Nikon Coolpix P310 and AW100 cameras will also be replaced tonight


This just in: Nikon will announce a total of 9 new Coolpix cameras tonight, including replacements for the P310 and AW100 models (pictured above). In addition, we will see also new Nikon Aculon A211 binoculars (replacement for Action VII), Aculon T01 (small, stylish pocket-binoculars) two new laser Rangefinders, a replacement for a Spotter spotting scope (also 16-48x60) and some riflescopes.

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  • cookie

    I hope Nikon will bring a P 320 (?) with NEF

    • probably NRW again, which is the raw file for Coolpixes

  • stefmusic


  • We need some inventive Coolpix and compact launches; like equivalent to Sony RX1, RX100 and we need updates to 80-400, 300 F4 AFS.

    • Bkmy

      could not agree more

  • fmfm

    In b4 someone says something about a new DX model.

  • Armin Grewe

    Already? Isn’t the AW100 only just over a year old?

    • Mark S.

      Yes, but Nikon makes most of their money off of P&S which is why you see them refreshed so often.

      • Really? I’d have thought Nikon makes its money from low-to-mid-range DSLRs, while P&Ss are low margin. (Nikon 1 might be profitable too.) If you have some hard numbers I’d love to see them. P&S is a terrible business to be in — you’re competing with cell phones and your own models from last year at insanely discounted prices (Canon’s S100 had to compete with the cheaper and better reviewed S95. The S95 now commands a better price than the S100 or S110). Inventory seems to be a nightmare.

        • fmfm

          It isn’t true. Nikon’s annual report even declares that the sales in compacts are flat. BUT they do claim to have a lead in that area which they try to keep by keeping the line attractive. Basically they hope to keep people brand loyal for when they upgrade to mirror less or something.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Yes but it never reviewed very well.

  • Mihai

    any chance for a Nikon P7700 replacement?…maybe something with optical viewfinder ?!?

  • King of Swaziland

    New Monarch Riflescopes? a 12-42 x50 (wishlisting here…) or are they just re-announcing the Prostaff 5 stuff they already announced.

  • YESSS, Ive been waiting for this post….

  • ihnphoto

    handy if p310 replacement hade mic input socket

    • Spy Black

      …and doesn’t drop dead 5 days after you buy it…

  • rev

    So… no P310 replacement?

    • No, it was the P510 replacement.

      • Rune B

        To bad. waiting for that update!

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