Nikon’s high-end compact APS-C sensor camera coming in 1-2 weeks


Image sensor size comparison from Wikipedia

The rumored compact camera with DX sized sensor will be announced in the next 1-2 weeks. The entire confusion last week came from the fact that Nikon did announce a new Coolpix S3500 camera for the European market. Since I was told to expect the D7100 and a new compact camera, I assumed that the high-end DX model will be announced. I might have some more details in the next few days, here are the known specs so far:

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  • opsi


    • amien

      As usual, expect a first ginea pig camera, with a slow lens. F3.5-F5.6 at best.

      • Fil

        Or.. f/2.8

        • amien

          if the camera will be mounted with a prime lens, F1.8 would make much more sense. Anyways, a compact prime lens camera would be a niche camera, but a short but excellent zoom range such as 16-50mm 2.8 would make much more sense, this is why, we will have to wait 2 more years for it to come.

          • TheInconvenientRuth

            Have you ever seen, held or even used the DX AF-S 17-55/2.8G? Good luck cramming that glass into a compact camera….

          • TheInconvenientRuth

            Have you ever seen, held or even used the DX AF-S 17-55/2.8G? Good luck cramming that glass into a compact camera….

            • Joseph

              What is retrofocus lens design for $500 Alex…
              Go look at any 35mm f/1.4 lens on a rangefinder. Notice it’s 1/3 the size of that lens?

            • TheInconvenientRuth

              What a silly comment, Joseph. Sony’s 18-55/3.5-5.6 for the NEX is already (dia x length) 62mm x 60mm. A 2.8 version would be considerable bigger. Probably not far off the Nikon AF-S 17-55, which is 85.5mm x110.5mm. If we ‘assume’ the Sony 2.8 version (if they would ever make a 2.8) would be roughly in between in size, it would be around 72 x 80mm. And you’re arguing your case by pointing to a 56mm x 46mm rangefinder 35/1.4…. Generally only moderate to wide angle primes are non-retrofocus. What is research for $1000, Joseph?

  • Redstart

    lol at the raging D400 fanboys

    • DonD

      You are the type that will still be saying “Not gonna happen” even after the D400 is announced. BTW, I have no plans to buy the D400 when it is annouced, so this is not wishful thinking, it’s just sane thinking.

      • NRA Advocate

        Not gonna happen. 😉

      • You are the type that will still be saying “gonna happen” even when Nikon says that D7100 is a successor of D300s ))))

  • ILU Nikon

    Why a fixed lens? Why? Why? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?

    • This could be the beginning of a new DX sensor mirrorless camera line.

      • this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

      • Chad

        I hope so. Hopefully Nikon is putting some effort into this because they are already way behind the ball in the mirrorless realm. More and more people are choosing mirrorless systems, whether as a upgrade from P&S or coming from DSLRs…it only makes sense for Nikon and others to devote time and effort to get their systems right. I went with NEX for a APS-C mirrorless, but I’d be more than happy to return to Nikon (still shooting a D7000) if they get it right.

        • NRA Advocate

          Exactly — this is Nikon positioning itself for future trends. Compact P&S cameras are going to gradually die-off because of improvements to cameras in smart phones – higher & higher quality mirrorless cameras are the future.

      • dontrocktheboat

        What’s the point? With a nice big sensor it seems really restrictive to limit this to a fixed lens – what a shame if it’s true. And with Fuji doing such a good job with their DX interchangeable lens cameras it really does seem a retrograde step – again, if it’s true.

      • Bob

        If the rumor turns out to be true, it sounds like Nikon is trying to copy Fuji’s success with the X100.

        Fuji launched the X100 before any of their other mirrorless product line. It was an APS-C sensor with a fixed 23mm f/2.0 lens (~35mm equiv.). It was very popular, mainly due to its retro styling and good image quality. Fuji has since extended the X line considerably from this initial experiment, including interchangable lens models (upmarket) and a smaller-sensor compact model (downmarket).

        So, if the rumors are true, Nikon is copying their strategy and introducing the same thing, albeit with a possibly slower, but wider, lens. It will probably be D7000 guts internally, since it’s EXPEED 2 and 16.2 MP… exactly the same as the D7000. Plus, the D7000 is ending it’s lifecycle, but they can crank off a few more batches of sensors and circuit boards for relatively little marginal cost (the capital investment in the sensor tech and circuit designs are sunk already), so it makes sense that the camera will use D7000 guts (or I suppose, D5100).

        Like the Fuji X100, Nikon’s entry will probably look “retro” but have lots of glaring functionality problems that are the result of a “first try” at a new concept (Nikon V1/J1 anyone?).

        Gloom and doom: Unlike Fuji, however, Nikon will likely not fix most of these in the firmware (they don’t fix much in firmware compared to other companies, and no one can really hold a candle to Fuji on firmware upgrades anyway). Consequently, they will release a successor with a few fixes a short time later, similar to the whole Nikon 1 J1/J2 and V1/V2 releases.

        Let’s hope Nikon does a good job with this one. I’ll buy one. I’ve been pretty tempted by Fuji’s new products, but I have remained loyal to Nikon so far…

    • JonB

      Why? To compete with the Fuli X100.

  • CJ

    Still no D400….

    • chubbs

      Have a cookie.

      • NRA Advocate

        Have the whole jar.

  • Edgard

    Nice, indeed. But why a 28mm f2.8?

    • Arkasai

      Unknown till the announcement but I’m thinking it saves cost, makes the lens more compact, and to my knowledge there’s currently no pocket camera with a fixed lens this wide and a sensor this large.

  • olidie

    28mm? hmmmm, not the best choice. 2.8? lame. entering the game this late nikon should show a little more effort.

    • cppguy16

      What do you mean late? Can you show me an ASP-C compact? The Fuji X100 isn’t compact. Only the Sony RX-1 is considered compact, but it’s full frame and too expensive. No one has an ASP-C compact.

      • Bob

        Take a look at a Sony NEX, a Samsung NX, and Fuji X100 on They are all APS-C, and all pretty small cameras.

  • niXerKG

    Why Expeed 2 though, why not 3 or 3a? Gimping it from the start?

  • niXerKG

    Why Expeed 2 though, why not 3 or 3a? Gimping it from the start?

    • Maybe to keep the price low?

      • henri108

        Low price and high-end?

        • niXerKG

          I agree. How can you call it high-end yet it’s still has old hardware. I mean my P7700 is fast and it rocks Expeed C2, but isn’t the 1 System’s AF speed based off Expeed 3?

          • gsum

            Yes, the Nikon 1 has Expeed 3. It’s not just the AF that’s fast though – the main strength of the 1 is the incredible electronic shutter speed which allows you to do things that no other camera can do.

        • High-end compared to the current Coolpix models, low price compared to the Fuji X100s maybe?

  • adampad

    It is a little bit of strange lens choice. A little too wide for everyday stuff, and a little too slow to be interesting for a wide lens.

    The Fuji X100 was a hit because of styling and a 35mm f2

    • St.

      I agree.
      Nikon lost me on this one. I already preordered the X100S.
      To me 35mm (FF equivalent) is the perfect focal length (if I have to choose just one).
      But it’s interesting to see what they will come up with.

      • sadfasfd

        I disagree. 28mm is a wonderful focal length. On the other hand — /2.8 is pretty dark for a fixed lens if its attached to the camera.. if this isn’t a low-light camera with super high ISO, then its going to be pretty damn annoying.

        • I’m not sure where a 28mm equivalent at 2,8 seems ‘dark’. I don’t know of too many similarly outfitted lenses on any system that are faster than that, fixed or non-fixed. 28/2,8 seems pretty standard.

    • Desmo

      28 on aps-c is approx 35mm on FX or classic 35mm film
      Think classic Leica rangefinder with 35mm ,many considered it the best candid photography camera ever made
      Thefuji at 35 is equivalent to 50mm on 35mm/FX format led to a vary worthless boring combo

      • ke

        Its a 28mm equivalent lens. If it was an actual 28mm lens it’d be closer to 42mm in 35mm FOV terms.

        • That’d be about perfect. I wonder about the focal length choice and if its really a “fixed” lens without the possibility of an adapter, I have doubts about the utility.

      • eli

        Do your research, dude. The Fuji X100 has a 23mm lens which is a 35mm FX equivalent.
        And the 28mm on the Nikon is 42mm FX equivalent, which is nowhere close to 35mm.

        • The rumored lens for the new camera is 18mm f/2.8 which is 28mm equivalent in full frame (27mm to be exact, but I think the actual focal length will be 18.5mm)

      • adfasf

        Its 18mm (28mm), not 28mm……!

    • Edgard

      I’m not actually waiting, but if by summer Nikon doesn’t prove me there’s gonna be something nice from them, my choice it’s going to be the X100s. It’s the best option right now…

    • Aldo

      With the resolution that the camera is rumored to pack… you can always crop images… however you can’t expand beyond narrow lens, so I would pick wider than narrower on a fixed lens camera.

      • Arkasai

        I like the idea of a fixed wide lens on a pocket camera, it’ll be great for the street or in bars/restaurants. Sensor is interesting too, 16MP seems very deliberate when there are compacts pushing 20MP with smaller sensors. Perhaps the “slow” lens and lower than expected resolution = cheaper camera than expected?

  • Sounds perfect to me. although f2 would be great, the 28mm focal length will be great for a high end carry around camera. Im more curious how they will style it? maybe 28ti style?

  • I like the idea. I shoot 35mm on FX extensively and this comes out to 42mm.
    Viewfinder? And if I’m honest, classic looks will help.

  • Man I wish it was more of a competitor to the Fuji X series. Those have set the bar IMO for compact cameras. It will probably just be another retarded version of the N-series. 🙁
    Bringing back a modern version of a vintage Nikon Rangefinder with adapters to use Leica/voigtlander/or adapted Nikon F-mounts would be epic win.

    • gsum

      Absolutely right regarding the rangefinder but must be FF and please no gimmicks. Alternatively, a digital FM would hit the spot.

    • desmo

      I second that
      F mount interchangeable lens would put this camera on top

      • Keith

        +2 A modern interpretation of the classic Nikon ‘S’ rangefinder series that could also adapt F Nikkors if one really wanted to, would be fantastic.

      • Twaddler Belefonte

        Yah, that worked out great for Pentax with their x-01, definitely a good move for Nikon too. *rolls eyes forever*

      • “F mount interchangeable lens ”

        Just buy a Nikon DSLR and use it in live view. A mirrorless would be the same size

  • Nikon forgot about customers long ago.. the tradition continues. Why does this surprise anybody?

  • asdf

    IT’S NOT A D400


    okay now that that’s over with, we can all read about the cameras that will actually be coming out

    • Spy Black

      Actually, that IS the new D400…

  • Jonas from Sweden

    Some comment says 28mm (equvalent) is to wide, some say it is not wide enough, some says it is perfect … some want zoom, some exchangeable lenses …
    It is not easy to please everybody in the camera making business.

    I hope it is a good camera. But for now I will not by it – I stay with my D800, D700 and P7700 …

    • RC

      I say 28mm is way too wide. I could not live without zoom but if I were to choose one focal length to stick with, I’d choose 50mm. I was walking around with an 85mm on my D600 yesterday, and I found that it was just a little too narrow, so 50mm could be a good walk-around lens for me.

  • Brummix

    Why not for the Nikon 1? 🙁

  • Csaba Molnár

    18mm F/2.8 – what the hell is Nikon thinking? Who is it targeting? Landscape shooters? Because for anything else, this is not a good focal range/speed combination. In fact, for anything else (street, portraits, holiday photos, etc.) a 30-35mm (roughly 50mm equivalent) would be perfect. And at least at F/1.8!

    Or you know, bring in some innovation, something more surprising? In-body stabilization perhaps? Never gonna happen with Nikon, though the technology now is very close to the performance of lens based stabilization. This would allow for smaller, cheaper lenses, and you’ll get stabilization for everything. Sony has it. Olympus has it. At any rate, if these rumours are true, it makes one wonder where Nikon put its brains.

    • Who is it targeting? It seems to me the ideal pocket camera for parties etc. There is a huge market of people who take social pictures at parties,meals, family gatherings and so on and this seems to fit the niche perfectly. I had the pleasure (almost) of using an OM-D with the 20mm lens and it was superb for that kind of event. And it will also do passable landscapes 🙂 This is a higher quality handbag camera than the Nikon 1 series. There is more than likely a big market for such a camera if priced right, bigger than that of ‘camera enthusiasts’.

      • keepitsimple

        You are correct, the m4/3 lumix 20mm pancake is an absolutely fantasic lens. However, its 40mm equiv, which is VERY far away from the 28mm equiv on this thing.

      • Csaba Molnár

        Well, you’re right, 20mm F/1.7 would be about 40mm F/2.8 equivalent on full frame, which is a very very different lens from the 18mm F/2.8. Or to put it another way, this 18mm F/2.8 lens would be the equivalent of a 13.5mm F/3.5 lens on the OM-D, which, as I pointed out, would be less than ideal for pretty much anything, except perhaps landscapes (but then a few mm wider would be better for that).

        This lens makes no sense for any particular use. It’s way too wide even for parties, except for really large group shots. But it would suck for small groups (3-6 people), not to mention individual portraits. It’s way too wide for street snapshots, way too slow for subject isolation at such short focal length. It just doesn’t make sense. Anything between 35-70mm (full-frame equivalent) would make far more sense. Canon has a 40mm pancake that works on both full frame and APS-C, and it’s tiny. It’s F/2.8, but at that focal length it starts to make sense.

  • Danonino


  • zl

    This camera is probably designed to test the waters from the marketing point of view and the next model will be interchangeable lens type with 16Mp, APS-C, Expeed 3, 10 fps, EV. That would be nice.

  • Peter Alexanderson

    If tha autofocus is as good as nikon 1’s it will be a serious challange to fuji’s x100(s)

  • Greg

    Please, can you remove this false picture about the Foveon Size ?? Actual foveon is as big as the current Nikon DX format. Time to wake up dudes !

    Of course it explode any DX sensor out there at base iso…

    • Only the SD1 and Merill models are big. The SD15 is still current and has the smaller APS-C version.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    All these negative grumpy grinches…
    2.8 is fine. 28mm is fine. When was the last time you were at a small party where 35mm eqv. could capture the entire scene? If it has the sensor from the D7000 or any recent body, high ISo will be good enough to skip f/2.0. Another reason is size, price and weight. If it had a 2.0 you would all be moaning that it is too big, too expensive, not pocketable. If the lens is collapsible, it could turn out to be a very small neat camera. Digital 28Ti anyone? And at 18mm true focal length, going from 2,8 to 2,0 on a DX sensor won’t exactly make a huge difference in subject isolation. If it looks gorgeous and is fast with good high ISO, this could be really nice. I just hope they abandon the P7700 styling and make it an object desiré. Not Hasselblad bling….

    • HotDuckZ

      Hope this camera have the best high ISO.

    • This camera would be great if there were no other brands than Nikon.

  • KB

    If this is the digital equivalent of the old Nikon 28Ti, well, that’s what I’ve been SAYING I’ve wanted all along. Will I get one? Depends on two things:
    How cheap it is: Nikon will think it has to be priced above the current V camera, but I say it’s got to be cheaper than US$800. And…
    How stupid it is: If it’s another compucam with no finder, no deal.

    • If it’s going to be “equivalent” to the 28Ti it also has to be a 18mm f/1.8 lens… just saying 😀

      • Nick

        NO! FFS, aperture is not only about DoF!

        If this is genuinely pocketable I will sell my X100 and get it. I assume a slower lens helps with this (why else bother), and look forward to see what they produce. More competition in this segment is great news for everyone anyway, as Fuji have got away with selling compromised cameras as nobody was competing with them for too long.

        • Are you allergic to learning?

          Smaller light gathering area of a smaller sensor also means less total light gathered. So the noise is also worse by the same proportions… it’s not just the DOF that’s higher.

          Why do you write without learning the subject first? And what kind of a moron does it take to think that _I_ might get something like that wrong? 😀

  • kuishinbou

    It is great to see Nikon considering the lager sensor mirrorless market, but disappointing that it is fixed focal length camera. If Nikon were to introduce retro styled, large sensor mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses and efficient and accurate AF, that would be very interesting. But unfortunately, they are too resistant to change, which may hurt them in the future.

  • The wider the better

    Finally something wide enough after the Sigma DP1 and with a bigger sensor. And the sensor is probably as good as the D7000, so we can expect it to behave on high ISOs as well. That would be a perfect lightweight camera for travel and night landscapes for me.

    If the pricing is right, that is going to be really cool. And an underwater housing is bound to be on the way.

    The world is full of boring 35-70mm equivalent stuff, so all whiners go get a Fuji X100 or Sigma DP2/DP3 and be happy with them.

  • 500dxp

    I bet this camera will be ultra-compact compared to fuji x100s. A nice digital copy of gorgeous T28i. This will be a good camera for true amateur, not for a “spec and bokeh perv”. Actually…”spec perv” is a praise for them because the only thing they can do to evaluate a lens is to look at aperture number.

  • Danonino

    I´m sure that Nikon or someone else will make an 35mm-adapter so you and everybody else also get a 50mm eq for it. Then you would have it, all the lenses you could ever need if your serious about photography. A 28mm wide and a 50mm normal. Case closed.

  • EnticingHavoc

    Nikon is doomed. The “1” series was the first poorly designed camera and gained success solely due to an ultimate price crunch of nearly 70%. Now Nikon is giving us this wacky tool featuring a slow and slightly too wide lens.

    Is Nikon following Nokia on its path for clumsy, inappropriate & awkward products that discourage consumers and ruin its reputation ?

  • neversink

    No comment. I am amazed at those already comparing the image quality of this camera to that of similar cameras on the market. This camera is NOT even on the market, so how can you even judge it. At least wait until you get your hands on one before you love/trash it. Thanks.

    • dgm

      fair point, but this is how people hated the V1/J1 line w/o looking at things other than a spec sheet (and even not reading it properly!) That’s how the internet goes I am afraid

  • B2

    This may be very good choice. I will definitelly consider, assuming that AF is on par with D3s 😛

  • chubbs

    Lot of people slamming and defending this camera before we even know what it is and does. I really want to see this thing. I’m excited that Nikon is entering into this territory to compete with Fuji. I think some amazing compacts could come out of this type of competition.

  • Alexandre Dizeux

    Low price (600€), good iso performance, good lens quality, fit in the pocket = it will be mine

  • cookie

    So far only rumours. I can imagine a FX high end compact (with the sensor of the D4) like the RX 1 as well. For me this would make more sense. Wait and see

  • Leontin

    f/2.8 and Expeed 2 = NIKON do not know about X100S?
    No chance for Nikon at this range…Un-Usefull product…

  • Hillerud

    Nikon has made some high-end compacts before like the 35ti and the 28ti. If they hope to compete with Fuji, this needs to be nothing less than a digital 28ti!

  • Joseph

    That’s how Nikon handles photography professionals who were responsible for this name it has today? I’ll soon be rid of all my Nikon equipment because the “C” is much more committed to the success of its customers.

  • What size will it be? If it were the size of the Sony RX100 I’d buy it. :O

  • Why on earth a fixed lens? In a world where Sony NEX is king in the compact cameras with interchangeable lenses why not put an mirrorless version of the F-mount and join the NEX series as the tiny powerful cameras that can use any lens you have with a cheap adaptor? If they keep it under 18mm I am sure is going to be popular. Any mention of a hotshoe? Pop up flash?

    Let’s just hope it has great video features like peaking, mic input and headphone jack. Maybe there is hope!

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      “why not put an mirrorless version of the F-mount”

      Seriously? Your are telling Nikon how to do their job and you tell them to put an f-mount on a mirrorless to make it ‘tiny’? The flange distance for the F-mount is 46.5mm. Putting an F-mount on a mirrorless means in order to USE F-mount lenses, the flange to sensor distance HAS to be 46.5mm. Not tiny. Really…

  • Blo


  • bryan brown

    I think the wide f/2.8 lens is to make the body very narrow. The x100s has a great lens, but it isn’t exactly pocketable. I think this camera (if it comes to life) will be. And f/2.8 is pretty fast with the very good high iso performance of modern cameras. If this camera has similar guts to the d7000, this will be a very interesting camera.

  • Rhlpetrus

    Any news about adapters for wa or tele use?

  • gbn

    Wow! Genious! A D7000 sensor in a compact body with a 18mm lens… at least Fuji’s implementation included a hybrid viewfinder & classic arrange of knobs and controls, so the only way fοr Νikon to impress, is to copy Fuji… not so flattered way for #2 industry in imaging i guess… meanwhile, you can get an Oly OM-D E-M5 (or Panny GX-1) with a 12mm f/2 pancake, a Sony NEX-Something with Sigma 19mm f/2.8, even a Samsung NX with 16,20 or 30mm primes… really hope to be a mirrorless body with interchangeable mount, otherwise is completely pointless.

  • Harro

    too wide too slow. why Nikon even bothers? Lumix is already in the third iteration of their fantastic little package LX

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