Nikon’s announcement next week could also be for a new high-end Coolpix camera

Nikon Coolpix logoAfter talking to several sources, nobody could confirm the announcement of the D7000 replacement next week. The lack of leaked images and detailed specifications also makes me think that either Nikon has gone completely underground with the new camera, or the D7100 will just not happen next week.

In my post yesterday I forgot to mention the second possibility for the upcoming press event: few weeks ago I reported that Nikon will also be announcing a Coolpix P310 replacement with RAW and WU-1a support. A new compact camera with a larger sensor is also a possibility - maybe with the 1" sensor from the Nikon 1 line.

So this is where we stand for now - either a D7000 replacement or a new high-end Coolpix camera(s) for next week.

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  • FFMNikon

    I want a full frame mirrorless camera from Nikon

    • chubbs

      with chocolate sprinkles.

  • cookie

    A press conference in some countries because of 1 coolpix doesn’t make
    sense. There must come something bigger

    • ads

      Seems overkill for sure for 1 P&S.

      My dream is that the D7000 successor will be announced and has been kept under serious secrecy wraps because it is great, and they want to maximise the announcement effect (hey I did say dream 🙂

    • I agree, unless the new Coolpix is very special.

  • Burner87

    A compact camera with a 1″ sensor could be a good opponent to the RX100, but i do not think Nikon will develop a camera like that because of the Nikon-1-System.

    • Twaddler Belefonte

      And because Nikon sucks with compacts. :/

      • iFLAME

        Seems like you have been under the rock for sometimes! Nikon P7700 is arguably the best all-rounder compact out there with a very good sensor and a sharp and versatile lens, not to mention the external controls that will put some of Nikon’s entry level DSLRs to shame!

  • Jonas from Sweden

    A Nikon 1 P1. Would not be a bad thing … not as good as Mirroless FX, But better than Coolpix P-series … A Nikon P1 with fully manual control (dial/button based not menu based!). Looking something like the P7700 but with a optical viewfinder …

  • Nikonguesses

    full frame Coolpix? 1′ Coolpix? Coolpix P7700 upgrade with optical viewfinder? D400/D7100? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..tell me when it comes

  • AM

    Where are the lens rebates that were supposed to kick in today?

  • Hessephoto

    Im still waiting for the full frame D800s 16mp d4 sensor.

  • ferdinand Rothsberg

    I’m told that it’s going to be a medium format coolpix – very upmarket reply to Hasselbald’s latest offerings.

    • ‘coolpix’ name doesn’t exactly lend itself to an upmarket product.

      • iFLAME

        Give it an 1″ sensor+ 24-200 f/2.8, keep the P7700 design and call it whatever you want – I’ll buy it in a heartbeat!

    • Crusty

      If it comes with crocodile skin finish I’ll be in line

  • Merv S

    A rugged/waterproof Nikon 1 with something like f/2.8 like most point-and-shoots would be nice. Those dSLR underwater housings are often more expensive than the dSLR itself.

  • Getting pissed waiting for a d400!

    • Robert

      Sorry to say there won’t be a D400, IMO. There’s little enough difference between the current D7000 and the new D600 as it is. A D7100 and a D400 is WAY too much bifurcation in the lineup to be justifiable, now that full-frame is coming down in price.

      The D7100 will certainly get the 24 megapixel sensor, and likely also have improved buffer speed, frame rates, autofocus…and probably a couple of other bells and whistles, too.

      At that point, there is absolutely no need for a D400…at least in Nikon’s eyes.

      • Eric Calabos

        So many will switch then
        Nikon cant afford that

        • the sardonic iconic

          Switch to what exactly? Canon’s 7D which they’ve stated they have no plans of updating?

          • One more camera to consider Pentax K-5 II S. Amaizing low light focusing, extremely high ISO, high FPS, waterproof metal body works even at -30 C.

            • ads

              Current plastic Nikon SLRs operate at lower temps than that – I’ve shot my D5100 below -40 with zero issues apart from shorter battery life.

            • Yes plastic is better at low temps, but D3000 – D600 cameras have plastic bayonet mount that brakes after the first crush. D300s was really Pro and D7000 sucks.

            • Robert

              D600 and D7000 cameras with plastic bayonet mounts, huh? Better check again.

            • D7000 and D600 has metal ring for F mount, but it is mounted on a plastic. Check this out:
              Plastic body does not disperse heat. GH3 uses body as heatsink. I think other Pro cameras do the same.
              I like when I feel weight in my hands, so I am metal body fan.

            • ads

              I was referring to a non magnesium/pro body, the bayonet mount is metal on all Nikon SLRs.

              My point being that the magnesium body feels great in the hand, but the plastic body hasn’t limited me from taking shots in the most extreme conditions I’ve faced.

              As both can get the same shots methinks Nikon value the ‘pro’ build far less than a lot of respondents on this site, especially when 90% of consumers probably rank low cost and light weight more highly.

            • Bayonet is mounted on plastic. Did you understand that? It will brake the same way as it was made of plastic when it falls.

              How do you know that 90% of people like plastic body cameras? If it’s true then Nikon engineers are idiots that prefer metal in D4 and D800 models.

            • tmay

              Elon Musk called and he has a car for you to test.

            • ads

              Haha – should be thankful my camera battery doesn’t drop half its charge overnight 🙂

        • I am going to switch to Panasonic GH3 next month. However, I will wait for the event, may be I’ll change my mind.

        • Tom McGill

          Personally, I say don’t let the door hit them on the ass on the way out. It’s not like DX glass doesn’t work on an D600.

          It is just being stupid and threatening for no good reason. “Pro body DX user” I thought was rare bird, sorta like the dodo… which as I recall is now extinct.

          • Guest

            shut up loser

        • Robert

          Switch to what, exactly…?

      • If 7100 will have spillproof professional metal body with D800 shutter mechanism then there is no need in D400. Otherwise Nikon will make the biggest mistake in the company history (second biggest after 36 MP sensor, of course).
        I think that 7100 will have newly announced 20 MP sony APS-C.

        • Dr SCSI

          How is 36 mp so bad? So bad that Nikon couldn’t keep up with demand? I can see that. Do i want one? Hell yes, but I’m waiting to see the D4X first.

          • IMHO, 36 MP is good in studio where you have controlled light and do not need to fire 6-8 fps. But when you shoot wedding you need high ISO and FPS. 18-24 MP camera has more versatility than 36 MP monster.

            • NRA Advocate

              Who the hell needs to shoot a wedding at 8 frames per second?! What are the bride and groom doing? Running for the 20 yard line? Jockeying at Belmont?

              On the other hand, perhaps it’s you’re technique.

            • Did you ever shoot weddings? I think you don’t. When a bride throws the flowers she does it ONLY ONES. And every frame per second is priceless. The same with wineglass break, opening champaign (including opening with the saber) and one million other situations where it can be used for quality and creativity purpose.
              In studio you can ask model to do the everything you want as many times as you need. So D800 is good for that.

            • Dr SCSI

              So the D800 wasn’t right for u, but that hardly made it wrong for Nikon. The camera u want, sounds like a D4. Which, by the way is absolutely my favorite camera to date from Nikon. Could have been better had they offered a model sans video, if u ask me. I’m sure Nikon will bring out a D900 with the D4 sensor in the D800 body. But that may come out after the D4X, or released simultaneously.

        • ads

          I don’t think a full frame shutter mechanism would even fit in a DX camera.

          They would more likely use the current D7000 shutter, or there’d be an outside chance they would adapt the D300 shutter if they aren’t making a D400.

      • the d400 would be a higher end camera than d600…this would be a difference in specs, not necessarily price.

      • crusty

        Whats yous drinking boy

      • VikingAesir

        Then they should drop the D7x00 line and release the D400.

    • preston

      Getting pissed reading whiny d400 comments on every single post!

      • nickaname

        Maybe there is a *reason* customers won’t let go of the idea of a D400. One reason is that a D400, if done right, would blow the D800 and the D4 out of the water for wild bird photography. And the D600, forget about it. Of course if you don’t photograph wild birds, who cares.

        • bob4242

          Do I need FX or DX to flip the bird?

        • NRA Advocate

          Ahhh… yeah. No.

        • ads

          Its probably the same reason people still complain about a D700 replacement – even though the D600 & D800 have been released.

          Sure the proness (that is so a word 🙂 of the build in both falls short of the D700, but not in terms of the shots either are capable of capturing, especially if you print big.

          My guess is that we’ll see an upgraded D7000 which covers 95% of what the D400 would have been – ie FPS, buffer, CAM3500 AF etc, but keeping a semi-pro body.

    • Zerbs

      Have a cookie.

    • Smoke a joint.

  • Craig

    I predict a riot

  • Spy Black

    Everyone hates you for getting them psyched up for a potential D7000/D300 replacement…

    • matt

      just buy a D600 or D800 and stop whining, is just my view

      • Spy Black

        It was a joke. I personally don’t give a crap.

  • Jon McGuffin

    Ouch, I was quite looking forward to the next D7000 body. Fingers crossed it still finds its way next week.

  • getoutandshoot

    I want a D400! Are you listening Nikon? Probably not. I think Nikon doesn’t give a damn what wildlife/sports photographers want. So they go release an $18K 800mm lens nobody can afford. And here comes another plastic DX body, maybe. Now maybe the D7X00 announcement will be delayed another 2 months or a year for all we know. I wish they’d just come out and tell us. Is the pro DX body dead? Maybe I should sell all my Nikon gear and switch to Canon…

    • Enrique

      Have a cookie.

    • NRA Advocate

      Ya, Nikon’s pro DX line IS dead. The D7000 replacement will be the top-of-the-line.

      You should switch to Canon. Let us know how that works out for you. (oh, btw, rumor has it they’re abandoning prosumer APS-C cameras, too).

    • Sotts

      What does Canon have waiting for you on the other side? As far as I know, their only “pro” APS-C model is the 7d which was released the same time as Nikon’s last “pro” APS-C model which was the D300s. And If you think the 60d is any more pro than the d7000 or d300/s, you’re gonna have a bad time bro.

    • henry

      No such thing as a “pro DX” line.

      • crusty

        You are crazy boy!

  • Shawn Young

    It will be an exceptional Coolpix, worthy of multiple press conferences worldwide. Specs:
    –1/1.7″ sensor with pixels on it
    –Available in 12 different colours including the all-new Midnight Magenta
    –Accessories will include a colour-co-ordinated carrying case (MSRP $299) made out of genuine Saskatchewan Sealskin Binding
    –Finally, not one, but THREE long-awaited Cat Modes. Happy, Sad, and Pensive, to capture all of Kitty’s moods!

    • hrthrt

      you forgot…no raw available…the new p320 lol

    • PeterO

      Shawn, you made my day. Now I’m really pumped for the announcement. I bet it is a new line of SuperCoolpix cameras that have only one big magical pixel that can give you infinite sharpness whether you focus or not. It can actually read your mind. Canon is so in trouble now.

    • crusty

      I’m buying it now! I’d prefer pink crocodile skin but I suppose Saskatchewan seaskin will do fine

  • Nicolò

    Pergola a D800S with all the af-issues solved?

  • Eric Calabos

    Why average Joe should prefer J3 to RX100 equivalent Coolpix?

  • Enrique

    It will probably be something silly that will make no one happy.

    • PeterO

      You mean something like Nikon’s CEO had an itch and scratched it with his other hand?

      • chubbs

        Maybe. Or someone in a factory in Thailand farted or something.

  • xebone

    Got the message of my dealer that the D800 will get 200€ cheaper by 18.2, so next week.

  • enesunkie

    Could this be just promoting Nikon Image Space ?

  • Wut?

    Where the heck is the Nikkor lens discount to begin today?? Is the rumor a BUST?

  • Ben

    Whether its a Coolpix or the D7000 replacement, I just hope they add the features us Pro’s have been begging for – namely the ability to stream Netflix, YouTube and Hulu on the rear LCD. We also need it to pull in Flickr feeds so that we can show prospective clients pics that better photogs have taken to trick them into thinking we are awesome.

  • Arthas

    We’ve seen zero evidence of D7k replacement so I very much doubt it’s ready to launch on Wednesday. Perhaps this is all just a bit of wishful thinking eh?

  • A new passionless camera called Coolplix?

  • Bodo

    I am waiting impatiently for the successor of the P310.
    My P310 has been sold on weekend as a sort of precaution.
    Night scenes showed good results. But do not talk about daylight photography… Purple fringing destroyed many of the shots. Cloudy sky and branches, twigs, leaves, tubes, bars, fences: All big big enemies of the camera. Hopefully they will get it under control.
    Purple fringing has been a hair-raising weak point of the P310….

  • John

    When is Nikon going to treat customers with respect? Any guess?

  • John

    When is the announcement going to be made?

  • J.Fine


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