September 18th or November 8th (updated)

Post in dpreview:

"Just got an e-mail from NPS Holland to mark 8 November in my agenda for a special event that hasn't has an equal"

Anyone else getting such emails? Can someone forward me the actual text? Just fyi - November 8th is a Saturday.

Another post at camerarumors:

"Meanwhile, Nikon will make like Sarah Palin and steal press coverage the day after Canon's announcement.  Look for a BIG Nikon announcement on September 18th."

I am skeptical.

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  • NikoninMN

    Sept 18 seems to be more logical than November 8…Unless they meant Oct 8…But Sept 18 still makes more sense…
    1. It’s a day after Canon finally shows us the 5DII
    2. It’s a weekday
    3. It’s the week before Potokina…
    4. Odds are that if Sony had the A900 in preprod for a year, Nikon’s got something close.

  • alex

    i wonder if it’s the “BIG” thing from the Rangefinder.

    if is it means it’ll be announced now, ~1 month after like the ad said, and probably ready at that show in 2009.

  • Renee

    Please let me know, as I live in the Holland and like to know what the NPS does.

    Gr,Renee emailreneeteunissennl

  • rhlpetrus

    Nothing is coming before Photokina, IMO. No credible leaks, nothing. Nikon releases have always been leaked a few days before they occured.

    Thom is right in his prediction, Nikon is likely done for the year, maybe something announced close to holidays or more likely before PMA2009.

  • alex

    the BIG poster said they’ll tell us in a month. it has been about a month.

    so nikon may not release something right now but an update about that ad is due.

  • Chris V

    Well, I remember when the F5 was intoduced to me it was on an NPS do in holland on a saturday. They sometimes do things on saturdays so it won’t take a working day out of your schedule and you can all go to the pub afterwards and tell tall tales. Same thing with the D1 and D2, don’t know about the D3 as I was travelling extensively when it was announced. Anyone in Holland who had an NPS introduction to the D3 and if so, when?

  • hulk

    Canon tries to cut the wind of Sony A900’s sail with its boring moon site.

    Then Nikon tries to cut the wind of Canon 5DmkII’s sail too.

    That’s crazy? Is there a company focusing on customers’ real needs?

  • If Nikon will announce anything they will do it before Photokina. Are they going to Photokina to show off the D90? I don’t think so.

    They recently announced the D90 so it wouldn’t conflict with the PRO camera body and lenses that will be announced. Then they can show us the D3x or the MX product or the AF-S prime lenses that I am hoping for.

    It is entirely possible that whatever they announce won’t be available till February – hence the “It’s BIG” advertising in Rangefinder.

    I could be wrong – so I will sit in the corner and watch the other comments now


  • rhlpetrus

    I still think all this BIG stuff is pure BS, it really doens’t make sense, Nikon has still to revamp its lens line for FF, then the new high MP body, they have to renew the entry-level fast (D40 is really outdated in many aspects), etc. Why divert from a very successful path they have enjoyed in the past couple of years to invest in a new format, lenses, etc. No way Jose, IMO.

  • J
  • Pablov

    🙂 lol

    you can bet they focus in customers’ needs, but more focus (using “primes”? ;-P ) in business.. (thus, marketing for sales..)

  • alex

    so that must be the reason why 14-24 is used on many canon cameras. because nikon can’t make ff lenses…..

    canon fanboy…

  • Wembley

    Something must be up…

    Hans Giersberg wrote:
    > I love the fact that [the Canon 5D Mark II will] hold Nikon’s feet to the fire

    I’m thinking that sometime around early November you might want to come back to that thought and see if you still agree with yourself ;~)

    Thom Hogan
    author, Complete Guides to Nikon bodies (18 and counting)

  • rhlpetrus

    And below that post, Michel Lammerse, a frequent poster in the D3 forum at DPr also mentions November. So, after all, it seems that someting is going to happen in November.

  • Aleksey

    I wish somebody would make Canon to Nikon 1.0 TC (adapter), so we could use lenses from Canon when Nikon playing their “marketing game” for too long. That will elevate their thinking!

  • Michael

    Got the same e-mail from NPS, but recieved an 2nd e-mail from Nikon that, although speculations were going around, the evening was not for such a thing as a new product… But they might written that 2nd one for the element of surprise… I’ll be there on the NPS evening on the 8th of november, we will see!


  • Blog Admin

    Yep, I got that one too – did not have time to post it yet – it is coming soon (the post I mean).

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