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Nikon working on a “serious” underwater compact camera (digital Nikonos?)

Another interesting rumor: Nikon is planning to release a new waterproof/diving camera that could be part of the Nikon 1 product line. I am not sure how this will work exactly – maybe there will be a new line of waterproof lenses or maybe the new camera will have a fixed lens. The information I received is not […]

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Nikonos RS lenses modified to work with modern Nikon DSLR camera

The Nikonos RS system was one of the best underwater camera solutions back in the 90’s. The product line was discontinued in 1996. The high quality RS lenses could only be used with Nikonos cameras because they had a proprietary electronic protocol not compatible with other Nikon F mount cameras. Andrej Belic was able to convert Nikonos RS lenses to work […]

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Nikon’s rugged Coolpix camera: the rebirth of the Nikonos?

In an old interview with Focus-Numerique, Mr. Tetsuro Goto (Director of Laboratory R&D at Nikon Japan) said: “Personally I think the Nikonos reborn in the future” The upcoming rugged Coolpix from Nikon may actually be the rebirth of the Nikonos line. The rumor is that the new camera will have a depth rating of 33 feet (10 meters), […]

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New underwater camera from Nikon?

Update: the Facebook posts is now removed. On June 27th Tim McKenna wrote on his Facebook page that he received a “new secret weapon from Nikon, a new underwater camera for some testing and campaign images”:

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Nikonos trademark expired back in 2008

There were some chatter last year that Nikon may bring back to life their underwater Nikonos product line. Tetsuro Goto (Director of Laboratory R&D at Nikon Japan) had this to say in an interview with Focus-Numerique: “personally I think the Nikonos reborn in the future”. Trademarkia lists the Nikonos trademark as expired as of 08/22/2008 which probably means that […]

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Flashback from 1998: Navy SEALs training with mysterious Nikon underwater digital camera

“NAVAL AIR BASE CORONADO, California (June 8, 1998) — Navy SEALs attached to SEAL Team One, Naval Air Base Coronado, CA, conducts training using the Nikon/Kodak DCS 425 underwater digital camera which can sends real time digital images to decision makers, and an LPI LPD tracking device uses brevity codes to send both mission status […]

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