Interview with Tetsuro Goto

Mr. Tetsuro Goto is the Director of Laboratory Research and Development at Nikon Japan. Focus-Numerique just published a lengthy and very interesting interview with him (in French | Google translation).

Key points & quotes:

  • No medium format from Nikon: "We have no experience in the niche market of medium-format. It may simply be impossible for Nikon to go on the market."
  • On Micro 4/3 & Nikon: "If we follow this type of equipment, we change our frame (mount). The new frame will provide new opportunities or provide access to new technologies and to use targets smaller and lighter".
  • Large sensor compact camera: "We study this way. You'll know soon enough."
  • On EVF: "In the near future, it is possible that we will also use electronic viewfinders, but for now the quality is not there yet."
  • On SWM (Silent Wave Motor): "We are currently investigating a new system for the future."
  • On the future of Nikonos: "personally I think the Nikonos reborn in the future."

Sorry about the bad translation, but you get the idea.

Hit the comments section for some better translations of the interview.

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  • Astrophotographer


    Quote: Large sensor compact camera: “We study this way. You’ll know soon enough.”


    • WoutK89

      “On Micro 4/3 & Nikon: “If we follow this type of equipment, we change our frame (mount). The new frame will provide new opportunities or provide access to new technologies and to use targets smaller and lighter” ”

      Don’t think that is meant as EVIL, but the part I just quoted is 😉

      • Teun

        ‘Target’ is a wrong translation, should be lens.

    • WoutK89

      Also, if you had taken less time trying to be first…, you could have read the whole article. They are not yet into jumping to Electronic Viewfinders it seems, EVIL is still quite some time away.

      • nobody

        IMO, it reads like, we’ll have a mirrorless camera with EVF ready for Photokina.

        • WoutK89

          isnt that like 7-8 months (quite some time) away? 😛

          • nobody

            Yes, September 21st to 26th.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, that is not soon enough, this coming February 21st is the PMA – Photo Marketing Association trade show. I am hoping Nikon will at least have a new DSLR.

  • Ronan


    • STJ

      Yep I noticed that as well 🙂

  • iamnomad

    Trust no one.

  • low

    hes the man!

  • definitely sounds like we should expect some fun things from Nikon in the, hopefully, not so distant future 😀

  • Gordon

    Quite an enlightening interview however I doubt all that is said is truthfull, I’m sure Nikon are saying one thing but doing another.

    • Japanese managers at this level are not prone to lie in interviews. They will decline answers, they will be vague, they will evade questions but they will hardly ever lie.

      • f/2.8

        You mean that is the only difference compared to American managers??

  • NikoDoby

    So all of the Nikon MX (medium format) rumors and sightings will now be replaced with Nikonos DW (DeepWater) rumors and sightings 🙂

    • STJ

      Hopefully 🙂

  • b

    i still think the mx rumor was the (D) 3x. just put the 3 on the side and…

    • Worminator

      I rather suspect they toyed with something equivalent to the Leica S2 but canned the project as unprofitable abck when the recession hit and the came to their senses.

      • WoutK89

        And so last minute brought us the BIG event? 😀

      • PHB

        I suspect that it was misdirection to hide development of the compact sensor EVIL camera. They may even have gone so far as to build a prototype or two to see if there was any value in going that route, using the lens designs from the PC lenses introduced recently.

        Once the D3s came out, the value of the medium format sensor was in serious question. The Hasselblad does not have impressive ISO performance you might expect. It is only ISO 800. Nikon can easily make an FX sensor camera that beats that.

        • Worminator

          If you agree with me that prototypes may have been built, that you can’t turn around and say this was “misdirection”. No one would go to such lengths.

          I remember some comments from dpreview staff about camera releases being cancelled or postponed due to the economy, and the leaked adds and fairly consistent rumors really do suggest the project was pretty close to release before it got yanked.

    • Thomas

      Or the “M” stands for M(ini)X. Smaller sensor than DX but bigger than the coolpix ones.
      But… that doesn’t relate to the “big” MX references in the “leaked ads”.

      • WoutK89

        Or the (high) resolution that was found in the firmware.

  • Rosco

    “We have no experience in the niche market of medium-format. It may simply be impossible for Nikon to go on the market.”

    He still didn’t say no though did he!!!

    • You won’t often get a straight “No” here in Japan. You can keep grasping for straws if you’d like 😉 Personally, that’s about as loud of a NO!! as I’ve heard from Japanland.

      • PHB

        He can’t rule it out because there are two fairly obvious ways that Nikon could end up in Medium Format.

        One is that they want to buy the Hasselblad sensor technology for some reason (they were bought out by the sensor firm). And they end up finding it is cheaper to buy the whole setup including the products.

        Another is Mamiya ends up struggling. and there is tech that Nikon would like.

        It is probably uneconomic to build medium format digital cameras as a standalone product at this point. Hasselblad only manages to get 60MP at ISO800. That is not very impressive for a camera system that costs four times as much as the D3x with 24MP and ISO 1600.

        It may be economic to carry a medium format as a high end adjunct to an FX line though. And Nikon might want to add the prestige of the ‘blad name to their own.

    • Chris Lilley

      Furthermore he also said they have very little experience with video, but that didn’t stop them putting video in DSLR and he says that all DSLR will have video…

      So saying that they have no experience with MF bodies (while reminding the interviewer that they have made MF lenses in the past) is quite a way from saying no.

      What I hear him saying is it depends on how big they think the likely market is and whether that market is switching to D3X.

  • Okay I can read French,

    Here is what I take away from reading that interview report:

    He says they aren’t going to change the F-mount on cameras, however on the 4/3 he says (if they do it) they would need a new mount which would be parallel and as good as the F-mount.

    He then goes on talking about how Nikon designs (modifies) the sensors but they are fabricated by others (Sony).

    He also talks about if customers want more Mega Pixels Nikon can do that, but it must be done carefully as you sacrifice sensitivity & dynamic range.

    No MX, as NR stated. He suggest medium format people have been buying the D3x.

    He talks about video being in every camera, but that cameras are inherently not designed for video and have various limitations.

    Digital Nikonos could be in the future, but from how he said it, I wouldn’t expect one for years.

    So, some good some bad. But he does seem to stress that people always want more then what may be economically/market available.

    • I should also mention that the article has no less than 5 pictures of the man leaning in every single possible angle one could without falling over.

      • nau

        lol true true

      • Dweeb

        Yeah, I paid for his drinks.

      • f/2.8

        They should have hung him upside down till he talks.

    • Paul

      “He talks about video being in every camera, but that cameras are inherently not designed for video and have various limitations.”

      That sounds like something Nikon will say right before they announce the solution. (here’s hoping)

      • PHB

        Solution would be a body designed for video that takes either the F-mount lenses or (more likely) the new EVIL lenses.

        The reason that the latter makes more sense is that for pro-video you really want power zoom as well as autofocus.

    • Hakejo

      Thanks for the translation!

  • Kevin Y

    nice find

  • I can’t believe they even asked about Nikonos.

    Let me say that again:
    I can’t believe they even asked about Nikonos.
    I can’t believe it! I totally thought Nikonos was long forgotten about. Rejoice! Finally comes the day a digital Nikonos is considered!

    Good for Nikon for ignoring the EVF.

    • WoutK89

      They are not ignoring the EVF, they are waiting for the quality to increase, then we will probably see it in the lower end DSLRs first after the EVILs have hit the market.

  • Nico in China

    Hi, i’m french as well.
    One interesting thing concerning the D90’s successor :

    Focus Numérique : Beaucoup de nos lecteurs sont inquiets de la disparition de la motorisation pour les objectifs AF-D dans l’entrée, puis le milieu de gamme. Le remplaçant du D90 sera-t-il dépourvu de moteur d’autofocus ?

    M. Tetsurô Gotô : Les clients de cette gamme veulent pouvoir utiliser les objectifs AF plus anciens que les AF-I. Dans ce domaine, nous suivrons la demande du client.

    FN : Many of our readers are worried by the disparitions of the motorisation for the AF-D lenses, first on lower then on intermediate level cameras. Will the D90’s successor have an AF-motor?

    TG : The clients of that range of cameras want to be able to use the AF lenses older than the AF-I. For that domain, we’ll follow the customer’s demand.

    • enesunkie

      Thanks ! Great News!

  • Okay, just translated when he was asked about what will be released in February, he said “just the Coolpix stuff . . . nothing else” 🙁

    • Anony-mou

      What? That was not in the interview…

  • Ray

    I wish the Nikon RS would come back to iife instead of the Nikonos.

  • Tim

    Nikon make some great cameras. And some great lenses too — they could just do with updating quite a few of them to the AFS/VR generation! More rumours of that around than anything completely new to the line up.

    The talk of producing a high-quality 4/3 mount, should this be coming, promises good things for the quality of the cameras and lenses they might produce in this format.

    Looking forwards to see what’s on the menu for the year ahead.

  • suegear

    what about freaking 70-200 problem? nikon japan ever heard about it or not?

    • WoutK89

      What problem?
      It is only cosmetic.
      And if you want to talk about it, please go to the forum or reply to/read the earlier threads

  • Harry Angel

    I don’t speak French and my native language isn’t English but from the translated text I gather:

    If you look at the two questions about the mount it’s clear that he first talks about the F-Mount for the “normal” DSLRs and that they won’t change that, then he understands that the question (and especially the next one) is about the Nikon answer for the micro-4/3 and I think he makes it quite clear that there will indeed be a Nikon EVIL camera. The English translation actually changes from “IF we WOULD do this” (making a new mount) in the beginning of the paragraph to “The new frame WILL…” towards the end. Then he assures that they will still continue with the F-Mount in addition to this new mount and that there will be two “different lines of devices”

    • Harry Angel

      My guess is Mr Tetsuro doesn’t speak French so this is probably translated like this: Japanese/English->French->English. I wonder how much is “lost in translation” (Probably the best movie of the 00’s.)

      • Just wondering, is there any Japanese original text for this interview?

        • Harry Angel

          It’s unlikely since Focus-Numerique published the article and it’s French…

        • Chris Lilley

          The original is French. Takami Tsuchida is President of Nikon France. Of course he speaks french.

      • That movie was painful 😛 But I guess living here might take away some of the mystique that the movie presents 😉

  • Nice find. It does not give a lot of clue tho. But one thing is sure, Nikon will continue its conservative approach in image quality – noise management.

  • regular

    I would love a Nikon rangefinder, a la Leica M.

  • Thierry

    I am French, so thought i could help with the translation of the key facts

    F-Mount: won’t change for DSLR as he quotes having 50 million in use around the world…

    Micro 4/3: he says that if they are to consider smaller cameras, then they will have to follow this way for SUCH cameras, as it will allow to access new technologies themselves leading to smaller and lighter lenses. The way the last phrase is written is very bad, sounds like awful translation but this is how it should read: The F-Mount has been around for a long time and should we get into the Micro 4/3 then two separate camera lines will be living side by side DSLR – Micro 4/3).

    D3,D700,D3S sensors: designed by Nikon, produced by other company
    D3X APS-C D3000 D5000 sensors: designed and produced by Sony
    D300: Sony base sensor, tweeked by Nikon which brings an improved/different end result.
    Statement on APS-C sensors: willing to move to in house design of these but will take a bit of time as they need to achieve economies of scale.

    Increase in MPix: will not sacrifice noise for increased MP, need to find right balance.

    D90/D300 successors: need to be able to rival with 7D which is selling very well. It has very good overall performance, sensor is not everything.

    Sigma/Leica: big sensore compact camera: “Ah, this is an excellent idea, we are currently looking into this avenue, you will know more quite soon. In terms of picture quality we want to bridge the gap between the cheapest DSLR and the best APS-C compact camera.” He is then asked ‘when’ this will happen, to which he replies “i wish it was today, the Panasonic G series is highly praised by its’ owners”

    voila ! hope this helps

    • WoutK89

      Thanks Thierry

      So, the Compact fixed lens big sensor camera is maybe just weeks away. Let’s wait and see.

      • Highlight

        No, I think the interchangalble lens, 4/3 or smaller format is on the way (with a in house developed sensor) but not in a few weeks. Perhaps a few months?

    • f/2.8

      Thanks for the translation.

      Thierry, please, no hand ball next time. My Irish friends are still pissed.

  • Anonymous

    I m french 2 and the most important thing that I understand in this is the new sensors will be made and developed for Nikon ven for DX;and that they really want to come out with a new DSLR that can match the 7D and the 5D mrk II with high iso but not too much to keep the quality in Dynamics and noise wich is the main reason why they re not goin Canon s way for pixxels !!

    • Markus

      Thanks Anonymous
      So that means that the rumor is true to not expect a 24MP sensor in the next dslr camera? Probable it means we cannot expect (yet) a new dslr at all coming February?

      • WoutK89

        The D700s is still possible

      • why? D3x have less noise (when printed) and higher dynamic range than any other digital nikon. we have prove it is possible, question is why it is not in D700x already.
        Talkings about conservative approach makes no sense when we have proof it is possible

        • Anonymous

          24 or 21 mpx is too big for more than 5 fps in full frame for now computers inside DSLR cant follow it that s all.

          • nobody

            Canon is able to do 8 fps with 18 mp (in the 7D). And sell it for € 1250. Why shouldn’t Nikon be able to match that level?

          • WoutK89

            because 18MP 1.6x cropped sensors are not 21-24MP FX sensors 😉

  • Anonymous

    by nikon instead of for Nikon,escuse my french!!

  • Anonymous

    and high pxls no iso sorry!!

    • nobody


      • WoutK89

        Anonymous said:
        “with high iso but not too much to keep the quality in Dynamics and noise”

  • Thierry

    agreed with you anonymous on the pxls part.

  • Teun

    ‘lighter and smaller targets’ is a wrong translation. In french ‘objective’ means both target and lens.

  • D40-owner

    “He also talks about if customers want more Mega Pixels Nikon can do that, but it must be done carefully as you sacrifice sensitivity & dynamic range.”

    Oh yeah!! Thankfully Nikon is indeed hearing the customers, and running away from the megapixel war. I need low noise, dynamic range, color accuracy, not more pixels my lenses can’t even resolve. Heck, 6MP is enough for 8”x12” photos, let alone 12MP. Ooohh, how I wish Nikon would do a D40 with a 6MP crop of the D3s sensor…. Now that I’d buy in a heartbeat.

    • they can do both, but same as with lens prices, they don’t want to.
      what they in reality do is, letting sony and other (leica,…) steal their market share while believing that Canon/Nikon dominance will stay forever.

    • C Benson

      Are you a professional Photographer or an Amateur Photographer? if you are professional photographer, you have to take into account that you need higher mega pixel for your client or clients to do weddings, portraits, photojournalism, commensal photography and so on… If you are only thinking of hard drive space, get external hard drive, they are cheap. If you are only looking at print size for example 8X12 as maximum size. You are limiting print size, you are forgetting 10X15, 11X14, 12X18, 16X20 and so on. i prefer Nikon would bring out a high mega pixel with better dynamic range, noise reduction, ISO settings and so on.

      I think I know why Nikon, is cool on the idea of bringing out a high mega pixel camera. They are concerned about a cool reception that they might get on the cost. When they brought out D3x. in Canada the retail price at the time was $9000.00 before taxes. When Nikon release the D3x, for a week or two on forum people voice their anger and frustration out at Nikon. I think Nikon is concerned it might happen again.

      I have question to everyone on Nikon Rumor forum. If Nikon decided to bring out a 18-20 mega pixel camera and the camera sold at a high cost value say $4000 – $5000.00. Would you buy the camera?

      • SZRimaging

        It would be a tough choice. I am ready right now to pull the trigger on $3000 to $3500 for 18mp+.

        • Mark

          Me too, and in fact I would say a 16MP+ (prefer 18MP+) for $2800 tp $3000.

          Posted January 21, 2010 at 12:30 pm | Permalink
          It would be a tough choice. I am ready right now to pull the trigger on $3000 to $3500 for 18mp+.”

      • WoutK89

        “…8X12 as maximum size. You are limiting print size, you are forgetting 10X15, 11X14, 12X18, 16X20…”

        are those inches or cm? 😛

        • C Benson

          8X12, 10X15,11×14, 12X18 and 16X20 are stander print sizes in North America. England uses 12X8, 15X10 and so. Yes they are all in inches.

      • WoutK89

        I what type of body do they launch? 😉
        D700 or D3?

        • C Benson

          So I take it there is a comedian in the audience.

          • WoutK89

            No I am serious, I think a D3 body can be worth it to buy for that price, while a D700 style body cant.

          • C Benson

            To WoutK89

            It’s not the D3 I’m talking about, it is the D3x. When the
            D3x (24 mega pixel) came out the cost value was $9000.00 Canadian. My question to the general population of Nikon Rumors, if Nikon was about to launch a new camera 18-20 mega pixel, cost value at $4000-5000.00. Would you buy the camera at the new price range yes or no?

          • WoutK89

            You still dont get it… A D3 style body vs D700 style body, I am not talking about actual D3 and D700! The new camera, in which type of body would it come, because a camera in a D700 style body would never be worth $4000-5000.

          • C Benson

            I will agree that Nikon, might use D700 housing shell for their new camera, but it is the guts inside the camera that is the most important. I give you an example, when Nikon brought out the D3. people, including admitted they where surprise because Nikon, made the D3. for speed (faster shutter speed, moving data faster to CF card, faster focusing, high ISO up to 12,800 and list goes on). The price at the time when D3 came out was $4999.00 US., UK price was 3399.00 pounds, and EU was 5180.00.

            When D700 came out it was compatible with D3. with a few extra features like dust removal system, able to use different lens mounts like F and D, different lens: D and G lens and so on. Both cameras use a 12 mega pixel CMOS sensor. Price for the D700 camera was US. $2999.00, UK 1999.00, EU 2599.00.

            D3s is compatible with D700 and D3 in technology inside the camera. Don’t look at shell of the camera (body), think technology and you will understand. D3s also has video incorporated in the camera. The price US. $ 5,799.

            Now here comes the big difference between D3, D3s, D700 and the D3x. In the D3x, Nikon is using 24.5 mega pixel CMOS chip, compare to a 12 mega pixel CMOS chip for D3, D3s and D700. They are also allowing the image size to be bigger in D3x, for example: FX format 6048 X 4032 pixel large and DX format 3968 X 2640 pixel large. Compare to D3, D3s and D700 image size FX format 4256 X2832 and DX format 2784 X2832. D3x is also using technology from D700 model as well. So in a sense, it’s best of both worlds . D3, D3s, D700 and D3x uses the same metering system. There is a big difference in pixel density, in the D3, D3s and D700. The values are 1.4 MP/CM in power 2. D3x has a value of 2.8MP/CM in power of 2 in mathematic terms.

            In closing I would advise you to go to for their conclusion on all four cameras. What I see in all four camera models is this. The D3x has greater CMOS chip, compare to the other camera bodies. So CMOS chip can gives you a greater image quality, that’s what you are looking for in a camera. Image quality. So when, an if Nikon does bring out a new camera people will want high mega pixels. So they can have high quality images. This where the price comes in because you are beefing up the camera. I give you a different example: suppose you bought a 1945 car and you want to beef it up. How much do you think it will cost for new engine with lots of house power, big wheels and body work/ paint job ( cherry red)? That what you are getting in the new camera a beef up car.

            I hope this help you.

          • WoutK89

            You are typing much, but not making sense…

            The sensor of the D3x is not bigger, it only has more and so smaller pixels. The size FX is approx 36x24mm.
            The D700 and D3s are even like the D300s, what a surprise, they take the AF-D AF-S, G, P, you name they can mount it. And F is the mount, not D, D stands for Distance information.
            You also say the inner of the D700 is the same as the D3, well, you are missing one very big detail, the D3 has more room inside for electronics, and so outperforms the D700 in processing speed. If I am right the D700 has a single processor while the D3 even uses a double processor.

            So check your facts, check how you word things, before trying to wrong my rights!

          • WoutK89

            Damn, now I forgot to say:

            A D700 style body will not be worth to have a price of $4k-5k, just because of the fact that it should not cost more than the D3 series cameras, unless they are able to put ! exactly ! the same performance of the D3x in a smaller D700 style body.

          • C Benson

            To WoutK89

            I did check the facts. Question for you, did your check facts on I went to great length in finding the facts on one more thing, the sensor is 35.9X24 mm CMOS chip. The D3 is 36X24 CMOS chip. You are arguing over .1 mm? Are you nuts? Why don’t you go back to high school and take high school math again. If you remember in high school, your teacher and mind, would tell the students to round up to nearest point, that means a
            35.9 X 24 mm becomes 36 X 24 mm a full frame 35 mm. negative or should I say CMOS chip.

            So I take it that you want 12 mega pixel camera to stay? Instead of 16,18, 20, or 24.5 mega pixel camera? Oh! I should round up 24.5 mega pixel to 25 mega pixel. What do you think I should do? Well I going to tell you buddy those days are gone. if Nikon wants to compete in the big boy sand box. They have to play with big boys toys and big ideas. If you feel that Nikon should stay at 12 mega pixel CMOS chip, you should tell the share holders at NIkon Inc. I guarantee they will kick you right out of the board room, on your butt. They are not interest in your opinion. The share holders are interested in their stock portfolios. I guarantee that is what they are doing because I know, I work for a major company in Canada.

            I have one more thing to say “stop being so anal, you are going way over board on the issue”. If you think I was being anal, I was not, I trying to give the facts because you ask me for the the facts.

            Good Bye and have nice life.

          • WoutK89

            You are still not reading my points…

            I hope you have a nice life being a nitpicker with your DPReview copying facts. 🙂 I dont hope your brain will hurt now.

          • WoutK89

            If you are a bit interested still, I will summarize what has happened, down below in a new post.
            Maybe you can read it then.

      • Gordon Moore

        Why are we assuming that higher resolution will necessarily mean a much higher price? In electronics, stuffing more and more components into a certain chip area normally gets cheaper, and this seems to apply to camera sensors as well in all other cases that I have heard of. Just have a look at the compacts or even the darn cell phones carrying 10 or 12 megapixel sensors these days…

        My answer is no, I am not a professional and I would certainly not buy a camera at that price, the current D700 price is at the limit of what I would pay for any camera since I have other holes (hobbies…) to put my money into. My preferred next camera will be a D90 size camera with FX sensor, with AF motor thank you very much.

      • PHB

        The D3x is actually selling pretty well according to the figures Nikon showed at that conference in China. If you are in the market that needs 24MP, the extra cost is worthwhile.

        Nikon could easily sell a 50MP DX for $15000 and find enough buyers to make a decent market. They would easily outsell the medium format makers put together.

        The problem with going that route is that for the moment yields are going to be low, costs high and performance not what it should be. The D3x should have hit the ISO 3200 mark, like the D300. They only managed 1600. Which suggests that heat is an issue to me.

        If Nikon comes out with a $15000 camera now, it may be tricky explaining why the price drops to a third within a few years. They held off on the D3x until the fans basically told them to launch it no matter what.

        What I read the interview as saying is that Nikon recognizes that the sweet-spot of resolution may be considerably behind where the state of the art lies. So don’t automatically expect the D4 to be 24MP.

        I could live with the D4/D400 being 18MP with an ultra-high resolution body offering 36MP for 60% more cash.

  • mrD

    On Micro 4/3 & Nikon: “If we follow this type of equipment, we change our frame (mount). The new frame will provide new opportunities or provide access to new technologies and to use targets smaller and lighter”.

    I’m not french, but “targets” may originally have been something like “objectifs” which would then translate to “lenses”. And frame may well be frame, as in sensor size.

    • Anonymous


  • WOW.. not impressed.. hopefully something got lost in translation..

    • litebyte

      LOL Well Lost in Translation is full with stereotypes and cliche’s for the Hollywood public 😉

  • Larger sensor compacts to do battle with the Canon S90 & G11?

    • WoutK89

      How do they compare to a large sensor compact? We are talking Leica X1, Sigma DP2, there is no fair comparison between a S90/G11 and those.

  • I’m also French (sorry), basically, he said: “I won’t tell you anything, if you need informations, go look at Nikon Rumors’s website”.

  • pt

    seriously, stop with this 70-200 posts already. Every other day you sent everyone an email updating this 70-200 problem, it is getting extremely annoying. I am unsubscribing from the email list. This is after all a rumor site, not a Fix-my-lens site.

    • this was a rumor until we got the official word from Nikon, now I am done with this topic
      you will be missed!

      • pt

        then I guess I’m back

    • WoutK89

      Replies like this are funny, you dont have to read it, thats what so great about the internet! Its free also, I can not see why you would complain about that 😉

  • WoutK89

    C Benson asked if we would buy a camera with 18-20 MP FX, for $4000-5000

    So I asked, in what type of body would it be released, D3 or D700?, since a D3 body is worth to pay more for, and a D700 style body will never be worth 4k-5k with “only” 18-20MP.

    So he answered if I am a comedian, obviously not understanding what I just told him, and thinking to make fun of me.

    So I answered back that I asked him a serious question.

    All of a sudden he goes talking about D3x????, dont ask me why and started to repeat his initial question about 18-20MP

    So I said again, that a D3 body IS worth it, and a D700 body isnt.

    He all of a sudden begins talking in long words, trying to convince me, about something that wasnt the topic, let me try to summarize:
    He starts off talking about that the inner is more important than the outer, when talking price. The D700 is supposed to be ? compatible ? with the D3, and has a different mount, D mount 😛
    And then the D3s is also compatible with aforementioned camera, still not sure how cameras are compatible, but ok, he thinks Video is worth more in price, although its mostly software. The D3x is using the same tech as a D700 (although has an obvious bigger amount of pixels, but that’s clear: 24,5 against 12MP, what else would you expect?) He starts talking more numbers, which are obvious too, put two times more pixels on a similar sized chip, and of course the pixel density is twice as high. But then he makes a mistake, saying the chip is bigger, while it is APPROX. 36x24mm (to quote DPReview for his fun: 36×23.9 another one of his mistakes, telling me it is 35.9×24 :-D) And then he ends with comparing apples to pears 🙂

    Then I respond, he made mistakes in his DPReview quotations in his on words (I know a quote is not in own words). And I point him again to his own question, that a D700 body is not worth paying 4k-5k for and tell him he cant wrong my rights, thats just wrong 😛

    He tells me now what I just said, the wrong sizes for FX, and not understand that I responded on his words, bigger sensor, which is faulty, there are just more pixels on the same size sensor.
    Then he is being childish, telling me rounding up is high school bla bla, while I said approx. so why wouldnt I be able to round up when being lazy to type it exactly. He gives me a quote I never said, and tells me do the same to myself, which is obviously not pointed at me, it was not me he quoted. He is pointing me to DPReview again, where I find exactly what he had looked up, while still not making a point and even throw in more mistakes quoting them.

    C Benson, I am sorry, but life is tough, take some critism and read it sometime, maybe you will never understand, but I know I had some strong arguments you overlooked. 🙂

    • SomeOne

      What’s your trouble? You’re talking about body volume, he is about sensor size. Though he did not understand your question, I enjoyed reading his post.
      What you should be concerned about is price related to features, not body volume. This logic will ultimately bring about the the models to be upgraded. It’s IQ (high iso) versus MP and price. I believe the D3x will be upgraded first. D3 will be discontinued to make room for the D900(?).

      • WoutK89

        How can a D3 be replaced by a D700 style body D900, when the D3 is already replaced by a D3s? And even you dont understand the meaning of my post.

        Is it so hard to see that I am trying to give a sensible answer to his question, and all he does is bringing up facts without telling me in what body the 18-20MP would be released!?!

        • WoutK89

          I mean, a D700 body is considered less sturdy than a tank like a D3(x/s), the features thusfar have been lower in the D700 style bodies, so if you would pay for just more pixels, in a smaller body that has probably lesser features than a bigger body, I still stick to my opinion that a D3 style body would be more worth it.

  • WoutK89
  • f/2.8

    No one picked this up but I will spell it out for you all.

    ■On SWM (Silent Wave Motor): “We are currently investigating a new system for the future.”

    What he was trying to say was “in-body VR.”

    • WoutK89

      SWM has nothing to do with VR, it is the Autofocus motor.
      Or is it a bad translation?
      SWM in the future might mean AF for video in the lens.

    • Humanonymous

      What he said when asked if Nikon is doing research on lens motorization is basically that it SWM works very well but remains quite costly and big. They are presently investigating a new system for the future. He then gives the example of the lenses for the Panasonic G system which have a more silent and faster motorization. He says it’s one of the solutions and that they are hoping to quickly find better processes.

      Loose translation of mine of a sometimes weirdly worded answer 🙂 And yes, I’m French…

      • WoutK89

        Thanks, I had french in school, but that’s already 6 years ago 😀 So I am not confident to read it anymore. Keep the rumors coming, and hopefully pretty soon the facts!!

    • jac

      SWM has to do with autofocus, not lens (image) stabilization.

  • Just a Thought

    “No medium format from Nikon: “We have no experience in the niche market of medium-format. It may simply be impossible for Nikon to go on the market.”

    How soon they forget.

    Nikon worked with Bronica on Nikkor lenses for Bronica medium format cameras. Nikon also made (not sure if still made) larger format lenses. So they have experience with medium format and larger glass. Making a body larger is really about making a larger shutter and larger mirror box. For example: the Leica S2 is about the same size as a Nikon D3.

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