Nikonos RS lenses modified to work with modern Nikon DSLR camera


The Nikonos RS system was one of the best underwater camera solutions back in the 90's. The product line was discontinued in 1996. The high quality RS lenses could only be used with Nikonos cameras because they had a proprietary electronic protocol not compatible with other Nikon F mount cameras. Andrej Belic was able to convert Nikonos RS lenses to work on a current Nikon DSLR body with fully functional AF, shutter speed, aperture, exposure mode, metering, Liveview AF and exposure compensation - watch the video below for more information:

This article on wetpixel covers different lenses/camera/housings combinations and includes several sample images.

Nikonos cameras and lenses can be found on eBay and Adorama's used department.

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  • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

    is this a gimmick or are those nikonos lenses seriously good?

    • Fil

      Some of the best underwater lenses ever created!

      • asdfasf

        Meaning what, exactly, for when you are out of water? Last time I checked normal Nikon DSLRs shouldnt be submerged.

        • Jan F. Rasmussen

          I would like some for aquarium photography and pond life, with some care should be possible to stick the lens but not the camera into the water…

          • Fil

            And let’s not forget that in or out of water, they are still amazing lenses.

  • Terry

    Yes !!!! and some UNIQUE , like the 13 mm Fish Eye

  • Shawn Young

    Very ingenious. Nice work–thanks for publicizing it, Admin.

  • Jonas from Sweden

    Why can’t Nikon resurrect the Nikonos product line with a Nikonos digital RS1?

  • Arkasai

    You can get these lenses very cheap these days, I’ve run across several on craigslist that were pretty much giving them away. I wonder how much he plans on charging for the conversion.

  • Xavier75

    why bother, the 20-35 existed in Land version ! Wast of time

  • 103David

    I have to say…why bother? I mean, even back in the day, this version of the Nikonos system among working divers was considered rather a joke as constructing even a basic submersible system would have cost something in excess of 10 grand…and then it turned out the damned things were about as watertight as wiki leaks. Big boondoggle on the “lackowaterproofness” aspects of this turkey.
    I’m surprised there are even enough lenses surviving to waste time on a project like this. Thumbs down big time on this project. Quit fooling around and get back to work.

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