Nikon patents update (part 2)

Back in November Nikon filed patents for 24mm f/2.8 and f/3.5 full frame lenses. Few weeks ago, a new patent 201159288 was filed in Japan for a 24mm APS-C lens:

Two different versions of this lens were described in the patent - one with f/2.0:

  • Focal length: 24.600mm
  • Back focus: 25.182mm
  • Aperture: 2.08
  • Image height: 14.2mm
  • Angle of view: 61.09 °

and another one with f/2.8:

  • Focal length: 24.600mm
  • Back focus: 25.917mm
  • Aperture: 2.89
  • Image height: 14.2mm
  • Angle of view: 61.08 °

It seems also that Nikon is serious about adding a protective mount cover on their mirrorless camera. They filed another patent in Japan (201113399) for a mechanical mount cover that will prevent dust from getting inside the camera:


The mount cover is mechanical and it does not need battery in order to operate.

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  • Charles Martin

    24mm F2.8. call me when they release a 24mm f1.8 g swm DX lense.

    • Kuv


    • Adrian

      Call me when they release an 18mm 2.8 SWM DX-spec lens.

    • Ditto. Add a 58mm 1.4 (DX portrait lens)

  • MJM

    Glad to see Nikon are taking the ruggedness of their mirrorless system seriously. If I did buy one, I most probably would only be using primes, thus changing lenses often. A mechanical mount cover would be very welcome!

    • Mock Kenwell


      • Global

        This would be great if it opens AS YOU ROTATE the lens onto the mount. In other words, the energy of rotation moves the mechanics. In this way, there will be no open gap in between mount and lens at any time.

        Unless some override switch is used, a user might never see INTO their camera (which for most users would be a positive, because dust is falling in, any time you can see in the open mount.

    • Iris Chrome

      I wonder why they hadn’t implemented that already in their DSLR line

  • They *did* say their mirrorless system would be aimed at professionals…

    …but they’d have to knock me off my socks to make me jump the gun before the FujiFilm X300 comes out next year.

    • Roger

      They didnt say that. It was just another rumor.

  • I wonder if that dust protector would end up causing more dust than it prevents

  • I guess they are going for perfection before they release.

  • John

    Put me down for the 24/2.8 or even better the 24/2 FF primes as long as they are not huge, not too heavy, nor too expensive. And please, no VR that will complicate/compromise the optical design. They don’t have to be perfect wide open, but they need to be sharp in the center and reasonably sharp to the far corners at max aperture and excellent at f/4.

    We may be waiting a long time, though with the likely introduction of the 50/1.8AFS it may mean that Nikon is finally getting around to updating the f/2 or f/2.8 primes that us mere mortals desire, can afford, and are willing to carry around.

  • John

    Oh, and hopefully a re-worked 20/2.8 is in their plans as well.

  • broxibear

    Talking about lenses, lensrentals released a statement about lens shortages…
    “There is no question, however, that there will be major affects on the supply system for cameras and lenses, at least for a few months. Full-frame cameras, and to some degree of all cameras using CMOS sensors (production of CCD sensors isn’t really affected) are going to be hard to find for a while. Production of optical glass probably cannot resume until power shortages are resolved as glass and lens element production requires carefully controlled temperatures over a long period of time.
    we have decided we are NOT willing to participate in profiteering that takes place when shortages occur (we aren’t going to buy gear at 150% of list price, etc.). This may mean we have to deal with some shortages this summer. So be it.”

    • Mock Kenwell

      God bless them. Makes me want to use their services even more.

      • preston


  • Mock Kenwell

    Practical primes. That’s what I’m talking about! 24mm f2 FF? Awesome idea. For a lens that wide and bodies as low-light as Nikon builds, I’m not sure the expense of the 1.4 is worth it, despite the great photos it takes.

    Get well Nikon. You sure take a long time to get there, but for the most part, it’s worth the wait.

    • Global

      Expansion of the f/2 line needs to happen.

      • Yes, absolutely. My 24mm f/2 AIS is one of the best lenses I own (yet one of the ones most panned by others). I would love a new version for FF.

        Note to Nikon: please start putting aperture rings back on the lenses. (I.e., drop the G lenses on pro lenses).

  • Simon

    Almost bringing back the awesomeness (imho) of the 28mm f/2 ai/s. I will never let go of that lens. Maybe with the introduction of an AF version (24 or 28mm, I don’t care) the price will drop for the old manual focus lens.

  • BC

    24 f/2 dx or fx would be a dream lens for me right now!

    Pro dx mirrorless would be even better!

    P.S. 85 1.8 G AF-S would be great!

  • I can`t see any sense of this lense. We have f/2.8 in zoom lenses.
    24/2.8 DX may be interesting only in slim design, IMO.

    For FX we need 24/2.0, 28/2.0, etc. (but not expensive!)

    • Soap

      I would rather carry a 24mm f/2.8 prime and a 50mm f/<2 prime over ANY zoom, any day. The midrange zooms are massive monsters when stacked against the tiny primes it takes to cover the equivalent range.

      Some people feel they need every sub-octave mm.

      Different strokes.

      • Global

        That’s a misunderstanding. People want zoom for convenience. If you have to drop your camera to change your prime lens, then youve missed the shot.

        You can get every shot within range with a zoom (until the sun goes down).

        I will admit, however, that primes are very, very nice. Its just that my trusty 24-70 is everywhere i need it to be wide or tele, and my 50/1.4 is pretty bad at that.

        • > youve missed the shot

          What’s the problem with changing primes? It takes less than a minute and you are not shooting in burst mode every time.

    • preston

      f/2.8 in zoom lenses is meant for pros cause they cost upwards of $1,500. f/2.8 primes in the 14-35mm range are aimed for advanced amateurs (beginners just stick with kit lens, unless ken rockwell tells them the 35 f/1.8 is a must have since that’s the only one HE uses on his D7000) and should be priced significantly below the pro zooms due to less elements and lower build quality.

  • Geoff1

    If they can make a 24 2.0 that isnt expensive, great. However, I’d be VERY happy with an updated 24 2.8. I think I’d rather see a 2.8 so there is more of a price savings. For pros and those with lots of money, they can afford the 1.4. For the rest of us, I think 2.8 is more than enough with the way ISO is progressing.

  • preston

    My guess is that this is a 24mm f/2.8 lens design for a 2.5x crop sensor (mirrorless) due to the lens design being so similar to the 35mm f/1.8 DX (both are equivalent to about 50mm normal lens).

  • Fred

    Concept Camera: The WVIL from Artefact on Vimeo.

    Mirrorless might look something like this

  • Rob

    I like it. It’s big (compared to a compact), a nod in the I-pad direction. Cool
    Magnetic lens coupling? Works for the powerleads on Mac laptops. Could be good.
    4″+ screen? Cool

    • Rob

      Touch screen. Yuck.

  • Edgar

    “Image height: 14.2mm” means it’s a DX lens (the “image height” is the radius of the image circle). “Back focus: 25.182mm” is too short for an F mount, looks like a lens for a mirrorless body.

  • WoutK89

    What if Nikon is only making patents to rake in money from competitors? They are limiting the opposition to create their own mirrorless solutions that shouldnt have anything in common or they have to pay Nikon for using there patents. I see so many patents passing here, yet Nikon still didnt put anything on the market.

  • B.O.

    to me, it seems like the design is a typical short-focal length lens for a system with a mirror.
    it also seems unlikely that nikon would introduce a new mirror-based system with a shorter flange.
    so, scaling the back focus to a F-mountish 38-39 mm, the image height works out to 21.5-22 mm, corresponding to the FX sensor size.

    then, comparing the layout to the current AF 35 f/2D, one cant help but to think that this an update of that lens…?

    • B.O.

      (i’ll make reply-comment to my own post)

      interestingly — if you scale down the design to a 8.5 mm image height (corresponding to the rumored 2.5 x crop), the back focus comes out at ~15 mm, implying a flange of 19-20 mm per my guesstimate.
      that’s close to what you’d see in other EVILs. (m4/3 is 20, and NEX is 18 mm.)
      also, compare this design to olympus 17/2.8 — they’re quite similar!

      dont think it is a lens for a DX-sized sensor, though. a flange distance of close to 30 mm doesn’t make much sense…?

  • Since Sony and Samsung already put DX sensor in mirrorless bodies. Unless Nikon put a D3 sensor into the mirrorless system. I don’t think I’ll be impressed.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    Are they replacing all their D- primes with AF-S? Between the leak, this patent and the Pro registration timelines it looks like that. I’m glad to see a 24mm new lens. Between that and a 70mm I’m pretty much done collecting lenses. I think if the price is low enough ($200) I would buy a 2.8 DX lens. However, if it is $300, I’d expect more from a DX lens.

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