Confirmed: Nikon press conference next week, very good chance of D7100 announcement


I can now confirm that Nikon has scheduled press events in several different countries for next week, which is an indications for a major new product introduction. The exact announcement date for the US could be as early as Tuesday night (February 19th) but most likely everything will happen on Wednesday night.

Since Nikon already announced new mirrorless products at the CES show in January, new lenses and Coolpix cameras at the CP+ show in February, the only logical product for next week is the D7000 replacement (most likely called D7100 with 24MP sensor and 100-6400 ISO range). As previously reported, I expect Nikon to concentrate on DX products this year and a new DX lens could also be introduced together with the D7100 next week.

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  • Rock Kenwell

    Maybe the kit lens will be an upgraded 18-55 mm with 3rd generation VR?



    • ashwins

      The kit lenses (18-55 and 18-105) are good kit lenses, so there’s not really need to upgrade them. But more fast lenses are needed.

      • MyrddinWilt

        They also make so many of them that even small changes to the formula can add up to huge cost savings. Save $1 off each kit lens and thats a few $ million right there.

        Kit lenses get more tweaks than anything else. They are also astonishing good for the money.

  • IMeasure

    Well that would be nice.

  • Kyle

    Bring it!

  • rhlpetrus

    Which sensor? D5200’s confirmed?

    • Žele

      Maybe new 20MP Sony?

      • ashwins

        Hope so, too.

      • ads

        Earlier rumor was 24mp…

  • AM

    I hope they announce the rumored AF-S DX Micro 16-300mm f/2.8 VR IV.

    • PeterO

      I have it on good authority that lens will be announced, but only the wooden version.

      • Mac Rockwell


    • jg


    • f/2.8 only? Geez, that’s too slow!

    • Katze Grelly

      Was soll denn das werden? This seems to be a jack of all trades device! Dream on………….

      • PeterO

        Das ist ein superobjektiv fur superProfis 😉

    • catinhat

      I got it wrong, it will be f1.4 and come with a pickup truck.

  • PeterO

    Let me be the first to say how disappointed I am that it’s only the D7100 and not the D7200 that is being announced . That is such old tech 😉 Thanks for the news admin. It’ll be interesting to see what Nikon will surprise us with in terms of “upgrade” to the D7000

    • Yeah, besides a better AF system and possibly sturdier construction [like a D300] what is really needed to improve on the D7k?

      • you can rest assured that the build will be just as flimsy and the autofocus just as unreliable…but hey, TONS OF MEGAPIXELS just like no one is asking for!

        • The D7k isn’t exactly flimsy, and the AF doesn’t exactly suck. Don’t they use the exact same AF system in the D600?

          • the d7k isn’t super flimsy but the autofocus is unreliable at best and yes, that is the reason why i returned the d600…with that miserable autofocus it wasn’t even suitable as a third body…my third body will continue to be a d700 because it has a pro grade autofocus system that works in the dark and fills the frame.

          • but if the d7100 is officially replacing the d300s most of us are hoping it is slightly larger and more robust, no?

            • Indeed, which is why the only two things I can think of that would really improve the D7k are, better construction and better AF.

              Really though, it might be TOO GOOD of a camera at that point.

            • ashwins


            • Ghoma

              Well. Canon almost literally said that the 70D was gonna be their top of the class aps-c camera and that was not going to “include” a 7D successor in it. Meaning the lines are not merging. And Nikon does not seem to push in that direction either.

              So that’s what we are getting: a D7000 successor. No pro body, no pro af. 99% sure of it.

              About D400….we’ll see…

        • Ghoma

          that’s why I’m waiting so much for it.

          cause I’ll be buying a d7000 for cheap 😀

      • ads

        Buffer, buffer and more buffer 🙂

  • jamming 24mp into a tiny sensor is the final nail in the coffin of dx. why not stick with 16mp which is more than enough but give us great low light performance?

    • i wish nikon would at least give us a small raw option…as someone who shoots movie premieres and awards shows i regularly shoot nearly two thousand images a night. 24 mp is too much.

      • ronadair

        They do. It’s called Virtually Lossless or Lossless RAW Compression. You get all the resolution, at half the cost in file size. Combine that with the crop factor, and you have a whole slew of options for file size space savings.

        In almost all circumstances this is superior to Canon’s SRAW implementation.

        • Robert

          Beat me to the punch. This is exactly what people seem to forget.

          Part of the reason why it pays to read the manual.

          • Aldo

            What is this manual you speak of?

          • Aldo

            on a serious note… you should make a post that everyone can see about this.. it may seem like an awesome discovery to some.

    • Mac Rockwell

      my iphone Never Jams even it has Tiny 8MP Sensor.

      • oh you so funny, i guess whatever works for pictures of your cats

        • jon

          haha…. kitty kitty pink iphone

        • Aldo

          I shoot cat action photography. I use two d4 when i walk my cats and play with them… for portraits of my cats i use my 60mp hasselblad and my iphone for test shots

      • ronadair

        I just got a new iPhone 5 from Apple due to dust spots on the sensor (example image attached). No joke. I thought I’d seen it all before that day…

    • you don’t really know what the ISO performance will be on this sensor.

      The D800 sensor does incredibly good IMO, especially when normalized down to smaller resolution images. No reason that the same couldn’t be true of whatever upcoming sensor is in the D7100.

      • the d800 isn’t bad, no but i think there is a bit of ‘the emperor has no clothes’ going on there in regards to its performance.

        • The FM comparison on how much detail can be pulled out of the shadows, sold me on that sensor.

          Plus, if you take a 36MP image at a higher ISO and then down sample to 20 or 16MP, you’ll still have a very high resolution with better ISO performance than my D7k would. Since, as you say, we don’t really need 36MP hardly ever, I think this is a nice tradeoff.

          • Pat

            the D800E files, down-sized to 9MP, is actually equal to D3S level of high ISO performance. Once you realize a 4:1 downsize is combining the R/G/G/B pixels into one RGB pixel, the “36mp” sensor is indeed 9mp.
            The sad part is Nikon does not offer 9mp and/or 18mp sRAW.

            • Eric Duminil

              I’d buy the D800 in a heartbeat with a 9mp sRAW.
              Perfect dynamic range, only 9MPIX but very good 9MPIX, very good high ISO and the versatility of RAW.
              36MPIX for product or group shots, sRAW for everything else.

          • Millzee

            Please could you give more info on the ‘FM comparison’ – where can I read it?

      • Fry

        that’s what most people don’t get.

        The additional photosites capture always more signal than noise, so a 40mpix aps-c sensor will destroy a 10 megapixel sensor in high iso any time.

        • Thom Hogan

          Putting more photosites on a sensor generally means the photosite itself has a lower signal to noise ratio. The improvement in noise (assuming you downsize to the smaller pixel count) comes from the fact that you have multiple samples over which to average noise. Essentially, it’s the law of oversampling at work.

          But there are other things at work in sensors, too. We’ve now got sensors with read noise values under 2 e-, where we used to have sensors with read noise values up to 10 e-.

          • Eric Calabos

            Maybe with this low read noise values, they HAVE to increase the number of photosites.hum? too much electrons in one place will probably ruin the highlights. So they add pixels. Anybody who wants resolution, will use it. Anyone who want clean high iso images, will down sample. a Pureview 808 Strategy

            • catinhat

              What about those who want high frame rate instead of monstrous raw files?…

            • Stan

              All Nikon has to do is offer what Canon has been doing for years. Let us select in the camera either a Small, Medium or Large RAW file size. Using the post-production excuse is a cop out.

            • Ghoma

              Right now? No choice but D4 (or d7000 on dx).

              and in canon the 7d is still rocking but it will be soon forgotten like the d300s in less than a year, cause new sensor in the 70D is coming out and people will complain why canon doesn’t make a 7D with that new sensor.

              long story short, they try to make a product for every need, but only if they can revenue enough from it. it seems that with FX consumer bodies there’s not enough demand to support a pricey apsc pro body.

            • Aldo

              I think they are called d300 d700?

        • Luck

          Not definitely true, it’s also about pixel size and sensibiity…

        • catinhat

          How come D3x didn’t destroy D3s at high ISO? Does D800 really destroy D600 at high ISO? Just asking…

          • the d600 is better, i’ve used both

          • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

            D3x was earlier generation. D3x was equal to D3.

          • MyrddinWilt

            D3x was based on a different sensor technology. It was two stops slower than the D3 rather than just one which you would expect from halving the site size.

            It was also rather obviously intended to be a stopgap till they got a proper 24MP body out.

          • Rui Nelson Carneiro

            Because the algorithm on the D3x is fine-tuned for sharpness. The D3x has more resolution than the D600, for example.

      • desmo

        you just proved his point
        the D800 pixel size equates to just under 16mp in Dx

        • Ghoma

          pixel pitch is the same but the larger sensor means, literally, that pics from D7000 are D800’s pics cropped.

          when you crop, noise becomes more evident. so shooting the same picture with a larger sensor makes it look like there’s less noise (and so it is).

          noise performance of a sensor is a balance between pixel size and technology. the higher the pixel pitch, the higher the noise (because signal to noise ratio, heating ecc). the more advanced the technologies (backlit sensors, microlens ecc) the less the light dispersion and the less resulting noise.

          So making a 12mpx sensor with today technology would make it a noise free sensor at ISO 102000? maybe, maybe not.

          remember the greatest innovations in sensor’s design are on high density sensors, that means they worked on that to obtain the same ISO quality of a 12mpx sensor from a 16 mpx one (speaking of D3s-D4). It does not mean it works vice versa.

        • And of course technology and manufacturing capabilities never improve and engineering advances never change the effectiveness of the underlying sensor, so that the D800 represents the best that anyone will ever be able to do with respects sensitivity/photosite size.

    • Fry

      seeing how the 20mpix 1″ sensor kicks a$$ in the RX100, even 36 megapixels on APS-C will be absolutely fine

      • an absolutely idiot

        An absolute idiot would absolutely be unnecessary with an APS-c or a ff camera.
        The lowest-end DC has the smallest pixel pitch, so that is suitable for you.
        Also, a Pentax Q10 is suitable for you fully.

    • Mike

      You need > 24 mp in order to capture sharpness while still keeping the AA filter. Doesn’t matter what the sensor size is.

      • no

        • Mike

          Yes. 24 mp with AA filter on a bayer sensor only captures 6 mp of detail.

    • Ghoma

      D5200 sensor is 24mpx and the tests look amazing. have a look on dpreview.

      they boosted resolution AND low light performance.

  • Bare

    On February 20th will be introduced a Sony A58 with brand new 20MP and 8 fps. So could it be a D7100 with very same sensor on a same day?

  • scott800

    it would be neat to see a vari-angle lcd of some kind for those of us who do a lot of video. The first semi-pro swivel screen (for nikon or canon anyways). My EVF rarely gets used and I go through too many shirts crawling around on the ground all the time. i know im asking for too much…

    • Robert

      I read an interview a couple of years back with a Nikon engineer/tech guy about this. The primary reason why you’re unlikely to see Nikon or Canon ever offer a pull-out swivel screen in a pro or semi-pro spec body is because they don’t feel it will withstand the rigors of everyday pro use; dust & moisture intrusion, breakage under rough handing, etc.

      Makes total sense when you stop and think about it.

    • BrainBeat

      As a D5000 owner looking to upgrade I could see this would be a great feature to have too in a more pro body. I personally do not use it a whole lot but it will be a feature I am sure I will miss in the situations I do use it (mostly shooting over or under things). I find it great that I do not need a screen protector too in that I can just turn the screen around into the body and it is safe. As for ruggedising of it I have not had any problems with mine yet and I would think it can’t be all that hard sealing it.

  • EvanK

    Hoping for a 16-85 f4.

    • Pat

      It will be there. Just not sure if it would get the gold-ring and Nano treatment like the FX constant f/4 trio.

    • Mike

      Or 16-85 f/2.8 VR. They would literally only need to change a few elements in the 24-120 f/4.

      • Robert

        I would love to see this, too. Only thing holding back putting VR in shorter focal length zooms with fast apertures is size.

        The design requirements necessitate a larger lens — which may prohibitively affect DX compactness…which is probably why Nikon doesn’t typically do it.

        • Calibrator

          Sigma can put a stabilizer in their 17-50 F2.8 at reasonable weight – why shouldn’t Nikon be able to do a 16-85VR F2.8 with similar dimensions?
          I’m sure Nikon could produce one and it doesn’t even need to be a tank like their 17-55 non-VR. Of course lots of people would rather buy a 16-85VR F2.8, especially at a lower price (somewhere in the middle between the low-end 16-85 and the 17-55 F2.8).

          Or perhaps Nikon is afraid that it will stop more people from converting to FX…

          • BrendonF

            There has never been such a large range for a f2.8 zoom lens ever. I don’t know if its not possible at all or such a lens would be huge but the fact is that neither Canon, Nikon, Sony, Sigma, Pentax, Olympus or any one else for that matter to come up with anything more than a 3x f2.8 zoom lens that could fit an APS-C sized sensor.

      • Sebastian

        Why is f/4 too slow? DX is about the right compromise between size, performance, and cost. And DX really needs a zoom to match the new pixel-dense sensors. Plus wide primes, but that’s another story.

    • Mike


    • MyrddinWilt

      Or the fabled 80-400 AFS.

      If you think about it, DX is the ideal format for that lens. (Well apart from CX of course.)

  • Mark

    I’m actually glad that I just bought my (used) D7000 or I’d be stuck in another round of analysis paralysis asking myself, “Is the new one compelling enough to buy it at full retail, do I wait even longer for it to come down, or just buy a used older model?” Luckily, I think I got a good enough price on my used one- it’s the accessories that will nickel and dime me.

    • Aldo

      Playing it safe could be a good move

  • scott800

    Maybe its the long awaited D6000! Same size sensor as the d7000 but half the features, with a body style similar to d5200.

  • Is the 7100 also a replacement for 300S?

    • Good question: All depends on the frame rate and weather seals. If not, then the good news is a possible D400 with the new Sony 20mp sensor is still a possibility. All we need is for canon to release an upgraded 7D which will force Nikon to switch a R&D unit into production.

  • medvedev

    I’m hoping for AF 30mm f1.2 DX … than my dream would come true 🙂

  • NAq

    Hoping for these:
    8.5-16 mm f/3.1-3.5
    12-35 mm f/2.8-3.1
    16.5-105 mm f/2.8-4.0 VR II
    55-300 mm f/2.8-4.0 VR II (FX)
    fast DX primes in focal range: 10-28 mm

    • Pat

      Nikon would sell a crap load of 55-300 f/2.8-4 VR.
      They would sell even more (even at $2.5-3K US) if a 1.4X teleconverter is built-in. but not likely to happen.

    • Those are some weird aperture values on the first three lenses. They would be too big for DX bodies.

    • Mike

      Meh. These are the lenses Nikon needs to release to revive DX:
      – 16mm f/1.8 DX
      – 24mm f/1.8 DX
      – 10-16mm f/2.8 DX
      – 16-70mm f/2.8 VR DX

      Without at least 3 of those 4 lenses, DX is dead in the water compared to MFT, NEX and Fuji X.

      • ggweci

        16-70 f/2.8 VR would be excellent. Doubt it though.

      • geregaer

        i think nikon will not release a prime wide lens for DX because is hard and expensive to produce more than the FX equivalent…i read somewhere, i don’t remember where and should be true.
        If i would choose which focal lenght to choice i think would be a 19mm.
        Anyway i think DX is dead and will still stay for sometimes because it’s cheaper and it’s good for the entry levels products.

  • Thom Hogan

    One has to wonder about the timing. If Nikon announces next week and tries to deliver before April 1st, which seems likely, this (plus the new lens rebates) is how they indeed to make their unit ship estimates for the current quarter (which were just revised lower).

    • Paul

      I suspect that the D7100 will actually be the camera that D400 buyers are looking for. It makes too much sense to upgrade the body/AF along with a new sensor (all for the price of $1999.00) and keep many shooters of the D300 happy. Hope I’m right…

    • JimP

      My guess is that Nikon is having trouble pushing FX cameras out the door. I won’t say it again Thom, but something is fizzling in Nikon’s world.

    • This makes sense – maybe Nikon decided to announce in the last moment in order to meet their financial goals which explains why nobody knows what exactly is coming next week.

  • Joi

    It is D400, Confirmed

    • JimGo

      are you sure?!?! I am hoping!

  • Smudger

    Admin, how many focus points – or is that still embargoed?

    • I have no idea, still trying to get more info.

  • R!

    I’ll take a D8000 (btwn D400 and D7000) with touch and swivel screan, 24 mpxls, HD direct uncompressed output, fast contrast AF and in body wifi and gps;but I doubt it… 🙁

  • R!

    By the way did you guys noticed that EOSHD is ranking the D5200 video quality right behind the GH3 and on top of the D800 ,5DMRKIII and 6D;I did’nt want to believe it untill I watched the moovie test and tryed it myself and yes It is right :It is clearer and less aliasied than before,toshiba is doing a good job on sensors this year !

  • LeadWrist

    What business does this post have on this site, this is Nikon RUMORS not Nikon FACTUAL. I come here for rumors and speculation and read all these assumption based comments. Sheesh, what’s this place coming to.

  • yaya WHO & yahoo

    hmmm . again a MISS, d700 successor, PLEASE!!! today I tried to shoot my d 300 in the darker pub … & @ iso 1600 the pictures look useless (toooo noisy) – something with the d4 sensor in a respectable (i.e. durable among others!) body … & wide fixed focal lens @ f/1,8 (or even 1,2 if at a good price … 🙂 )

    • Aldo

      You are out of place sir fx is done this year

  • Aldo

    Some of you are already complainig about the camera and it hasnt even come out. One can easily predict that you will not be satisfied even if you get the holy grail of dx. You dont want fx but you want better than fx iso performance. Now 24mp is too much…but 12 is too little? Rumors are fun but get your wishlist straight.

  • Mazzy80

    I can only wished that it’s not a D5200 with sealed body and bigger buffer.
    NIKON WE’ARE AWAITING FOR A D400 with PRO AF, 8 Fps, Super low light ISO perf, LOW MP, LOW, LOW IS IT CLEAR ? ANOTHER 24MPx is a wastle, it’s a shoot in a foot,… A LAST THING….. OLD TIMES QC OK ? FIRES THE ENTIRE QC Team if necessary but a ROCKSOLID product, IT’s YOUR LAST CHANCE…

    • Robert

      You have a long wait.

  • Roberto

    why now D7100?

  • catinhat

    If this cam is significantly higher spec’ed than D7000 — almost certainly there won’t be a D400. If it is significantly lower spec’ed than D7000 — possibly there will be a D400. If it is about what D7000 is — then D400 is anyone’s guess, just as it’s been…

    • Joe

      How would you rate the chance that the D7100 is “lower specced” than the D7000? 😉

  • Dicker

    They’re announcing a new wifi module that works with a camera that has yet to be released and costs 300$

  • john


  • Spy Black

    I wonder if Nikon will have the chutzpah to release an “E” version. That would be a total riot!

  • enesunkie

    How possible is this scenario?

    February – D7100 announced.
    March – Shipping in limited quantities.
    April – Backordered.
    May – First hints of some QC issue.
    June – QC issue confirmed by popular review sites.
    July- Denial of any issue by Nikon.
    August – Issue quietly resolved by Nikon without admitting
    there is an issue.
    September – Bodies with fix become available.
    October – I buy a D7100.

    Maybe I’m being a little harsh and pessimistic, but maybe it’s

  • grant torres

    The hundreds of gold boxes being moved had very large bold ‘Fragile. Handle with care.’notice on top. Must be for the D7xx series since they made the notice very conspicuous! Well that was what the friend of my neighbor’s husband overheard in a Thai bar anyway:-) .

  • Tuye

    is this the pattern now? 3 levels for each format:

    D3200 – entry-level, 11-point AF
    D5200 – intermediate 39-point AF
    D7100 – prosumer? 52-point AF? semi-pro weather seals? D300 successor?

    D600 – entry-level FX, 39-point AF, semi-pro weather seals
    D800/E – professional, 52-point AF, pro-seals
    D4 – flagship, 52-point AF

  • j v

    Great news! The specs will most likely give some hint if a D400 is to be expected or not. And either way: if I like the spec, the D7100 will be my next camera.
    Just a bit surprised: press conference next week, and almost no rumors about specifications or what would be there…. (no criticism to the website)

    Is Nikon managing so well to hide things now? Or would they just release something that nobody really is interested in (new strap, with Nikon embroided on both sides!)…? Or something that nobody is expected (new speedlight)…

  • cdrross

    Whatever it is, I hope it has snappy accurate focus with no oil. I have been wanting to upgrade my D90 (hoping for a D300 update) and the D7000 wasn’t it.

  • DaveyJ

    I do hope the D7100 does get announced very soon! Despite all the pro FX comments there are many pros who are looking for DX Nikon DSLRs that are functional and priced better than say a D4 or for that matter priced lower than a D800. Also they are looking for a DX camera that does not require $2,500 or a lot more for new FX lens which would have a HUGE field penalty in weight. If this lens is announced now, I am guessing some of us will be able to buy and use them by April??

  • bfdbgfbf

    and Nikon…..the new lens is………new version of 18-55 with vr II ;P

  • ChuckCVG

    Wondering if a refresh of the 18-55 VR DX is finally coming out?

  • cray

    Based on the top down approach of D4-D800-D600, the next camera release would be a DX D400 (24mp, 10fps, bulletproof) – at a higher price point than the D600.
    That would force the D300/D7000/D90 owners to ponder the upgrade options, rather than wait for a direct D7000 replacement (bigger sensor and faster, with a few tweeks).
    Then in 6-12 mths the D7100 would arrive to soak up those that did not make the jump to either FX (a cheap D600) or super DX (D400). And also tempt early D5200/D3200 users to upgrade.



    • scoodiv

      Do they announce a new camera, or just few more lenses!!
      i failed to find link for it online!!

  • RMJ

    Still no news what it was ???

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