Wrap up of today’s rumors

Very busy day today. This is what happened in a nutshell (thanks to all readers that emailed us):
  • I am still getting reports that there was a Nikon press conference in France on Sept 3rd. Anyone?
  • A rumor came from Germany that the next D3s will be called D4 (the Germans are always right). Could this be the reason why the French web site changed their pre-order from D3x to D4? I cannot confirm anything yet (no reliable sources). If you remember Thom Hogan also predicted that the next D3 will not be called D3x.
  • PhaseOne is offering an incredible deal (in terms of value, not in terms of price):


Is this their reaction to Otoji - trying to get some last moment market share?

  • Nikon D90 (kit) should start shipping next week. Get yours here.
  • B&H is buying Google ads for Nikon D4 (link). I think this is standard practice of the big retailers - we reported something similar here. You can search for D800, D900 and any other weird future model and you will still get Amazon or somebody else buying those ads. Still, a thought-provoking development.
  • Interesting observation from a reader (thanks SN):

"When I saw your latest heads-up on the 85, 50 & 70-200, I googled on
"nikon AF-S 50mm 1.4 G" 

The TOP link came back from Nikon USA as a php template page not
found.  http://www.nikonusa.com/template.php

Things that make you go hmmmmm...

Never saw that one before on a lens or camera link from Nikon (or
anyone else)...  never saw that on google before for anything,  for
that matter.  That's their flavor of 'dead letter office' parking page
that you get from webs that provide them when one directly enters a
bad URL on a website...

May be that Nikon had a trial page up, but the Google link that got
established by their bots now hits a dead end.

Or not."


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  • Anonymous

    that 18-165mm lens thing was a joke if you did not notice.

  • Dynax7

    About Nikon French Press conf… this was only about the D90 and the P6000. Old stuff but French press was punished for one of its members broke his NDA and sent you, nikonrumors, detailed info he got from Nikon. Details here http://www.chassimages.com/accueil/Sommaire.xml

    Anyway, Nikon behave like jerks here, keep up the good work NR 😉

  • Craig

    Of course, other than the VRIII, the other clue the lens was a joke is the aperture range of f/3.5-8. Notice the 18-200 is f/3.5-5.6.

    So that rumour is easily a bust. 🙂

    The D800 one just seems too far fetched at this point.

    As for the rest. It’s all kind of out there, but we shall see!

  • Blog Admin

    I guess so  – sorry did not notice.

  • dan rydell

    The other clue about the lens being a joke…

    “The lens will be modular, allowing th photographer to add features as the go. Nintendo Wii compatibility is expected to ship soon.”

  • Douglas

    yeah, cause at this point im pretty sure we can all assume it wouldn’t be Nintendo Wii Compatibility, but Microsoft X-Box Compatibility!

  • Greg

    Not to be mean, but the fact that the person behind Nikon Rumors fell for the joke post about the VRIII 18-165mm f/3.5-8G is kind of sad as it reveals a total lack of understanding of photography equipment and Nikon products.

  • Andre

    Further, the title of the page is:
    Humour: New Nikon Lens

  • Ludo

    The Norwegian dealer Japan Foto reduced their D700 price from $3590 to $3230 today.

  • Blog Admin

    I fell for many jokes – that’s why I have the Humor-Rumor section, which apparently you haven’t seen yet.

  • Blog Admin

    All I can say: Humor-Rumor section

  • Jean

    I can confirm there was Nikon conference this week in France. Nothing new was presented however.

  • Max

    Auto Focus won’t work with anything above f/5.6, too dark to focus.

  • Pablov

    mm, I am getting curious in the paths the digital is getting.

    MX format ? backwards compatible with FX and DX lenses? sounds interesting

    But I wonder if Nikon is going to release a FX DSLR with D-Movie (improved, hopefully @60fps with better Sound quality than just 11khz) and a 16-24 MP sensor…

    I guess the period of time between models is getting (or might get) shorter.
    But “launching” prices didn’t change, though.

    Is not like some decades ago, now in the “digital era”, devices are “updated” or replaced faster, due to improves in technology, sensors and some other features..

    I think that prices should drop down for new releases too (in most other digital areas do, indeed)
    Despite sensors could still be expensive, the demand is bigger..

  • LittleMouse

    you did not get our mail?

  • Blog Admin

    I did get it – I have not posted it yet. I am not sure I understand the message and I am not sure if our readers will understand it. Can you explain it or give us more details? Maybe send it to us in the native language and the readers will translate it?

  • Blog Admin

    The second message is much better – keep me updated. Thanks!

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