Anyhow, their problem.
        I looked at your web site briefly and will look at it more in-depth later, as busy.

        Have a good one and I prefer to be in the background solving problems instead of trying to direct people’s lives. Things will always change as Quincy Jones related in his epic – ‘Everything Must Change’, but sometimes we have artificial change induced by pretenders or even frauds, so be careful what you wish for.
        Technical excellence is hard to keep going in a world overloaded with information or even misinformation, so one human here and thus unable to stem the tide of that mess – LOL!
        Have a good one.

  • Jabs

    Two things missed by many Nikon ‘detractors’ here or even ‘complainicons’ (from Decepticons – Transformer ‘humor’)?
    Many posters drum on and on about Nikon being stuck or unable to go beyond 12 megapixel and act like that is fact.
    Are we that stupid or that desperate now?

    Ever heard of the D3X that is the best 35mm or FULL FRAME DSLR right now and so who makes that?
    They seem to want Nikon to perhaps make all of their DSLR’s 24 megapixels or act like the D3X does not exist!
    Well, if a 24 megapixel smaller body is released and then – now what?

    Have we then the right to say now that Canon is stuck at 21 megapixels and has been there for a while or should we just ignore you?


    Let us perhaps long for better cameras from ALL manufacturers and a pushing of better OUTPUT.

    Nikon and Sony have the highest megapixel cameras in ALL of 35mm or full frame (FX) DSLR;s plus Sony has two 24 megapixel bodies with one cheaper than any Canon full frame body!
    NOW – what do you have to say about that?

  • Jabs

    A question to everyone?
    Any idea why so many of the Winter Olympics pictures from Vancouver look ‘grainy’, off-color and a little ‘strange’ to me compared to the Summer Olympics last year in Beijing?

    Is it the snow, ice, equipment or what?
    I also note a lot of pictures with very bad exposures especially in the sky (really dark, loss of detail and underexposed)?
    WHAT gives!

    The pictures from Beijing look far better to my eyes!

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