Nikon D4 available for pre-order in France

We've seen weird posts from this site before. Now they have another one - Nikon D4:

Here is the link. Apparently this is a well known photo equipment site in France (please correct me if I am wrong). True or fiction or maybe they are just desperate for traffic?

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  • ReflexN

    I’m french, i know this site, this is BS. The site has been doing that for a long time (try searching a Canon 7D on this site) in order to drive people to their store.

  • Blog Admin

    Yes, I guess the news for Sept 3rd was that Nikon Japan site was done for 2 hours nothing else. As I mentioned in the original post I did not get a confirmation form our regular/trusted sources – this was just based on multiple emails that I received in a short period of time from people I don’t know. Not every rumors turns to reality.

  • Renee

    Then why does the enlaged image show D3 on the display? looks fake to me 🙁

  • B_Eric

    They got the news yesterday from nikon french manager..

  • Floyd

    The key elements on this link is that it literally says (in poor French I must say):
    “photosites thoroughly redesigned size close to D3’s”

    which could mean that the photosites’ size is close to that of the D3’s. But if the pixel density is 25Mp, then it implies a sensor bigger than FX, doesn’t it?

  • M

    It says “not actual price and photo”.

  • Edgar Bonet

    Here is a tentative translation [notes in brackets are mine]:

    – price and picture: not contractual [i.e. not to be taken seriously]
    – D3’s replacement is coming!!!
    – 25 Mpix FX sensor
    – 6 fps
    – photosites thoroughly redesigned size close to D3’s [this is incoherent with “25 Mpix FX”]
    – will be unveiled at Photokina
    – this product has been added to our catalog on august 24, 2007 [yes, 2007!]
    – available by pre-order (delay: 30 days)
    – clients who bought this product also bought…

    As you can see, this is very incoherent.

  • doubter

    what happened to the “big news” that was coming on 9/3 – was it a hoax?

  • Blog Admin

    I call this one BUSTED.

  • Anonymous

    mmh they already did it with the D3x, and it seems that the page has just been updated with D4 instead of D3x

  • BG

    Or you arrange the photosites not side by side, but on top of each other (read: 8.5 MP RGB sensor). Unlikely, though.


  • JS

    Hi, if I do not get lost with my school French, they say that product is to be announced at Photokina. The photo is not from real product and one cannot contract against given price. Product is cataloged since August 24th, 2007(sic!). – Think what You want. – JS

  • Vjau

    Or this could be the gapless design we have seen this summer (was it canon ?).

  • StephD

    It’s actually an effective web marketing ploy… 1000s of people are now aware that this obscure dealer actually exists. Not bad.

  • Alain x

    Anyone can put such a “preorder” on any site !

    It’s just a matter of rumor roll-on game

    When I placed a pre-order on the D700, I was pretty shure to have a camera at the end of july
    Whith such a game, no one has even a date, or a spec to rely on.
    anyone willing to gamble for 6kEuros around ?
    BS, nothing else

  • nikonuser

    or maybe YOU are just desperate for traffic? 😉

  • Yes it looks like BS, BUT what if there is some truth: it is 25MP (give or take) and the pixel densitiy is the same as on the D3 (give or take) that would make a big sensor. Wouldn’t that be BIG news, so so BIG they could hardly tell??? It would be uber-full frame format.

    Yes but the current lenes are not calculated for this image diameter, you say?

    True but how many new super duper lenses are expected for Photokina? That would be a reason to replace the already existing 50 1.4 / 85. 1.4 / .. wouldn’t it?

    Man, that would be so BIG!

  • Pablov

    The site does not inspire confidence.
    But your comments are more reasonable

    Maybe your are right.

    But it would be a pitty (if not a pain..) to have many lenses and being not able to use them in a new Nikon Digital Camera.

    That would imply a new line of cameras/lenses…

    Too expensive for too many pros & people

    I wonder if upcoming FX format DSLRs will have Movie mode too (improved, hopefully)

    – AND I REALLY would like a Firmware update (if possible) to IMPROVE the NIKON D90 Movie SOUND capturing (11Khz is TOO Poor..)
    Could Nikon do that firmware update ?

  • thoms

    Looks like they also read and they want to get trafic from the buzz around here…

  • Anonymous

    B&H is buying Google ads for Nikon D4.

  • Juste

    Nikon France did make a press conference, and communicated agressively about it like “you really really should attend THAT press conference”.

    What did they actually say: “we’re working very hard, just wait”

  • Crabby

    An announcement of a D3x at Photokina would not have been all that surprising, given Sony’s new sensor. To call the same camera a D4 seems mainly a marketing decision, although they could have thrown in some new electronics.

    How much time elapsed between the D3 and the D300? A 16MP+ D400 with the same or better noise/ISO specs (to blow away the Canon 5D) seems possible by spring or even the end of the year, now that the D90 is out. Would Nikon leave the D700 at 12.2MP for a while?

    I am not concerned about the look or poor French (worse than mine!) in the posted ad. Someone, certainly not a native French speaker, is trying to drum up business and reputation in a soft economy by letting the cat out of the bag early.

  • Blog Admin

    This was a valid rumor – that’s why it got reported. I would never buy from such a retailer (their web site looks shady), so I am not sure if the traffic they get really will bring them any sales.

  • Pablov

    THIS is out of topic but:
    – did someone hear about any DSLR between D300 and D700 ?
    – And between D700 and D3 ?

    Any specs, more than guessing ?


  • Blog Admin

    I cannot find anything on Nikon France web site and I am getting conflicting reports – so did they have a press conference on Sept 3rd or not?

  • D.

    French word “profondeur” is depth. So it could also be interpreted as, 25MP revised in “depth”. 16 bit?

  • Kevin

    right click on the image and try saving and the name comes up as

  • you now wat ,bye canon!!!!!!! a nikon juser

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