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Flashback from 1998: Navy SEALs training with mysterious Nikon underwater digital camera

This is an interesting story because when I tried to research this underwater digital camera (Nikon DCS 425) I could hardly find any info online. It seems that this model was produced for the US military/intelligence organizations and initially even its existence was denied: “The Nikonos RS was the World’s first underwater SLR camera, capable of going down to a […]

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Interview with Tetsuro Goto

Mr. Tetsuro Goto is the Director of Laboratory Research and Development at Nikon Japan. Focus-Numerique just published a lengthy and very interesting interview with him (in French | Google translation). Key points & quotes: No medium format from Nikon: “We have no experience in the niche market of medium-format. It may simply be impossible for Nikon […]

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