Nikon D7000 listed as discontinued in Australian retailer

Nikon D7000 discontinued

The retailer Bing Lee, who has a significant presence in Australia, lists the Nikon D7000 as "discontinued and no longer available for sale" on their website. I expect more stores to start marking the D7000 as discontinued in the upcoming weeks/months as we get closer to its replacement. The D7000 is currently on sale with a $300 instant rebate and a bunch of accessories for free. As of today, I do not have any reliable information for a potential D7000 replacement, which means that most likely the new camera will not be announced for the 2013 CP+ show at the end of this month.

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  • Typo – you mention the D700 in the body text, not the D7000

    • EAJ

      That’s just delusional tears of joy – wipe ’em away and look again.

      • B

        No, he was right but it’s since been changed. Be nice.

        • EAJ

          Sorry, forgot to raise the big red sarcasm flag.

  • Mike

    So are we getting a 7100 (natural progression from 7000) – or 7200 (to keep up with 5200 & 3200) ?

    • nawab

      8xxx maybe
      whatever, D7000 is due for an upgrade with tempting new features like EXPEED 3, more fps, new sensor (?), more megapix, 51 AF points (?) and the lot. If the price gets too high, there will be more discounts on the D7000.

  • Jake

    I don’t know why you’re so insistent that there will be a DX successor to the d7000, especially when you admit that you have no reliable information on one. The D600 looks to be its replacement in every single way, except price point, and the D5x00 series is gaining features to fill in the gap.

    • Sunburst

      I really don’t think that the D5x00 series will be the high end of the DX camera’s, because that’s basically what you’re saying, right?

    • fmfm

      Because despite taking several features from the higher end, the D5200 still doesn’t take enough to occupy the high end enthusiast market. And because there is still a significant price gap between an 800$ body and a 2000$ body.

    • No longer Pablo Ricasso

      There will be more higher end cropped sensor cameras. I can’t believe that anybody would think otherwise.

    • iamlucky13

      The D5200 isn’t even remotely close to the D7000 in terms of body features.

      I’d give absolutely no credibility to the suggestion the near term DX lineup will only be the D3200 and D5200. It’s pretty much certain there will be at least one higher model (D7000 replacement), and possibly two (D7000 and D300s replacements).

    • rhlpetrus

      No way, the D7000 is 800USD cheaper at announcement MSRPs than the D600, you are forgetting the effect of income distribution of prospective buyers. There are much less people with 2,000 USD to spend on a camera than on a 1200 one. Nikon actually needs a 1,500-1,600 DX body, a D400, to keep up with canon and the 7D.

  • Jan F. Rasmussen

    Would be VERY weird if D5200 was to be top of DX range. There will for sure be either a D7x00 or a D400 above that (possibly both, though actual naming may differ).

  • Richard P

    Bing Lee isn’t a major retailer in Australia at all (i live here). I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a mistake

    • BrainBeat

      I agree Bing Lee are only a medium sized electrical retailer in Australia which does not have stores in every state yet (like me in SA). I would think they are likely just pulling it as they do not want to sell it anymore too and stick to the lower consumer devices. Looking on their website however it is still listed albeit with limited stock.

      I do hope there will be an announcement all the same as I would love to upgrade my d5000 to newer more pro technology.

  • Clive

    There has to be a D7000 or replacement in the Nikon line up. There must be many like me who won’t want to pay for FX lenses so a high-end DX makes sense.

    • I also expect that many former D300 shooters would want a high frame rate for wildlife! My D800 is very slow in comparison to my D300S. While I knew what I was buying with the D800, I’d love to trade in my D300s for a more current DX body. I seek a lower MPbut higher FPS with weather seals. Hopefully the same battery pack as the D800 since the D600 does not share the same battery pack.

    • PeterO

      Clive, there will be a replacement, but the question is in what form will it come. Will it be a cross between the D7000 and D300 to satisfy both groups or just a 7000 upgrade? As for FX lenses, I use them on my DX bodies but I have bought all of them used. It’s my little protest to Nikon. I shoot a lot of sports and in the theatre, so I need good hi iso, high build quality as well as high frame rate. I’ve had several opportunities to pick up mint D300’s for under $1K but didn’t because it does not satisfy my needs. In the theatre it’s always iso 1000 and up, wide open.

      • MyrddinWilt

        Well it is the right tool for the job and unfortunately the right tool for theater photography is probably an FX camera.

        I can’t see the space between the D300 and D7000 to justify two separate bodies. What I care about in a camera is sealing rather than all magnesium construction. They are both very high demand bodies and probably the peak profit earners as they have pro-level margins and consumer level sales.

        If they were to do two separate bodies they would have to take a quantum leap featurewise on the D300 replacement. One possibility would be integrating the GPS and WiFi receivers into the body. Having those as an add on accessory is nowhere near as useful as having them be a dedicated feature.

        Another possibility would be to move to a carbon fiber body for the D400. That would make a lot of sense as DX bodies tend to be used by people who care most about weight – which is why I am not a fan of the all magnesium construction. Carbon fiber is the material of the future for bodies and lenses. Nikon has often added that type of feature in the middle of the range. The FG was the first Nikon with a program mode. The D90 the first with video and so on.

        The D800 and D4 crowd are not going to be buying a D400 if it is just a D600 or D800 with a smaller sensor. But they might well get one if the selling point was that it was very light but still as strong.

        • PeterO

          Very good points MyrrdinWilt. My friends at the local paper used D300’s until they no longer could (wear and tear). The paper replaced them with D7000’s because of cost and no alternative. Now they’re pretty beat up too. I still don’t understand why Nikon isn’t addressing this market because I know it’s out there. Your suggestion of a carbon fibre body would most certainly help for durability. As for the theatre, yes FF is the ideal choice but I need the reach, so for now the D7000 is my tool of choice and I’ve had some stunning results at iso1600 printed 24×16.

          • rhlpetrus

            I just used the D7000 for a ballet/theater presentation, even the 3200ISO images are excellent:


            But I agree that real PJ need a stronger body. Local people here also use D300s or 7Ds, typically. It’s rare to see one with one of the larger bodies.

            • PeterO

              Excellent indeed rhlpetrus, similar to my results – when you nail the exposure, it’s all good. Aside from the wildlife crowd, the PJ is the obvious target for a “D400” and there are plenty of those around. What is Nikon waiting for?

            • But Carbon Fiber is very resistant for its weight, although very very weak in term of resistance for pointed objects, which will cause a hole on it easily…see what happens to a carbon fiber surfboard when it hits a stone.

            • KnightPhoto

              Very nice set Renato! You are very conservative with exposure, so no blown highlights, and given that the exposures are so conservative, noise is kept remarkably under control. Still I would have went with a faster lens allowing for faster shutter speeds, although you seem to have gotten away with 1/160 on average. How was AF for you? I had some trouble with the focus grabbing on the background in Theatre with my D7K.

        • js200022

          I agree with you about Carbon fiber being an option for the D400 body. Sadly, I have to add. Although Carbon fiber is extremely strong the PERCEPTION is of a very cheap and poor quality plastic. That is why all prosumer cameras has magnesium body and not plastic, eg. D4, D800, D700, D300.

          If the new D400 will have a plasticky body I can see already a lot of D400 haters.

          Nikon, wasn’t the D600 enough?

  • Spy Black

    Let the speculation begin…

    • PeterO

      Ok, let’s speculate. If admin has no info yet for something new at CP+ then Nikon won’t be replacing the D7000 (because it’s selling just fine, especially at a discount) for a while. As for a D300s replacement, it looks like Nikon doesn’t care how many of it’s current owners it pisses off because they’re getting plenty of new customers buying the CX line, so that won’t be replaced at all. Why, because it’s very obvious they’re trying to move the D300s crowd up to FF. We know how much resistance there is to that, but Nikon is making plenty of money and until there’s some red ink, they won’t care what their current customers need or want.

      • Well I feel Nikon should be willing to sell a pro-DX body wth greater that 9 frames per second. Maybe with only 39 focus points to separate it from the D800 and D600. I’ve recently seen NFL sports shooters with a D300 as a second body for use with the 70-200. So there’s still a market for DX sports and wildlife shooters. Other than the D4, there’s no substitute FPS to replace the D700/D300.

        • PeterO

          Ceasar I agree with you that Nikon should be willing, but they’re not. If they were serious about replacing the D300s they would have done it by now. At this point their strategy looks like: “get as many new customers as possible, we’ll deal with the current customers later.” Nikon figures that the top end DX crowd is hooked anyway because of lenses and flashes etc, so they’ll wait for an upgrade.

          • fmfm

            Or their production and new models have stalled because of natural disasters in Japan?

            • PeterO

              They have more than recovered from the disasters. They’ve launched 4 new dslr’s since the disasters and a few cx’s as well.

            • fmfm

              No, full recovery has been slow. Not every company in Japan is at full capacity. Things have been delayed. Also, the lower end DSLRs are made in Thailand. And they aren’t just going to release things again as soon as they can. They wait for opportune marketing. There are several things that could be the cause here than “Nikon enjoys screwing people”. I’m not saying we should rush out and kiss the asses of large corporations, but there are plenty of reasons this could happen.

              The DX line isn’t going to disappear any time soon and if Nikon seriously thinks they can force people up 1200$ as you suggest, they’re abject morons. You can’t push people up that high a price point. They will have a middling product.

              So most of what you say seems quite unlikely.

            • PeterO

              What you say fmfm may be true and since we’re speculating, it’s difficult to know what the truth actually is, since Nikon most certainly isn’t going to tell us. Indeed, those needing a “D400” will not easily be swayed to buy FF just because that’s what Nikon is currently pushing.

        • iamlucky13

          Selling just fine doesn’t mean there will be no replacement.

          For Nikon, it’s a matter of figuring out if they can sell an upgraded camera in even higher volumes (aka, can they get people to upgrade?), and for a higher price.

  • KnightPhoto

    Will be interesting to see what happens with a D7200 and D400. All signs continue to point to D7000 replacement coming up in the near future (this Spring?). And I agree with those, like Thom, who continue to postulate a D400 is coming (or whatever they call it – D9000?), not sure when though.

  • Peter

    I bet this retailer doesn’t want to stock the D7000 anymore due to dwindling sales, not because it’s discontinued from Nikon. Nikon discontinued the D90 almost a year after the D7000 was introduced, I bet it’ll be the same with the D7000.

    • iamlucky13

      The D7000 wasn’t a straight across D90-replacement, however. It was upgraded enough to effectively leave a niche open for the D90 to continue to sell.

      So if Nikon produces a straight across replacement for the D7000, I would expect it to be discontinued quickly.

      If they merge the D7000 and the D300 concepts, there’s a greater chance they’ll keep the D7000 in production.

      I don’t know how much sales are actually dwindling. I bought a D7000 this year during the Christmas sales, and Nikon moved a lot of them during that time. If I remember right, the local shop said they sold all six they had in stock by early afternoon on the first day of the sale.

      • rhlpetrus

        I doubt they will merge the D7000 up in a more D300s style. Price will go up, the D7000 price point is a big selling one for Nikon.

        • iamlucky13

          I very much agree, although as has been evident in the past discussions here, quite a few strongly believe the D7000 and D300 lines will merge.
          Maybe after Nikon fleshes out the 1 series more, but I think there will be at least one more generation in the lineage of the D300.

  • Nikon D5200 + D7000 + D300 = D9000

    Nikon D9000 specs :

    24MP toshiba sensor
    51 AF points
    7 FPS-10FPS with grip
    troplicalised body
    AF-on button

    downsides : 1.25 crop for video – 60i in 1080P – no aperture control in liveview for video – crippled HDMI output.

    Price: 1699$

  • rhlpetrus

    Hi Admin, it’s the first time in many years we may be very close to the announcement of a new body and you can’t have some inside info to post. Has Nikon tightened the leaking paths?

  • cgw

    Weren’t we looking at this same BS here late this past summer from Germany? Question now, though, isn’t “if” but “when,” followed by “with what?”

    Nikon’s DSLR sales are overwhelmingly DX and that’s not about to change anytime soon–a $1200-$1500 FX body would only begin to tip the balance. The only real beef with the D7000 was its teensy buffer that couldn’t swallow RAW files fast enough. Cure that, buy a new Sony sensor(24mp?), fix some minor control interface anomalies, make the MB D-11 grip integral, and keep the price close to the D7000 roll-out ticket=Big win for Nikon.

    Still, N. America is the only market Nikon can comfortably rely on to absorb current inventory and new products. That said, $200 holiday rebates are back on the D800/800E till early next month in the US–evidence that Nikon needs to move stock. I’m looking for deepening discounts on the D7000 to start soon.

  • Conrad

    Whou u thing guys to put moving back screen for the
    New Nikon d7xxx ??

  • DC

    Bing Lee link is broken, however searching on D7000 on the site shows the D7000 + 18-105mm kit is available albeit limited stock, for an incredible $1446AUD (that’s a bargain basement $1515USD for you US folk – no wonder savvy Aussies don’t bother buying locally).

  • balty76

    So, if the D7000 will not be announced at this CP+,
    what’s the next big event when they could announce it ?

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