Nikon announcement in few hours

If my calculations are correct, Nikon should announce their new Nikkor AF-S 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED full frame lens around midnight tonight (EST). A new batch of Coolpix cameras will most likely also be introduced. The CP+ show starts tomorrow in Japan and the new products will be on display. If you are visiting the show and want to share some images from the Nikon booth or some sample pictures taken with the new lens, please contact me.

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  • at

    I’m still waiting for a DX wide angle prime 🙁

    • Fry

      get the 10-24 or 12-24 and pretend to be using a single focal length

      • Micah Goldstein

        Comment and pretend you’re saying something useful.

    • Sigma has it 30mm

      • Micah Goldstein

        30mm = 45mm equiv on DX = prime/normal ≠ wide angle = wrong, try again

  • Marty

    i want a Nikon D400 ;D

  • D800Guy

    I’m waiting for a Nikon FF Pancake…

    • Fry pink…

      • fmfm

        …with lasers…

        • seb

          and microwave…

          • D800Guy

            and so I can throw it in yo face! OH SNAP!

    • ashwins

      …with ice cream?

      • Micah Goldstein

        und syrup and whipped butter

  • Ken Elliott

    Well, I’m waiting on a D700 body with the D3x sen… wait. Got that. Better than that, actually.
    How about a FX body under $2000… oh yeah. Got that.
    Pro video in a FX bo… oh yeah. Got that too.

    Let me get back to you with what I’m waiting for.

    • sw

      aren’t you waiting for a new brain then?? douche…

    • Micah Goldstein

      How about a legit update of the D700? Like a D700 with a newer sensor that still shoots 8fps or faster and includes 1080p video? And has CAM3500 or better. (and no, CAM4800 is not better) And same or better performance at the highest ISO. 8fps can be in crop, but it’s got to be at least 12mp. (heck, if the D800 could do 8fps in crop, we’d be there.)

      That’s what people nagging for a D700 update want. Not any of the things you listed. Not one part of that, but all.

      • I think it’s called the D4. Nikon has realized that fps is a cost wedge for certain shooters and has segmented its products accordingly. Otherwise the D600 would shoot 8-11 fps in 10MP DX crop mode (it can clearly handle the throughput, so it’s either the mirror/shutter assembly or deliberate gimping).

        • Arkasai

          You’re smoking crack if you think the D4 is the D700 successor. I know you mean that’s literally the only step up you have at this juncture if you shoot Nikon, but it’s in a totally different price range and weight class.

          • Micah Goldstein

            Actually, the real step up for the D700 is the D3s. If it had 1080p, it’d hit all the points for me. It’s has the best high ISO of any camera ever. At least in raw it beats the D4.

            But it’s kinda shocking that Nikon has no current production replacement.

            • Arkasai

              It would be, if they didn’t still go for upwards of $4,000 used. Most people that don’t need the speed (even some that do) would just buy the lighter and newer D800+grip instead. All those extra pixels more than make up for the D3s’ ISO advantage.

              The way I see it, Nikon took the D700 line and diverged it into the D800/600. They sell more cameras this way because they can market to more people with two spec sheets and price points. The D800 for medium format refugees, video people, and pro’s in general; while the D600 is aimed at high end consumers/enthusiasts with a pair of SD slots, great ISO performance, and a lower intro price than the D700. Frame rate is all that’s missing, which leads me to believe there still might be hope for a D400.

            • Micah Goldstein




              …the D800 has far too much chroma noise, especially on the red channel. If you shoot under anything warmer than 4k temp, the D3s wins hands down.

              It’s just the right tool for some jobs. And again, it’s mighty odd that Nikon doesn’t have anything current production that replaces it. Now if they made a D700s tomorrow with the D4 sensor tweaked for better high ISO performance, 1080p, and sold it for under $4k, I’d take it.

              And actually, I see plenty of completed auctions on ebay for D3s bodies under $3k.

      • Ken Elliott

        I own two D700 bodies and two D800 bodies. I do consider the D800 to be a ligit update of the D700. Yes, it does appear the Nikon dropped the FPS due to the greater number of pixels, and I agree that a market exists for a D800 with higher speed. But I also shoot sports (motocross, supercross and auto racing), and did so in the days of manual focus. So I don’t feel the D800 is too slow for my style. I’ve found my D800 focuses a bit better than my D700, I don’t know what issue you are reffering to.

  • Scott Thomas

    So, if I buy a D300s today, Nikon will announce it’s replacement tomorrow, right? Isn’t that how it works?

    • Micah Goldstein

      Don’t sweat it–just buy one. I just picked one up for $700 with grip a couple months ago. Already paid for itself! No regrets. The D7000 wasn’t cutting it. Much happier with the D300s. And it pairs better with my D700, since the controls are nearly identical.

    • looser

      I think the same. And waiting…waiting…

  • J S

    I’m hoping for a solid DX replacement for the D300s. I’ve been looking at the D800 to replace my D200 but I really don’t want to go FX. C’mon nikon.

    • Justaddwater

      I’m curious as to why you don’t want to go full frame? I’m tempted to buy the d800e but I would happy with a dx body that produces d600 quality.

      • J S

        Reach of the DX and the lenses I have. If nothing comes then i’ll go for the D800 and upgraded the lenses… slowly.

  • niktard

    i am hoping for something more exciting, bitches.

  • twoomy

    I’m waiting for the TRUE D100 replacement. No, the D200, D300, D600, and D800 don’t count. What I really want is the D100 sensor in a D3X body. C’mon, Nikon; I’m switching to Canon!

  • niktard

    D700s right. Boom.

  • Kashif

    if today Nikon didnt announce NEW DX Format Camera (Replacement of D300s/D7000) what will be the next Posible occasion, I am wating for the Next DX, comeout soon plz. 🙂

    • BrainBeat

      I would like to know this too if it is not announced. As a guess it would be around April as that is when the 3200 was announced last year but I am not sure if that was at an event or conference. A D300/7000 replacement would have to be a much bigger deal to the community than the 3200 is so who knows.

  • ClemsonFan

    I want a wide angle prime for the DX line also. Something fast yet affordable… I have been saving my milk money for a few months for the 12-24.

    • Micah Goldstein

      I wouldn’t bother with the 12-24 nikon unless you can try before you buy. It’s pretty good at it’s best, but sample variation is one of the reasons that people have historically not sung it’s praises.

      And even on a good day, it’s not as sharp as the Tokina 11-16mm. It’s damn near a prime, since it zooms so little! But really, it’s a great lens. Best in that range for DX. And resale is better than the 12-24 Nikon. If I sold mine today, I’d make a profit on what I paid new!

  • Spodeworld

    I want a Nikon DSLR with in camera image stabilization like Pentax!!

  • D300s user

    Where the hell D400?!!!

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