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Comment in a forum

NR received a forum comment made by someone who was correct before in terms of predicting future announcement. This individual is also known to be a tester for a major company. I agree not to reveal the country or the name of this person. This is what he/she said and I am quoting the translation […]

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One bad and two good news

Anonymous message to NR: “Please be advised that the “Otoji” concept as you refer to is no longer current. Although accurate, the project in this form was abandoned over a year ago. It was deemed to be too complicated for deployment. However, selected components and concepts are being introduced in a new system which is set for release […]

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MX may just mean Multi Format

I have to be very careful how I report this information, so here we go… Somewhere, at some point of time, someone that works for an unidentified company talked about: the bulk of the camera body, especially the vertical grip. The remark was that a certain company had considered a square sensor, so that the […]

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More Otoji leaks

I received another cryptic message about the Otoji project: The initial problem of the difference in flange register between both standards is addressed by the automatic repositioning of the focal plane of the sensor unit. The adjustment is made automatically when the adapter is mounted. The mirrorless design allows for adequate space to accomplish this while […]

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Interesting commentary based on the MF rumors


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Wrap up of today’s rumors

Very busy day today. This is what happened in a nutshell (thanks to all readers that emailed us): I am still getting reports that there was a Nikon press conference in France on Sept 3rd. Anyone? “Nikon UK is pleased to announce the versatile Zoom-Nikkor AF-S DX VRIII IF-ED 18-165mm f/3.5-8G” – what is this […]

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