Nikon to announce a high end compact camera: 16MP DX sensor, fixed 28mm f/2.8 lens, Expeed 2 processor


The dream camera: mockup of Nikon mirrorless camera based on the Fuji X100 done by a reader

I received a very short and crypted tip that Nikon will announce a new compact camera with 16.2 effective megapixels DX-sized CMOS sensor, fixed 28mm f/2.8 (or maybe even f/2.0) lens and EXPEED 2 image processing engine. This could very well be the camera that will be announced this week and I seriously doubt that the D7000 replacement will be introduced as well.

In addition, in 2013 Nikon may also come with a new line of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras with APS-C sized sensor. Nikon has already filed several patents in the past for DX mirrorless lenses: 18mm f/2.8 lens patent and another patent that describes a 24mm f/2.0 or f/2.8 lens.

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  • Smudger

    Admin, you’re all over the field on this one; keep guessing.
    Or just predict that it will be a Nikon product!

  • I want it!!! And please, make it fit for Nikon F lenses. All nikon owners want compact camera with old AF 50mm lens in the poket.

    • Nikon F lenses would be a perfect fit for a fixed lens camera

    • Nikon F lenses would be a perfect fit for a fixed lens camera

  • Jon

    well if it’s a 42mm (APSC) that’s not that interesting…

    • Danonino

      On the contrary, it would definitily be much more interesting then a 28mm equivialent. 28mm is to wide for all around use. 42mm eq. would be absolutely perfect.

  • Guest

    mirrorles/hybrid FX is the way to go, Nikon…

  • mirrorless / hybrid FF (FX) is the way to go, Nikon…

  • mirrorless / hybrid OVF & fullframe (FX) is the way to go, Nikon…

  • Larry Gray

    While everyone is lamenting the lack of (fill in the blank) camera being announced…recognize it for what it is. A backup walkaround camera with and APS-C size sensor. Period!
    What are you primary APS-C options – Sony, Canon, Fuji, Leica? Otherwise you are dropping sensor size, which would be the first complaint. Remember the great rallying cry for the V2…oh wait, it didn’t happen, and Nikon is virtually giving away V1’s. Now stripping ones mind of the perpetual wish and deamland list, how could this be a viable walkaround option – and even backup option – with Nikon?
    1) Without stripping features, price it to compete with the Sony NEX6, not the Fuji and Leica offerings. Oh wait, that’s V2 territority…well cut the V2 price in half where it belongs.
    2) EVF bust be of the performance quality of the V1, not the rolling shutter jagginess of the V2
    3) An adapter to accept DX/FX lens. A Nikon shooter seeking a walkaround now has to buy new glass as forced to go with another brand, and in most cases it is a limited selection of ‘kit zoom’ glass and some primes. It would be nice to buy kits or pancakes because you WANT to, not because you NEED to.

  • Mike

    Having a competing CX and compact mirrorless DX line would make very little sense for Nikon, especially in the light of the failing EOS M.

    It would however make sense to start replacing the mirrorbox with EVFs on the DX line, and implementing the stellar hybrid AF from the Nikon 1 cameras.

  • atsf

    Nikon 28Ti Digital? Then it is only a matter of time until the arrival of his sister: The 35Ti Digital !!!

  • Bob

    People want replacement DSLRs for D300s, D700, and D7000. Soon.

  • PeterO

    Hmm, late to the party again are we, Chairman Nikon? I guess this is what is meant by being more sensitive to market changes. If this is true, they’ve already lost a few years to the likes of Fujifilm and Sony. Do they think they’ll get those people to dump their cameras and jump on board just because it says Nikon on the camera? Nikon’s FX offerings have been excellent of late, DX has big holes in the line up, but CX and now this reminds me of the movie Shrek where in the main menu, Donkey is jumping up and down behind all the other cartoon characters yelling: “Pick me, pick me”.

  • Alexandre Dizeux

    the question is : does it fit in a pocket (like RX100) ?

  • Demond

    I wish Nikon had done this a year ago before I sold all my Nikon gear to go to Fuji Xpro-1. Oh well. Fuji is killing it right now with the Xpro-1 and the X100 which will be replaced by the x100s.

  • LaurentProulx

    It really look like Fujifilm X100, but it doesn’t mean that Nikon don’t want to release this type of camera !

  • New Nikon made by Fuji to fix QC issues?

  • TelecomGuy

    D8000 is now searchable on B&H. I comes up that “Nikon
    has not announced a D8000
    model”, but it does autofill if you search for Nikon D8000. D400, D7100, D5, or D900 do NOT autocomplete or search.

    • Scott M

      Hmmmmm. Interesting.

    • sapoviejo

      True and interesting

      • This has been like that for few months now.

        • sapoviejo

          And what about ” Nikon D7000 repleacement before April”
          This is true, just a rumor??
          The top of DX will be de D5200?
          Any model between $ 800 (D5200) and $1900 (D600)
          What you think?

  • HotDuckZ

    That image shocking me a lot. 🙂

  • Make it a rangefinder please!

  • I would be pretty stoked if Nikon released a camera like this, given it’s implemented a little better than the Fuji. If Nikon can get rid of the awkward handling the Fuji has and make the AF a little less weird to work with, I’d buy this camera in a hot second.

  • E.M. de Klerk

    The mount looks a lot like that of the ill-fated Nikon SPX rangefinder camera with TTL-metering (Rotoloni pages 134 and 135). And the mount on the SPX was nothing less than an F-mount with a milled-out notch for the lens-release button à la Leica. The mount shown on the SPX-prototype still had the hole for the original locking pin. So, what kind of camera is this? Has a creative mind been Photo-Shopping to create a retro Nikon RF, right up to the “Nippon Kogaku” logo and art nouveau lettering?

    • durr

      Do you not know how to read??????

  • Hoosierdaddy2

    As a shooter and not as much an equipment lover, my D7000 is still all I need. But I am still waiting for the long-rumored 16-60 f/2.8-4 (or 3.5?) Nikkor, that would be a very usable lens.

  • NobodyWantsThis

    As cool as this is. This fucking sucks.

  • A Hybrid viewfinder and rangefinder styling would be a deal-breaker for me. I’d rather see a mordern design from Giugiaro (F4. D4, D800, etc) that is gimick free.

    28mm (42mm FF) would be a good all around lens. $3mm, not 50mm, is a normal field of view for a FF camera..

  • TerraPhoto

    Frankly, this sounds kind a exciting. I’ve found the P7100 a bit underwhelming because of the small sensor size and I’ve wanted something compact in a DX for when the full DSLR is more than I want to carry. Since I was looking at the XE-1 for that roll, I would prefer something from Nikon instead.

  • So its a Fuji X pro 1 ? Put in it the D700 sensor and i buy it now.

  • Cody

    Why did they put that mockup picture up there for! I want that camera now. I wish it were an interchangeable lens… but it’s fake… 🙁

  • Neopulse

    Well some people did want a rangefinder Nikon camera to be made. Their “less than likely to happen” prayers have been answered. It lets us know that if such a camera like this is going to exist then for damn sure a D300 successor is the line.

  • Randy

    There are not a lot of visitors to this site that want to admit it but mirrorless is the future. I hope that this new camera is something that can offer the manual control and depth of field freedom that photographers require.

  • Roger


  • Peter Alexanderson

    If it have good autofocus it´ll have a big advantage against Fuji X100(s), Leica X2 (and probably even Sony RX1). Nikon 1 series camera all have better autofocus than the above mentioned cameras.

  • Nikoj

    Little late to the retro style mirrorless game, behind Fuji and Olympus. They could have been in their third generation in this niche with a possible full frame intro by now if they were more astute about the mirrorless market. Olympus already got my $5k with EM-5 system and Fuji is about to get my $1500 for their x100s. Money Nikon could easily have kept.

  • Oh come on! I ‘ve been eager to see the D7000 replacement!! COME ON!

  • that thing looks sexy mmm

  • Buddy

    Still no news from that camera…?

  • Werner

    Nice, but the fotos are from the Fuji X100

  • balboa

    It looks like a cheap photoshop work. They put someone a Leica mount at a Fuji X100 and masked the sensor to DX size. It makes no sense to use such a big mount for this small sensor. But we will see.

    • doge

      You clearly aren’t very good at reading, like, if you had looked under the photo…

      “The dream camera: mockup of Nikon mirrorless camera based on the Fuji X100 done by a reader.”

      All these people calling out this photo like they know something but neglecting to read the info right in front of their face.

  • pellevin

    f2.8 no thank you. f1.4 and we could start talking…

    • Flubber

      On a compact camera? Pretty sure that would make it costly.

    • Flubber

      On a compact camera? Pretty sure that would make it costly.


    I don’t get why not expeed 3?

    • Flubber


    • Flubber


  • zeum

    I can imagine any camera company making the fatal mistake of having the lens mount sticking past the bottom of the camera so it can’t lay flat

  • I’m getting that funny pre-launch feeling. I’m still concerned about the 28mm “equivalent fixed” lens statement. After my (wonderful!) D800, I didn’t need either the D600 nor D7100, but I also want something smaller for every day. Have looked hard at the Fuji X-family, but focusing speed turned me off. The X100s would have been my first non-Nikon camera in a long time, but I’m waiting for this announcement to decide.

  • Ernest

    A digital Nikon S3 equivalent would be interesting. Maybe they are testing the waters to see what they can take from the X100(s)/RX 1 market.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    This would have been an amazing camera… much like the fuji x-pro1…. sigh

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