Nikon Image Space is now live – get a free 20GB account if you own a Nikon camera

Nikon Image Space website

The new online image sharing and storage website Nikon Image Space is now live (see official announcement). All previous myPicturetown accounts are converted over to the new platform. New and improved Nikon Image Space mobile apps are expected later in 2013.


Here is the best part - if you own a Nikon camera, you can get a free "special account" with a storage space of 20GB (up to 10,000 photos per album). You will need to download this utility and connect a Nikon camera to your computer in order to get the upgrade.

I definitely like the 20GB free storage, but the service may not be ready for prime time yet - after I logged in for the first time, I got a page with some strange characters:


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  • fossiljim

    Canada’s not listed, Mexicans must also choose US for North America. Sure we can choose a different country and it works. But this just speaks to the ignorance of those who designed this at Nikon, or maybe, they just don’t care? Well they need to wake up. How about a website for Asian countries that forces the Japanese to choose China? Bet that would wrinkle their drawers.

  • Jürgen Müller

    Nikon is phantastic camera engineering company, but since niksoftware is gone…this side is so slow in the blowup modus, nobody will use this tool.

  • amalalin

    Cannot understand fonts on page. Makes no sense. Still in ASCII or something unintelligible.

    • yes, I am surprised that a month after the launch they still have not fix it.

      • amalalin

        so basically, this is useless. And I was really pumped! Is it the interface with Apple. Wondering if pc’s have same problem.


  • kc

    I will remember the name atop the hours of frustration trying to figure out this inoperable rubbish. Not in a good way though.

  • Hlomos

    Hi. I can’t download the free 20GB. I have a D5000. What am i doing wrong?

  • pissed off

    shove it up your arse nikon

    I bought a camera for the wifi and the interopability being able to put the camera on charge and have it upload my pics

    and now you wankers just cancel it rendering my camera fucking useless

    i will never in my life reccommend poxy nikon or any of its poxy products again

    usless fuckers shove your 20 gig up your hole

    closed my converted account and fucked the camera in the bin

  • A Canadian

    There is only one Country in North America?!
    OMG, My Grand father’s grand father should have go to the states!
    No one heard of Canada in Japan!

  • Bob L

    Why is Canada not on the list … only the US for North America!!!

  • drfilms

    Works fine here… even the desktop uploader is nice.. Maybe because I’m on a powerful PC?

  • Magnus Nordström

    This must be the slowest picture site on the net, EVER! I´ve had it for quite some time now, and every time they made it “newer” and “better”, it just gotten worse and slower. How hard can it be to make a site like Flickr or Photobucket???? They are much faster at everything!

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