Nikon releases new MyPicturetown iPad/iPhone app

I had to break the union discussion in the pervious thread with this new post about the wonderful news that today Nikon launched a new Picturetown Pad application for iPads and iPhones. The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes.

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that its free my Picturetown Pad application for iPads and iPhones is available for download from Apple's App Store. The my Picturetown Pad app allows users to enjoy using my Picturetown, Nikon’s online image sharing and storage service, with their iPads and iPhones.

In addition to supporting playback of data recorded using the Motion Snapshot* function, which offers a new form of imaging expression and has been built into Nikon’s new Nikon 1, Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lens, my Picturetown Pad also supports book view and a map view that utilizes information recorded with cameras equipped with a GPS function. What's more users can enjoy using my Picturetown with their iPads and iPhones with greater convenience through collaboration with Facebook and Twitter.

*The Motion Snapshot function records a still image and roughly a second of movie footage beginning before and ending after the time the shutter-release button was pressed. The 2.5-seconds worth of movie footage recorded in Motion Snapshot mode is played back in slow motion for a total playback time of 10 seconds that includes the still image and original background music for an impressive playback experience.
The new Nikon 1, Advance Camera with Interchangeable Lens just released by Nikon respond to the latest needs of the digital generation. Nikon will continue to offer fun, new forms of imaging expression with features such as those that combine still images and movie footage, and also continue to expand its services to offer users more ways to share their digital images.

Primary my Picturetown Pad features

Convenient viewing of photos and movies

The user interface optimized for the iPad and iPhone display allows users to view photos and movies uploaded to my Picturetown with ease and comfort. As images are cached as they are viewed, display is much faster when they are viewed again at a later time. Users can also create albums and change the manner in which images are sorted using simple touch operations.

Playback of Motion Snapshot data

Data recorded using the new Motion Snapshot function built into Nikon’s new Nikon 1 Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lens and uploaded to my Picturetown can be played back using the my Picturetown Pad app.

Book view

Photos can be viewed with a beautiful layout resembling those found in photo books and magazines. Shooting information is displayed under each photo, and as layout is random, photos are displayed differently each time, allowing users to enjoy a new perspective each time this view is enabled.

Map view

Photos with which location information has been recorded using the GPS function built into models such as the Nikon COOLPIX AW100 can be displayed on a map. In addition, photos with heading information recorded can be displayed with the information, making viewing them on a map more fun.

Share photos on Facebook and Twitter

Not only can photos or photo links to images uploaded to my Picturetown be sent to your own Facebook or Twitter account, but when the my Picturetown Pad app is running, photos and photo links to images taken with the iPad or iPhone can also be sent to Facebook or Twitter. These photos taken with the iPad or iPhone are also uploaded to my Picturetown at the same time. What's more, comments can be added to photos when they are sent to Facebook or Twitter.

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  • silmasan

    That’s it! Switching to iPad!!!

    • Andrew

      Wait, did you read the press release, it said “Nikon 1”. Isn’t the Nikon 1 manufactured in Thailand? Did you read yesterday’s news?

      • Jabs

        The Nikon 1 system is made and or assembled in China.

        Where all the various parts are made or sourced from – I don’t know.

        • broxibear

          I been trying to find out whether parts made in Thailand are shipped to Sendai to build FX bodies, but I can’t get any solid information.
          All the DX prisms are made in Thailand, it wouldn’t surprise me if they also make the FX prisms which are then sent to Sendai.
          Maybe someone out there has more information, but if Nikon made FX parts there too then they’re really in trouble.

  • Nikonfx

    Union discusion lol just a string of platitudes and nonsense that everyone know. people manifest a high propensity to chat on banality. They forgot the tea and especially forgotten that a forum dedicated to Nikon rumors and not to political cliches pointless …

    • Rob

      You spent so much effort trying to force big words in there that you forgot to form complete sentences.

  • Bernd Haselmeier

    What about Android smartphones?

    • texajoe

      Nikon is making it Apple exclusive. The android market is to unstable. With hackers and a shaky system, Nikon couldn’t allow it’s users to be subjected to that…

  • Jabs


    Great timing too!

    You have to focus on your web site and the subject at hand – Nikon cameras, lenses and various gear plus accessories despite the tragedies and setbacks.

    This shows part of the new directions for Nikon in recognition of the changed landscape of photography too.

    You getting that “titanium” D-Lux (lol)?

    No need to answer and put yourself on the spot, as i know you love Leica’s and you also know how I feel.

    May God help us all overcome our faults, our greedy ways and our desires gone mad.

    Being positive during a vast tragedy often helps though it does not diminish the hurt or the suffering of the people directly affected.

    Enjoy your day!

    • No, I don’t care about anything that is limited edition 🙂 the new iPhone 4s is good enough for a point and shoot camera, I also have the Fuji X100. I think Leica will be in trouble with Blackstone owning 44% of the company:

      • Jabs


        Sorry I missed your response – LOL.

        What – no limited titanium colored body – oh shhhh – titanium coated or enhanced replication – LOL.

        Just teasing.

        How is the X100 and that new iPhone 4S?

        You get all the new toys plus all the great info too – sigh!

        Sorry to hear about the root canal – ouch!

  • has nikon corporation already purchased by canon?

    • Jabs

      The whole Photo Industry has been affected by the disaster in Japan and now Thailand.

      Why would they want to buy Nikon?

      • my point of view was from other side…
        seems nikon is doing steps which go to the cancellation of building good name based on serious solutions for photographers and presented many years ago. now we can see more toys for children (like this phone apps) than tools for photographers has been announced recently. it is only good for canon so maybe canon bought nikon and now nikon is in slow shock-free liquidation process. (doubt it is real, just seems to be according to steps like this.)

        • Jabs


          I have a question for you then a few comments?

          Why are so many photographers unwilling to embrace any type of change and cling to their die-hard and perhaps emotional beliefs that things will always remain the same without new developments or directions?

          The Nikon 1 system is perhaps designed for a different age group and market, so in extending its’ reach, now HOW is that a dilution of the Nikon brand or range when Nikon already produces even lower end cameras than that which are even cheaper?

          Have you even checked out an iPad or an iPhone yourself and then heard remotely about how many of these they sell PLUS what people are doing with it to expand photography to new concepts and situations?

          HINT: They just sold over 4 million iPhone 4S phones over the last weekend in America alone! That means that even if 1/10th of those people download that FREE App, they will be that much more publicity and recognition for the Nikon name and brand. Say 400,000 new potential Nikonians and you question that?

          Have you read about the newly introduced camera wherein you focus or bring the image into focus AFTER you shoot it?
          The Lytro Light Field Camera just got announced – now do you also think this will kill Nikon or perhaps they will buy Nikon or should Apple now buy them? Is Nikon in trouble or growing rapidly?

          Sometimes, it helps if one gets out of the Studio or one’s rut or routine to now see what the rest of civilization is up to and then try and fit in rather than being some island onto oneself, maybe?

          Not accusing you of that, but maybe Nikon understands what Canon might not or has been unable to respond to so far and thus my questions to you plus now a response from me.

          Everything changes in life except birth and death – basically!

          An iPad app might not be for you, but when last I checked, these low end things make lots of money that fund all the upcoming outrageous gear that Pros love, so maybe you look from that perspective – perhaps. FREE Publicity!

          I don’t see it as dumbing down the experience for everyone, but maybe expanding the reach of photography.

          NOW, if Nikon stopped making DSLR’s and gave us only mirrorless cameras as some Sony fans ‘predict’ or cute Tablets and Apps only, then time to panic.

          Micro 4/3rds brought in many NEW photographers instead of replacing larger DSLR’s as have smartphones and so far I see ONLY Nikon trying to integrate the two scenarios of the Internet and photography PLUS videos in a small removable lens camera system designed from the ground up to do just that.

          Change HAS come already – so perhaps welcome to a future of many disciplines to do the very same or similar things, but some with better skills, training and better equipment will still be able to do outrageous stuff, but the low end is being saturated with capable gear used by amateurs for their own enjoyment and delight.

          What is wrong with that?

          • you are right and nothing is wrong if we will see d4, d800, d400 in the future. if not, i will not have a tool for work and d7000 is the last usable camera in the world for me (except other brands i dont like to handle).
            but anyway good notes, inspire me to revise my own marketing strategy…

            • Jabs


              Thanks for your replies and understanding what I was trying to state.

              Mainly, it is Sony and Micro 4/4rds ‘trolls’ or ‘evangelists’ who come here and try to convince REAL Nikon users that we are stuck in the past and unable to come to grips with ACCORDING to them – the whole world is going Micro 4/3rds – LOL to that.

              I ask them pointedly SHOW us here or anywhere ANY Micro 4/3rds system that can replace a D700, D3s or a D3X much less a D7000 or D5100.

              Where the heck are the lenses and what can you put on these tiny cameras and shoot a variety of shots in various locations?

              People trump their benefits to me, but I stick to a low end L22 over any of them, as if I want real quality, I use a Nikon DSLR.

              Me buy a Sony camera – LOL.

              Sorry to seem rude, but Sony does not have a wide enough system of lenses or accessories to do ANY thing for me. Nikon alone has what I need and even Canon falls short though by way less than Sony.

              I have been using PRO Nikon bodies since the 80’s and even then Nikon was the only game in town for me, as I use lots of accessories that even the great Nikon FA could not use or did not have then, so I chose an F3HP and later an FA. There was like what – $100 bucks difference in the price then but the F3HP had much better build, a more robust Eco-system and accessories that put even a D3s to shame today.

              Therefore, I don’t see Micro 4/3rds or the Sony NeX replacing Nikon, as they can’t do what Nikon’s CAN do, so mere dreams by people who come to this web site to basically panic YOU or mock/laugh at you as some old time fogeys cluelessly running around with a heavy dinosaur of a camera – LOL.
              HECK, the Nikon 1 System has more accessories than almost ANY Sony camera released so far (lol).

              Dream on to them I say, as Pros also use their even heavier MF cameras and produce what they can only dream about.

              Light weight cameras with light weight features AND lightweight performance and (in)flexibility or suitability (as in not) for getting a job done and getting PAID.

              On to the D4, D4X, D800 and D400 then or whatever Nikon releases as Nikon has gotten it right for over 50 years and I don’t care where amateurs/consumers go or if they consider us Nikon shooters snobs or rich/poor geeks or whatever, as you can buy used Nikon gear cheaply all over the world.

            • Matt

              I’d have one additional comment.

              1. photography was never meant to be something only for the “pros”, already mentioned. I get that income is important to the professionals, and they have to be worried about that, but when you want a company to only make high end products geared towards professionals, it really smacks of elitism. Maybe thats not your intention.

              2. as pointed out above, there is no indication the Nikon is abandoning its high end products. In fact you should be GLAD they are doing less high end. why? If a company produces only high end products then they cant compete with a company that does both high and low end. This would mean either: a. they go out of business, or b. their high end products become the only part of their business, and would likely be more expensive, not less, because to cover their overhead, they would need a much greater profit margin.

            • Jabs

              Look here for what is going on with the iPad now for photographers – just a sample too.


            • Jabs


              Lol – and so true.

              Agreed and certainly NOT my point of endorsing elitism, but exactly the opposite as in grow upwards, downwards and even sideways to make the money to survive in a new and changing environment or become irrelevant to a new generation of USERS.

              Answers and my additional thoughts now:

              1. Elitism often leads to your own downfall or you price yourself into oblivion while not really offering better REAL performance, so you now live by name or past reputation and now the younger generation has NEVER heard of you, so you die a death from being clueless or unknown anymore.

              2. Yeah – agreed

              Remember Leica and Rolls-Royce plus other such premium brands of the past?

              Perfect examples of catering to mainly only the rich and then when new and better Technology came about, they became irrelevant – seen that before myself and got burnt by that a few times in Hi-Fi and computers especially, as AR (Acoustic Research) user from the past too – speakers, turntables, amps, receivers, tuners. The good stuff too like dual 12 inch woofers in the AR-LS series too – lol

              Everything from the original AR-3A (not the AR3) to the original XA turntable and the later models, plus AR amps, AR tuner, AR Receiver and a vast array of their speakers from the little AR4’s to 98LS and its’ bigger brother too and all types of models. Wanted to get an AR9 TSW, but missed the last one by a whisker, as when I went to the Office to get the checkbook and came back, it was gone – LOL.

              Sweet equipment but now it would be too huge and expensive plus too loud, but they still sound fantastic but you need better quality sources than mp3’s though – lol. Real high quality sources though still sound greater on that type of equipment but it is harder to find high quality sources anymore like 24bit recordings on DVD’s instead of CD’s, as convenience trumped quality, so then the opposite occurred there – LOL.

              That, perhaps is what many photographers fear!!!

              Like I say, I have done lots in my life and not ashamed of it, as hard work and experience plus buying and using gear are priceless.

              Just don’t worship it – LOL.

          • Richard


            I use a µ4/3rds camera in addition to my Nikon gear. It is small enough that I drag it around with me almost all the time which I will not do with my Nikon gear. It is a lot of fun and is plainly superior to my Canon P&S in almost all respects except that the P&S is even more compact…and so it still has a place in the mix of photographic tools I use.

            The µ4/3rds camera has distinct sensor limitations at the present time when it comes to high ISO performance. I took some pix while standing in line early one morning recently and the noise was pretty grim on most of them when shot at ISO 6,400 which was necessary to get a shutter speed that gave me any chance of getting an acceptable image with the slow kit lens. Would it have benefitted from one of the f/1.7 or so lenses? You bet it would have. Will there be improvements in the µ4/3rds sensors over time? Most likely, but there will be at least corresponding improvements in the DX and FX sensors as well.

            What do you do when you don’t have a “real” camera with you? Drag out your phone and get what you can.

            If there comes a time when some sort of mirrorless camera replaces conventional DSLRs we will probably embrace them as a useful tool. That time really is not here yet in most respects. Sony and Fuji have some interesting projects which may impact sales of entry level DSLRs to some degree, but we shall see. If technology never changed, I would still be shooting an Olympus OM-1…oops! I still do some times!

            Cheers 🙂

            • Jabs

              @Richard – lol

              Thanks for the response.

              Yeah – I don’t disrespect micro4/3rds or such, but I DO NOT have a use for them myself, as they are in the middle and I need low end and high end.
              L22 is fine as better than a smartphone and a D4 or even an F5 is great for MY uses at the high end.

              Never had a problem with camera size as I always loved the larger bodies, so not my focus.

              To me, an N4004 was a small body while an L22 Nikon is a toy and a capable ‘toy’ for what I do too plus if they steal it, who cares – buy another one as I back up my images to a real computer after I use it.

              Thus, everyone has a different perspective.

              WHAT irritates me is not the Micro 4/3rds cameras BUT the ‘stupid’ or pompous claims of many that we DSLR shooters are so basically so 80’s or 90’s or worse – clueless ‘retards’ – then I look at THEIR photos and go – GEEZ I did better than that in the 80’s with an F3HP and Fuji 50D slide film that cost LESS new than what what you are now using and you call or look at me as clueless – YEAH right?

              Technology basically moves sideways – you gain some and lose some – SAME exact thing in mirrorless – lost on THEM.

              I don’t see mirrorless as replacing DSLR’s but enhancing them or moving to where the entry level is, BUT people’s flawed logics or claims are based upon THEM thinking perhaps that a DSLR is a target that is sitting STILL.

              They first have to miniaturize the the LENSES before I buy that argument, as cameras are not BODIES only but body and lens combinations, so flawed logics too.

              I see perhaps NEW ways of photography and perhaps higher bit counts (16bit, 24bit and even 32 to 64bit) plus higher megapixels as defining the upper levels of photography and NOT size, as that has never really worked, especially as we have Laws of Optics and Electronics. People equate photography to computers and Ghz or core madness and get lost themselves = how I see it.

              ONLY God knows the future as He created it, while the rest of us are either spectators or guessers, depending on when we are born or were born.

              Thanks for a hearty laugh – from a dinosaur then – LOL!

  • andhika

    Anyway, I had a little trouble locating a brand new D700 in my place, may have to wait a couple of weeks, or maybe just find a used one. Just curious, is it still in production at Sendai? It’s going to stay in the lineup for a while isn’t it?

    • FM2Fan

      In Switzerland they are on stock – just another reason to visit the beautiful country! for pricing: many authorised dealers show them in stock

      • silmasan

        Would love to see Switzerland but it’s too expensive a trip if just to pick a D700 there! =P

    • Donz

      Major retailers in New Zealand have the D700 still.
      These guys will no doubt send one to you > Cost: nz$3,290 (us$2,650). Or try > …but not sure if they’ll send overseas

      • silmasan

        NZ is a beautiful country too!!

        Thanks for the links but I prefer local for longer service period (cheaper too). 🙂
        Oops i just checked one local major Nikon dealer in Jakarta, it’s in stock for $2200, guess I’m lucky 🙂 … should I hurry or wait till 26 Oct… :/

        Now I know how others who are waiting for a D700″s” feel…

  • Anon

    Where is Android version? Corporate business always prefer iPhone & iPad first for applications. What’s wrong with Androids?

    • Anonymous

      Because Apple products are better!! 🙂

      • Anon

        Sure? Have you used Samsung Galaxy? It’s a better smartphone than any iphone.

        • JDL

          you’ve been trolled. o_O

    • broxibear

      What’s wrong with Androids?…I don’t know, but they dream of electric sheep.
      Questions… Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?

      • Thom Hyorke

        not to mention that most of them are Paranoid… 😀

    • Jabs

      Good question.

      1. Apple has a real Infrastructure of maybe millions of Apps and a vast array of PHOTO and Video Apps which Android does not yet have. Yes, I know about the new Ice Cream Sandwich release but the fact of the matter is more people in Photography seem to like the Apple System including Macs, iPhones and iPads – PLUS Adobe and others make Apps for those platforms.
      2. People are now using iPads as ‘scratchpads’ or pre-conceptual devices to show people their ideas in a clean and portable format, so hence the greatness of the Apple infrastructure that is already in place and being used daily versus the growing and incomplete Android Eco-system.
      3. Popularity and acceptance of Apple’s system determines what people actually use in the Industry and so far Apple leads the way in that realm.

      Simply – go with what the people are actually using in photography and videography!

      Who else does that?

  • Richard


    I am glad to see you are OK. I was afraid you had to call EMS after injuring yourself laughing at the twists and turns a thread about flooding in Thailand took. 😉


    • I am fine, I just spend this morning in the dentist’s office (root canal + crown)

      • preston

        The twists and turns in the flooding thread caused you to have to get a root canal and crown! You need to not take these threads so seriously 😉

      • Chandra Venkataraman

        @Admin – Based on the fact that we are literally only a few days away from the initial rumored announcement date of Oct 26th for D800 and nothing of substance has leaked till now (except the flooding and the possible delay), should we assume that nothing of significance is going to be announced next week? Or have you seen surprises in the past where the leak came literally a couple of days prior to the announcement?

        • No reliable info about an announcement next week, but I still believe the 36MP D800 is real.

      • root canal .. seriously hurts a lot even after weeks :|. take care and get well soon.

        • DentalSurgeryVeteran

          If your root canal procedure hurts, even just a few days after the procedure, you need a better dentist!

          • Well,Mine did ,but now its fine 🙂

      • EnPassant

        It’s mostly the anesthetic causing the pain not the treatment. Especially when it is very strong, typically for root canal cleansing and filling. It can take a few days before it passes out of the body.

  • Kon_head

    Still nothing from rumour mill about next week’s announcement / non-announcement? Does not look good, another dud!

  • Anon

    Will the Thailand flooding affect D800 announcement? Or will the disruption be limited to the lowly Nikon 1 sorts?

  • T.I.M

    Nikon D3x is backorder at B&H and Adorama…….D4 coming ?

    • Up $#!t’s creek

      there is no room for speculation on this website

      • The invisible man

        Sure, let me go on

        • The invisible man

          OMG !
          I did not know that the website actually exist !

          • The invisible man

            never mind….

            • silmasan

              Are you going to register that domain and seek pastures new? 😀

  • ipadowner

    Very nice move by Nikon.

    However, IOS versions supported 4.3 and 4.2? I suppose ios 5 will work but everyone on earth new IOS 5 was being released this fall.

    Rather odd to release this without IOS 5 support only a week after IOS5 was released.

    • Jabs


      Interesting fact. I did not know that, so maybe Nikon will update it later – OK


      Do you use your iPad in photography and can you tell us here HOW, as in tethered shooting or in a pre-conceptual way or whatever.

      Maybe we here need to learn this emerging tech instead of complaining so much.

      Thanks again.

  • Dweeb

    Ohhhhhh, that and an 8 thousand buck 18MP Canon. I just want to live this week over and over again all my life.

  • I think Nikon needs a pump the water out of Thailand and release the D800 app.

  • Jivs

    Pity this wasn’t the factory making the “1”. Tried it out at Photo and Film expo in South Africa recently, and though picture quality was better than I expected, they stripped it of features. At least nothing that you can use a dedicated button/dial for. No scene modes even? I think they got the lens sizes right for a “compact” system though….and they have a “27mm” equivalent prime for it that DX users are waiting forever for! But body size and handling leave plenty to be desired……I look forward to the Nikon 3 V3 though! Maybe they will get it right in time…..

  • Dean

    Just got this email…

    Dear XXXXXXX,

    On behalf of Canon USA, we are extending a very special invitation to you. On November 4th and 5th, Canon will unveil a new product that you’ll definitely want to know about. We really don’t know more than you do, but it must be something very profound if they are going to all the trouble in creating such a big event. The proverbial Red Carpet is being rolled out.

    The announcement is taking place at Paramount Studios, so you can bet that this will be a gala event. To register, click on the invitation link below; it will take you to Canon’s special registration website. In the area marked “guild/affiliation”, enter “Filmtools”.

    I will be there with on both days with our Canon Camera and Lens Specialist, Jim Martin.

    Best regards,

    Stan McClain
    President, Filmtools

    • Richard

      Very interesting indeed.

      It sounds as though there will be a screening of a “film” (short?) or perhaps a TV show (is Paramount still making any?) shot with the new camera. Probably very glitzy with stars and all that.

    • Jabs

      Probably the Canon RED competitor.

    • Dean, if you don’t mind I may post this email on

  • ericnl

    I was in my camera store this morning, picking up a P&S for my mum.
    this is one of the better stores (also pro Nikon), and usually they are well informed about new releases. when I asked them about the D800 (next week?) and if they already got their invite for the Nikon training day for new cameras, they told me they hadn’t, that the market had changed. Nikon used to get them together at some event, show them the cameras in advance so they would know what they were dealing (with), but he told me that that doesn’t happen any more and that they just get all their specs (and possibilities) from NikonRumors now.

    I thought that that was quite a nice compliment your way, admin 🙂

    • thanks, the truth is that it gets more and more difficult to get any Nikon leaks

  • Oh yes, Apple… I will wait for Android version or i willl never use this service. 😛

  • AnoNemo

    Great! I just saw a big fricken’ German made satellite passing by my front window (almost light speed but Skywalker is faster i guess)! Did I miss anything else?

    • Jabs


      That was the Google Inter-galactic Satellite buzzing by as they map the Universe or try to – lol.

      Hope you were properly dressed lest the Martians now laugh at us crummy earthlings while watching us on Google Galaxy – LOL!

      DUCK – here it comes again.

  • Read the fine print, Nikon claims ownership of everything on the web site. Since you have to upload your images to the site, they claim ownership.

  • kenneth

    D800 please!!!!!

  • Sly Larive

    Jabs please, lets not get that debate started on this website as well. It already crowds every technology forum it seems. Love ’em or hate ’em, both are very successful platforms with MORE than enough apps to satisfy any user. I have owned an iMac, iPhone, iPad, PC’s and Android systems. Stop thinking one Ecosystem is systematically better than the others in every aspect or for every user.

    I wouldn’t want to live in a world where one company gets all my income because I think they are making the BESTEST products EVAH! Nikon doesn’t do that, nor does Canon or Apple or Google.

    • Jabs

      @Sly Larive

      Sorry that you believe that I am that shortsighted to believe that ONLY Apple counts!

      NO – I am just pointing out clear facts as to who has the Apps for photography and videography.

      I don’t care what you use, basically.

      A fuss without a target or an implication means that YOU are putting words into my mouth or I was not able to present my ideas well – OK!

      Weird place for this response to show up too – must be the Servers here acting up?

      You respond here to something and people read all kinds of things into it.

      I USE and OWN Macs, Win and Linux.

      • Sly Larive

        Apps for Video and photography for a mobile phone? Is that why you think the iOS is the best Ecosystem? I’m sorry but all I can think these apps are for are funny gimmicks for Facebook photos.

        As far as for general PC use, last I checked Adobe programs are the De Facto in the industry and they run equally as well on PCs and MACs. At least on my side, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop runs pretty well. I saved more than 1.5 grand building my PC instead of going MAC. Maybe you’re rich enough not to care for 1500$… I’m not.

        As for your bruised ego, I suggest you direct your complaints somewhere else. Why do you care so much about a company’s product to be offended so much to think I’m trying to disgrace you by putting words in your mouth? All I said is both Ecosystems are fine and that I was TIRED that every thread on every technology forum comes to an Apple vs THE WORLD thing. I know I’m adding fuel to the fire, so I’ll sign off and not read this thread anymore.

        As we french like to say, je m’en calisse.

        • Jabs

          @Sly Larive

          Such a hostile reaction to a simple choice – LOL

          Sorry to ruffle your feathers.

          I see computers as tools with different prices and differing markets.

          Examples of OS prices:
          1. Windows Server 2003 32bit or 64bit and 2008R2 Enterprise Editions (64bit only, as far as I remember) cost about $4,000.00 US dollars with maybe a 25 user limit of connected computers in America.
          2. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit costs maybe $250.00 are thereabout.
          3. Ubuntu Studio 64bit – costs nothing.
          4. Ubuntu Server costs nothing also with maybe unlimited user account connections.
          5. OS-X Lion costs maybe $29.00 US dollars if you download it.

          Do I run around and make a fuss because of the great discrepancies in these prices?

          The moral:
          Each tool as in an OS, costs differently and are targeted at different workloads and people (users) plus Industries. You can do different things with each and thus they are mere TOOLS to get a job done.

          The Mac versus PC debate is for people with lots of time on their hands or some desire to evangelize about their choices as I use all three Operating systems including a FREE Linux that basically works or looks like OS-X – Monomax OS @

          It’s a Greek/English version that is quite good too.

          You now seem to look at me as perhaps some rich or even clueless person trying to be a snob and then look down on others, when actually I am not like that, but merely a hard worker who does lots in my life and require different tools to do my JOB.

          I like different types of computers as they do different things and also cost different amounts. Do I think that computers are overpriced – YES especially high end laptops that are slower than low end desktops!
          Can I change that – not quite in the Mac world (Mac clones are prohibited), but yes I can in the Win world or even better, in the Linux world I can. You just build your own PC and add the accessories that you want, but sometimes the result is MORE expensive than actually buying a pre-built PC in the first place (lol).
          Look at

          I also find that 64bit Linux in Ubuntu Studio with the RT kernel is faster than all of them even though it is FREE, as it has the best and most robust PURE 64bit implementation that I have ever used PLUS Linux has the best OpenGL. So how does that make me a rich snob or even one trying to push the benefits of Apple since I use all three?

          Maybe you over reacted to something that you thought that I represent and thus not my problem.

          Again – I prefer Linux which is FREE and I acknowledge the strengths of BOTH Win and Macs. I also used to use Amigas and preferred them to any computer then, including Win and Macs too.

          Here Nikon has chosen Apple because they DO have more photo and video Apps that are on their Stores PLUS others that are even better that are NOT on Apple’s Stores, so indeed facts. I like the Android stuff too which is Linux based, but they do not YET have the variety of Pro Apps for it as of right NOW.

          Not snobbery, but reality for me and other users of gear.
          Eh bien!

        • Jabs

          One comment – iPad 2

          Search for PROGRAMS for iPad or iPad 2 in the Industry and NOT at iTunes!

          Not iPhone, but iPad – bigger screen too plus faster until the new iPhone 4s got dual cores like the iPad 2 has.

          Video capabilities on Ipad’s are greater than any released consumer Tablet so far, but the competition is closing in and about to pass them, maybe.

  • Ren Kockwell

    A MyPicturetown upgrade. Hooray. My life is complete.

  • broxibear

    Bangkok Takes Risky Step to Head Off Floodwaters…
    “Thai officials beat a retreat in their bid to prevent floodwaters from pouring into Bangkok on Thursday, instead adopting a potentially risky new plan for a controlled release of the waters through the city’s canals and eastern suburbs.
    With massive amounts of water bearing down on the city and worries driving down stock prices in Bangkok and Japan—the biggest foreign investor in Thailand—Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra told reporters there was no option left but to let some floodwater drain through parts of the capital to help free up a flood-stricken industrial belt north of the city.
    If the plan works, it could provide some respite for hundreds of businesses affected by the floods, many of them Japanese. Sony Corp. Thursday joined a lengthening list of big-name Japanese manufacturers like Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. in saying Thailand’s extreme flooding has derailed production, closing down either plants or key parts suppliers in recent days.
    Sony said it had decided to delay the launch of new digital cameras because of flood damage at subcontractors and parts suppliers in Thailand. It was the latest in a series of announcements by Japanese technology players like camera company Nikon Corp. and conglomerate Toshiba Corp., which suspended production of hard disk drives used in personal computers in Thai plants.”

  • Read the fine print on the MyPicturetown user agreement!
    “You hereby grant to Nikon “-

    Here is a link to my experience.


    • Michael

      Glad its only available for Apple then.

      My photos will stay out of Nikon’s thieving hands as I can’t stand Apple Macintosh systems.

      Please Nikon, don’t bother making any other versions until you amend your User Agreement to something sensible.

  • paul

    so glad we’re one big happy photogroup again; that was one strange trip!

  • Shaken not Stirred

    Well we just had a 4.2 earthquake here. I am pleased to report that my Nikons and Lenses are all ok and ready for action. My picture production should be unaffected.


    • Shaken not Stirred

      Should NOT be affected… duh

  • photonut

    “… about the wonderful news that …”

    I like your sense of humor! 😀

  • markly86

    The new Ipad app seems to have some problems with crashing during uploads.

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