If you are planning to buy a new Nikon lens, wait till Saturday


Update: you can see the new Nikon lens rebates here.

A major new Nikon US rebate program will be introduced this Saturday at midnight. I do not have all the details yet, but many lenses (including some of the Nikon's best selling glass) will be up to several hundred dollars off. You will not be required to buy a body in order to qualify for the new rebates. Stay tuned for more details. My guess is that those new rebates are the result of the company's bad third quarter financial report - Nikon is probably trying to move inventory in order to meet their goals. The current combo rebates will remain active for now.

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  • TrP

    nice, I hope these deals are as good or better than the D600 deal near Christmas. But what can the Adorama and B&H add to sweeten the deals for a lense?

  • Sports

    I have another suggestion for how Nikon can meet their goals:
    Build the camera that half of the community is screaming for, instead of introducing models that people are not asking for. Is it complex? Any sane company would do that.
    Give us “D400” and I would in addition buy 2 more lenses.
    I’m using the D300 which is the best possible reason for wanting something similar … just with a 2013 sensor.

    • El Aura

      So, what do you think would be the ratio between D5200 and D400 sales?

      • Pat Mann

        About 8:1 the first year, about 3:1 over the life of the two cameras. Enough to make a good profit on the D400. But the value of the lens sales (if they really do give us the DX wide prime and long lenses we need) to the D400 customers will be at least 10x the value of the lens sales to the D5200 customers. How many D5200 customers are going to purchase an $800 or $1,500 lens or two, vs D400 customers? How many potential D400 customers will purchase fewer, or none, of those lenses if they can’t get a D400?

      • Sports

        The D5200 will sell many more, but so would the D5100. They didn’t have to update it. Also, D5200 will meet severe competition on its price from Canon and Sony. The price of the D5200 will inevitably drop rather quickly, and Nikon won’t make that much money from each.

    • SleeperSmith

      As usual, that makes too much sense, so it’s not going to happen.

      These corporate with gazillions of morons in them seems hell bent on screwing with themselves.

    • Arkasai

      Hey cool, rebates! Now I’m going to write a comment asking for:

      A: A D300s replacement
      B: A true D700 replacement
      C: An 80-400 replacement
      D: An update for AF-D DC lenses
      E: Nikon to repair my 19th D800

      It’s getting old guys, all of it.

    • Arkasai

      Hey cool, rebates! Now I’m going to write a comment asking for:

      A: A D300s replacement
      B: A true D700 replacement
      C: An 80-400 replacement
      D: An update for AF-D DC lenses
      E: Nikon to repair my 19th D800

      It’s getting old guys, all of it.

      • I agree with A through E. Well, I’d skip B if A was true 🙂 I’m ready to sell by 80-400 and just use my 70-200 with a 2X TC.

        • Joven

          You know it was sarcasm, right?

        • Pat

          The 70-200VR2 + TC-20E3 combo really sucks on the D800/E. It was okay on 12mp FX sensors. Forget it on anything higher res.

      • Dileep Anthikad

        And a 400 mm f/5.6 lens.
        I know hundreds of photographers going for Canon just for this lens. Even, I’m forced to take one for my general use.

        • duckduckgoose

          Could you name all hundreds?

          • Jeff

            or how about just one.

    • yrsued

      And HOW do you know what people are asking for??

      • Sports

        For starters, I spend too much time reading comments on Nikon Rumors, which hints a pretty large request for certain new products. Also, D300 and Canon 7D (same kind of buyers) were very succesful, so every single indicator is there, that a new such product would become succesful.

        • Joven

          exactly, you’re spending too much time on a niche website. I’m willing to be that photographic forums aren’t a true representation of the photographic community at large.

    • Mansgame

      DX is dead. Deal with it or move to Pentax.

      • js200022

        I think you are probably right.

      • Pat

        The Panasonic GH3 is the cloest to a replacement for DX DSLR, and takes video that are 200% better. I am using it with the 12-35/2.8 more than my D800E nowadays.

  • LGPhotoArt.com

    Yummi :)))))

  • nobody

    I’ve put € 2000 aside to buy a new 80-400 zoom lens. But… the problem is… Nikon is not willing to make it.

    No lens for me, no money for Nikon 🙁

  • Golem

    Me wants a deal on the 85 1.4g $1100 will do nicely!

    • David G.

      Dream on.

  • rur

    How about Canada?

    Re: D400 (or rather D9000): I am not sure if half community wants it, I know I do. I am on failing D70 and I really like D300s over D7000 (not quite ready for FX body). Fingers crossed.


    • If you are used to the D70, a D600 is a really easy transition to make.

      The menu system is vastly improved, the button layout is almost the same, they’ve just made controlling auto focus modes much easier, otherwise, it will feel just right in your hands.

  • Scott M

    14-24mm 2.8 @ $1499? That would work.

    • saywatuwill

      I might actually pick one up if it’s that cheap…new.

  • yaya WHO & yahoo

    what about D700 SUCCESORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR???????? ALL OF US WAITING FOR IT HAVE BEEN SUFFERING FOR MONTHS NOW … & please, DO NOT COME WITH THAt d800 non-sense being the d700 succesor, it is not, simple as that. (And not least: please, leave your ´clever´ comments like: ´good photographer can shoot with shoes box …´ – maybe HE/THEY CAN, but I DON´T CARE … I JUST THOUGHT NIKON fans deserve a good camera-body of current standaRDS …).

    So please – d700 succesor … & was there a wide angle f/1.8 lens on the horizon, no1 will be its opponent I believe …

    • MyrddinWilt

      ?? Nikon has already released a D600 and D800 to replace the D700. Nikon is done with new FX bodies until the D4X.

      D400/D7100 are MIA but not by much.

      There isn’t a long list of MIA lenses any more either. They could do with the AFS versions of the 80-400, the fisheyes and the 105/135 DC primes. A 50mm f/1.2 would be nice to have. Other than that pretty much everything has had a fairly recent refresh.

      • John Tangney

        A 300 F4 AFS VR is still really missing as well! But even then, I might not buy it until I had a D400 to put it on!

      • Jer

        A 200mm macro refresh would be nice too.

    • Aldo

      Some of the “clever” comments you speak of may be good advice. I bought a refurbished computer years ago from dell for 1k dollars. It was a powerful computer at the time with only 4gb of ram. A few months ago with the purchase of my d800…I upgraded this computer. 250 dollars later this computer now has 2 quad core processors and 20gb of ram. Of course it can’t no longer be top of the line… but it is in par with current consumer computers. It handles d800 files like a champ. My point being, a lot of people complain about the d800 because is it “too much camera” for what they do (just like my workstation was too much computer). I love all the options my d800 gives me, from being able to use crop mode and reach out without having to switch lens, to being able to take amazing quality jpegs at 20+ mp. When I take a group picture with 25+ people in it I switch to 36mp and get every single one individual crisp sharp. When I want more control or I will do substantial post processing I shoot raw. Again my 7 year old computer handles them like a champ. We can’t always foresee what our needs will be in the future. But I can speak with confidence in my own experience that with the d800, more it’s truly more… A good and well worth investment, just like my computer. I can’t say that the d800 is the d700 replacement, but I can tell you that I wouldn’t want anything “less” in it.

  • Jan

    what about europe and especially germany?? why nikon implement these rebate programs here, too??

    • asdf

      Perhaps everyone buys all their gear from the US anyway, so Europe and Germany retail don’t count. . . . .

  • Eric Calabos

    What made your report bad, was sacrificing D400 to your ridiculous Push to FX strategy. Now, Rebates cant help. D7000 body with D5200 sensor cant help
    Waiting to see what Canon is going to do, cant help

    • twoomy

      I don’t know. I left bulky boring DX because Micro Four Thirds was a lot smaller and image quality was pretty close. I only came back to Nikon because of the “ridiculous” FX strategy that gives me incredibly high-resolution images better than any other 35mm or smaller format. Stupid Nikon, thanks a lot!

      • Eric Calabos

        with consumer body and 11 AF point? Good Luck

        however, your Micro Four Third had incredibly more pixel density than D600

        • twoomy

          Yes, FX *is* bulky, but I think it’s finally worth the bulk. DX vs. M43 or any DX-sized mirrorless camera… DX looks unnecessarily bulky and archaic. I think this is what Nikon is thinking.

      • Eric Calabos

        with consumer body and 11 AF point? Good Luck

        however, your Micro Four Third had incredibly more pixel density than D600

    • Joven

      a D7000 body with a D5200 sensor? What!?

  • sports i have been wait for that d400 for such a long time i may just get a canon fuck nikon !

    • Michael Switzer

      Nobody cares if you buy a Canon. And what does that have to do with a lens sale?

      • I expect Canon has a 7D upgrade and Nikon has a D400 but both are waiting to see what the other is going to do. Both Canon and Nikon both will need to switch over production lines so niether is in a hurry becuse thier R&D is already done. Simply stopn one production line to start up another.

  • Pat Mann

    I would like to have the 23mm f/1.4 DX discounted to $900 and the 18mm PC-E DX discounted to $1500.
    Oh, wait. We don’t have any DX wide primes.
    Sorry, my mistake.
    Just the 400mm f/5.6 AF-S VR, discounted to $1600.
    Oh, right. That’s Canon that has the budget birding lenses.
    I do have the right camera to help Nikon out here – my aging D300s. They’re just not building the lenses I need to fill out my system.
    And if they’d build a nice D400 for me, I’d buy that, too. They wouldn’t even have to offer a rebate.

    • That D300s is still an excellent body. On birds is use my D800 with the long glass and the D300s for near stuff. But the 800 is slow so I’d spend my retirement money for the D400 as an upgrade and maybe my primary body for birding. Imagine if the 400 and 800 shared the same battery pack like the 300 and 700. That would be an awesome combination.

  • Garfield

    $200 savings on a lens that probably cost $2k+….yawn….

    • SleeperSmith

      Lol, more like $200 saving on the $18k 800mm lens.

      • Gearhead

        Camera Canada already has it on sale for $16999,97…the amount saved can get you a decent wide angle to boot.

  • Marc

    well, I assume that the D800 disaster (focus issues, green tint) and D600 disaster (dust spots on sensor) kept several away from buying, paired with the tremendous customer focus…

  • Marc

    well, I assume that the D800 disaster (focus issues, green tint) and D600 disaster (dust spots on sensor) kept several away from buying, paired with the tremendous customer focus…

    • Scott M

      I am very happy with my D800 “disaster”

    • Aldo

      My d800 is fine as well and it produces amazing images

      • david

        my only complaint with the d800 is that the body is to small. i wish it were an f5 body style. other then that it does its job very well.

        • Aldo

          Agreed. I had to get the grip as it was a bit uncomfortable as it was for me

    • Mitch

      It’s sad to say that these are all really over exaggerated, all of which you mentioned isn’t even a true issue with either camera, and can be fixed simply or just doesn’t exist,
      I have a d600 and never encountered said “dust issue” and green tint is quite easily fixed with M1/M2 (depending on personal pref.)

      and on the focusing issue, it seems to be general consensus that the actually owners of d800’s will very rarely(if at all) encounter this issue.

      people make so much fuss over nothing unfortunately 🙁

  • Shawn Young

    Admin. Peter. Son.

    The site is called “Nikon Rumors”. Although I do understand you don’t have all the details, how about some “Rumors” as to what may or may not be included?

    Also, how about any further guess on logic..e.g. “X is going on rebate because it’ll be updated in April”, or “Y is going on rebate because they just have too much stock”, etc.

    Thanks very much. I’d love to read your educated guesses, even if they turn out to be dead wrong.


    • Aldo

      I agree with you… perhaps he decides to be conservative on the guessing part because some people here are really anal about accuracy.

    • Aldo

      I agree with you… perhaps he decides to be conservative on the guessing part because some people here are really anal about accuracy.

  • Marty

    Nikon 28-300 will be $899 from $1,049.

    • David G.

      Do you know this for sure or are you simply speculating ?

  • kevin

    I already put money down on the 14-300mm F2.8 . When is nikon going to make one? I would like to receive 200 dollars instant rebate on that one too. hhehe 🙂

  • preston

    Peter, can you please issue a reminder somehow for readers to keep comments on topic? It is getting really annoying sifting through all the whiny comments about what Nikon won’t give them. Right now there are 23 comments on here and maybe 4 or 5 aren’t people complaining about lack of D400, 80-400, etc.

    • Michael Switzer


    • twoomy

      preston — Please stay on topic and stop the whiny complaining about the comments.

      • dan


      • Aldo

        funny… not gonna lie lol

    • nzswedespeed

      Couldn’t agree more…change the record

    • twiddler

      Maybe the whiny comments are because many/most(?) Nikon users want something OTHER than they are releasing right now?

  • Randy Stephens

    I will not purchase another Nikon item until I have a D300s replacement. I have a D4 and D800E but I need a fast, larger buffer, 20 to 24mp camera for use on my 300 VR, 500VR, and 600VR. All the talk in the world will never convince me that cropping a D800E will give me the same capability.

  • Aldo

    Great opportunity to get your hands on some quality glass. Quite frankly i think nikon is hurting from d600 sales. The d800 was a major success despite the issues reported.

  • Just One More Thought

    I can understand how we all have our wish lists, as well as our pet peeves with Nikon, but geesh…so many negative comments.

    First, these rebates will help a lot of people save a good amount of money on great lenses.

    Second, there is more than enough Nikon gear already available to satisfy the needs of just about any photographer. Sure there are always holes in the product lineup…but we all so spoiled…myself included…that we just want more and more and more…without even using what is already available to its fullest potential.

    Don’t worry…be happy.

    • Aldo

      Well put… a lot of these people want a perfect camera just to put on a shelf

  • dan

    If you, Nikon, want to meet your goals, build QUALITY products that your customers want. Stop building shit that your customers does NOT want.

    1 – A d700 successor. put a d4 sensor in a d700 body.
    2 – A d300s sucessor.
    3 – Not everyone want a god damn 36 megapixels. it actually hurts workflow speed.

    5 – don’t ship product that has focus issue
    6 – don’t ship product that has oil sensor issue

    7 – be TRANSPARENT to your customers, especially your loyal ones

    • ergver

      it’s because YOU don’t want this products, not the customers!!!!

  • Spy Black

    So, $16,000 off the new 800mm f/5.6?…

  • darkjedi

    great,,just got my 70-200 f/4 today. bad timing on my part…maybe i’ll return it.

    • Aldo

      Would love to see some images you take with the lens… I’m considering buying.

    • Aldo

      Would love to see some images you take with the lens… I’m considering buying.

  • RamesesThe2nd

    I bought my lenses in 2011 and saved:

    $300 on 16-35
    $300 on 24-70
    $400 on 70-200

    I had to buy D7000 with it that I sold on Craigslist for $65 loss. I have not seen a better deal since. I am very happy with my lenses choices, so I will probably not buy anything regardless of the quality of discount.

    • Up $#!t’s creek!

      its true. early 2011 was best the time. given the immediate price increases after it was like getting the d7000 free with the 24-70 and 70-200. i hesitated buying and regretted it for quite some time

  • Pat

    A big part of reason is the falling value of Yen. It was 1 US$ to 80 Yen or so. Now it is approaching 1 US$ to 92 Yen. Nikon does have the room to reduce the US price by 15% without losing a single Yen in profit (compared to a few months ago)

  • pete

    hey nikon why dont you make Aus pay the same price as US for products, might be a start 3100 for the 70-200 mark 2 is rediculous compared to 1900 especially when the dollar is near parity

    • pete


    • Joven

      It could be your country’s fault for the price inflation. There are many factors that go into pricing.

    • Mansgame

      Maybe it costs more to make lenses upside down.

  • Manuela

    Obviously, the world outside USA does not exist for Nikon 🙁

  • Manuela

    Obviously, the world outside USA does not exist for Nikon 🙁

    • Mansgame


  • gabriel

    would Nikon gain much through a rebate? I feel they want to replace some of it’s lenses and this is a way for clearing stocks. An announcement for new gear is imminent (D300s or D7000 successor) and Nikon maybe planning to update some of it’s lenses as well. After all, they recently showed off the flourite glass (with exceptional light transmittance) and a new aperture system with the 800mm f5.6. Maybe they have incorporated these into the new lenses. Besides the superteles are also due for an update as their recycle time is 5-6 years.

  • HKer

    Photo shows long lenses on wembley gimbals, might be interested in 400 f2.8 if on the cheap or should I say cheaper 🙂

  • Henry

    It’s not like they are going bankrupt. Perhaps, as mentioned, clearing stock – they got a lot of $$ tied up there.

    So please give us some savings on the PC-e’s – I’d so much want a 24mm PC-E 🙂

  • trialcritic

    I got my 70-200 f/2.8 end of Jan. I wish I had known this, would have waited. Oh well, cannot complain all the time.

  • Darryl Jones

    YEN is collapsing. This makes Japanese products look like they are on sale. Good for the US consumers.

  • Super Cosmo

    as long as we are talking rumors
    I notice that BH has the 300 f4 afs on
    one with a rear element ,vr and a decent collar maybe with a 1.4
    teleconverter bundle would be nice
    time for N to upgrade some of the bigger
    80-400 could use afs and a decent collar
    both released in 2000

  • zoetmb

    Even if it was below their projections, Nikon is actually doing quite well selling lenses. In fiscal 2012, they sold 7.13 million lenses, 26.8% of CIPA shipments.

    In just the first 3/4 of fiscal 2013, they’ve already beaten the full year 2012 number by selling 7.71 million lenses or 31.7% of CIPA shipments. Even with the reduced estimate, they’re projecting 9.8 million lens sales for the full fiscal year, which is a 37.45% increase over 2012. No company would ever complain about a 37% year over year unit sales increase.

    But in any case, Nikon can certainly afford to reduce lens prices in the U.S. because the dollar is (finally) increasing against the Yen. It’s over 93 Yen to the USD today and Nikon was expecting 80 to 81 Yen to the dollar (although back in 2007, it was 120 Yen to the dollar).

  • Sheldon

    I am waiting for Nikon to come out with 6-800 mm 1.4 zoom with VR XI. I have put aside $77.23 inclusive of tax for this lens. I have read this lens with weigh 9oz, take a 52mm filter and have weatherproofing to IPX8. Until Nikon stops making garbage and comes out with this lens, which they realistically should have in 2010, I’m not buying.

  • I’m just hoping for a good deal on the 85mm 1.8; I think it’s my next must-have lens.

    90% of what the 1.4 can do for 1/3 the cost.

  • JeanC

    Will the rebate be available in Canada?

  • Debra

    Ugh, just bought the 85mm 1.8 two weeks ago from B&H. Im guessing I have to return and rebuy if there is a rebate, any way around that?

  • Rajeeb

    Saturday is an unusual day for rebates to roll out. Perhaps it is Monday. Because it is already Saturday, well past midnight. Where is my Nikon lens at ‘discounted by several hundred dollars’ price?

  • ronin

    It’s after Saturday midnight in most places. I’ve been unsuccessful finding any release describing new lens rebates. Anyone?

    Or did we mean Sunday midnight?

  • CJ

    Where is the discount?

  • Overrice

    How quickly does B&H update their website with the new rebates? They are “closed” for the Sabbath on Saturdays.

  • CJ

    If 70-200 f/2.8 drops $400, and 70-200 f/4 only drop $100, which one to buy?

  • Mark

    So where’s the rebate announcement?

  • Chek

    I hope D400 would be available by March 2013.

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