Nikon Thailand sends invitations for a press event on February 21


Nikon Thailand sent invitations for a press event on February 21, 2013. I do not expect any new products to be announced in February - this press conference could be for something else. In addition, Thursday is a rather unusual day for Nikon to introduce new products. Of course this press conference could be for the long awaited D7000 replacement, which was rumored to be announced before April this year.

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  • Mac Rockwell

    Hope to expect 48 Megapixel D7100

    • D5100 owner

      hope to expect 100mb raw files. They would slow down a computer a lot

      • Mac Rockwell

        Todays computers can manage 100mb files easiliy. I am on for it.

        • As a Rockwell, surely you shoot JPEGs on a Canon, iPhone with saturation dialed up to maximum to bring out the bright red in your children’s faces.

          • Mac Rockwell

            Yes, you are correct because of they are Red

          • Ren K

            But but…
            I have to do something to ask for donation, no?

          • Ren K

            But but…
            I have to do something to ask for donation, no?

    • gadgetphile

      And 10 fps?

    • lorenzo

      be serious, what do you need 48Mpix for?

  • dan

    Hi I AM the D7200

  • Marco

    I just hope they acknowledge the oil and dust problem with the D600 and that it is fixed 🙂 !

    • Mac Rockwell

      Yes, I am waiting for this to be fixed so that I can buy D600 which I had returned twice in Dec 2012.

    • Mac Rockwell

      Yes, I am waiting for this to be fixed so that I can buy D600 which I had returned twice in Dec 2012.

      • lorenzo

        Like you, I am waiting until will read no more returns for the D800/E – there are still some at end of January.

        However, hoping that Nikon will acknowledge anything is a plain illusion; their culture will never admit any mistakes, they rather come out with a new model.

  • I am getting some confirmations for press events in other countries as well – this might be for the D7000 replacement. Gathering some more intel.

    • MRGABE



    • Brent Dupuy

      Big bucks, no whammies….big bucks, no whammies!

  • I’m kind of hoping for the D7000/D300 fusion that was rumored. Something in the 20-ish MP range.

    • Mac Rockwell

      20-is is too low I think. Iphone is reaching 20 MP soon.

      • I shoot two cameras today. One with 16 and one with 36 MPix. 16 is more than most people need, 36 is already too much, IMO.

  • 5DollarFootlong

    Hope they tell us that they are getting rid of the amateur DX line and that they’ll be focusing on the PRO FX line.

    • Neil

      And kill off the vast majority of their profit? Nope!

    • ergver

      i hope so…DX is going to die in some years 😛

  • If Nikon releases an 8-10fps D7x00 with a big image buffer and 51-point AF, will that count as a D300s replacement? I’m curious as to what would satisfy the genuine need for a new, serious DX body. (I’m happy with my D7000 and not happy with the D600 or D800[E] as an “upgrade” for it.) Compact Flash support isn’t important any more, I assume. Is the D7000 insufficiently tough?

    To my mind, a D7200 with these features would be more compelling than the D600 or D800 — and perhaps this is exactly what Nikon is worried about in terms of cannibalization. (Indeed, the fact Nikon and Canon both seem to be terrified of cannibalizing themselves is a very bad sign for both of them.)

    • Mac Rockwell

      Dont forget 48 MP please, have FPS as much as you want.

    • I vote for the 8-10fps D7x00 with a big image buffer and 51-point AF

  • DigitalSprings

    It will be 20 MP high speed sensor – Sony appears to have a product coming on Feb-20 (see sonyapharumors). It can’t just be a coincidence

    • Scott M

      Sounds reasonable. I hope the birders get their fast DX. 10fps?

      • Mac Rockwell

        Sounds Terrible!

        • Scott M

          After looking at some older rumors, Admin. says 24mpx for new D7X00. Hopefully made by Nikon and hope 8-10fps

      • This birder what’s to upgrade his D300s for an 8-10fps D7x00 with a big image buffer and 51-point AF. In fact, I’d love to see the battery pack match up with the the D7X00 and D800 the way Nikon did with the D300 and D700.

  • HotDuckZ

    Sorry everyone, but it’s D3300!!

  • Chad

    I’m hoping for a D7000 replacement announcement so the market gets flooded with used D7000’s so I can get one cheap to replace the D300 I just sold.

  • Gpippaf

    Maybe they will apologise for poor quality control and announce a fix for nikon d600 dust issue.

  • Gpippaf

    I am a nikon d600 dust fix

  • ads

    I had a thought (it happens sometimes…). The 3200and 5200 have tiny buffers that make them useless for wildlife photographers shooting raw.

    We know Nikon needs cash, so wouldn’t a logical strategy be to develop 1 camera to keep costs down, and make it the premium (ie priced in the D300 area)? That way they force wildlife (or anyone that needs a buffer) to buy the more expensive body as the 5200 isn’t an option.

    Call it the D7200 or whatever, but make it aD400 spec wise (maybe not build) move it up the price range, that way you don’t have a cheaper D7xxx body cannibalising D400 sales?

    If Nikon are releasing two bodies it makes no sense to me to release the cheaper body first – I’m sure a few D800 owners would have bought D600s if they were available when the 800 launched, which is bonus revenue for Nikon.

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