Nikon to launch “Nikon Image Space” – a new online image sharing and storage website

Nikon Image Space

On January 28, 2013 Nikon will launch a new online image sharing and storage website called "Nikon Image Space". You will get 2GB of free storage, improved usability, greater performance and collaboration with social networking sites. Existing myPicturetown accounts will be automatically transferred to the new Nikon Image Space.

Press release:

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the January 28 launch of "NIKON IMAGE SPACE ", a new image sharing and storage space.

"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" is a free online service for sharing images open not only to users of Nikon digital cameras, but anyone who enjoys taking photos or recording movies.

This service makes it easy for camera enthusiasts to upload, view, organize, and share their photos and movies of once-in-a-lifetime moments with greater convenience through sequential operation, which is achieved by high speed operation of the system, an intuitive user interface (UI), a clear window layout, and a simple operation flow.

Nikon has offered its image sharing and storage service, my Picturetown, since August 2007. my Picturetown has been used by a great many people in the world either for free of charge or for a fee with some special privileges. However, with a complete overhaul of the service, we are taking this opportunity to change the name from my Picturetown to "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" (my Picturetown user account information and images will be automatically transferred to "NIKON IMAGE SPACE").

"NIKON IMAGE SERVICE": (The site will be available on January 28, 2013 at 20:00 Japan time).

Further information on "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" will be presented at the Nikon Imaging Japan booth at the CP+ 2013 camera and photo imaging show to be held January 31–February 3, 2013 at the Pacifico Yokohama (Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan).

"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" primary features

  1. Two types of free accounts"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" offers users a choice between two types of free accounts. Basic accounts are available to anyone. Users of Nikon digital cameras have the additional option of upgrading to a Special account, using a dedicated application to verify Nikon digital cameras. While both types of accounts are free of charge, the maximum storage space is 2 GB for Basic accounts and 20 GB for Special accounts. Special accounts also offer more advanced functions, including the ability to apply a password when sharing images, and a function that restricts image download.

  2. Improved usabilitySignificant changes in window design make sequential image operations, from upload to viewing to organizing to sharing, smoother. In addition, a relaxing background color has been adopted for a more pleasing image display, and image layout has been adjusted for ease of use.

  3. Greater performance as a Web systemOperation has been improved with faster system processing capabilities. "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" offers smoother, more natural operation with faster image upload and download, as well as faster response when images are manipulated.

  4. Greater collaboration with social networking sitesGreater collaboration with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter expands the possibilities for sharing photos of your own special moments, and posting images from "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" is easier than ever.

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  • chris

    No use, their myPicturetown is the worst

    • MJr

      Apparently they agree.

      • peterw


  • MisterMister

    Lightroom is all I need.

    • MJr

      Sure, but it’s not a online sharing service is it.

  • Eric Calabos

    Dear Nikon, please stick to hardware improving. You are terrific in software and online services. and if you insist on software, do something about your Capture NX that belongs to a decade ago.even your Android app is amateur coded. Just sayin

    Wish you the best

    • xxx

      tablet NEF processing app? are you ok?

      • Eric Calabos

        Yep, im ok. Thanks. today tablets can render complicated CGIs, why not process NEFs? people edit videos in their iPads. Panasonic now has 21″ tablet. you think they made that for playing with Instgram effects?
        the problem is cloud storage, and truly working ecosystem. Nikon is trying with the first, but has nothing done about the second

        • xxx

          but isnt it better if you see colors when processing NEFs?

          • Used to be Pablo Ricasso


          • Eric Calabos

            You have any issue with iPad colors?

            • Simba

              Try Samsung Galaxy Note tab, which has much better color than iPad. However, tab is too slow for photo editing regardless of the brands.

  • Jan F. Rasmussen

    As one of those weirdos who use and LIKE CNX2 I will certainly try this too!

    • nrb

      I’m with you. I like Capture NX2 and I’ll probably give this a try.

      • KnightPhoto

        Ditto on CNX2. I’m looking for a different web option than what I have current, so I’ll be trying this out. I’m looking for a user ability to use an arrow key to scroll through photos (and fast inter image scrolling). Also a web presence that might ultimately support digital sales, but that’s a longer term need. Meanwhile I am def tired of physical delivery of DVDs and USB drives 😉

  • EnticingHavoc

    GREAT IDEA !! Since there are absolutely no other websites that allow for uploading and sharing images this is very welcome.

    Maybe you can add some features to find friends and exchange messages … ha ha ha …

    Nikons statement sounds like a CEO from the 90s just woke up and had a great idea. Reminds me of Austin Powers and Dr. Evil.

    • upuaut

      It’s the same CEO from the 90s, that called me into his office, and said: “here is an empty floppy, put the i’nernet on it. I wanna see what it’s all about”

  • Kuv

    They are about a decade too late.

  • malez

    i’m a nikon fan but this will again fail miserably

  • waterengineer

    Who at Nikon thought this was a good idea? This will be a failure, as are most of the cloud storage silo projects. People don’t want to give up their data to the cloud. Also, 2 gigs, really? I can fill 2 gigs, in two minutes, or as fast as my connection will allow me to move data. Should be more like 2 petabytes.

    • Remedy

      Do you fcking understand what a sharing images service means? Who sad anything about your fcking work cloud? Do you also cry that flickr or imageshack limits you? Fcks sake, people get some sense to your heads. Also they DON’T need to make any profit with this service. They do it because they can, simple as that.

      • waterengineer

        You are a sad, confused individual, if you think they are not monetizing the service. If you believe they are doing it out of the goodness of their heart(s) you are really, really confused. You have no clue what you are “talking about. Oh, and yes, imageshack and flikr are lame and limiting.

        • Remedy

          Dude pay more attention to what is told to you or to what you read. I never said they do it “out of the goodness” as You called it. The thing you are missing here is they do not need to make money out of this service and yet it could benefit the camera business. It’s another promotion channel, another internet mark of their existence, another potential source for new clients. Seriously? You missed such obvious facts?
          Also I did not say anything about imageshack or flickr being lame? WTF? Are you having some serious issues with reading? All I said was that it is extremely stupid to complain about 2GB storage space on a image sharing service. imageshack, 500px or flickr also have their limits because they are not some fcking cloud services. Do you finally get the so obvious point? Geez

          • m35g35

            I had to purchase PetaBytes of storage and it is not cheap. Do you think any company is going to give you 2PBs for free or even $20 a month. No one will in today’s world. If they do it will be really expensive or prohibitive.

            • Cchi


            • For a limited time totally free. It will be like crack cocaine. The first hit is always free, when you come back however.

          • peterw

            your message is sound…

            … your sound is uhm, not so pleasing.

            Please show some patience. Please do.

    • Jan F. Rasmussen

      ” gigs is certainly very little, but 20 that any NIKON camera owner can get is not that hopeless?

  • Jorge

    Will the left side of your display be in or out of focus? That’s the burning question here…

    • Remedy

      Will your upper display let light in and fck up the exposure and will it be later fixed by using a fcking piece of black tape underneath and that being a permanent fix for all the line? No? Will You get poisoned and burned by cyanide from the rubber parts? No? Canon tards gonna tard.

      • Jorge


        I’m a true blue Nikon Fanboy. Own D300, 700, and 800. 24-70, 70-200, 85 1.4, 50 1.8, etc., etc. Not a Canon fanboy. Take a chill pill. Nikon should stick to what THEY think they do best — make cameras and lenses- well almost best.

  • Jorge

    Or, Will my mouse spit oil onto my display?

    • Michael

      Yes, it does. But only during the first 3000 clicks…

  • Gary J


  • Jorge

    Will this new app blur the left side of my display? That’s the question?

    • Dave Ingram


  • make it social, be like flickr, smugmug, propix … 🙂

  • niXerKG

    Thought this was going to be Nikon actually cashing in on all the ISS time-lapses and highlighting their involvement with NASA more. You know for great marketing and showing how professional they are. But nope. A rehash of a bad idea. I mean I get it, they are putting WiFi or allowing WiFi on all their new cameras but the problem is I already have Flickr, I already have Dropbox, heck even Facebook could work in a pinch despite their horrible compression. We don’t need another damn cloud service.

  • Richard

    a re-badged Nikon picturetown!

  • Cchi

    This is aimed at the Japanese market, full of timid people who are too scared to put their images on “foreign” sharing sites.

    • upuaut

      especially if the subject is bukkake

  • Aldo

    I looked up sarcasm and it brought me to this page…

  • photoboy

    It amazes me the idiots that come out when you provide a comment section and find the need to bash everything.

  • JC

    so, they decided to compete with flickr or piccaso?

  • JC

    share photos and … movies? Count me OUT!

  • Rumor is that if you can prove you’re a Nikon user, you get 20 GB. Unsure of “proof”.

  • Manuela

    I never heard before picturetown before this announcement. I checked it out, and it is very useful for me, you won’t believe this. If there are major improvements, this is fine, but for me picturetown is very useful now.

  • Manuela

    O.k. I must update my opinion. NikonSpace is so slow, it is horrible. I changed to Picasa, sry, Nikon.

  • daniel crafton

    I need to know how to contact a customer service person that can answer some questions??? I can’t find it in faqs. I am an expanded user and a nikon user (2 digitals and an analogue) and I simply need to know what email address to give my friends and co photogs so they can see the owrk they aI have posted. You have made it not very user friendly.. Even when I try to send an album only 1 picture is sent.. please is important. daniel crafton

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