Card #6 is out, no longer a mystery

Today from Pixelistes - card # 6 with "I am sexy" on the back (click on image for larger view):

The good news is that this appears to be a Nikon campaign, the bad news is that it could be Coolpix related.

This is an ad from a UK newspaper with same "I am ..." slogan:

The colors on the cards look similar to the different Coolpix colors:

Since there won't be any Coolpix announcement until August, the information I received points that this countdown is for a new Web 2.0 website (read on Wikipedia about Web 2.0).

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  • Fictiefje

    That’s just too bad.

    • Banned

      LOL what a scam.

  • 🙁

  • David

    Too bad because D700x = sexy too!

  • eru

    illusion & delusion = suicide 😉

  • tim

    Dear lord!! Admin u promised me NO MORE COOLPIX till august! 🙂

    • no, this is not about new Coolpix announcements but rather a new website/service

      • rybotron

        Why would Nikon do this just to show off a website? Especially when they know people want a new DSLR?

        • Mynameisdave

          WE want new DSLRs – that doesn’t mean nikon can’t sell other products. I like my iphone but i care squat about ipad. Others do…

  • 7 = D700?
    8 = D800

    Never saw 2 new cameras coming

    • rsm870

      Haha! I was hoping for D7000 and D800…
      And a D6?!

  • Bah !
    I am beginning to think that I should spend my money on something else completely, instead of sitting here waiting for a D700s.

    My D90 works ok and don’t want to buy a D700 with all the rumours of D700s – Even if the D700 is good as it is, I do NOT want to spend that amount of cash on a camera that is getting an “upgrade” “soon”…

    • D700seeeeesh

      If nikon more or less sticks to the patern of last few years you should see a D700s after this summer but it could also be well into fall.

    • Geoff

      ditto here, as nice as the D700 is I am waiting for an 18MP camera for my next purchase.

    • Acend


    • f/2.8

      .. all while I will be firing my D700 fast and furious.

    • Keith

      “My D90 works ok and don’t want to buy a D700 with all the rumours of D700s – Even if the D700 is good as it is, I do NOT want to spend that amount of cash on a camera that is getting an “upgrade” “soon”…”

      D700 > D90

      Upgrade or not, why would you settle for half the camera if the option is there?

    • Jose Vicente Lopez

      Dear Benny, you are right, i start to think in the same way, my original choise was for d300, but replacement d700 camera looks the best choise (New technology, 24 MP, FX, etc) But if the upgrade only means video, I will move for d300s again.

  • The Cool Wall……

    Coolpix…..not so cool……

  • Look guys, just be more patient, Nikon’s surprise is coming soon.
    That won’t be an evolution, but a revolution, sell your D700, D300s and D3s while they still have some value (keep “G” lenses).
    And more important: save money (it won’t be cheap, but not too expensive compare to the picture quality,specialy ISO capability and colors accuracy)
    Don’t expect 24MP.

    • Andy

      Yeah, yeah. Give us some substance.


      • Highlight

        Take the red pill, then you see that 16MP is enough. BTW, sell all your stuff..

        • Banned

          Sorry I’m not selling my D700. Whatever they bring it won’t be enough of an upgrade. Will wait 1 more generation at least…

          • GlobalGuy

            If “16mp” is enough — then why isn’t “12mp” enough??

            The 16mpixelers around this place are really ridiculous sometimes. They want a boost of 4 megapixels around the edges… ridiculous. 18mp starts feeling better. 20 or 21mp, minimum, I say, to be worth your time. Because that is a relevant difference. 24mp is a nice sounding quantity, but really 20-30mp (ANY where in between that range is where you want to end up in the short-run, given modern computer capability and the extremely cheap cost of printing one’s own posters.)

            After 30, you are talking specialty use. But let’s face 12mp lacks resolution when cropping. My point is “16” is not the answer. Let’s shoot for the 18-21 mark as a compromise. Push ISO in the dark. I don’t need high ISO as standard.

            The D3s proves what can be done with ISO. The D3x proves what can be done with resolution. Now they just need to put them together in a proper ratio. I’d compromise at 18-21mp, but not at 16mp.. 16mp is not worth a new camera. The D700 does fine at 12.

            A D700xs at 18-21mp and a bit more moderate than the D3s would be fantastic.

    • Inglorious Coward

      I hope I’m wrong but I don’t expect Nikon to have another body somewhere between D300s/D700/D3s/D3, and frankly, if it is 18mpx at D700 ISO performance It’s not compelling enough to trade up. Further I don’t care for video.

    • tim

      I Dont need 24MP. Anything more than 8 is more than enough for printing (magazines). I just need a prosumer DSLR.

    • Marco

      Inviseble is Right,
      the Evil is expectied form may to August, aventually in fall. Basically we will have an equivalent on lieca m8 with 16 and 18 mp (there will be 2 different models). sesor crop 1.6 and 1,3!!!!
      with 3 compatible mirrorless lenses.
      Also there will be a new d700 but it will be called D800 because it will positionating itself between the D3x and D3s. same iso of d700 more megapixels (probaly 16) video and DX lens adaptor.
      That s all I know.

      • The EVIL info is interesting – thanks! If true this could really be a very good solution. About the D800 – why would one need DX lens adapter – it is the same F mount? Maybe I misunderstood something.

        • Marco

          it simply means that you cal use the dx lens witout any crop factor, same software of the D3s. my english is not perfect…

          • tim

            You mean like that DX lens would somehow cover the full frame? Without vignetting? Or just switch to DX mode?

          • thanks Marco!

          • Marco

            swicthing on DX mode

            Also what i can tell you, it s this

            All the new sensors come from the D3x
            they change size and you have D3000 d5000 D300s
            They change the number of megapixels and u have the D3s
            D800 will be a bit of more megapixel and good Iso performance.
            then all the other differences are based on the software and haedware they put in the camere.

          • Marco

            one more thing to think about.
            Nikon makes a very different point on the user sides.
            If you are a pro you are intened to use a d3 category not thed700 or d300s simple because the have half of the shoots that nikon garanties on them.

          • Marco, did you see one with your own eyes? I think we should talk offline 🙂 Can you get me a picture or a drawing?

          • Marco

            i dont think i can post something, my uncle is a pro nikon photografer and he is on holiday, so I m takeing care off the office ; )

            But for sure i tell you to be excited about the evil, the new d800 id just an update in the end.
            the Evil is a new babe!!!

          • tim

            Great info (if true) Macro.

            Good point about the number of shots, but the D700 also costs half. So its about the same thing.

          • Marco

            it is basically the same, but the it is a bit cheaper a d3 and it has the grip battery.
            in the end is about how much you shoot. I guess if you work everyday with it u defenetlu need a D3. If you are a wedding photografer D700 is enough

          • Anonymous

            “they change size and you have D3000 d5000 D300s”

            Except the D300s has the same sensor as the D300.

            And auto DX crop is already in all the FX cameras.

          • tim

            I get to about 50.000 a year.. so a 700 (updated) would be fine. So im waiting..

          • Marco

            d300s has not the same sensor of d300 the iso sensirivity havebeen change,
            D3 can t use dxlenses
            D700 I dont remeber
            I m using 2 d3s and one d3x (they are my uncle’s toys lol )

          • Jose Vicente Lopez

            Marco, looks evil camera is not for semi pro or pro, many literature recommend see through the mirrors instead of LCD. Lcd loos details of the object you want to shoot

          • Anonymous

            “d300s has not the same sensor of d300 the iso sensirivity havebeen change,
            D3 can t use dxlenses
            D700 I dont remeber
            I m using 2 d3s and one d3x (they are my uncle’s toys lol )”

            What a load of bollocks. Maybe you should learn the basic features of the existing cameras before imagining up new ones.

      • Marco

        a little more about the Evil
        Evil proget start 4 yeas ago with the Idea to introduce beginner to the world of photografy. They main point is to gain comsumers that they start only with digital photografy. As you can reconise most of people just look at the screen on the camera, and they don t need of a prism!! so the Idea is the “lieca” idea and have smaller camers but with a pro funcionality!!
        nikon has a intere new line of camres, sofware, lensess for this evil concepet.

        • jay

          this is totally f*cked up – really, why do i have to get a new line of lenses? Then there is point of getting a Nikon, any brand would be the same to me.

          • Marco

            sorry but if you want to use evil u have to change…
            the evil is a camera like the Lieca or the Pen olympus.
            It s different, for different user….

          • bakka

            …they can’t use the f-mount on a 4/3rds type camera.

      • Highlight

        Marco, your info is right on top, but do your boss in B. know you’re talking too much… 😉

        • Marco

          it s ok i m 17 years old any i read what is my uncle s desk… but it s ok because when he back the new d800 will be out.

          • Banned

            Well I think we have a patented liar right here on the forum. If your uncle is a Nikon photographer, why would he get all that info from Nikon. 1 camera 1 lens at best… But the entire line… Gimme a break…

          • Highlight

            Oh no, Marco is only lying about his age, and his so called uncle 😉

    • Carlos

      HOw much is “not cheap”? more or less than 2000 usd?

  • Jim

    looks pretty convincing. rats, no new pro dslr. thanks admin for the GREAT detective work!

  • DC

    It is an F100 with a digital viewfinder

  • NikoDoby

    Nikon did say you guys would be surprised 🙂

    • Surprise Party

      To be surprised would not be good IMHO…..

  • cronus yuen wai

    oh, not a dslr…no good no good

  • can i say LAME, LAME LAME )()((&*^@#%^$@#

    • You can, You did, and I concur.

      • Geoff

        ditto ;- )

  • Carlos

    Its fun? its sexy? no its a fuc…ng coolpix again…no RAW, lousy sensors, its …its a pain in the a…s to wait for Nikon releases…being a D800, the Nikon Evil system or whatever…dont get me wrong, Nikon still is the best (for me) regarding cameras (eg D700, D300, D5000 and the pros also) but when we talk about timing and marketing…JESUS…

  • Geoff

    Would the sort of consumer that would be buying these P&S cameras ever know that this marketing campaign ever existed? I’m no marketing expert, but this seems like a giant waste of money for Nikon.

  • Anonymous

    These ads look clearly directed towards a younger market and are to “immature” and “playful” for a camera in the $3000 + range. It looks almost certainly coolpix related or something somewhat similar.

  • Anonymous

    Once again, Nikon stays in the shadow of… Canon!

    *big disapointment*

  • Guys, easy on the Coolpixes – they are selling them and making money, nothing wrong with that:
    Nikon Coolpix S220 Tops European Sales Charts

  • Nash

    Oh this is so not cool…

    Maybe this was the surprise…. !!.. a bad suprise!.

    When will this damn waiting game end.. Nikon has nothing to compete with the 5dMkII. D3x is $8000, D3s is about $5000. 5d is $2500… !!!

    I was pissed off when the D3x price was set at $8K… was hoping for a smaller D3x… ,minus a couple of Megapixels!

    Im sure theyll come out with something soon…… but when!????

  • ZinhaEq

    And the number 1 willl be written by me personally: “Je suis at Canon, because at Nikon they don’t time the releases well, merde.”

    • Body of evidence

      Well, a 5DmkII has all I want now and for the next 10 years and its “limitations” like somewhat simpler AF (compared to nikon)’: i can live with that, I’m not a fast action shooter. Don’t want/need ISO 12800, I have no brand preference. The current 12mpx my current camera has are okay, 21mpx would take it only beyond any reasonable doubt.

      So doctor, what’s wrong with me that I’m still waiting for nikon? A severe case of Bacillus Nikonia Afficionada or a rare viral strain of Canonitis?

  • inteliboy

    Nikon need to streamline their Coolpix line. Their marketing team are seriously dragging this down in my opinion.

    I mean, if the lineup is confusing to me, can only imagine what it is like for people who buy these p&shoot cameras.

    The whole “S2200” style naming is also not very helpful what so ever, though I guess if they update these babies every year they need some kind of code system…

  • Anonymous

    the d700x will never exists, not economically viable

    • Marco

      no it s not
      that s y they ll make a D800 between D3x and D3s
      perfect for wedding photograpy and a bit of evreything …. 18 mp? and good ISO with video,

  • zzddrr

    This is not related to DSLRs. The style of the ad reflects lifestyle and “party” audience of the target coolpix user. Now the cards are definately representing the countdown of a movie. Look at the light above the number how it turns right as the number decreases. If the two compaings are connected (let’s assume) then we may get something that can record and project. So maybe a pocket coolpix that records 1080P and has a projector.

    Again, for a serious dslr with video in the 3-4k price range, I doubt that the countdown would even use the Nikon yellow. See all the D3 images. So if it is dslr then it will be in the entry level with better video than the d3s has. …and God knows the MP count … but we can guess … perhaps 12MP?? 🙂


    I believe Nikon has the anticlimax market cornered.

    • bakka

      lol indeed

  • Dan


    • jjolddahgoo


  • F%$#? again coolpix?and the d700 replacement?!$6/()$#)(?%#E$

  • Im so sick of hearing about more coolpix…. anticlimax market is right. I dont know how anyone gets excited about coolpix and except ashton kutcher so he can do more stupid commercials…

  • venancio

    The only appealing quality left in any Coolpix marketing strategy would be breaking the 1080p barrier. P100 is all alone in the battle. Nikon strategists want us to follow the philosophy that one is never frustrated if one never stops dreaming. But, we have to wake up sometime. I could use a 1080p P&S, but I still need that new DSLR codenamed “Midnight Train”…shin’ya ressha … your transition tool from DX to Full Frame…

  • Dweeb

    Does this mean the Pirates with Nikons campaign is over?

  • I am … is not a new advertising campaign:
    thanks for the link E.

  • Daf

    With the “I am fun” one – was never going to be a mid to high end D-SLR.

  • merkuree

    Seriously, ENOUGH already with the Coolpix releases. Every other week, there appears to be a coolpix release.

    • f/2.8

      Joe Blo wakes up and wifey tells him to buy a camera for their kid’s birthday because the one they have always run out of battery.

      He runs into the store and asks, “Which ones are the latest?”

      Then he singles out the few within his price range. He asks, “How many MP?”

      Then he asks “More MP means better picture, right?”

      Then he picks the orange one because he thinks wifey will love it.

      The P&S market relies on buzz and creative marketing to get the brand name and constant refresh of the line to get to peoples heads. That’s the nature of the game.

      The high end DSLR market is a different ball game. Although more MP is just as mesmerizing whether we need it or not.

  • Terence

    I know everyone is looking for a DSLR and not coolpix, but will admin post the rest of the cards when they are released?

    I am interested to see what they write

  • C Benson

    I find these Info commercials very stupid because it does not apply to anyone who owns DSLR’S. Why don’t Nikon just release the information to the general public as is and stop these stupid ads. When it comes to these types of ads, they are doing more harm then good. Have anyone heard a nursery rhyme called “Little Girl Cried Wolf”? If you have you will understand what I’m talking about.

    I’m addressing this statement to Nikon. Stop stupid ads, I find these form of ads nonproductive and irresponsible on your behalf. You want people to think that Nikon is going to release new DSLR’S to general public after this ad campaigns is over. But your real intention is to release new Coolpix cameras. If you want people know that Nikon is going to release a new Coolpex camera, tell them in news papers, magazines or on TV. I find what Nikon is doing is nonproductive and is forcing people to leave and go to their competitors, and I don’t think Nikon wants that to happen. Do you?

  • Marco

    Tim, what do you think about going a mirrorless camera?
    Olympus is doing just good enough but if nikon goes in the same market….
    HEre the point if a guy get close to phography with a coolpix will he go after a small dslr camera or a conventional Dslr camera?
    I can answer you one thing…girls will go for the evil guys i don t know

    • tim

      Personally.. i dont think so. Mirrorless would be perhaps better at FPS (no mirror to jump around).. I would have to try it out to see.

      As for the size.. I could not work with small cameras. I conceder the D700 as small. I shoot all kinds of sports, and takes you many places. For example in cold weather with gloves etc. Imagine fiddling around with something you can barely hold in gloves? Dont think so.

      I alo hears once that Canon (i think!) is thinking about touch screen controls for the camera. SRSLY? If you use a camera a lot you know the buttons by heart. Imagine looking what you are pressing every time.. Dont think so again.

      • tim

        But still, not eveyone needs bulky, instant operation access cameras. A super compact mirrorless DSLR could be a great walk around camera indeed. Imagine having the power of good lenses in a smaller package.

        Than the biggest problem would be lenses. Imagine a 70-200 on a coolpix. lol

        • Marco

          You re totally right.
          My uncle always says that a good camera is the one makes you feel good when you hold it.. I’m not big but the nikin d700 is for little hands (girls)…
          but the evil will be good for anytime you r in the real world, parties, wedding, family, holidays…it will be a coolpix that makes you feel a real photographer

          • Tim

            Yes. Good call! Thats exactly what it should be.

  • JBL

    Why the hell is nikon wasting time with a friggen website while they should working on upgrading their camera systems.

    I hate this capitalist world, companies avoid important matters to concentrate on the money, aka consumer cameras and they put less energy into the pro market even if they have competition, we need more competition!

  • Stephen

    I have had just about enough. I have been shooting Nikon all my life and I am ready to switch to Canon. I will turf my D700 and D3s but keep the faithful FE2 and F for the lenses. They ruled film, but digitally? Come on. I can’t create the way I want to with Nikon anymore.

    I feel empty and cold….sigh.

    • bakka

      good luck with the focusing on that side…

    • anononnnynoose

      “. I can’t create the way I want to with Nikon anymore.”

      Are you serious? Do even have the slightest idea how idiotic that sounds to everyone? Send your gear my way – I’ll have no problem creating with it.

      Can we see some examples of your wonderful, but horribly limited creations? I’d be able to tell you exactly what tools you need to finally realize your infinite potential….

  • Mynameisdave

    the more i think about it… i like the idea of new Coolpix. I need a new pocketcam anyway.
    And as i remember this site is called nikonrumors not nikondslrrumors.

  • Berliner

    if coolpix, then at last a coolpix p7000, – or I will buy a G11 from C.

  • martin

    It’s fun to se how these “post more” and post less” -on this topic buttons are being used. It’s more like a emotional outlet button 🙂

    • Yes, I think I should remove them – i did so already on LeicaRumors and PhotoRumors. Will somebody complain?

      • tim

        Change them to something else. Exiting news / Boring news, perhaps?

        That way it does not tell you to post/not post something. This is a rumor non the less even if it is about cameras most of the people here dont care about.

      • Totally agree with Mynameisdave. ADMIN should consider another blog called nikonslrrumors.
        I am hobbyist with D50/D300 + 10 lenses {mostly Nikkors}. I would love to have an upgraded P6000 if it is as good as the LX3. (Wife likes the LX3, daughter likes my D300.) I drool for D700, yes the aging D700.

        But my point is that I hate to come here and read only Coolpix bashing. I am not fortunate as you guys here who seem to be able to afford anything Nikon comes out in the pro range. {I have just bought the Panasonic LX3, in preference to the new and more expensive Coolpix. It is a stop-gap camera for me, and I find that is a LOT of fun to use.) I HOPE Nikon name their EVIL cameras COOLPIX MX.

        • MY NAME’S NOT BOB

          Don’t worry David. 90% of the whiners on here can’t afford the pro stuff either.

  • Casey

    too funny. I saw the JESUS IS fun and JESUS IS sexy cards and thought I was at the wrong website.

  • I’d love it if the last one (number 1) would be “I am EVIL”…

    • bakka

      haha yes I reckon they are just messing with us-come the 8th we’ll have the upgraded d700, the mx, 85 f1.4, 35 f1.4-it’ll be like xmas!

      I didn’t realise all the coolpix’s are actually sanyo.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for my bad English.

    The campaign “I’am”, in Europe, designed the new slogan of Nikon products.
    For example:
    TC-20E III: I’m at 200%
    S3000: I’m fun (or sexy)
    S4000: I’m tactile
    P100: I’m ultimate device.

  • rhlpetrus

    It’s just fun folks. Since we are at it, besides the fun/night/sexy activities, we need some sexy cameras as well, so Nikon, c’mon, the evil and the D900, let’s have them. And some more sexy glass, like a new 85 f/1.4 AF-S and a good 24-120 f/4. And the 100-500mm.


  • daylight

    Just received my D700, which means that the D800 will hit shelves in 24hrs. 🙂

  • 🙁

  • It’s like Chase Jarvis says, “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You.”
    So choose your tool and start shooting. It doesn’t matter if it’s the D90, D300 or the D700, all that matters is the final image.

  • I AM…..

    …….a letdown.

  • Mistral75

    Today’s card (card #5) says “I am innovative”

    A Coolpix with integrated projector?

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