Nikon Image Space apps for Android and iOS now available


In addition to the new Nikon Image Space website, Nikon also updated their free apps for Android and iOS based devices (previously myPicturetown). Here are the download links for the new versions:

It seems that Nikon still has not fixed the long list of issues with their new website.

Screenshots from the new Nikon Image Space app:

Nikon-Image-Space-apps (3) Nikon-Image-Space-app Nikon-Image-Space-apps (2) Nikon-Image-Space-apps (4)

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  • David Parrott

    NR, is there a list of known issues?

    (also, thank you for being awesome)

  • AM

    Who cares anyway?

  • Sharpshooter

    I tried it… It is excruciatingly slow to load and display images. Not a useful page at all. I’ll stick wih Flickr.

  • This service is an absolute abortion.

  • shadowfoto

    ..and after all, it’s country-limited app. nice move, nikon.

  • Orest

    Nikon forgets about Canada again!!

  • Merv S

    What was Nikon’s overall goal/strategy with this?

  • brn

    Unfortunately, I agree with many others here. I don’t mind if the app is a bit crude. All it has to do is get images up to Image Space. Image Space itself is crude.

    20GB is pretty nice. I’m not going to write it off yet. Hopefully, it’ll improve over the next couple of years.

  • Flip

    US only.


  • Dr SCSI

    The whole thing seems like a waste, however….if Nikon is moving towards Android based app cameras, just think how quickly they could get users online if every new camera they sold, uploaded images directly to their photo sharing site. I’m talking about every CoolPix sold in the future and possibly firmware updates for older cameras too. All pre configured and optimized through a built in wizard. Soccer moms would love it! Unfortunately, I think they haven’t thought enough about how to leverage the possibilities, they are just doing the “me too” thing. As far as I can tell there is no benefit over similar offerings. No benefit, why bother. Also, the difficulties and limitations are just putting everyone off!

  • Rhonbo

    I’ve got my 20g of Image space but can’t say I will every use it as it is nothing special. Maybe some day Nikon will do something with it to make it more appealing over using something like flickr.

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