Weekly Nikon news flash #199




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  • Hm. The Schmidt snapshots are very pleasant. I had read her blog on N. Korea before, but just jumped back to reexamine the J1 photos.

    On another topic, I’ve had the Nikon mount Sigma 35/1.4 “Art” for a while. It’s great.

    • Wilson

      So jealous, I’m waiting impatiently to get this lens to pair with my nikon 85mm and my sigma 120-300. Is it really as good as the reviews say?

      • I certainly think so! It’s my every day take-it-with-me lens.
        Very sharp wide open. I even got a variable ND filter (67mm) just so I can shoot it wide open in all conditions.
        Build quality feels very high quality with machined metal parts where it matters (not the filter threads tho) – and looks great.

  • dbltax

    The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Nikon mount has been in stock at Warehouse Express in the UK for a couple of weeks now.

  • bjrichus

    I think Sophie is either ignorant of the realities of a communist and ultra totalitarian state, or is writing with a desire to go back or is under instructions from Daddy, not to upset the N. Koreans.

    If you don’t know the kind of social manipulation that N.Korea indulges in is going on, you are asleep.

    Photographically, the shots look a bit over exposed. Did she read the “point and shoot” how to booklet first or are the “1” series cameras really that much out of adjustment?

  • fmfm

    North Korea sure looks smoggy.

  • Sean

    I ordered the Sigma 35mm from B&H hoping for the Jan. 31 availability…now it’s pushed back to Feb. 17th.

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