Is Canon really fighting to get an extension to the NDA in order to announce after Nikon?

According to this blog - yes. It seems that Canon's announcement was scheduled for September 17 and now they are trying to change that. Are they pushing the release date to September 23rd in order to announce after Nikon (September 18th)?
Has anyone ever heard of extension of a NDA? Is that legally possible?
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  • MarkDphotoguy

    Wouldnt surprise me. I’m still convinced they pushed back the 5D replacement after the D700 was announced because the spec on their camera would have paled in comparison. I could see Canon wanting to go second so that they could hold back again (suicide for them) if Nikon pulls the trigger on the D800 and it has better spec than their camera (most likely anyway).

  • Bart

    In what sense is an NDA a legal contract in the first place? I always thought that a manufacturer can’t do a lot against NDA breakages in the first place, except to retaliate against the leaker – not invite them again, keep them out of the loop from now on, cancel contracts, etc.
    If that’s the case then they can do what they want.

    On the other hand if an NDA *is* a legal document than it’s just a matter of creating a new one and have everybody sign it voluntarily. Just as voluntarily as taking of your shoes at the TSA checkpoint at the airport is. Sure, you can refuse it – but do you want to fly today?

  • Wiilyb

    Could be possible but aren’t there hundreds of people who will have to agree? How would they manage to contact them all in time?

  • Beat

    An NDA is a legal contract that defines how you have to deal with information (=non disclosure) and what happens if you break that agreement.

    But as a sender you are not obliged to deliver the information. So if you havn’t delivered you only inform the ones that are willing to accept the later release date.

    If they already know you’re screwed.

  • rad

    Oh great. What if Nikon changes to be after canon now? its going to be a chain of NDA’s because no one is going to have the balls to come out first.

  • Dan

    A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is absolutely a legal contract.

  • Mozart

    Canon Now launched EOS 5D Mark II, a DSLR with Full HD movie recording capability to compete with the Nikon D90!!!

  • Unless the NDA accounts for extensions. Such as saying the person can’t speak about it until Canon makes the official announcement.

    I’m under at NDA at the moment too, which ends Sept 23rd. Guess what for? 😀

  • the

    wake up, the roses have bloomed… smell them

  • the

    now to wait for Nikon’s announcements 🙂

  • Boby Joseph

    No! It is not, they have already announced the moon, CANON EOS 5D MKII

  • Anonymous

    The empire strikes back:

    When do th Yedi return 😉

  • Boby Joseph

    No! It is not, they have already announced the moon, CANON EOS 5D MKII

  • NikonF3
  • We need to educate the Nikon fanbase. WE ARE THE DARK SIDE!!! Canon, with it’s white lenses and “rebel” bodies, is the rebellion. So THIS is the return of the Jedi.

    Of course, the D700 is still in a class of it’s own, and not really direct competition to the 5D mk2 on paper. It is a much more action / sports oriented camera, not the studio / portrait / wedding photographer camera that the 5D mk2 clearly is…


  • alex

    at its price point won’t compete with d90 at anything. but i expect d90 and 50d to have much better AF than 5d2.

  • Ernst

    If I were shooting a wedding, I’d want the camera with the best no-light performance (for the reception) or the best flash exposure control.

    For the studio, I wouldn’t use any of these dinky 35mm-size DSLRs. Nikon and Canon make portable cameras for use in the field.

  • Anonymous

    I think the low-light capabilities of the 5dII will be surprisingly good… the price is awesome, the resolution is more then one could ever need.. it’s perfect for landscape, stock, even weddings. 3.9fps isn’t too good, but lot of PJs lived with 3fps on the 5d… It’s a great camera. But I’m still waiting for nikon’s announcments, and I honestly hope they’ll drop prices, and release a few budget (f4L type) lenses, especially a tele…..
    just compare the price of a canon 17-40 f4l, 24-70 f2.8l, 70-200 f4l +5dmII kit versus the 17-35 2.8, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 VR +d700 kit…. I know they’re not equivalent in terms of speed and resolution… but the canon kit is more bang for the buck… and for 80% of anyone’s work it is perfect.. (and is a LOT cheaper)
    now nikon, please, give us an option like this.

  • DW

    Dp review has Publish all the news. Looks liek ND changes failed

  • alex

    funny thing: they’ve finally put autoiso on 5d2. but on manual mode is fixed at 400. on the other modes it you can’t set activation speed. the camera forces it to 1/mm of the lens. which is completely stupid, even more with IS lenses.

  • Chris V

    …it is only a lot cheaper becasue you chose to substitute 2 canon 2.8 lenses with 4.0 lenses. Hardly a fair comparison, is it? 🙂
    Lets look at some real figures (all prices as on the warehouse-express site, except the nikon 17-35/2.8 which is not current, but still retails new online for 900 average. All prices in GBP.
    70-200/2.8: Nikon 1146, Canon 1234
    (16)17-35 2.8: Nikon 900, Canon 945
    24-70/2.8: Nikon 974, Canon 798
    Body: D700 1685, 5D MkII 2299
    Compare the totals now..
    Nikon 4705, Canon 5267, 562 more.
    In your comparison, you ‘saved’1227 by using the 4.0 Canon lenses…

  • David Olsen

    forget the 17-35 .. take the 14-24 ..Canon has nothing that compares to this ..the 16-35 mkII is near but still not in the same league.
    The canon 24-70 is old and dated whereas the nikon 24-70 is again in a league of its own..the 70-200´s are both old and equal in quality..when it comes to primes the canons are way ahead but the zoom range is definately NIKON territory

  • Daniel

    That’s the point. With Canon you have an option. The f/4 L line have great optics at an affordable price. Nikon doesn’t give me that option. I have to buy crappy glass or spend a fortune.
    It’s time for nikon to upgrade the primes also. I have the 24mm 2.8, 28mm 2.8, 35mm 2.0, 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8 and they are good but not great. Also f/2.8 for a prime is NOT good enough! Where are the great pro primes on the wide end? 85mm 1.4, 135 2.0 and above are great, but below 50mm we are stuck with lens designs older then me on plastic bodies.

  • @Matthew Saville Photography. I beg to differ that we are the dark side. I think all those while lenses are weapons of storm troopers!?

  • Anonymous

    “In your comparison, you ‘saved’1227 by using the 4.0 Canon lenses…” -true. now let’s do that with nikon…. anyway, it was only an opinion, If I could afford the 1600$ 70-200VR, I wouldn’t be thinking about the 600$ canon 4.0 bargain (which is a perfectly good lens, even if not comparable to the nikon…) same about the 17-40…

    I don’t know anything about UK prices…

  • Anonymous

    exactly what I am trying to say…. although, the older Nikon designs I tried were sometimes even better than the canon counterparts, IQ-wise… The screw-driven AF is HELL, though… let’s face it: except the new, expensive and (truly)great zooms and supertele, everything is outdated… and screw-driven, and plastic…

  • Steven Sow

    And what’s hard for us is that it’s taking so long for Nikon to do anything about it(if they are going to do anything, hopefully we’ll see something good) many of these primes should have been updated along the course Nikon’s whole DSLR evolution, especially as they started to increase in sensor resolution. We all know that it will take some time to update all these lenses, but the least that Nikon could do would be to throw us a bone, even a small one. A little “Hey, we know you Nikon faithful have been asking for an AF-S update on the 85 1.4, here it is” You know something to give us a little faith that more is coming down the road

  • Renee

    I that depends on how you depend on them for future (NDA-relared) work. If I would ask a subcontractor to wait a few weeks, and they dont.. I’ll what I do I had to hire a contracting party again..

  • Anonymous

    as far as I see it the way the d300 goes
    is also not clever, you can only choose
    a fixed time value which does not reflect
    the focal length, …
    in addition if the manual mode is used
    you want to lock everything, so the way
    to fix the auto-iso – perfect!
    (the 400 would be a point to discuss)

    Also stupid on the d300,you choose either auto OR a fixed iso setting deep
    down in a settings menue.
    Even if you have autoiso enabled you
    can choose/change the iso value in the
    standard iso menue which in that case
    changes nothing, …
    would be better to have “autoiso” as
    a value to select below the lowest iso
    value, …

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