Nikon instant rebates now available online

Update: a rebate program is also scheduled in Romania.

A follow up on my previous post about the upcoming Nikon rebates: Adorama has already listed the different DSLR + lens combos on their website. Make sure you check the prices again before you buy, some combos may not be updated yet. This is suppose to be an instant saving deal - no need to mail-in rebates. Here are some examples - click on a link to see the total price:

Nikon D5000 combos:

Nikon D90 combos:

Nikon D300s combos:

Nikon D700 combos:

Nikon D3s combos:

Nikon D3x combos:

...and so on... basically just go to Adorama and search for the DSLR model you are interested in and you will see all available combos (the listings are easy to spot because they do not have a product image). Not sure why FX body and DX lens combos are also available 🙂

There will also be new Nikon rebates in Australia: for example the D90 will have a $200 cash back from 01/03/2010, the D5000 will have $100 cash back. The program will end on March 31st (source).

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  • nikonmonster

    time to buy.

    • Sandpiper

      I did buy yesterday. Got tired of waiting, bought a used D90 with the 18-105 and 70-300 kit lenses, front filters, extra battery. Seems very nice so far!

  • NikoDoby

    Making room for the new models?

    • nick

      Stop getting your hopes out. We are not getting new cameras any time soon

      • nick

        where did you get that information from? is it confirmed?

      • nickHi

        Hi Nick, Nice to see you here. In case everyone else is not aware he is the owner of and if I am not mistaken also a contributing member of:

  • cool!

    Cool! So Adorama leaked the rebates first before Nikon’s official announcement, LOL!

    • yes, the combos are listed but the prices may not be updated yet to reflect the new rebates – I did calculate some and the total appears to be less then the individual items

      • Global Guy

        Adorama is going to be on Holiday due to what I THINK is a Jewish holiday? So I believe they aren’t going to be taking orders until the holiday is over. At least technically they wont be selling?

        I believe B&H might be in the same boat. In this case, Adorama is going to write the sales slip, but I doubt they are going to fulfill tomorrow. They will likely fulfill only after the official announcement.

        That’s a guess based on Jewish holiday, Saturday day of rest and Nikons timeline for this.

  • Kevin Y

    it seems to be the same price ? i guess the rebates havent occurred yet

    • which one did you calculate?

    • Enrique

      I calculated two & seem as the same prices

      • anil

        i agree

  • ABC

    Is this sale common for Nikon? Is Nikon trying to boost their sales or are they making room for the next FX camera?

  • Matt

    Can you do the instant rebate and then return the body if you just wanted the lens?

    • Matt

      Does anyone have an answer?

  • EJR

    The D300s & the 70 – 200mm for $3,798 is not a discounted price. At Abes of Maine you can get the D300s for $1,500 and the 70 – 200 VRII for $2,255 – that’s $3,755. They’ve had that price for awhile.

    • Maybe they will be calculating the rebates based on the MSRP? In my calculations the D300s and the 70-200 combo is $20 less based on the current prices @ Adorama (which are lower then MSRP). The instant rebate is suppose to be $400. Let’s see if they will change the combo prices on Monday.

      • Global Guy

        I believe Adorama is just bundling the products. They will likely apply discounts AFTER the Jewish holiday this weekend. And AFTER Nikon’s announcement.

        I mean, its possibly they are going to take orders at the same value as original prices. But its unlikely. This will get competitive fast, so the retailer can’t keep the discount. Its advisable to wait a few days if anyone wants to buy, just to make sure you get the maximum discount.

        I have seen BH and Adorama prices fluctuate WILDLY by 50-200$ during these kinds of things while they feel out the market. If Nikon demands that the discount goes to the consumer thats different. But if the retailer has the right to keep margin, then wait it out a bit.

  • NikonShooter4Fun

    ADMIN, from your experience is this normal for Nikon to have this type of sale pricing on most of their higher end DSLR’s ? I could see discounting some of the older units like the D90 or D700, but discounting a D3x and the newer 70-200 VRII, Why are they discounting those two newer models. Can any one possibly explain why? No complaints as far as the discounted pricing, but Please Nikon, replace the D700, Canon is mopping Nikon’s floor, they just released what a 18MP DSLR with HD video for what 899.00 or you can always buy (2) 5D Mark II’s for less than half the price of one D3x and still not have 1080 HD Video.

    Do you think that this sale or rebate program is to clear out their inventory to make way for newer models or just for inventory reduction? Surely they wouldn’t do this unless they had replacement units that are ready to go in a relatively short period of time would they?

    • mnm

      I think that post Xmas and Valentines day and pre the summer season, this is a slow sales period, hence the promotional pricing. The fact that the sale is on all the bodies doesn’t provide any guide about which models are next to be replaced I dont think.

    • mnm

      Sorry, I just saw this was for the admin – please correct me if needed!

    • The interesting part of the rebate program is that expires at the end of March. There are already speculation that the next announcement may be in April (last year Nikon announced the D500 on April 15th). I hate to give my opinion here but I think the only guarantee we have is that by Photokina (September this year) we will have both D90 and D700 replacements/upgrades announced.

  • Chris

    It’s way past time Nikon had some actual “deals.” I love Nikon, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been tempted by Canon’s consistently cheaper prices, instant rebates, and sales. If Canon’s camera bodies weren’t so awful(in my opinion) I would have made the switch six months ago.

    • Andrew

      Seen the price of the new Canon 70-200mm USM II?

      • Carlson

        Not THAT much more of Nikon couterpart really…

  • Why isn’t there a D90 w/18-200 kit? Fail!

    • Michael has had the D90 w/18-200 vr ii + bag and more for about $1550 for quite sometime so perhaps when this rebate goes into effect they will have for $1300.

      Also I talked to a local TheShutterbug store and he confirmed the rebates were instant and also he said the D90 + 18-105 VR was $100 off instead of the current $50, but I don’t know if that is just this store or if it will be all retailers.

    • nick

      It’s for your own good. The 18-200 is one of those lenses you buy, regret, then sell at a loss

      • anononnnynoose

        18-200 is a fine lens, with thousands of satisfied users, and great reviews from experts – it’s not a pro lens, but for the range and price, there are few better

        Keep your nonsense to yourself

  • Hmm .. Swedish has a discount on the PDK1 when you buy a D300s or D700.. The price now i s €204 instead of €511 …

    • Jim

      what is a pdk1?

  • Anonymous

    b&h has the d700 for 2399 and 70-200 for 2319, total of 4718. where the combo at adorama is 4699. 20 bucks is not a significant deal, unless B&H is also running special, but just discounting the lens. I don’t know what the normal price of the 70-200 is but it couldn’t have been much more than 2319… if any

  • more f/4 coming?

    Only the 24-70 and 70-200VR2 discounted but neither of 14-24 and 17-35?

    Points to onething to me : They might have produced too many 24-70/70-200VR2 and want to sell as many as they can. When 24-120/4VR and 70-200/4VR do get released sales of the two bigger guns would sure take a hit.

    • anonycow

      tbh, while the 70-200 rebate is neat, the 24-70 is a brain dead lens on DX; it’s not really wide, it’s not really long, and it weighs a ton…

      • more f/4 coming?

        24-70 on DX makes it a good wedding/party/portrait lens. I shot a lot a few weddings with the 24-70 on the D80. And frankly the 36-105 equiv range is better than it’s native 24-70 on the D700.

  • Hipmom

    I just paid at Amazon d700 for 2399 and 70-200 for 2319, total of 4718. So far I don’t see the rebate listed.

  • I guess this is just a tactic to boost slow sales period.

  • Bob

    No 18-200VR with the D300s? That will make the waiting a lot easier.

  • grumps

    Honestly, these rebates from Nikon are really pahtetic (I hate using negative words like this), but it’s true. Any consumer who had waiting til now to buy a camera, if it had meant living without a camera, I can certainly see their dissappointed faces.

    Canon rebates have always been for single purchases whether for camera or a lens purchase and the rebates were well worth it. Leica offers student discounts and those saving are phenomenal, when you know the prices you would otherwise be paying.

    For me I am sad to see the rebate are for combos only.

  • enlightened

    There is ZERO chance that the following are official Nikon bundles!

    Nikon D5000 combos:

    * Nikon D5000 Digital SLR Camera with 24-70mm f/2.8G E D-IF AF-S
    * Nikon D5000 Digital SLR Camera with 70-200mm f/2.8G AF-S VR II ED-IF

    Come on, who’s going to buy a D5000 with a 24-70 mm?!?

    • nomad

      For those who need a 24-70 or 70-200 VR II, they can sell the D5000 easily.

      • enlightened

        “For those who need a 24-70 or 70-200 VR II, they can sell the D5000 easily.”

        Which is why Nikon would never bundle the two together. Duhhh!

        Who would buy a standalone 24-70 mm or 70-200 VR II?

    • mnm

      I think there will be a bundle, just a very small rebate ie ~ $50

    • tim

      hehe that is a funny combo. I have tried that once with the d5000. You actually hold the lens for stability not the grip of the body. Its way to small.

  • The only logical bundle with D3x, would be a D3x combi with AF-S 85/1.4G…. Oh, wait, there is none. Snap!

  • janeboyd

    The prices are nothing different. Are you kidding me?

    • Michael

      The rebates are not live yet. These kits were put up early in anticipation of them.

  • Johnsan

    The combo price adorama shows for the d700 with a 70-300mm is about $400 more than if you buy individually at amazon.

  • Aw~ there should be something like this in Japan T-T

  • Gary

    I was at my local camera store today and they had the info for the rebates to start tomorrow. But the D700 was the best DSLR you could get, the store didn’t have rebates for the D3S or D3X.
    From what I’ve seen so far, the bundles on Adorama are not discounted…at least not yet. Maybe things will change tomorrow or Monday.

  • tolive

    It’s officially up at

    Purchase any Nikon DSLR plus any of these lenses and get the corresponding savings:

    * AF-S DX 18-200mm Zoom lens— Save $250
    * AF-S 24-70mm Zoom lens— Save $300
    * AF-S 70-200mm Telephoto zoom lens— Save $400

    You may also mix-and-match: purchase all three lenses with a qualifying camera and save $950.

    Just add the qualifying items to your cart and we’ll automatically add the instant savings to your order.

    Offer ends 3/27/2010. We retain the right to cancel and/or modify this offer at any time without prior notice. Return of qualifying purchase will void the offer and will require either the return of all discounted items or an adjustment of the refund amount to reflect the discount given.

  • Skin LIke Winter

    Hopefully some other stores will have the rebates up soon. Crutchfield’s prices are too high. I bought the D90 and 18-200mm lens from Amazon on Thursday and Crutchfield’s price with the $250 rebate is only $90 less than Amazon’s price. If I’m going to have to send back the original order and order again I’d like to get closer to the $250 instant rebate than $90.

    I did notice B&H Photo lowered the price of the D90 by $40 this morning (prevously, they were the same price as Amazon). If they add the $250 rebate that will save me $290 from what I paid last Thursday.

    • Skin Like Winter

      I should note the $40 price drop was on the D90 body only…I didn’t look at the kit.

    • johnsan

      The d700 price at crutchfield is $200.00 more than Amazon, and the 70-300mm is $100.00 more, totally negating andy savings from the rebate.

  • They could make the rebates to be valid only for full MSRP, they they won’t make any sense. I hope that’s not the case.

  • George

    The nikon rebates site is still down. Boo.

  • Jim


    Is the 70-200mm lens in the rebate the VRI or VRII? Based on your original post, and the comments at Crutchfield, it looks like the older lens. I’m hoping it will include the newer VRII. I already have the older lens, but for a $400 savings, would upgrade that lens at the same time I upgrade my body.

    • Allen

      Under the Hands-On tab for the 70-200 lens it states that it is VRII — “This item is an AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm, f/2.8G ED VR II, telephoto lens”

  • Reggie

    Now B&H has updated their website to include the “bundle”. Normally their prices are close to Adorama’s, but this time there’s a major difference.

    D3s with 24-70
    Adorama = 6939.90 and free shipping
    B&H = 7089.90 and no free shipping

    D3s with 70-200
    Adorama = 7498.95 and free shipping
    B&H = 7599.90 and no free shipping

    Do dealers negotiate with buyers on major purchases, to match their competitors?

  • johnsan

    As far as I can tell B&H is the only store with a savings over Amazon for the d700 combos. for example- (D700 with 70-300mm $2,769 at B&H) this is the best price by far I have seen this combination. ( Adorama has it listed at $3,286) (Crutchfield has it for $3,089 including instant rebate of $200) B&H ” base” prices are LOWER than all the others before rebate is subtracted. like stated above the D90 was lowered to $739 today at B&H . That is a terrific price for the D90 body , then add a lens to that with a rebate and you have a great bargain.

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