Card #5: “I am innovative”

Some readers probably have enough of this, so I will still post it online but will not display it on the front page (click the link below if you want to continue reading about card #5):

Taken from Pixelistes:

Similar slogan was spotted also in a Nikon's banner on a Romanian website and it was again Coolpix related ("sunt" means "I am"):

See also: card #6 & cards #7 and #8.

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  • Kimaze


  • Chad

    I’ve had enough of it if it’s really for the S8000.. I can’t understand why they’re making such a big deal over a super-zoom?

    • Global Guy

      Well, it might be a lot of peoples first experience with a super-zoom. I have to admit, I consider one prior to learning about DSLRs. The DSLR is the right decision for those with disposable savings and good patience. But a super-zoom is great for just about anyone else (interested in travel and all around being able to get the shot you want). Others just just get a Canon P&S. But whatever. Nikons gotta make their money. So good luck to Nikon. People who can live with a superzoom will be pretty happy with whichever one they get.

  • Can we get a new dSLR or Micro 4/3rds camera? I’m tired of new point-and-shoots!

    • Mynameisdave

      Take a closer look at the pictures <- coolpix it is.

  • Berliner

    What really is long overdue, is a Coolpix P7000

  • Terence

    Thanks admin for continue posting the rest of the cards.

  • Dan

    I AM not as good as a G11 or LX3

    • Dan

      Is every card supposed to be a representation of a new Coolpix?
      Weren’t there only 7 new Coolpixes announced???

  • Dweeb

    About s exciting as Zeiss stringing us along for 3 months for a few manual focus Cosina primes.

  • i am unhappy ! a need a second camera & not an updated (s) i.e D300s D3s ??d700s .
    lets hope nikon surprise the world with something new D800 will be just what i need .

    • If you “need” a new camera… get one. The D800 is presumably going to be, if it comes out, an updated upscaled D700… if you are just anxious for the next best camera which hasn’t come out yet, you will ALWAYS be stuck… cause there is always a new camera just around the corner. Buy what you need, and in a year from now, your choices will be different than they are today and you can buy something different. But dont whine as much as I do, thats my job.

  • nick

    Nikon takes this secrecy thing to an extreme. It takes them 8 days and mysterious cards to advertise a mediocre product that has been announced world-wide already.

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me why nikon thrives on secrets?

    If you tell me its because they are in fierce competition with canon, that really doesn’t make sense.

    The secrecy will only drive people towards canon because they more consistently release products. Not only that, they reveal no “trade secrets” by simply giving loyal customers a timeline. They don’t have to give all the internal details.

    I suppose Apple does the same thing, but at least they are consistent about when they are going to announce new products. Every year at the same time apple has a product release. Nikon isn’t even consistent in that regard.

    • Geoff

      Agreed on the secrecy thing. If they think I am going to wait forever hoping for a decently priced (see 5D mark II price) FF camera in the 18+ MP category they are sorely mistaken.

      By summer I will be purchasing a replacement dslr, if Nikon has not produced something OTHER than a 12MP dslr I am going to jump brands and buy “nice” glass. Once I drop 4K$ on glass I won’t be changing again in the near future.

      • pete

        i doubt nikon would care…one would hope they dont listen to adolescents fantasising about things they cant afford.

        just jump ship already and stop your whining. you obvioulsy have no clue what your talking about if you think that an 18mp dslr over a 12mp dslr will somehow magically improve your photography. it wont do SQUAT.

        $4k on glass ? lmao ooohooooo you ARE a big spender. seriously go buy a 18mp rebel and a couple of consumer zooms and leave the real photography to the big boys who know what they’re doing and what they need.

        • Woooow. You, however, will believe that the equipment makes the shot worthwhile. While megapixels don’t improve quality that much, his statement does not permit you to make judgements on him at all. A photographer can be judged by their vision, and by the results created. I have seen much breathtaking artwork (a lot of it made by “adolescents”) that was taken with less than $1000 of equipment. What you are spending your money on is a camera that does the work for you. If photography is insulting others because of the equipment they use, then I want no part of it, and neither should anyone.

  • gravity84

    Innovative? Could be that EVIL or Electronic Rangefinder still lies in the Coolpix line.

    • gravity84

      I lean more towards Rangefinder. GM said that EVIL was an option but not the only option. An interchangeable lens rangefinder would be very much in the same vein as Leica, as mentioned by that talkative guy with the unverified rumours in a previous thread. And don’t forget that a Rangefinder with Live View is just an EVIL camera with a glorified hole on top.

      • gravity84

        ok, a little more.

        I remember a Nikon guy saying that they will be tackling the G11, which is a PowerShot. Think about an interchangeable lens G11, Canon would still call this a PowerShot. Likewise, if Nikon made an interchangeable lens “G11-killer,” they would still call it a CoolPix. I don’t think this ad campaign dismisses the likelihood of an interchangeable lens camera.

        Something truly innovative would be if a new camera contained a curved sensor. Such an innovation would allow simpler lens designs, remove the need for aspherical glass, all with a decrease in distortion and aberration. The result would be cheaper, smaller, better quality glass.

  • Thomas

    Does admin know D800 is in the production line in Nikon Thailand. And it definitely it will be 800 not 700x.

    Intel from the insider. They claim it will be release early next year but I think it will be this year.

    • no, tell me about it

      • Thomas

        The insider from Nikon production line said, they are working on the highend camera code 810 which is likely to be D800.

        Reason is code 310 for D300 that does exist and code 311 for D300s.

        So my last info is, it will be released around mid-year. (produce in Thailand but send to Japan for final QA and packaging). Price is more than 3000 usd. Good luck…….. At least this will give some hope

        • Bob

          So it should be announced maybe by the end of march?

          • Bob

            Sorry I just re-read and it says next year!! Well what about a D90 replacement?

    • disco

      in production now but will be released next year? doesn’t make sense.

  • BH

    I want a D4, its the only reason I watched the superbowl, to catch a glimpse.

  • ArtTwisted

    When it comes time to go into a pro system, its either pentax MF, Mamiya MF , or a new nikon or canon slr, but if nikon has nothing new by late 2010 then they will be off the list for my pro system. I am strongly leaning MF though so they probably wouldnt get my sale anyway.

  • kpuo

    So that’s settled then, no D700 upgrade/replacement?

    Bah, D3s here I come. I doubt they’d come out with something anytime soon at mid-range that would make their pro cameras redundant.

    • Bob

      I’m going to wait another month or so. Maybe about time for a D300s price drop.

  • Radis.rut

    I am SPARTAAAAA **roar**

  • ArtTwisted

    im sensing top end coolpix or maybe evil type system. I dont think the market needs to be made aware of cheap coolpixes from nikon, and its not a dslr so both of those make sense.

  • Joseph

    I AM [BORED]

    Hope its not their coolpix

  • zack

    Please stop with this card thing. You’re ruining your own hard work

  • ItsaChris

    Admin, has there been anymore cards? I cant see why nikons EVIL system would not be under the cool pix brand…. your readers have become so fussy.

  • Pierre

    1) Nikon said they will surprise the market. Question, why do the D700/D3.. guys think they are the market. I am not sure where Nikon is making their money and I dough it is by selling D700 and/or D3 something. If Nikon makes the bucks by addressing the mass-market, then good for them, and the more money they make the more engineering dollars they will be able to spend.

    2) This site is called Nikon rumors and not D700 rumors so I don’t see the point with banning non D700 related rumors. I want to see these cards and I am curious to see what the surprise will be. Maybe I will like it.

    For the last 5 years I have been making fantastic shots with a Coolpic 8800 all over Italy, France, Florida, the Rockies, the Blue Ridge. At my last trip in Paris, the ban on flashes in le Louvre and other museum convinced me that I needed better ISO and all of these Asian kids with their big manly lenses has put some shame on my ego so I had decided that putting down a 10 K for a real camera was worth.

    Reading all of the treads in this forum convinced me that I needed no less then a D700 and that I should wait for the replacement to come. I clicked left and right in an attempt to be amazed by pictures that would be far superior to mine in order to further justify my need for something black and big.

    Guess what… obviously a D700 is far superior then my old camera in low-light situation but as far as daylight scenery is concerned, I was far from being impressed. Most pictures I saw appeared quite ordinary to me and compared with my own pictures, the wow factor is just not there. So here I am thinking, is carrying 10 pounds of glasses days after days worth for the kind of shots I makes or is it just an ego thing so I can feel like a real man?

    So I got tired of waiting and decided to use my money on a beautiful black BMW 325 CI convertible (that should take care of my ego needs) and as for the camera, I may just settle for a high end Coolpic or a D90 for a while until I find really convincing pictures.

    So please, all Nikon related rumors are welcome and for those that get tired with Coolpic news, no one forces you to read them.

  • Loic
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