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NR received a forum comment made by someone who was correct before in terms of predicting future announcement. This individual is also known to be a tester for a major company. I agree not to reveal the country or the name of this person. This is what he/she said and I am quoting the translation submitted to NR by a reader:
-No Nikon digiback for current cameras
-Nikon will release new system, with new lenses and new viewfinders
That's all I got.
Because this was a comment made in a forum, I don't think it's a publicity stunt or a way to attract traffic. 
Why would someone bother reporting this and ask to keep everything anonymous if it is not true?
Check the Modular Camera and Digital Rangefinder sections for more related rumors.
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  • Tonashideska

    Better start saving your yenski’s and pennies. Your going to need them

  • fotomik

    Normally I wouldn’t be interested, but… “New viewfinders” means a small, rangefinder-like camera to battle the evil hordes of 4/3. Me like. I’m saving already.

  • Anonymous

    if someone NEEDS a digital rangefinder… theres leica m8 for you guys, cheap! $5,000 body only! 😀

  • Pablov

    Please excuse my ignorance..

    – What does mean “Nikon digiback”?

    – What exactly would mean “new viewfinder”?

  • Ivan

    Not necessarily, as they referred to digital backs (a la medium format) the viewfinders would apply to this too, as many medium format systems have interchangeable viewfinders.

  • Blog Admin

    They now have Leica 8.2 – haven’t you checked lately?

  • Blog Admin

    This is all I got and I don’t want to comment or speculate – I do enough of this already.

  • dslrguy

    what does digiback means? now i’m confused.

  • Anonymous

    Just noticed the price of the new Leica 50mm f/.95 – gave me a heart palpitation!

  • alex

    “digiback” is what some call digital back. there are cameras which can accept digital backs instead of a film back like hasselblad systems.

    could mean that it’s not a regular film camera like a rangefinder with an adapted digital sensor (leica style), but instead a new design.

    if this message has any sense it would mean that a new rangefinder or medium format is coming, it’s not based on previous film models and will have lenses and accesories like viewfinders.

  • In the late 1990s people were hoping that traditional SLR makers would provide backs for their film cameras that would turn them into digital cameras. Perhaps some still are.

    There was an independent company that was actually working on such a project, showing up to a number of trade shows. Sunk without a trace.

    There has also been a rumor for years, that Nikon was developing a modular camera, where you could swap between film types and digital in the same way that medium format users do.

  • RickyBobby

    Hmmm… I’m thinking Micro APS-C. Rangefinders have far too limited an audience for a generalist company like Nikon to spend all that dough on R&D and for such a limited return. Micro APS-C would make more sense as it would reach a significantly wider audience, glass could be cheaper to produce, and would require an EVF. Of course, this could cannibalize sales of D60s and D90s, but in the long run, would bring more customers into the interchangeable lens fold. Of course, glass is where the cash really is. If Nikon makes an adapter that would allow the use of legacy glass, then a micro APS-C may serve as a great back up camera system for pros, and an ostensibly less intimidating and smaller form entry point for those looking to step up from point and shoots. Thom Hogan hinted at something like this a while ago.

  • alex

    no 1 – who cares about thom’s “suggestions”? he is 95% wrong all the time.
    no 2 – no one really want micro-aps. olympus did it ’cause they can’t make bigger sensors. but do you really want more noise and big dof? you’ll pay $800 for the panasonic’s micro? it’ll fail unless the price goes $499.

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